9 Affiliate Marketing Strategies Probably You Missed!

Hello friends In this video, I will share with you
nine Affiliate Marketing Strategies Tactics Tricks Tips That Will Help You Promote Affiliate Products This video is really very important and I will share with you the experience of real tactics I use in
promoting Affiliate products and services Please open a notebook, or a piece of paper
or whatever and write it down Notes In this video I will include strategies you should understand well It will help you a lot if you
want to promote Affiliate products Stay tuned Hello my friends I am Hassan from H-educate and today I am happy to post and share
my 9 Secret Tactics that will help you promote Affiliate Products Let’s start with number one Create Articles Comparing “Product vs Product” as an example You can see in my blog here I have this article Constant Contact vs Converkit I joined the affiliate program in both of them I created this article You can see here I wrote this article A comparison article between two affiliate products and people Please focus People who read articles like this want to know which services are
better, so they can sign up.

Please think about the psychology
behind these types of articles. Comparative Articles People are searching for which
services are better to sign up for you can see all these green links all of these links are commission links I did it automatically using a plugin
called pretty links I think you know it or if you watch
my videos you know about it How do I automatically put
my commission links in my blog post All these are commission links and you can see this is a comparison review You can choose any two products and write such articles that will help you a
lot in promoting commission products Strategy number two is to write a list of the best services as in my case here here I wrote about the 13 best free email validation tools and software
in 2021 you can see here the list I promote my service H-supertools then I promote such a service I promote DeBounce and these are affiliate links like this and so on So I create articles with a list of the best services on Your blog and promote different commission products within one very important article Strategy number three Create tutorials Step-by-step tutorial or specific tutorial as an example Here is how to remove background from pictures if you go down here i am showing people how to remove background from
photo, step by step using canva canva and this feature is canva pay feature and you can see here, “try
for free” this is a commission link i show them step by step how to do this So when they want to follow
me they have to subscribe to canva in this way they will buy the service if they want to implement it and I will earn commission for educational programs is very important and I do it also on my youtube channel in my blog everywhere, in quora in medium I post educational programs and share commission links So when people follow my tutorial they will subscribe to my commission links and I
will get commission number four are the reviews I think that's fairly straightforward as in this article I wrote a
review about Grammarly a great program for people who write online that will fix grammatical errors and
English mistakes automatically As I'm writing So here's a full review on Grammarly and
how it helps online digital marketers too It's full of affiliate links so here are four article ideas you can
use to promote your For affiliate products please take notes and write them down this will help you a lot if
you have a blog or have a website if you want to start promoting even if you don’t have a website
you can write on quora, medium or blogger, whatever you want
this will help you to Promote Affiliate Products Before we proceed to tactic number five if you find that you learned something new and found some interest in this video please don't forget to hit the like button to help this video
reach more people and help more people online tactic number five Create offer pages You can see in my site here, I have this offers section Web Hosting,
Email Marketing and Recommendations here, I share my best
web hosting services and offers in my opinion like Contabo and Bluehost commission link at 50% off People can get it by clicking that link then Vultr And Affiliate Link,
Get $100 Coupon Digital Ocean – Hostinger All these are offers people can sign
up for through my affiliate link and you can also create sites like this type coupon pages, discount pages, or Simply Recommended Product Pages to Promote Affiliate Products Tactic Number Six Sell Affiliate Products Through Your Services If you are an online freelancer selling a service on fiverr or on your own site or maybe selling the service to someone else like I do you will see here as in this let's say this Service we provide mautic marketing system setup in this service you can go down here and you will see the requirements must have vps and you can see here contabo service link so when they read requirements and
want to get vps they will get our link here so we can earn money From freelancing and from affiliate marketing from one strategy please focus, this is really
very important information you should know that will help you a lot if you are working
online as a freelancer or as an affiliate marketer tactic number seven is e-books create guides and e-books free guides and e-books you can see here I have three
E-books yet on my site If you download any of these e-books like this free email marketing e-book "The Power of Emails"
by the way, it's Really great e-book I summed up everything I know about email marketing
in this free e-book Go and download it absolutely for free Let's open the e-book Now you will see that this e-book will
also have a lot of links Let's see for example Email marketing systems Do you see these images , if you click on it do you see your mouse pointer, change to a link all these are commission links as there is a link here so i filled the e-book with links too you can use this strategy to get guide and
e-books and fill them with commission links and promote this valuable product to people and it's free they can download it, read it and subscribe
To Services Through Your Affiliate Links Strategy #8 If you go to my H-supertools site we can see here, I
am providing a service, a little tool where I will help Affiliates
find products and services commission You can see this table By the way I have a whole course
on creating Such tools are inside WordPress if you want you can check this course in the description below anyway we can create this table and help
Affiliates find affiliate products and you can see here all these links are all commission links in the background they are commission links maybe now you will ask a question ok this service or this tool
will help the affiliate marketers will not buy the service so how do you get commission I have here two answers some services will pay you For registration only so even the Affiliate will register
in this service to get the referral program so you will earn commission for each registration or simply you can see here
we have cookie duration so even if he is an Affiliate he may use web hosting service for his site he may use a site name he may use email marketing companies so when he clicks on my link
the cookie will be automatically saved in his browser so even after 90 days let's say Bluehost after 90 days he bought the service he will use my cookie my
saved cookie my commission link and I will get On a commission Think about it, it works and I know it works and that's why I'm offering this online service Tactic number nine is forums Having a forum is really very important in Your website A forum is a place where people discuss and talk
to each other and you can join the conversation but you don't have to post content always people will do that for you so you can see here we have about
33.6k posts on the site we have 30k members and you know here I'm using pretty links
let's log in to show you this and I'll log in to the dashboard you will see here is my dashboard and here is the
pretty links plugin you can see here I have more than 87 links maybe 99% commission links if you click on any of these Links
Let's edit this for binance You will see here in the professional section I can Sorry in the professional section, I can add keywords so whenever someone in the forum here where is the forum again whenever someone within
my forum types that word binance it will be automatically replaced by the commission link my own so the people who write in the forum
will help me promote the affiliate links so if you can create a forum also
it is very important within your website it will help you get more traffic and promote anything, especially from commission gat especially if you combine it with
pretty links and auto link auto link commission links we are done with the nine tactics let's give you an extra tactic if you come back to the forum you will see here the sponsored section add banner to my site banner for commission products again here is my blog where is my blog you can You can see here I promote banners some are adsense and some are
my own services and some are commission banners so you can also use banners
to promote commission services and products if you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit like button Subscribe to my channel Turn on alerts for every new update every day Almost see you later

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