5 Advanced Ways to Find YouTube Video Ideas 2021 [And NEVER Run Out of Content Ideas Ever Again]

Fighting to find contentideas for your YouTube channel? Mind wrestling to understand what good suggestions for YouTube videos truly are and what videos will get the most considers? With these 5 Advanced Ways toFind YouTube Video Ideas in 2021, you’ll have more YouTube videoideas than you know what to do with! Hey there, it’s Kim Wolfe withAffiliate Marketing Informant.com. Informing YOU of everything you WANT andNEED to know about affiliate marketing. Look I’ve squandered thousands so you don’t have to. So if you’re looking to take offas an affiliate marketer this year certainly check out mylinks below, hands down some of the very best schoolings tips andtricks and tools for you today.And if this video helps you out, don’t forget to give it a like, expressed support for my direct and commentbelow if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Look I wholly understandhow come through here with video thoughts can seem very hard becauseyour head starts messing with you and you start questioning yourself. You start wondering is thisa good notion or is it bad? I make what if you go through all the troubleof compiling the video and no one watches it? Or worse what if someonegives you a thumbs down ?!?!?! The reality is there are meanings ALL around you. In fact there are so many intuitions there’s more than you’regoing to know what to do with. So stick around make sureyou watch this entire video because with these 5 Advanced Waysto Find YouTube Ideas in 2021, I’m going to show you why going contentideas is actually easier than you think. Oh, by the way, did I mention these are free? Be sure to watch the entirevideo because in the end I’m going to show you onestrategy that will actually help you plan out video ideasfor years and years to come and I’m going to show you where you can get more information to learn how tomanage your freshly parcelled out YouTube content calendar.Advanced Strategy# 1 Find current topics with the most panoramas. But before I register you thestrategy, let’s talk about two common routes you’ve probably already heard of when it comes to finding keywords for video opinions. The first common approach is toyou use YouTube’s autofill feature. The lane this works is this you go to YouTube, you throw in your keyword in the search bar and then you get intuitions from the auto crowd causes. Let me indicate you how this works … Go to YouTube, put in a keyword and thenget ideas from these autofill develops. Affiliate marketing for apprentices, affiliate sell 2021, affiliate market amazon, affiliate marketing without a website and so on and so on. You get the idea. But there is an advanced wayto use this strategy too. It’s called the “alphabet soup” technique. Oh yeah, we’re getting fancywith that autofill feature! This is how it use … you press the spacebar and start typing in a letter of the alphabet.For pattern, keyword a, keyword b, keyword c. Let me register you what that looks a lot like … The second common approach isto look at the keyword score in a implement like TubeBuddy. This is what it looks like…you open the TubeBuddy tool, you go to the keyword tool, you putin the keyword in the search bar and then you look at the keyword composition. Let me present you how it labours … go to YouTube, open up the TubeBuddy tool, go to keyword explorer, nature in the keyword and thenlook at the keyword orchestrate. So you can see here, this isactually a very competitive keyword. Not surprised. Which necessitates I don’t have a good chanceof ranking for this particular keyword. Use the keyword score to getdirectional lead of whether or not you have a chanceof ranking for that keyword and if your keyword is toocompetitive, as it is here, don’t forget you can use your new technique that you merely learned … the”alphabet soup” technique. Spacebar a, amazon as boy, amazon tutorial. Let’s click on that and consider what the score is? Okay so that’s better 62 out of 100. And you can look over hereto the right for related. This gives you even morepotential keyword alternatives. Scroll down here, amazonaffiliate market seminar 2020, could probably do 2021 at this detail. Amazon affiliate marketing tutorial for rookies, let’s click on that. 39 over 100, so not as good. How about this one? Amazon affiliatemarketing step-by-step tutorial for fledglings. Excellent 96 over 100. You get the idea. And now here’s the more advancedway to find YouTube video sentiments. The current sizzling topic policy looks like this … You go to YouTube pursuing, you search for a keyword, then you filter the resultsby this month and most views.Let me depict you how it acts … Put the keywords in the searchbar, search for your keyword, affected open, get the results page, then come up here and choose filter. Underupload date, choose this month. Choose filter again, undersort by espouse judgment weigh. Now you’re actually looking atresults that are not only current but too have a ton of views.Look at this 119,000 scenes in three days. 58 000 views in three weeks ago. 32 000 contemplates at three weeks ago. So this is the affixed date, whenthe video was actually posted and this is how many viewsit’s had since it was announced. This one 22,000 looks three weeks ago. 20,000 examines two weeks ago. 20,000 considers three weeks ago and so on and so on. And if you look at the topics, they’re basically apprentices on how to get started with affiliate marketing. So how to get started with affiliatemarketing with no money in 2021. This one just affiliate market 2021 organic traffic novice to advanced. So tons and tons and tons of ideashere and for even more thoughts, you can use this strategy