Affiliate Marketing 2021 [Affiliate Marketing For Beginners]

I'm gonna take you by the hand and I'm gonna 
show you whether or not affiliate marketing 2021 is   right for you or not I'm gonna talk about 
the pros and cons and how does it really   work so you're gonna know more than 99% of 
all the people about affiliate marketing   because all the information right now are outdated 
on youtube and can you make money with affiliate   marketing not only that I'm also going to 
show you the people who are making the most   money in affiliate marketing and I'm also going to 
show you their faces and how much money they make   listen this is absolutely free there is no 
course for you to buy I'm not going to sell you a   thousand dollar course on how to do this or how to 
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like and make sure to share this video to support   this channel here's what we need to know about 
affiliate marketing hello Mark Daniells here and   as I promised we're gonna go ahead and talk 
about what is affiliate marketing I created this   video simply because a lot of the information that 
you see on youtube is simply outdated so what are   we going to do I'm going to show you some things 
that you need to know in case you are thinking   or wondering about what is affiliate marketing in 
addition I'm going to show you some things that   probably nobody knows about or maybe 
they know they just don't show you and   they try to sell you their own stuff 
I'm not trying to sell you anything   I'm just simply explaining that to you and I'm 
gonna go ahead and break it to you very simple   so anybody can understand it even if you've never 
heard of the term you know affiliate marketing   so let's go ahead and get started there are some 
things that you must know there's a lot of reasons   for that is because maybe you're interested in 
it or you want to get into affiliate marketing   but before you do that you need some information 
just like you have to do your own research now I'm   gonna go ahead and just give you five important 
things and as long as you understand these   you're gonna know probably 99 more than other 
people that they think they know about affiliate   marketing now the first thing is we're going to 
go ahead and define what is affiliate marketing   simply is selling other people's product online it 
doesn't matter what it is if it's physical digital   it really does not matter at all now let's go 
ahead and talk about that there are three types of   mainly there are three versions of that now let's 
go ahead and just explore them now the first one   is what I call is the public.

Public there are some 
networks for example if you created a course for   for let's say for example and you want to sell 
it online but you don't want to deal with the   management of it and delivery of it and the 
collecting the money and so forth you would   just hire something like Clickbank for example 
ClickBank is something very important and i   make it mandatory for all the people that I coach 
to go through ClickBank number one is that you   can make money and at the same time you can start 
to get experiment without you getting banned and   things like that unless you do something bad okay 
I'm going to go ahead and show you how to actually   go to Clickbank you go to google you just  
put ClickBank.

You just go to home now there is   something here that some people make some mistakes 
now in case, you want to join to promote something   don't confuse it with sell uh just a little bit 
about a Clickbank Clickbank been around for 20   years it's in 200 countries and they have already 
paid 4.2 billion dollars to their affiliates   so it's not like something that just popped 
up just a couple of years ago this one is   ClickBank is proven now a lot of people make 
this mistake and they say oh yeah I want to   sell and they click here no this is not where you 
need to if you want to promote a product this is   not where you need to actually click this one 
here is for people that already have a product   and they want to sell it on Clickbank now 
what you want to do is click on promote   okay just make sure a lot of people make a 
mistake and they click here and they kind   of like wonder what's going on and then you 
click on right here you click on join Clickbank   and after that you are presented with this dialog 
right here now make sure you fill it correctly   and make sure you put the right email 
address because this is what your   email will be needed for you to 
verify that so this is for Clickbank   now the second thing is direct now what i 
mean by direct there are obviously if you go   to Clickbank, they have hundreds of thousands 
of products that you can pick and choose from   so make sure you you understand that now Walmart 
obviously is a Walmart.

