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How to get started with affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing for beginners are you confused frustrated overwhelmed by all these
YouTube contradicted information about how to start your business online, which is I'm
talking about affiliate marketing. I'm going to take you a step by step with
my blueprint. I'm going to show you everything on my screen
back there. So you'll be able to follow me step-by-step. So you can start your online affiliate marketing
within 24 hours. So this is how it's done first. I'm going to show you what to do and most
importantly I'm going to show you what not to do and there is no punch line to buy a
course. There is no course for you to buy. This is totally free. All I asked you is subscribe drop a like and
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love I promise you it's going to change their life. Alright, Mark Daniels here. And as I promised I'm going to take you by
the hand and show you exactly step-by-step of how to get started affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing for beginners.

So don't worry about getting overwhelmed confused
and frustrated. You're not going to have that here because
then you can always rewind about to go ahead and give you a lot of things so you can have
more resources as well. Well, we're going to cover six important
aspect for you to get started with affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing for beginners. So the first thing and you might you're going
to be surprised a little bit about how I'm going to approach this. It's not going to be like the videos that
you usually see online because they are confusing frustrating and they're not consistent at
all. There's a reason for that which I'm going
to cover as well now the first thing Is that you want to thank you want to think of two
things. The first thing is you want to think like
a CEO you are the person who is very important in your business.

You are the business whether you are starting
as part-time full-time or in between. It really doesn't matter your conscious and
subconscious mind has to be in the same length. This is what super. Will you do they take it very seriously? So you are the CEO of your own company. So let's go ahead and get going here. Just I want to make sure that you understand
that now I'm going to talk a little bit about chocolate cake. You probably wondering what is that got to
do with chocolate cake? Well, if you really want to succeed you really
have to understand exactly what I'm talking about. Here's what we have here is a recipe for chocolate
espresso. Layer cake. This is the cake right here. Now if we go down here you can see exactly
what is it that you need to do in order to accomplish this in order to have a tasty nice-looking
and tasty cake. So you have to follow one two, three, four
five six, but let me ask you this instead of just starting with one you started with
three then you want back to 2 then you One two, four five and maybe you
want back to 1 and 6 and that's the biggest problem.

Now. Let me ask you what kind of a cake you get
an end up with probably is not going to be good at all. Is that going to look like this is going to
be terrible the same thing as if your business you have to understand that any business have
rules that that you have to go by so that's why they have one they have to and they have
three they do not want you to start with I go to one then go to 5 there's a reason for
it. That's why they have these now. Why is this got to do with anything about
business? Well, it has everything to do about business
because most people don't really make it as an affiliate which is a shame because when you
become a successful affiliate, usually these affiliate they make anywhere between
15 to 50 thousand dollars a month and some of them make a lot more than That that's that's
the really the exception but you have to take it a really seriously, so that's why I put
this as number one because it is so important for your success.

So let's go ahead and talk about a number
two. What is affiliate marketing in case you don't
know what affiliate marketing I'm going to go ahead and cover three important thing in
essence. You are selling someone else's product so
you don't have to deal with creating your own course for Even though you can you don't
have to deal with customer service. You don't have to deal with refunds. You just sell someone else's product. That's all what it is. That could be anything most companies nowadays
online. They do have affiliate programs. So when you sell someone else's product you
receive a percentage of the sales price. It's easy like commission. So you promote you sell you make a portion
of the Sail Without You, you haven't to create the product whether if it's a complicated
software or something that is really hard to make why affiliate marketing is the fastest
growing business opportunities online. I'm not going to go through this because I
have this covered in here and then I'm going to show you how to get that.

This is one of my YouTube videos that explains
not only that what are the opportunities that you have to make money online and there's
a lot of tips and tricks in it. I would recommend you watching it all the
information that I'm going to give you. I'm going to give you some guides which is
if you want to know more about this. All you have to do is go and watch this video. And when you watch this video, you'll have
more knowledge by the time we're done. You're going to have an entire course that
probably sell over two thousand dollars easy, and I'm going to also tell you what not to
do now, like I mentioned about the cake the first thing that you need Need to do is what
you guess that you have to pick a niche. I'm going to tell you what the ditch is, but
you have to kind of be passionate a little bit about it. There are some videos out there on YouTube that
tells you something like you don't have to be passionate just pick a product and just
keep going I totally disagree with that.

And then when I found this on Steve Jobs,
he talks about that and there's a reason behind that. I want you to go ahead and just watch this
clip and then we're going to come back. ACT people say you have to have a lot of passion
for what you're doing and it's totally true. And the reason is
is because it's so hard that if you don't any rational person would give up and you
have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don't love it, if you're not having
fun doing it, you don't really love it. You're going to give up. I hope this video made some good sense to
you. Now, let's go ahead and just continue the
are three major niches that you really have to be. Be aware of the first one is health wealth
and then relationships. Now, these are really big niches. So you have to be in the sub-niche of which
is actually in a sub Niche is not in the niches.

