Affiliate Marketing Programs For Dummies | Best 2 Fast Cash Makers (2018)

in this video I'm gonna give you my best
2 affiliate marketing programs for dummies
now when I say dummies I'm not talking about stupid people here I'm simply
talking about people that want to skip past all the technical BS and get
straight to making money fast Ben Martin here aka the king of email and welcome
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started with so with that being said let's head inside and let's take a look
at two affiliate marketing programs for dummies which are virtually guaranteed
to put profits in your bank accounts okay so let's get into this then I'm
gonna show you my top two affiliate marketing programs for dummies and again
I want to reiterate I'm not saying that you're stupid here you know you might be
stupid you know you might like you know you might not know your left hand from
your right hands or you could be the most intelligent person on the planet it
doesn't really matter because even if you are a high school dropouts or a
rocket scientist what I'm about to show you here come work for you if you follow
the steps so the first program I'm going to show you is something called the
Wi-Fi wealth system and this is what I call a low ticket program basically what
a low ticket program means is this it's basically a program that pays you
commissions are typically a hundred dollars or less per sale now the Wi-Fi
wealth system was created by my girlfriend
and I and this is actually a picture or video of my girlfriend and this is
literally the second page you'll see when you basically begin the
registration process for the system now this system is free to join however
there are three different income opportunities inside of the system now
let me backtrack a little bit here right and explain to you how a system works
because typically the reason a lot of people fail when they get started online
and then maybe the reason why you're struggling right now is most people come
online and they don't know how to drive traffic they don't know how to do
technical stuff like create capture pages which you know capture pages
basically a page where you send visitors to to enter their email so you can
collect their details and follow up with them with sales emails most people are
clueless about how to create capture pages that clueless about how to create
sales emails and they're clueless about what to say to people in order to get
them to join the program they want to promote so this is where an online
system comes in which is what we've created here with the Wi-Fi wealth
system basically when you sign up for the Wi-Fi wealth system for free we give
you a capture page that we've created we show you how to get hundreds even
thousands of visitors per day to the income opportunities inside and we do
all of the selling and talent for you for the free income opportunities inside
now I'm not going to give away what the income opportunities inside are but I
will say this all of the income opportunities inside cost $40 or last to
get started with and you are actually in every single case you're getting some
kind of service or product and training that you would need anyway and
that thousands and thousands and thousands of other people on the
internet are searching for and need and we're going to show you how to get these
people to hunt you down so that you can start generating these unlimited $80
Commission's online now with just one of the income streams inside of this system
we currently make an average of three thousand dollars per week so that's
twelve grand a month with just one of the income streams with another one of
the income streams every single month we pick up a check for anywhere between
four and seven hundred bucks and with the third income stream every quarter we
pick up a check from anywhere from five hundred to a couple of thousand dollars
so although although as I say the system that we've created is free to join there
is a minimal investment to get started with these programs so you know no
different to investing in going to college or the money you would invest
and fill in your car or to get to work you know if you want to create a
business online there are some small expenses now remember I said this was a
low ticket program right well as you can as you can hear from this video just
because this is a low investment to get started
doesn't mean that you can't make big money I mean I I don't know you've made
maybe you earn more than three grand a week right now maybe you weren't a lot
less but this system is ideal for you if you're looking to make an extra five
hundred a thousand two thousand three thousand a week then this is the perfect
system for you now I'm not I'm not going to tell you bullshit like a lot of
people do on on YouTube and on the Internet I'm not saying that you are
gonna make $500 or $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 in week one although we do have
many testimonies if you search Wi-Fi well
system if you go over to Facebook and you look up Angie Leung you will see
testimony after testimony after testimony on my girlfriend's page of
newbies coming in and getting four five six seven eight even ten or more eighty
dollar Commission's within their first seven days of joining that's how
powerful this done-for-you system is so that's my first affiliate marketing
program for dummies that I wanted to share with you now with the second one
by the way just in case you're skeptical and thinking you're right then you don't
earn this kind of money while was the second one I'm gonna give you a taster
of the kind of money I am earning on the internet but this second one which I'm
going over to right now is what's known as a high ticket program and what that
means is this with a high ticket program typically there's a bigger investment to
get started but the payouts and the commissions you get in return are also a
lot bigger and you know you I'm not the best at math so you can figure this out
but let's say let's say you wanted to make ten grand a month
how many eighty dollar Commission's or let's say eight grand a month for the
sake of math how many eighty dollar commissions do you have to make to make
eight grand a month well you need a you need a hundred eighty dollar
Commission's right eight times ten is eight hundred so eight times a hundred
is eight thousand you would need a hundred eighty dollar commissions but
let's say you were selling a product that was a two thousand two thousand
dollar cost to a customer and you wanted to make eight thousand dollars and let's
