🔴 How to Make $100 a Day on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

in this video I’m gonna be sharing how to make $100 per day using YouTube and affiliate marketing and specifically sharing five strategies for making more money with affiliate marketing even if you’re just getting started and they’re kind of untold truths that I’ve learned over my last decade using affiliate marketing to build my income and eventually go full time doing this but hey for just meeting my name is Shawn welcome to think media and we’re streaming live so what’s up studio geek what’s up Javon but if you’re here on the replay I’m super excited about the content so let’s dive right into it so if we’re just meeting my name is Sean kennel and my passion is helping you build your influence with online video and YouTube and today we’re gonna be breaking down specifically a hundred different ways to make money a hundred different ways how to make a hundred dollars per day on YouTube with affiliate marketing and so question for you have you started making money on YouTube yet let me know in the comments section may be with YouTube ads may be with affiliate marketing merged patreon something else but in this video we’re gonna be talking about how to get started with affiliate marketing pro strategies for making a hundred dollars per day the biggest mistakes people make with affiliate marketing and a lot more so it’s gonna be a lot of fun I see some people saying they haven’t started making money yet I see others that are saying yes like din talks so that’s awesome and we’re gonna be breaking down whether you’re just starting or you’re even more advanced there’s gonna be some awesome content in this but first a quick backstory as far as my relationship with affiliate marketing I live here in Las Vegas with my wife Sonya and our two dogs I’m streaming to you from my home office right now we run a company called think media with a few team members out here and you probably know me from this channel think media or maybe video influencers which is a weekly interview show and a channel that I co-founded with Benji Travis and we were recently listed in the top 20 YouTube channels that will change your business over there on video influencers but here’s the thing today I do this full-time but it really hasn’t been that way for very long in fact I will never forget October 2015 because that during that time I was freelancing full-time so as a video production guy I grew up doing video 2003 I’ve been shooting video wedding videos I’ve done videos for churches nonprofits social media influencers and I’ve always been kind of dabbling in this YouTube thing with YouTube in affiliate marketing making some side money like couple hundred bucks a month even some months maybe getting close to a thousand but it wasn’t enough to pay the bills and support my family so I’m freelancing full-time working for clients hopping on planes here I’m at LAX you know with all my gear that’s my tripods all my cameras but then I will never forget October 2015 because I got fired right and that was at the time I had three freelance clients and the first week one called me and said Shawn we gotta let you go second week what the second one let me go the third week they’re like hey we hired some people we got to move some stuff around gotta let you go and we lost 80 to 90 percent of our income in one month it was pretty brutal so you can imagine during that time I’m like how are we gonna make it do I have what it takes you know we’re dealing with health challenges chronic illness in our family we’ve had to move jobs were away from our support system financial pressure super super intense and the good news was that we were earning side income from video but the bad news is that we only had 16 thousand subscribers here on this channel think media and I want to encourage you this is actually why I think everybody should be working on a side hustle because you never know what’s gonna happen in your life yes maybe you want to make YouTube like your main thing and go full-time which is great and I believe you can be on that path to getting there but on the flip side you also should be diversifying your income just to make extra money for your family or to position yourself for maybe your October 2015 when all of a sudden major shifts hit your life I was glad that we were at least earning some side income from video and we really had something to build upon here and so you can see October 2015 thick medias around 16,000 subscribers so at that point I was like do I look for a job and pursue more freelance clients or do I punch fear in the face and step out as an entrepreneur so what I did was I went all-in and you know years later now just a few years later we just crossed six thousand subscribers 35 million video views in fact a million subscribers across our various YouTube channels and so it’s been a wild ride but here’s the thing December 2015 right I get fired in October 2015 we have a couple hundred bucks a month we’re making on affiliate income so I go all-in November first because I had been doing this stuff but now I’m doing it with total attention total focus I’m trying to be like a SWAT team on actually needing this to work and to make some money so December 2015 you could see the results here that November we did two thousand two hundred and thirty three dollars but in December and by the way you get paid a couple months later on