($30/Sign up) Without promoting | 3 Best Two Tier Affiliate Programs

friends if you want to make money in affiliate 
marketing without promoting any offer then you   must watch this video till the end hello and 
welcome friends welcome back to another awesome   video so friends today in this video i am going to 
tell you that how you can easily make money online   in affiliate marketing without promoting any 
offer any product or any service like service   like accounting okay so without promoting all 
these things how you can make money in affiliate   marketing today we are going to discuss this only 
okay so this video is going to be very very unique   and very very valuable so all you need to do is 
first of all you need to watch this video till   the end without skipping a single second as today 
i am going to share with you three opportunities   i mean three platform which will help you 
to make money online in affiliate marketing   without promoting any offer so make sure that you 
watch this video till the end so all you need to   do is first of all you have to search on google 
a to hosting athlete okay no my dear friends i   am not telling you to promote a2 hosting web 
web hosting service just keep patience okay   i will i will explain you everything in detail so 
if you want to go with the dot in domain you can   go but i will scroll down and go with the dot 
com domain which is a2hostingafleetprogram.com   all right so as you can see here if you will 
promote the hosting i mean the a2 hosting   of this one just wait a second i hope i know that 
you are aware of a2 hosting just wait a second   so for this promotion you are going to earn up 
to 125 percent and this you all know okay and i   am not going to tell you in this in this video so 
if you scroll down as you can see this particular   affiliate program has a feature as you can see we 
also offer a five dollar second tire commission   that means for each user you refer to our athlete 
program you earn five dollar per sale they make   which means that if you are going to promote this 
affiliate program not web hosting service or way   to hosting if you are going to promote athlete 
program of a2 hosting then if someone follows   you absolutely i mean your follows your sub afraid 
link and simply sign up over this platform so if   they make i mean if they make sale okay if they 
make any sale so for that sale for each sill   you're going to get five dollar commission and 
this is a very very great amount of commission   as you can earn in the passive mode okay so he's 
i mean that person is doing a hard work to bring   sales for his dashboard okay and for each sale 
you're going to get five dollar commission because   he has joined through your sub everything and 
this is the benefit of second tire effort programs   because in this case i mean in this programs 
you don't need to promote the service of the   particular platform you all need to do is simply 
promote the athlete program which means that   you need to promote to those audience who are 
interested in joining this particular affiliate   program and in this way you can simply make 
money online without promoting any offer all   right so what about the com i mean what about 
the thumbnail which i have showed you of this   video like a 30 dollar without promoting any 
offer just wait my dear friends be patient i   will explain you everything in detail okay so this 
is the first platform which i was talking about in   the beginning of the video that is getting you 
and that is giving you two tire commission as   you can see five dollar for each sill they make 
okay so with the help of this you can easily   make money online in affiliate marketing now 
so now for joining this all you need to do is   simply click on the sign up button okay and once 
you click over here uh you will come to this   sign up page i mean because in my case i have 
already taken its approval so as you can see you   have to fill all this information and then you 
have to simply apply to this offer to join this   once you do this your application will go under 
review and they will review your application based   on your promotional method they will give you 
approval okay so let me cut this and you have to   focus on the commission structure as you can see 
here they are giving you five dollar for secondary   commission and it is up to you whether you want to 
promote the hosting you can even do this now the   second two tire athlete program of today's video 
from which you can earn money online in every   marketing without promoting any offer is this one 
fiverr now i'm sure that you may be aware of this   particular website which is fiverr basically it 
is a freelancing marketplace okay where you can   earn money through freelancing so it is also 
a very very good and popular platform as you   all know okay you choose your commission plan earn 
up to one thousand dollar for a single conversion   okay so if you will scroll down you have to 
click on the c commissions okay you have to come   and under the commission section so as you can 
see fiverr cps fifty dollar to one fifty dollar   and five are hybrid to ten dollar per cpa plus 
ten percent revelation but these all commissions   are for promoting fiber main platform okay but 
today we are not going to promote any platform   or any service any product today we are going to 
promote only the athlete programs okay so for this   all you need to do is simply you have to just 
simply login i mean you have to sign up for the   fiverr and as you all know that fiverr affiliate 