say you were getting paid fifty percent commissions you would only need eight
sales to do that and that's basically what the seven-figure franchise offers
seven thinkin franchise was is it as a program put together by my friend a
mentor Michael Shannon when I say him friend a mentor you know I actually at
one stage paid this guy $20,000 to coach me one-on-one which basically made me
several hundred thousand dollars in a 12-month period now don't worry you're
not gonna have to invest twenty thousand dollars to get started with his program
you know I'm just telling you that because that's how much I value this guy
and that's the kind of level of esteem and respect I give this guy this this
dude has been in the industry for like 15 years he knows his stuff and his
program works now with seven-figure franchise I'm just gonna scroll down and
by the way that the links to both of these programs are going to be in the
description box below my video and if you prefer to read this on a blog you
can also click my blog link in the description box and come over to my blog
and read my blog post about this but seven think of franchise there's loads
of testimonials and income proof on the sales page of not only Michael making
money but other people making money and basically what this program is and a
nutshell is Michael is giving you 100 percent Commission's on all of his
products and he has many many many products on the internet and he's going
to pay you $1000 instant commissions on a high ticket products he's ports on the
back of all the sales funnels that he'll be given to you you don't need to write
any sales copy you don't need to create any products you don't need to do
customer service or anything like that you simply join the program which step
one is get seven pick a franchise step two if you get traffic and Yassi shows
you how to get your first of thousand visitors for free to his system and step
three you get paid instantly a thousand dollar commissions
pay directly to your PayPal accounts and you know there are tons and tons and
tons of testimonies on the sales page including one of my own where I made two
grand and my first 48 hours with this program so you know this one this one is
a bigger buy-in I'm gonna let you I'm gonna let you click the link in the
description box to check out what the buy-in is and to take a look at this
page for yourself but the payoff is much much much bigger so what you do really
depends on where you're at right now this is what I would advise you if
you're on a budget right now you know money is tight and you really you know
you really need to make some money before you kind of went to a higher
ticket program then the Wi-Fi wealth system is going to be perfect for you
because the system itself is free to join and the income opportunities inside
are $40 all less to get started with so we're talking you know what is that
complicate or Starbucks coffee you know less than the price of a family meal
I'll excuse me I have a very itchy nose for some reason
probably time I had a shave I'm coming I'm kind of looking like the wild man of
the Caribbean here and you need to go and I was shave because my own facial
hair is irritating me so you know it's time to shave when your own facial hair
feels like he's eating your face don't you but anyways if you work if you're a
newbie you're unsure maybe a little bit skeptical maybe money's tight right now
and you just kind of need to make some money before you invest bigger money
Wi-Fi wealth systems for you if you're somebody who already has experience on
the internet and you're looking to make big money fast and you have a little bit
more money to play with seven-figure franchise is the perfect program for you
now I said I was gonna show you proof right and I am right now you can see
them by the way this is my account on jvzoo this is mine
Ben Martin there's no trickery going on I set the date from the first of the
first 2017 to today's date which is the 31st of May 2018 and you can see in that
time period this with the seven-figure franchise I've actually made seventy
three over seventy four thousand dollars inside of the program but it's actually
probably double that because there's another level of the seventh pick of
franchise which pays two and a half thousand dollar commissions and those
commissions do not come through jvzoo they're actually sent direct into PayPal
so I've actually made over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars with this program
and I listen if you're skeptical at this point you can see my name and you can
see I'm showing you the income proof here then the quite simply this isn't
for you I'm not going to be trying to convince you and I'm not going to be
responding or replying to dumb comments in the description below if you do have
genuine questions or feedback about either of these two programs I'm happy
to answer your comments but if you're just a skeptical negative person I'll
just ignore you and probably block you from my youtube channel so what you do
right now is you should just have a very quick thing for a few seconds about
which program you want to investigate or maybe you want to take a look at them
both and then you should go into my description box and click on one of them
to take a further look now remember both of these systems are done for your
systems all you need to do is drive traffic to the systems and the Salander
talent is done for you and in both systems you will be shown how to get
traffic using both free and paid methods so go ahead click one of the
descriptions click one of the links in the description box right now check out
both of these programs and then make a decision on which one's best for you now
don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the
notification bell because I do release brand-new videos on this channel every
week and the content is great and is I know I'm here to help you as best as I
can and give you the no bullshit truth about how you actually make money on the
internet nothing's gonna be hidden from you nothing's gonna be dressed up and
made to look sickly sweet I'm gonna give you the good the bad the ugly and
everything in between so if you do have questions please ask them below in a
natural fats let me know below in the comment section which one of these
opportunities most appeals to you and why okay hope you got a lot of value
from this tutorial about affiliate marketing programs for dummies with that
being said there is only one more thing to say and that's this you're just a 10
minute email away I'll see you in the next video you

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