It's one store what they do   and same thing with target and many many other 
companies they all have athlete marketers now   and affiliate marketing programs so what you do 
is you go to Walmart affiliate marketing and then   you get enrolled and you send people to them for 
certain products for example and then you get paid   since I talked about Walmart affiliate 
program you just go to google in case   you want to do that and then you click on 
Walmart affiliate program so you want to go   ahead and type that in here otherwise 
it'll be very difficult to get to it   so you click on that and then you are faced with 
affiliate program just click on the right one like   right here and you are presented with this page 
right here now I'm not telling you to go ahead and   join Walmart affiliate program but since I talked 
about it, I felt like I need to go ahead and just   let you know how to join the affiliate program 
and where to go in case you want to do that   i do not like to do any affiliate work with any 
physical product this is just me but some people   they just love that so what you do is you click 
on become a member now it's going to take you into   this page right here Walmart affiliate program 
here it tells you a little bit more about it   and it goes a little bit more in detail and it 
tells you how much the payout for everything   and how does it work so you can fill this 
application complete this application and then   send it out you would provide some information 
here all the information that you can put in but   this is how to join that but it doesn't matter if 
it's Walmart or target or it really doesn't matter   the one that I saw the biggest uh return is 
hardware stores like home depot and so forth   the reason for that especially for overseas if you 
are you want to promote something overseas this   is the best way to do it I've done it before it 
was very successful but at the same time I'd I'd   rather not do any type of physical product but you 
can do that as well there are some direct athlete   marketing companies that I don't like you probably 
want to watch some of my other videos I'm going to   go ahead and put them in the description below 
make sure you do that because you don't want to   waste your time and energy and money for something 
that is not going to give you a return on your   investments now you also have the private now a 
lot of people don't know much about the private   networks private networks they do exist it's like 
locked up it's what I mean by that is like not   anybody can just join in you are there, by invite 
you're able to do that and then they qualify you   based on whoever sent you there these are very 
lucrative areas right here but this is not for   beginners okay let's go ahead and talk about how 
does it actually work now you need to know very   well of course how is it going to work otherwise 
you'll be confused it's very simple let's say you   have a product that you want to promote it doesn't 
matter from Clickbank Walmart it doesn't matter   now you promote it in your own way either by 
your own website as maybe you do have a funnel   maybe you have some advertisement it doesn't 
really matter how you get it now some people   click on it obviously, they're going 
to give you some information about   uh i'll talk about that here in just a little bit 
so they can give you a link that is unique only to   you so they can attract everything also track all 
the people that buy so they can pay you after that   if somebody buys it doesn't matter what it is 
now you get paid.

Now you get paid what percentage   of the amount that is sold that could be twenty 
percent fifty percent eighty percent it depends   on the company depends on the product so now you 
know how it works I'm not gonna well let's go   and repeat it real quick uh you pick something 
that you want to and I do have a lot of things   to go in detail but the subject of this video is 
what is affiliate marketing so I don't want to go   into a deep dive about it because I do have some 
other important videos that go step by step which   I'm going to put in the description but this 
is how it goes you promote it people find it   they click on it they buy it then you get paid 
because they are tracking everything the affiliate   marketing if it was Clickbank for example is 
a tracking everything it tracks every click   and then when somebody buys they send you that 
information they send you the money and they   also, give you information about how many clicks 
you got how many people looked at your link now   can you make money in affiliate marketing a lot 
of people, wonder is this a scam is this something   that I can do is this something that is gonna be 
there tomorrow I can tell you yes and no at the   same time it depends mostly on you now I'm gonna 
show you some proof here in just a little bit so   make sure you….

You see that and you know 
there's a big payout for that big payout for   people who are really making it as a career and 
without further ado, I'm going to go ahead and   just share that with you now these are some of 
the affiliates I don't want to put there's a lot   of pages out there uh in here my friend here Pat 
he makes $179,000 it says right here he makes a lot   more than that last time we looked at his stuff so 
but this is might be a little bit outdated this   is per month john for example makes about half a 
million per month he makes here about $200,000 per   month and some people make more I know people 
make more than that but we have to be careful   I'm not promising this is a full disclosure I'm 
not saying that you will make money all I'm saying   is some people want to know if there are some 
people making money who are they who is making the   money who are these people how they look like what 
are their faces how much money are they making i   just want to give you an idea right here so you 
can have a clear picture of yes you can make money   as an affiliate marketer.