Amazon affiliates so there is the December advertising fee fees four thousand seven hundred and four dollars and ninety seven cents just from the Amazon affiliate program that’s around one hundred and fifty 177 per day now of course these results are not typical these results come on the other side of a lot of strategy and massive action and I’m not like showing this to say like this is guaranteed of what she can make but I actually think it’s a picture of what’s possible for you right and if you apply the right strategies you can see that just in a couple short months by putting out some videos I was able to do this this was not YouTube ads this wasn’t patreon this wasn’t something else it was just affiliate marketing so the way I actually originally built a full time income and even a six-figure income was YouTube and affiliate marketing now that’s first to find what is affiliate marketing well it’s when you review or recommend a product online and you earn a commission when someone purchases that product and so my definition is it’s a cool way to make money sharing the products that you love and use so whatever that is and maybe you follow different Beauty youtubers and they talk about makeup and lipstick and stuff those are products they use and they connect to them as affiliates in the description maybe you follow someone that’s in fitness and they recommend blenders and kitchen supplies or food or cooking you know something that’s consumables or or accessories for yoga like in any niche you know maybe it’s even software and you’re a digital marketer and you reckon and stuff email software Dropbox they all have affiliate programs what affiliate marketing really is is a cool way to make money sharing the products you love and use that are related to your topic and your niche so here’s how it works if you’re just being introduced to it and then we’ll get to the five tips first of all you want to sign up for an affiliate program now Amazon Associates is probably one of the most popular ones it’s available in a lot of different countries and even if you you can also sign up for countries that you don’t live in now I’m we’re signed up for all of them and we get checks from around the world because YouTube is a global platform so we get checks from my Canada and the UK because of one link and some other things we can’t cover in this video but nevertheless you can sign up for an affiliate program now it actually doesn’t matter what affiliate program you sign up for Amazon just is a very popular one and here’s how it works you sign up for an affiliate program and then what happens is you can create trackable links so now when you go to Amazon any page you land on you can create a link to that product that same would be true for other affiliate programs then what you can do is put that link in your YouTube description for whatever you’re talking about if some of the visitors click on those links then remember it’s trackable Amazon’s like okay that traffic came from think media from Shaun’s video and if someone makes a purchase then you ultimately make money and that’s just the way it works and it can work on anything you can work this way on a blog even if you had a podcast you could you can maybe give a verbal link that redirects or you could send people to your blog and it doesn’t necessarily require YouTube YouTube’s my favorite platform I think it’s the best for affiliate marketing but this is the system that you would do you could put those links almost anywhere on the internet and of course you also want to make sure that you’re doing that in terms of service and and the FTC we don’t really cover that here but we’ll share some bonus resources later about just making sure you’re always doing affiliate marketing with integrity and making sure you abide by local laws and the laws of any platforms and things like that and so here are five affiliate marketing power tips for making a hundred dollars per day tip number one timing is everything timing is everything and I’m so glad your watch his video because at the time of recording were kind of in summer but we’re getting ready for the holidays it’s a big opportunity for strategically timing some videos for your brand your topic because online shopping explodes during the holidays a lot of times it’s double if not 10x what people spend other times of the year which is a massive opportunity if you have some strategic videos positioned and so one of the videos I’m pretty well-known for because this is kind of what started a lot of this journey was this gift ideas for him video and now this video is 2,000 seventy-five days old or older and what I did was I just sat down there’s my chihuahua Rosie sitting with me and I talked about some different gift ideas for men and there’s links in the description to the affiliate links and now actually every year since then it’s still like ranking and searched so it’s still getting views but this is one of the big videos that I was originally known for what’s the point well one of the the point I’m trying to make is timing is everything so what isn’t actually just the video idea itself but it was when I released the video so notice this I actually published this video on December 8th 2012 why because it was right in time for the holidays now I’ll tell you this that was actually too late based on my current knowledge the mistake I made was December 8th well that’s actually after Black Friday and Cyber