Now what I mean by that now if you want a
little bit more information I have in-depth training. This is the best Niche for affiliate marketing. It also has a download for 27 different niches
that you can use remember Sub Niche is very simple. I'm gonna pick let's say relationships dating. For example, that's part of the relationship
dating for men over 40. This is a sub-niche of a sub Niche.

So you are honing down your funneling down
a group of people. Okay. The second thing we're going to talk about
is affiliate networks. We're going to talk about three. I'm going to talk about the stuff that you
should avoid by all costs. And there is a lot of Confusion And I do apologize
about the people that confused you on YouTube because there are so many of them that sit
there and they tell you about something by all means avoid this Amazon Associates years
and years since I started I never done Amazon Associates. I look at it and I was like, no I'm not going
to do it but a lot of YouTubers they're probably Got you confused by Amazon Associates Amazon
Associates the used to pay if you don't know what Amazon Associates a you can basically
become an Amazon Associates and sell their products on Amazon and get paid commission. However, their commission structure one down
dramatically not long ago from the making of this video. It used to be higher. They really brought it down what I'm talking
they want from 10% Went to two percent.

I have done a video a long time ago not to
join Amazon associate affiliate program even before they brought down their commission
structure for Affiliates. What are we going to do is we're going to
go ahead and take a look at Amazon Associates. I'm going to go ahead and let's see we're
going to go here Amazon associate. Like I said, this is the new schedule that
they have and the people that used to make a lot of the money was Out here because this
is expensive including cameras and things like that. Now you get paid to do and a half percent. It's not even worth your time at all.

The reason I'm telling you. This is very simple. You're probably wondering why is he telling
me all this well because of this if you take a look at some of these people here, I got
nothing against them. They just tell you how to do Amazon associate
Amazon Affiliates and if you watch some of these you might get a really confused
and put your time and effort and money on something that does not pay you enough.

Okay. So if you are an affiliate your new there's
a lot of confusion that you might encounter by watching YouTube channels. So I'm going to tell you exactly what to do
what not to do. But let's go ahead and continue with number
two right now. I'm gonna just let you know that there are
some good affiliate programs some companies have there. Own affiliate programs a lot of companies. They don't want to deal with that. So they go into what's called an affiliate
marketing programs or affiliate networks. So it's like a market.

So what you need to do is go there pick up
your product based on what on the niche you have to know what the niche is. All right, let's go ahead and move on. There are some complicated networks. And of course, a lot of YouTube videos talking
about out these programs in this video right here up with the pros and cons including Amazon
and I did that before Amazon actually went down on their commission for Affiliates. So it's very important for you to get educated
before you start doing the work.

All right, let's move on to the product. Now. This is the cake we started from the niche
right here. I'm telling you what the how to do it
right here is I'm telling you just in case you Like what is he talking about right here? I'm telling you what is affiliate marketing
and then I'm saying if you need further information go and watch this here. We're talking about the niche a lot of YouTube
videos. They tell you just hop in, jump in and I have
seen some videos.

They just I Grinch to when I saw them because
they give you the wrong advice and again when somebody gives you the wrong advice regarding
your livelihood. Okay, let's move on here only. Do one Niche start only with one Niche. The reason for that is simple
and here I do have a video the best way is ClickBank when you first get started because
it's the easiest one to get into there's not a whole lot of hard qualifications to become
part of the affiliate programs that they have the goals that I set for everybody is you
have to make ten thousand dollars inside ClickBank. It's not that hard you can make Dollars you
don't put a time frame on it, but you have to have $10,000. Then there are other affiliate networks and
programs that you can join so you can expand now why only one Niche is because you have
to start creating a list. So you have to collect their email address. Then you have to put it in an autoresponder
and I'm going to talk about it here in just a little bit and after that you need to start
send email.

This is all. All happened automatically. Now some people are not going to buy that
product. Now, let's say if you are in the health and
fitness and you have a huge email list for people who are interested in health and fitness
now you try to sell them something totally different like relationship and dating things
like that. It's not going to work because they're not
interested in that they're interested in health and fitness you cannot use that list that
you work so hard for Build all you have to do if somebody is not interested in health
and fitness product you find another health and fitness products and you mark it to them.

Maybe they're like this one. They did not like the first one. So you'll have other things in the same Niche
or sub niche in case you don't know how to find the best products to sell this video
here will show you how to find the best selling products on ClickBank. Back with one click of a button. All right right. Now I'm going to go ahead and break it to
you a little bit. If you are an affiliate marketer exactly. What is your job that you need to do in order
for you to succeed? number one is that you need to capture a laid without a lead. If you don't have a lead you have nobody to
sell to right then you have to have to capture the lead. You can capture it with software. Okay. Now the other thing is that you have to store.