alongwith the TubeBuddy keyword strategy. Copy the keyword, go intoTubeBuddy keyword explorer, glue( make sure the keywordcopy and paste it correctly ), is now going reached explore … 40 out of1 00, so this is pretty competitive. You can come over here andlook at this alternative. Adding a few more keywordsand that one’s actually better so there you go. This approach wields immense forideas. Not only are you feeling topics that are getting a lot ofviews, but you’re procure topics that is really current andthe people are watching now. Advanced Strategy# 2 Launch Jacking Launch jacking is a strategywhere you create content around concoctions that have launches andpromotions going on around them. This idea allows you to capitalize on the bustle and the promotion that’s alreadygoing on around the product. Now the common action you’veprobably already heard of launch jacking is to use a site like MunchEye.Where MunchEye tells you allof the latest product launchings that are happening on favourite digital sites like, WarriorPlus, JVZoo and Clickbank. The most common video type forthis open jacking programme is a product review where youtell your YouTube audience who the produce is for, “whats in” the make, what they get if they buy it, andwhether it’s worth buying or not. You can also leverage thestrategy to create more helpful information topics around the product as well. This is something that I make … So inthis particular topic for PLR, you could create a video aroundwhat PLR is how to use it and how to repurpose it to makecontent that actually saves you duration. And that’s the exact strategy Iused to create this video intuition announced 11 Creative Ways to Use PLR. And in precisely a few weeks it’s gotten 359 panoramas. Here’s why this strategy is so potent because if you take 1 make further consideration and 1 topic video…That instantly becomes 2 video opinions! If you do 2 concoction discuss aweek and 2 topic video intuitions … that instantly becomes 4 video themes a few weeks! And 4 video ideas quicklybecomes 20 notions a month !!! Okay now wait. That is actuallyNOT Advanced Strategy# 2. Now is a more advancedstrategy for propel jacking. And that is to go outside of produces on MunchEye and find makes to review from Facebook ads, Instagram and even Google ads. After all, the productcreator is spending money on advertising dollars, so theproduct is going to get attitudes. And as we get smarter andthe internet gets smarter, we start to remember thatwe can leverage the internet to experiment every concoction before we buy it because it helps us makeinformed and developed decisions.Here’s what it looks a lot like in Facebook … Come to your Facebook feed, scroll down. This is actually a trainingwith Partner with Anthony. Go to Google.com and put inPartner with Anthony review. Go to YouTube and do the same thing. Then do that again on ENTREnationis another one you can review, sound up another one you can review. And then for additional topicideas, recollect or talk about how to be productive as anonline or affiliate purveyor. There are tons and tons of toolsand gratuities and ploys that you can do to help you manageyour exercises, stocks and goals.And well you get the ideabecause that was just Facebook. Do Instagram. Do google ads. Any other programme that has ads out there. That has products on it. Allgreat re-examine for you to do and more potentially hundreds ofvideo feelings for your YouTube channel. One thing I need to note … Make sure you do topics and reviews that are relevant to the audience you’re targeting. So you’ve noticed in thisparticular video, I’ve done everything around affiliate market because that’s what AffiliateMarketing Informant is around. So all of the tools, instructs, tips-off, and deceptions is everything around helping you learnhow to be an affiliate marketer but likewise learning how tosucceed as an affiliate purveyor and outdo as an affiliate marketer. So there are different stages forthe person that I’m targeting. And I’m targeting all ofthose. So you do not have to do affiliate marketing but picking a particular topic and make sure that all of your contentis around that particular topic.Advanced Strategy# 3 Now remember I said you canfind so many video themes that you can fill up a schedule for months and months? Because the reality is, thereare material notions all over you! You time haven’t realized it up to now. So the third Advanced Way toFind YouTube Ideas in 2021 is … Ranked Tags Now there’s actually two ways youcan use this particular strategy. Ranked Tag Strategy# 1 Look at the calls that your videos on your channel are already ranking for. Thencreate a brand-new specific video for that grading tag.Let me evidence you what that looks a lot like … This approach works well because you’re creating more content of what YouTubeis already ranking for. And this gives you a higher chanceof ranking for those working keywords. Ranked Tags Strategy# 2 Look at tags that videos fromother paths are ranking for. Squandering a implement like TubeBuddy, you can see what topics other channels are known for more. For even more video ideasfor your YouTube channel, this is how it directs. Go toYouTube, put in your keyword. Look at other videos the hell is ranking. Click inside to the video.Come over here to the right. Choose show search rankings and TubeBuddy actually shows you which labels areranking for, for more notions. You can see here, it’s how tostart for affiliate marketing. He’s grading# 1. How to startaffiliate marketing with no coin. How to start affiliate marketing step by step, affiliate sell for rookies, affiliate market tutorial, affiliate commerce 2020 affiliatelinks. That’s an interesting one. You get the idea. So in this