Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #9 Bestätigungsseite erstellen

hello and welcome to affiliate marketing for beginners this
new video in this new video we will create the confirmation page this
is the page that automatically comes after the landing page on which our
day offender has entered books so we are now working on ours
funnel or our marketing liked well the whole thing will be done again with the
optimal price Affiliate Marketing for Beginners because as I said we simply have the greatest
creative freedom here that you can just have so I love to
work with it and can really recommend it to everyone
good I want blank pages again now select meinrad content template again click
on the template and simply name the page confirmation
page so checa on which is free again of course it is free because the
hd page is of course absolutely brand new and does not exist here many pages
besides the one we will now see in the last video Affiliate Marketing for Beginners insam have created well I click
again on create and now get my
blank and empty page again so the first thing I do again is of course a new
line and this time even the one- cell Affiliate Marketing for beginners because I will probably use this page here
let element here is, for example, in things
that I would like to show you we don't necessarily
have to write the text block now because we are affiliate marketing for beginners now at the headings we can also look
for a headline here
and then of course I have different options here again that
we can use, however, I am more like they say never change
a running system and I've gotten used
to working like that and do the whole thing here waiting actually it is almost the same
when you say headliner headline and when you select headliner sk dem have shown that affiliate marketing for beginners
I am over it you can do the cetera and that's just something I do
n't need because I don't need it, that's why I do it in the classic way and the
text block like this and let's do it like this I write in here
that worked, highlight with all the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners text and say heading 2 so that it is bigger
is so this time I can actually do not know how to do without,
that it is also on the left, I am not centered again because I want the
things that I write about video affiliate marketing for beginners that I will tell
you in a moment the whole thing works, too, they just say inside now
I have the whole thing in here so now I don't have to click on element again
and look for the things or maybe even
write the headline again because then I say okay I am in the line with these
lines work here or whatever you can choose because I do it
very easily and I just press copy Aff iliate marketing for beginners
so that's really how you get it now, I really get one in here or
I just want to click on this pen symbol to edit and do
the whole thing first and write the next sex in now one more step mark the whole thing in turn
Headline Affiliate Marketing for Beginners three that is a bit smaller and I would like to
make a little eyecatcher sitting again, which was once
colored with my color code something like that, I look but it was
copied so it is flush on the left , it just stayed that way
as with the previous also good affiliate marketing for beginners now i'm copying the whole thing again in
iraq is of course as easy to do as possible remove the whole thing again
and i reduce i sent you the link to the registration
page point look at me about that 118 zimmer Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is of
course everything as it should be although no s he is now I
almost made a mistake so I made no mistakes that is of course so you
look again at some options and I said yes I can Affiliate Marketing for beginners a
normal pacemaker always around 17 so off to bed and is that I
do it better from what I don't like is big so best no, I think in my new
page let's take that we could have that a little more with me, we would be here to collaborate with affiliate marketing for beginners Once again this is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
to have a look at it for the sake of testing, let's just put it in
here, of course

although it is actually quite easy, so to speak, we will do the
second one, so that you look better there,
then I'll be back now add a video Affiliate Marketing for beginners the video player and this time I
also take the normal that is not a landing page now where I have a really
high conversion what it is a little a little info page that says one of
our tactics visitors that worked Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
the entry worked, please confirm a terrace now
so that we cannot give you a free gift so and
the normal video player is enough for me that I have to
briefly repeat the embed code so it will be tight again here Affiliate Marketing for Beginner kohl
explained that one more thing is again in a preview video, the rest of which I leave
here as it is and of course I do that now , move to the left on
inside Affiliate Marketing for beginners without but the whole thing is in there,
let's take a look at how the Affiliate is Marketing for Beginners looks like I press publish so I
publish the whole thing ever tzt so already and click on safe in the continium let's look at the appropriate link
so how does it look now Affiliate Marketing for beginners so naturally this video will run again
automatically so by itself and I have to say that it is enough as a confirmation
page completely off we actually kept the
download content template very small again that
worked now one more step i have just sent an e-mail
with the link to the affiliate marketing for beginners registration page and in this video we show you
again how you do it In this subject it looks like we confirm it,
simply to make it as comfortable as possible and to make the visitors posed at the
top, ultimately also to get
them to confirm their race as well, so that was it with the confirmation page, so of
course now really fast that is not really that expensive affiliate marketing for beginners
all so I could really do it
one to one even if you don't mean
product because the confirmation page is just a confirmation on the part of not
really much taste behind if I can put it that way
where I just optically is less and more that You hear that so
often and it says yes it is really good as I said that you do with
the confirmation page builds the whole thing and how you will tell us in the next
video Affiliate Marketing for Beginners until then

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