Affiliate Marketing Review Sites (Part 2)

hi there and welcome to part two of the sinucha pure video blog on affiliate marketing review sites today we'll be looking at some of the rougher aspects as with anything in the world that someone can stand to make a profit from affiliate marketing can lead to certain ethical or fraudulent actions while most affiliate programs are well above board and high quality programs there are always those in an industry with flexible morals or ethics who are willing to do whatever it takes to increase their own profits an affiliate or group of affiliates may do or say something to drive quick sales problem is they do it with someone else's voice and brand identity they may be exaggerating the benefits the product can offer a consumer or even market a product without a brand's consent what is sometimes seen is review sites in a target market pushing whatever products in that industry they have an affiliation with while padding the site with reviews on products from competing brands that they are not affiliated with the results tend to be a small pile of affiliate products with some of the best reviews you've ever seen surrounded by mediocre reviews for products in the same market designed to make the affiliate products look amazing the size potential for fraud and affiliate marketing there is also potential to harm your brand accidentally by trusting an affiliate group who goes on to use spam heavy strategies or use a company's voice to say something the company would never say it is vital to perform due diligence and proper screening both as a company looking to begin an affiliate program and a consumer deciding on a product based on an affiliate influences we'll talk more about what a consumer can do to tell if they can trust a source of information later after we cover the ugly side some of the bad aspects of affiliate marketing programs can stem from accidents lack of information or miscommunication sometimes even autocorrect can get someone into trouble it's not great but it is fixable sometimes the difference between fraud and an honest approach is the wrong wording use and while that can be bad it's not ugly as we see it the ugly is deliberate malicious action designed to increase commission as an affiliate join us for part three tomorrow to get a look at the ugly side you

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