All right the other thing 
I want to talk about is simple, what can you sell   I've maybe touched on it before but what you can 
sell anything that is offered on the internet it   really doesn't matter what it is it doesn't matter 
at all, some people think that oh there are certain   things they can sell or promote okay you are 
promoting you're not creating your own product   you're selling someone else's product just like 
I said up there you're selling other people's   product anything that is offered it really doesn't 
matter now the last thing I want to talk about is   how do you get paid because a lot of things are 
happening online and some people get confused or   they might be concerned and it's rightfully 
so because everything is happening not face to   face it's happening online how do you get paid 
well what happens is that they do give you a   link inside that link when someone clicks on that 
is designed to go and put in a cookie inside that   person that clicked on your link and when that 
happens it goes into their hard drive for example   and it lasts sometimes for 30 days 20 days three 
months it depends on the company so if they came   back again and that's what the beauty about it 
if they came back again maybe a week after and   they bought that thing without going through your 
link you still get the credit I just want to make   that clear so you'll understand what I'm talking 
about what happens is that you do have a unique   link that you have and you would use it that link 
is unique to you so anything that happens through   that link goes back into you and this is what 
I'm talking about the idea is how do you get   paid there are three ways sometimes it depends on 
the company they do send you a check in the mail   and then sometimes they do give you options of 
how you want to get paid and then some of them   they also do PayPal I decided to give you a bonus 
here I'm going to give you two techniques that are   used by the top affiliate marketers in the world 
the reason I'm doing that is because you watch   till this point of the video one of them this 
first technique is called the engaged affiliate   model or engaged affiliate method there are three 
methods I'm not I'm not gonna talk about the other   two because this is what is used mostly by the 
top affiliates then I'm gonna talk about the top   convergent method or technique that you can use 
and this is very important for you to succeed so   make the best out of it let's move on this is 
engaged affiliate model now like I mentioned   before I am not telling you how to build anything 
yet before you build anything before you are like   watching a video on youtube and they go like okay 
go here go there go there.

And then start building   before you build anything you need the information 
and which direction you need to go based on what   based on your strength and your passion because 
I'm giving you right now what's out there how   you can start making and succeeding in affiliate 
marketing and making passive income throughout   the time and that's what the top affiliates do 
they don't just pick one product or two product   nowhere of course you have to have a specific 
niche you don't have to have a website now i   do have you should have a website what I'm talking 
about a website that you need to sell your product   on you don't need that you need what I call a 
branding website because you don't need to be   homeless online a lot of people believe it or not 
they go and look you up I do have one if you go to you see you 
see my branding website just talk a little bit   about me I'm not selling anything I'm just saying 
this is about me this is my qualification I do   exist this is how I look like and and things that 
I believe in and my experience and that's about it   some people want to know oh how this person look 
like is that person some kind of a crook behind   a wall or something make sure to do that and I do 
have everything that I'm talking about is in the   links below under success tools you can build your 
own website very quickly now the other thing is   I want to talk about is that when you are using 
this model I'm gonna explain to you here in just   a little bit exactly how it's done you don't need 
a website to sell anything you can graduate to it   later on, now the way I do it, I do it a hybrid 
I do hybrid which is engaged plus one niche   I don't like to do a lot of niches later on you 
can there are some people they get together one   person has strength in something another person 
has a strength in something else this is fantastic   to have detached affiliate model but for this 
you don't need any of that all you need is what   I'm going to tell you here in just a little bit so 
please pay attention this is very important again   this is before you pick your product what do 
you want to do because 99 of all the people who   are starting affiliate marketing they are confused 
frustrated overwhelmed because they're not getting   the information here I'm telling you exactly 
what it is and then it's up to you to decide   what you want to do now in case you want to do one 
of these and you're interested in going about the   details of it make sure to let me know and put 
something in the comment and ask that question   so if I have enough people who are interested 
in whatever you're interested in I can go-ahead   and just make a video regarding that something in 
detail okay now you need a hub what I mean by that   is a social platform that could be Facebook 
Instagram so forth I'm not gonna go too much   into that because it's self-explanatory you need 
something where you can sit there and talk with   people some people don't like to show their faces 
you're not showing your face that's fine if you're   selling some kind of product but if you want 
to do this the objective is you need to build   a tribe they have to see how you look like okay 
and this is the most lucrative one by the way so   don't underestimate it because this is very 
lucrative what you are doing you are building   your own tribe which is you build a you 
trust and then what happens statistics   show when people trust you they like you what 
happens they tend to buy more and more from you   just because you are telling the truth you are 
just saying what do you think about something   you're not trying to please everybody just say 
what's right so you want to build a tribe.