Monday I should have people are looking for gift ideas probably beginning of November so you really want to mark out the timing of when you want to put out strategic videos so since that time as I’ve done this year over year and that channel was my Sean Cannell channel a lot more gift ideas like random lifestyle stuff now I have this tech channel and so you can see right like every year I’m it’s like Black Friday deals Black Friday tech deals Black Friday tech haul amazon.com Black Friday deals why because those are huge affiliate marketing income-producing events but also you really want to be strategic with the timing so here is a key term in a cool tool and it’s called Google Trends so the key tool term is called tentpoles and the tool is called Google Trends free web-based you can go there you can type in Black Friday or Black Friday deals and what you’re going to see is you’re going to see this little spike now why are these called tentpole events it’s a big term for YouTube creators or any kind of online marketers because they create a tent see it there’s the tent right there you could unzip it and sleep inside of that thing right it goes up it goes down it is a tent like trend based event Halloween is a tentpole holiday shopping Black Friday is a tentpole you know summer gift summer decor ideas would be a tentpole when are people actually preparing for their summer decor so if you have a DIY decor channel when do you want to strat it strategically put out your content based around that tent pole now based on this particular tent pole we actually see that there is a massive search rise on Black Friday around November 12th through the 18th that’s when the popularity starts and us shoppers spent five billion dollars online during 2017 Black Friday so keep in mind that affiliate marketing is where you get a percentage of a sale it doesn’t cost the consumer any more if they buy a $100 backpack and you get 10% you make $10 off of that sale as of when someone clicks in and buys it through your link so think about that this year that was that’s some old stats this year how much revenue is gonna be spent online in your local market how much revenue is gonna be spent online and what percentage of that are you gonna position yourself to potentially earn by watching this video right now that’s what I want you doing is to maximize the positioning of your content and the positioning of your videos and your strategies based around timing because timing is everything and a power tip here is calendar block the planning and production of your strategic videos so what we have a huge opportunity even if you doesn’t matter when you’re watching this video on the replay but whatever time of year it is look ahead to the next season that next tentpole that next opportunity in your topic in your niche but block time on your calendar right now for two things number one when you’re gonna plan and do your research of your video ideas to maximize that time number two because planning and production is different when are you then also going to we shoot those videos and then number three so that you can get them out at the right timing so this is one reason why the difference between people killing on YouTube and don’t is the people who get ahead think further ahead the people who get ahead are more disciplined and organized to simply not be like oh shoot what video should I create today but you might be thinking about videos you should be making three months from now five months from now and by doing that and by calendar blocking and planning the production of your strategic videos you’re gonna be able to maximize the timing because timing is everything tip number two is maximize trends maximize trends and so a couple of years ago I started seeing these trends of these laser Christmas lights have you seen these like and so what you do is you like put them in your yard and they project I like the ones that project like stars this one projects ugly Christmas trees all over your house right and man these things are polarizing in fact tell me do you love or hate these laser Christmas lights tell me in the comments but they’re super polarizing but that’s not the point I walked into my grocery store five minutes from here to buy some you know vegetables and some sushi for dinner and I’m and I’m there and I walk in at a grocery store and I see this huge display of these Christmas laser lights and it was at that moment that I was like that is a trend that is definitely happening I’ve been seeing these happens 2016 I need to jump on that so I went home and I went to YouTube to see has anybody really created content around these and what I discovered was that no one really had so I put out my video best Christmas laser lights about these different Christmas laser light options and by the way it takes money to make money man like you sometimes have to see ahead take risks buy some Christmas laser lights because a they’re really easy and fast to set up but be you’re also thinking about how you could potentially strategically monetize those and so I’ve always at I’ve made smart investments at every stage of my journey like investing in things that I really felt you know for affiliate marketing and so you can tell you know fast forward the video is three hundred and ten thousand views a couple years later it’s made multiple thousands of dollars the first year I made about four thousand dollars in affiliate income and