specific case, he’s got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine added tags and topics that he’s grading for, which mean nine additional thoughts for you! And don’t forget you can use theTubeBuddy keyword explorer feature to explore the keyword competitiveness to see if you can rank for this keyword too.Advanced Strategy# 4 Channel Piggyback Now, I can’t make credit for this one. I recently bought an amazingtraining course for up leveling my YouTube channel and let me just say, when I learned this strategy Ithought it was pretty genius. If you want to check out thiscourse, you obviously need to check out my link below.It’s hands down, one of the very best teaches I learnt for yourecently that will help you crush it with affiliate marketing.The direction the piggyback strategy cultivates is this … You look at other channelswith high performing videos for topic feelings because ifit’s working for them there’s a chance it will work for you. Now this strategy actuallyworks in conjunction with Advanced Strategy# 1. First you search for videos from the recent month and “the worlds largest” ideas, also known as the hot topic strategy. Then instead of just looking at thetrending topics for video impressions, you actually click into thechannel, go to their videos page, filter their videos by the most judgments, and then look at their videosthat have “the worlds largest” vistums. Then plug in the keywords into TubeBuddy and leverage suggestions for alternativesif the original keyword is too competitive. Let me register you how it works…Type in your keyword into YouTube search bar, go into filters and opt contentby this month and the view weigh. Scroll down to the options, finda site that you’re interested in, that you think is related towhat your channel is about. Click into the actual channelname, click into videos and then choose sort by most popular. So this is actually going toshow you the most prominent playing videos on this particular channel. So you can see here how to make money onYouTube without make videos easy in 2019. So this one is about a yearold, but it has 816,000 notions. That’s a lot of views. Here are more theories how to get traffic to your website fast 2020. Well since it’s 2021 and making this video, you could actually look at using the same keyword but reforming the year to 2021, How to make money with google adsense, how to make money with Clickbank for free.So these are tons and tons of video intuitions for you simply from this one particular channel. Do this strategy again, over and over again, and then take each keyword you see interesting. Come and positioned it in the keywordexplorer inside of TubeBuddy, check out the keyword rating in such cases. This is very very competitive.So start computing more messages. We’ll time 2021 and that isreally good, 95 out of 100. Also you can use the alphabetand autofill feature, thumped the spacebar without any words, and it’s automatically goingto give you some additional options for free from Facebook ads, from Instagram, Google, Facebook.Let’s click on Facebook, 90 out of1 00, so that’s still really good. And then last but not least, you can do the alphabet soup technique. Hit the seat prohibit and then type in each word ofthe alphabet, a, b, c, and so on. And after recently learning about this strategy, come to find out, other highly viewed YouTubers are mentioning the strategy extremely. That’s a great clue! Remember when Itold you to stick around to the end because I would give you a strategy and a highway to find content ideasfor years and coming year? First off, if you’re still here, nice job! Thank you and appreciate youbecause that’s going to be Advanced Strategy# 5 The Version Strategy: Version 2, 3 and 4 This approach means you simply originate more versions of videos that are already performing well.This is a strategy that you grow into over era, even years because you need to create videos firstly to see what takes off and what doesn’t. One of the most popular examples of the approach is using the current year in yourcontent like 2020, 2021, 2022, and so on. Here’s an example of what I represent … This particular video the keyword is 10websites to meet $100 per period in 2018. If you look at it, it’s got 1.5 million views. That’s a lot of views. This sees your content appearto be relevant to current terms, causing observers the intentthat they will learn something that will work today, this year and not something that may be six years old or evena year age-old that could be outdated. Another pattern of this strategy isto use different explanation crowds, like form 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and so on. Version crowds are commonly felt with produces. So this strategy works well for products that have different versions over period. An illustration of this is reviewingBuilderall’s different versions.So this is the video that’sreviewing Builderall 3.0 and here’s the same guy who madeanother video scrutinizing Builderall 4.0. Now that you have hundreds of content feelings that are able to last-place you over amonth and even coming year obviously check out thelink on my screen right now. I prove you how to manage your perfectly carried out YouTube content calendar, like a boss! I too understand how building a successful YouTube channel can seem daunt! So if you’re looking for a step-by-step training on how to grow as a YouTubeaffiliate marketer this year certainly check out my links below.If this video helped you out, don’tforget to give it a thumbs up, expressed support for my channel below andcomment below if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to help you out! Thanks for watching :).

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