For people   that follow you, people, that they believe in 
you and people that really like you a lot   the reason I got my youtube channel I reached the 
threshold I got that very quickly some people take   years I did that in a few months why because I'm 
giving value I'm just saying whatever I believe   in and you need to do the same thing in order to 
build a tribe I give people a lot of things that   it cost thousands of dollars for them to get or 
to know about and that makes a huge difference   now affiliate marketing you sell affiliate 
marketing or your own products in case you   have knowledge about a subject you can create 
your own course remember when you create a course   that course created one time and it keeps selling 
again and again yes a lot of people asked me to   create a course for f marketing for beginners i 
don't have one but if I have enough people I will   I'll do one that really works because I know 
exactly what you're going through because   I've been there people try throwing in 
different directions okay as far as the   uh cells uh affiliate you know where to go to 
get them if you don't just watch my other videos   now let's go ahead and talk about this one.

is the is the easiest one to start uh I'm talking   about of course I'm talking about this one right 
here which is the engaged affiliate model you can   start it tomorrow within 24 hours if you follow 
what I was telling you everything is in the link   the top conversion model is the best one if you 
want to get started very quickly and this is   what I really want you to concentrate on the other 
ones are down the road but my job is to give you   options I see it all the time on youtube they 
start a video on youtube and they tell you about   one thing because they want you to buy a product 
a course there's no course for me to sell you   but a lot of people asking me about creating a 
course I'll see about that but I'm not about this   so here is you know exactly what you want to do 
now here's how it works everything in here that   I'm going to talk about is provided in the links 
under success tools so what you do is you get   the traffic I tell you where to get it within 24 
hours you can build a bridge page I even gave you   a free funnel which has cost hundreds of dollars 
I gave it to you free of charge and what happens   when you're using this engaged model you want 
to do conversion this is how you actually start   making the money you get the traffic you send them 
to abridge page where you they can get some value   of it and then you get it into the autoresponder 
after that, it's the way I have it is automated   they go to the thank you page and then they go 
to the affiliate sales page all that is done   automatically now I'm talking about here one 
product you can do multiple products later on   when you get somebody and you sell them something 
what happens you can do it over and over again   a lot of people ask me this question about page 
they say well I don't want to because I tell you   opt-in page and a bridge page on one page is 
really the best but if you're selling high end   product you need maybe a separate page to make 
a little bit more convincing argument for them   to buy from you but if you are new never do that 
don't sell high ticket items people don't know you   they have no trust you'll be wasting your time get 
in with something small later on, that is related   and then, later on, sell them something better say 
hey yeah you got this from me I got something   better for you okay don't do that I get a lot of 
emails about well what is a bridge page that can   really help me at this point because you are new 
don't worry about that all the information that   I gave you which is how a Clickbank for beginners 
a complete tutorial this is the name of the video   I explained about all these right here and I gave 
you a real-life product in front of you and I did   all that and I tracked all of it automatically so 
make sure you do that now after that what happened   you would send them emails and usually minimum i 
get 40 percent conversion on this if you follow   exactly what I tell you there is no reason for 
you not to get 40 conversion which is which is   good especially for a new person very good 
a lot of people get one two or three percent   conversion but when you do it the way I'm doing 
it right here which you can watch that video and   you can follow it then you can become a little 
bit more successful starting from zero so you   don't have to go through all that trouble 
of learning all the mistakes that you might   encounter now as far as the autoresponder 
right here you want to send them an email   that happens automatically as well I'm not here to 
show you exactly how all this work I'm just giving   you a synopsis regarding the engaged model now I
have given you all this I hope this really made   sense again the reason I'm doing it here I'm not 
doing anything fancy but I'm just giving you the   ideas that you should know about then you can make 
that decision don't sit there and look for people   who are really so engaging oh I'm gonna make five 
thousand dollars on one day and things like that   if you don't believe me go and watch one of my 
videos about how to succeed in online marketing   because I show you all these scams and I'll break 
it down why it would not work now if you want to   know everything about affiliate marketing watch 
this playlist right here and if you want to know   more about email affiliate marketing watch this 
video right here as usual I'll see you at the top

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