every year since it continues to produce income while it remains on top because it’s a ranked video but the point is you got to maximize trends and you can see the affiliate link in the YouTube description and here’s another bonus tip that’s not even really about this video but these videos when you do them right they also grow your audience like when you do a fill 8 marketing right it’s never pushy it’s never salesy it’s never weird all you’re doing is just being cool helping people find good stuff helping people avoid bad stuff and when you do that around your topic in your niche you can grow your audience in the process too so look 350 subscriptions driven just off of this video all the shares all the watch time this is a channel I don’t even really focus on my Shawn channel channel but it grows when you put out smart videos that add value produce income but they can also grow your audience it’s pretty powerful and so quote from the POTUS President of the United States opportunities are never lost just found by those who clearly see the power of trends and timing and if there’s anybody love him or hate him if there’s anybody who’s actually a smart marketer who’s actually a really smart Brander and who understands business right for better for worse is definitely Donald Trump and so I love this quote opportunities are never lost they’re just found by those who clearly see come on the power of trends and timing trends and timing those are gonna be two huge affiliate marketing tips for you tip number three higher ticket higher commissions higher ticket higher commissions this might be obvious but one of the things I’ve learned is that you know for me one of the ways I was able to go full-time and quit my job quit everything or essentially not get freelance clients again is by doing affiliate marketing but it’s important to note that I did it around higher ticket items for example you know here on thick media if I recommend a camera and someone buys a $2,000 camera at just 4% Commission then that’s an $80 Commission that’s a pretty good payday like if you sell one camera a day that from like a ranked video to affiliate marketing that’s like as much as a lot of times people make work in eight hours you know if you’re making 8 bucks an hour that’s a 10 hour day in one transaction so this stuff can be very powerful however if your if your niche is like paper mache crafts and yarn and glue you know like something like that you have to do the math and say this actually might not be the path to making big money now here’s the cool thing I’m not saying you should change niches I’m saying you can follow a lot of our other training we cover 10 different ways to make significant money on YouTube this is just one way but if you want to really crush it at affiliate marketing tip number three higher ticket higher commissions so this is timothy sunday part of our community and some of our advanced training you can see this this is just an old screenshot of his DJ i the drone company affiliate screen capture you know he’s made almost $16,000 in fact I’m sure it’s way past that now cuz he sent me this while ago so why but he’s talking about some drones right these things are expensive he’s talking about tech it’s higher ticket the punch line is if you want higher commissions you want to do higher ticket types of products makes access absolutely sense however the other thing is true that also if you can find higher percentage deals you’ll also get higher commissions so for example on the Sean Connell channel I talked about a greens powder that I use to this day I love it it’s called organifi it’s kind of an it’s pretty expensive but they also give you much higher Commission so on Amazon you make 4 to 10% through the organifi affiliate program you can make 30 percent that’s a leverage point you’re gonna start making a lot more money if you have higher percentages so either higher ticket higher commissions or higher you know percentages higher commissions the other thing is that on a product like this it’s actually subscription-based so if someone’s like I would love to get one of those a month like I do I would love to get an organifi a month then every single month that transaction flow happens a commission comes my way makes sense and so higher percentage higher commissions tip number four solve searched problem solved search problems so do you drink coffee let me know tell me do you drink Coffee let me know and I know not everybody does but quite a few people do right and so tell me in the comments but I love this because a lot of people drink coffee and there’s a lot of it shows you that there are weird obscure strategic things you can do around affiliate marketing that you probably never think of and so here’s like a weird experiment thing that I did was I found this hole this Starbucks verissimo pods cheap idea and so this this is stuff that I want you thinking this way because when you just think about this way like all day long you’ll see opportunities in your everyday life so we were given a starbucks free smell which is like a fancy Keurig and we are buying these pods which cost like as much as a cup of coffee at Starbucks so I was like these pods are cost a fortune there’s got to be a better way went over my friend’s house and they’re like oh yeah we we buy a coffee bean tea leaf pods off the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf website and they fit right in the Starbucks