The lead so you need an autoresponder. If you don't know what autoresponder you watch
my other videos, you'll know exactly what it is your responsibility after that is to
sell and for you to sell you need a payment processor platform. Another word in order for you to sell you
have to have a deal with a company that collect money you have to be qualified, but if you
have a capture software. We're like, I do have one and I'm going to
tell you which one I use they handle all that for you. You don't have to deal with any of that. Okay, the other one is there are two types. There are a free way that you can actually
do it. And that means you have to you know, do the
elite capture then you you can do it a through probably social media platform.

That could be YouTube. You have to make videos just like I'm doing
right now or you can use Facebook Instagram and so forth. This is obviously free. You don't have to pay money for that. But this is a slow process most people that
have the superhero syndrome. They go through this process because they
want to do everything themselves. They want to do it all. Well, there's something called opportunity
cost. That means you are taking way too long for
you to generate any money because you don't have the right tools just like you showing
up and you want to build a cab that but you showing up with only a screwdriver. Okay, so you don't have the right tools like
you showing up with your bare hand and you go like you know, what I'm going to build
me really nice cabinets for my kitchen, but I don't want to buy anything.

I'm just going to do it by hand. Well, good luck. You might get it done somehow but it's going
to take you a very long time a lot of frustration and A lot of people going to be way ahead
of you by the time you get things figured out the other paid method. I don't call it. It's paid it just you have to have the tools
in order for you to do the job. If you don't have the tools is going to be
very difficult for you to do anything at all.

And you cannot get it automated. If you do it by hand, you can sell at any
time and let's go ahead and go through this here a little bit funnel software. The one that I use is in the description that
I have some people say why you trying to sell us something. You know what you don't have to buy anything
if you don't want to but I'll tell you this.

I wish somebody told me which the right tool
that I need to start with but for clickfunnels, for example, you can start with 14 day trial
then you can go ahead and just cancelled if you're not happy with it or whatever. The reason is you can cancel it, but Dia is
for you to be able and make your life easier. A lot of people don't know what sales funnels
are. It's like a salesperson it does everything
for you.

All you have to do is just bring in a prospect
and it goes in by itself from page to page. Tell them about the product the benefit and
that try to get him to buy that works 24/7 Without You interfering with it. And in addition to that in case, you want to
build your own course. You can do it on their platform and they don't
charge you anything extra. So this is so important for you. Even if you want to build a website, you can
do it through them. This is a different story. I'm not going to go too much into it right
now. I'm just telling you the one I use autoresponder,
you know, there are some autoresponders not all or responders are the

I have these people that they want to do. The free ones that are some are free. There are some are really really cheap. People don't understand if you are using these
types of autoresponders, they have bad delivery and
then many of the email like Google or Gmail and Yahoo, and all that. They put them in the spam box or they don't
even deliver them to your prospects at all because there's a lot of complaints against
them you need something that is in the description below I had that in there. In case you want to do it, then you need a
traffic without traffic. Nothing happens. You can have the best product for you to promote
as an affiliate to make money. But if you don't have any traffic coming in
a good luck now, you can do it. Like I said the freeway but how long is that
going to take you? For example, if you do it on Instagram or
on Facebook or it's gonna take you a long time it's better to do with both but you have
to get started quickly.

You don't want to take too much time. Also, this is in. The description I talked about it in the description. I don't talk about it. I have a link in there in the description
with the one that is the best so far in addition to that. This is so important for you as far as how
to succeed in affiliate marketing I don't have to tell you you probably already know
that because you're smart. You're on my channel make sure you subscribe
and drop a like so I can give you the priority in case you have any questions I get a lot
of questions. Questions
and comments and then I'll if you're subscribed I can tell and you'll be in the priority queue
for me.

Let's talk about this for a moment. I am so kind of like upset I Lots or many
of the YouTube people. They create scammy videos of how to make money
fast online by doing things that are so simple. They waste your time money and in this video
that I have here. You'll be able to spot them because
I am getting a lot of people who are confused overwhelmed and they think these things work. They don't. it works for them. They don't work for you. There's a reason for it. But when you watch this, you'll find out how
to avoid them and why they do it. This is so important. So make sure you see it. Otherwise, you're going to fall into a downward
spiral and it's going to be very difficult for you to get out of it. There's a lot of other things for example,
when You go and you put more Daniels and you going to find out this is my channel here
and there's a lot of things I can't talk about everything in case you don't know anything
about the success and how to think like successful people.

This one here is so important. I listen to this every day when I was doing
the coaching for entrepreneur. This is a requirement. You have to listen to it every single day
because this is how you become successful. There's a there are Secrets that's why only
1% or less who control all the wealth in the world. So make sure to do that. I can't mention all of them. But there are a lot of things that can benefit
you. It depends on where you add in life. For example how to succeed in life. There is a lot of good information in here.

So make sure to check that out. If you like this video, please subscribe drop
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