is giving you instant approval which means that   your application will not go under review okay 
you don't have to wait you can instantly access to   your dashboard affiliate dashboard and this is the 
benefit of fiverr athletes so basically these all   commissions are for promoting the services i mean 
the gigs of fiber but as i told you today we will   not promote anything any product or any service 
okay so first of all you need to click on join now   because it takes hardly two minutes to complete 
the to complete your signup process of fiverr okay   so in my case i have i have already signed up okay 
because it is giving you instant approval so all   you need to do is first of all you have to come to 
your fiverr affiliate dashboard so as you can see   over here once you are on the fiverr dashboard 
okay because i am not promoting fiverr much   and as you can see the results okay so you have 
to as you can see here the dashboard which is   good from where you can take marketing materials 
earning reports you can say you can withdraw your   payments so as you can see the option which is sub 
athletes as you can see you have to click on sub   effects report here you will see the report of 
your sub affiliate okay and as you can see you   can pick the links from here okay you have to copy 
this link and you have to start promoting it okay   so now what about the commission structure of sub 
athletes i mean uh two tire program so as you can   see if you will come in the commission plan and as 
you can see unified plan sub athlete uh commission   cut 10 percent which means that for the secondary 
commission of five or is ten percent it means that   if you will refer a a user who joins fiverr effort 
so if yours then you are going to earn 10 percent   commission and it is great my defense because 10 
percent is not a less amount of commission and as   you know that amazon is offering you maximum ten 
percent okay but here you're getting minimum ten   percent commission and the maximum is also ten 
percent basically it is fixed all right so if   you want to promote the main platform of fiber 
then it's great because the commission is also   very very high uh as you can see here you can earn 
up to 150 dollar per sale i mean per uh cpa rep i   think so okay so in this case you need to promote 
the fiverr pro gigs so after all you have we are   talking about uh the sub effort in this video 
so you have to come over your fiverr affiliates   and you have to just promote the sub affiliate 
links you need to make those people join who are   interested in joining the fiverr affiliates not 
fiverr applied from fiverr athletes so if you if   they will make sale if they will make commission 
then you are going to earn 10 percent and this is   a great amount of commission my dear friends okay 
now the last and the best two-tier fleet program   of today's video which i was talking about in the 
thumbnail or in the beginning of the video that 30   without promoting anything any offer or or any 
product or any service is this one shearasal.com   okay so basically here it is written that you 
will get 150 dollar per cell but if you will   scroll down and as you can see over here in the 
commission rates and the default rates 30 per lead   commission now this lead is something different 
from the other leads it is not a trial it is not   a free sign up so as you can see over here the 
affiliate must sign up with sharesale.com as an   effort okay so if you will promote an athlete and 
if you will make that particular user to join as   an athlete and as you can see if he generates at 
least twenty dollar in commission in order for you   to receive thirty dollar commission which means 
that if if that particular user join share seal as   an athlete and earn twenty dollar in commission 
so if he earns 20 dollar then in this case you   are going to earn 30 commission and this is not a 
joke okay it is really really they are paying you   and as you can see the proof okay you can see the 
proof 236 dollar i have earned from shear sale   to tire athlete program and it is amazing 
you too can do this because it is the easiest   i mean it is the easiest way from 
which you can earn every marketing   because i think so um for a beginner it may be 
difficult to promote any product or any service   but if you will promote two entire programs so in 
this case you need to simply promote the athlete   programs okay you need to promote the absolute 
programs so that you can easily make money online   in affiliate marketing and as you all know that 
shersel is one of the biggest affiliate marketing   network hence it would be very very easy for 
us to promote the links to promote the platform   of share sale sub affiliate okay all you need to 
do is first of all you have to promote to those   audience who are interested to join share seal as 
an athlete okay so here if you want to promote to   merchants also you can do because here they here 
you're getting 150 but here are some conditions   for you to make 150 but after all if you want 
you can do this okay so we are focusing mainly   on the uh two diary commission which is this one 
okay so here you are getting 30 dollar commission   and this is great my dear friends you even can't 
do this and can make a very good amount of money   in affiliate marketing without promoting any 
offer any product or any service so in this   video this much only i hope you like the video if 
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