free smell machine I’m like interesting but then what I thought to me cuz I’m already doing affiliate marketing YouTube I’m like I wonder if those aren’t apples on Amazon sure enough they are because it’s my favorite affiliate program one of the reasons why is every single time someone clicks a link even if they don’t buy what you recommended that link tracks for 24 hours and anything they buy you get credit for so by simply just having more links in the world that people are clicking on they might not even get the coffee but if they’re clicking on those in December when they’re doing all their Christmas shopping and they spend $10,000 in Christmas shopping they just happen to get there through your links boom all of that income is coming your way very powerful that’s why I love things on Amazon right because they sell everything and so anyways I find this out I order myself I test it out myself and I make this video and I’m like hey and then I also do my research and find that people are actually curious where are the cheap verissimo pots well these are these are chief reasonable pots because they fit and then people are asking do these pods work in verissimo what’s the point this was actually a search term that real humans were looking for right they’re like looking for this information so all I do is put a video in front of that problem that pain point of that audience right and so there’s the affiliate link to the coffee and a key thing here is you just want to add value and be helpful right is again I’m just like hey you probably have been looking for cheaper pods so was I let’s actually do it I’ll show it right in front of you sure enough it works they kind of get stucked if you Jimmy rig it it where I like explain out it you know the whole thing I love them here’s the different coffee I’ve tried if you want to check it out link in the description a Philly Marketing super cool man you just add value and you’d be helpful and you can make money in the process so here’s a question power question what are the problems and questions your target audience is currently trying to solve what are the problems and what are the questions that your target audience has that they’re currently trying to solve when good valuable videos are put on the other side of those questions and when they’re connected to affiliate marketing now you’re not just gonna create income you could really start generating some significant passive income through affiliate marketing and tip number five is more videos equals more money more videos equals more money when you do this right you start realizing like wait a minute I put out one video and it’s getting views and it’s generating some income then what would happen if I just put out five videos well then what would happen if I just put out 50 videos and if I keep them at a certain quality level and I keep like exploring different ways to you know maximize reaching a knee short top topic or a search then I could really get some traction so you could see again before even the think media days I was on Sean kennel doing like gift ideas like crazy cool gift ideas gift ideas for men best tech gifts but I mean we went crazy with this I mean Mother’s Day gift ideas Valentine’s gift ideas I have my wife Sonya doing gift ideas for women I’m doing Christmas gifts 20 15 16 17 18 19 you know gift ideas for creative people gift ideas for her we’re like okay what’s working and we just kept doing more of it and so as you begin to identify in your niche may be opportunities topics things people are passionate about are things that work then more videos equals more money right so power question how can you increase the quality and the quantity of your uploads and you might be like Sean I’m maxed out right now I got a life I got a job I got a family yeah but you should ask that question anyways because you start asking the right questions you’re gonna get better answers you might be thinking like oh well maybe the my husband can take the kids on the weekend that will give me a whole day to focus on creating videos I could probably create four videos and on that day and then if I do when I release them you know once a week on the couple weeks before Black Friday you know what I mean ask the right questions and you’ll come up with some really creative solutions so how can you increase the quality and the quantity of your uploads but that one of five tips but there’s a huge affiliate marketing mistake that people make that I just want to touch on because we’ve talked about some real examples of how you can make some serious money with affiliate marketing clearly identifying what people are searching for timing and all these things but at the end of the day there is a problem and this is the mistake that I see the most and it’s it’s really kind of based on this movie Field of Dreams now this movie is really old so let me know in the comments have you ever seen it but here’s the premise Kevin Costner is the main character and he’s a novice Iowa farmer who lives as his wife and his family and in the opening narration he explains that he’s had a troubled relationship with his father who was a devoted baseball fan right and so he’s got this nostalgia and this passion for baseball he’s in this cornfield and so the the powerful line that everybody knows from this movie is if you build it they will come so he’s walking through the cornfield one evening and he actually hears this voice whisper right so this voice if you build it they will come and he’s like okay so then what he does is he takes action he cuts down the corn and it gets everybody involved they build a baseball stadium and it creates all this community and there’s healing from it and whatever right so that’s like the famous thing in this movie if you build it they will come well that is the biggest mistake that I see affiliate marketing and YouTube creators making because the idea is what buy if I just put out the videos and I link them up the way Sean said and you know I do this stuff if I just build my YouTube content my channel out people will come and they’re gonna discover it but you probably already realized that’s not the case right you know I mean you’ve probably already realized that look if you build it they won’t come the only reason you’re gonna get the views and the traffic is really if your strategic and you have a plan because the reality is with the fillion marketing no views equals no income doesn’t matter you know how good what you say in the video doesn’t matter like how cool the product is doesn’t matter how much it would help someone’s life if they never find it they never discover it you never get the views that’s never gonna make an impact and it’s definitely not gonna make any money so the key is you really need a growth plan and smart strategies for getting views on your videos to make this work and so that’s not the point of this video but I did do a free one hour YouTube masterclass a lot of people in the thick media community have watched this if you haven’t you have to see it and it goes over the new rules of success on YouTube this year it goes through my proven system for getting views on YouTube 24/7 because that’s what you need for this affiliate marketing stuff to work you got to get the views goes through a couple creative ways to earn a thousand dollars per month on YouTube in case you want to explore some things alternatively to affiliate marketing and actually break down how three regular people used a simple YouTube strategy to quit their job and create a full time income online so that’s a free one-hour class you can watch online at tube influence com specifically because that would be the next step if you’re like well what I do next definitely plan out some videos block time on your calendar to make some content around the next season the next tentpole the next opportunity in your niche look for trends but also maximize your strategies because if you can crank up your views your subscribers your growth then you can create big results and build a side part-time and even a full-time income with affiliate marketing so that’s a tube influence calm and the one other thing I would say is there’s a couple fa Q’s that come in a lot around affiliate marketing and and so we don’t really have time to go into those but a couple things to think about is you know we’re like disclaimers where do you put disclaimers on a couple of Link’s about how to create your links and things like that so definitely check out our affiliate marketing playlist it goes through disclosures it goes through a lot of other training around affiliate marketing so I’ll link that up on the YouTube card as well as put it in the description below jason says do I need a thousand subs before Shalit sharing affiliate links in my videos you don’t Jason however I do recommend like if you’re just at zero you might want to wait a while before signing up for an affiliate program because for instance on Amazon they actually will usually approve you right away but if you don’t make any sales I think for 30 days or 45 days they shut your account down so your first step is not necessarily to sign up for an affiliate program I would actually recommend your first step would be to watch tube influence comm if you haven’t seen our one hour masterclass because you want to get a little momentum the cool news is though a lot of people in our community that have a couple hundred subscribers or seven hundred subscribers can make money right away with the Fillion marketing but I would say you definitely want to plan you want to grow strategy first and once you kind of have a little bit of clarity and momentum then then start monetizing you know what I mean like you’re not gonna make that much in the short interim by with not figuring out your strategy first but then you can add on to it so absolutely if you have a thousand subs but check out that’s the key definitely check out to grow that I want you to grow first get some views get some subscribers grow your influence so that’s tube influence comm and then affiliate marketing can like 10x so question of the day what is one video idea you have after this training tell me in the comments below you know now that you’ve watched this maybe you’re thinking about the next season what is one video idea you have after this training tell me that down there and if you’re new here subscribe if you’re not subscribed ring the bell so you don’t miss future trainings like this if you want to check out that free master class just click or tap the screen right there and if you want to see some other videos from think media just click or tap the screen right there until next time this channel is all about bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video thanks for hanging out with me today and I will see you in the next video

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