Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Tutorial That Makes 1K A Day (Make Money Online)

– How to make money online $1,000 a day or more through affiliate marketing. Now, in this video, I'm
gonna be showing you why this framework and then
why these little boxes here would mean building a
$1,000-a-day business by promoting somebody else's product. Now, obviously when I
say this, first of all, results not typical. I've been doing this
for a really long time. Most people buy stuff online, never really do anything
with it, and, you know, yada yada yada.

Side effects might include
headaches, diarrhea, and all these other things. (laughing) So, with that said,
what does it actually mean to build $1,000-a-day income stream from affiliate marketing? (smooth jazz music) Here's something that I've
discovered in the last decade after being a top affiliate, and literally generating a lot of money and even winning cars promoting
other people's products, I realized that a successful
model comes down to this framework over here.
(mouse clicking) Now, to give you
(bell ringing) the backstory of how this
strategy works first, I've first got to show you the evolution of affiliate marketing
and how it's evolved over the last decade.

Now, when I first started out, it used to be the case
where there was this thing known as direct linking.
(marker tapping) It basically means going to a vendor, somebody who has an affiliate program. This could be on Amazon. This could be on ClickBank. It used to be, like, on eBay, and working with one of these platforms, I'm getting a link from that vendor and sending your affiliate link promoting
that product direct. So that means getting a supplement, that's called Supplement A, and creating an ad that says Supplement A, bidding on the keyword Supplement A, and I'm promoting this product. Now, this was called
the Google Cash method. This was, like, 15 years ago
and was a very popular method back then, and it worked
really, really well. However, about 10 years
ago, it became obsolete. Many vendors started banning this process. It doesn't work anymore. It's become a lot more expensive. And in most cases, they
do not allow you to bid on those brand names anymore
'cause it's trademarked, and they do not want to
cannibalize their own traffic. So, a decade ago, direct
linking stopped working. And even if it kind of works today, maybe for some offers, first of all, it's not
gonna work for long.

And most importantly, you're
not really building a business because when you actually
just get an affiliate link from somebody else and
promote that product, what you're really
doing is it's arbitrage. You're trying to buy low, sell high, and it's not a sustainable business model. An important thing to understand
here is this part here. You might have heard of this before, but ultimately, if you
are not building a list, you are not building a business.

This here is the sales process. Here's the biggest
differentiator right now. So, if you take a look
at today's big platforms (marker tapping)
are things like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, all these are different platforms that you could be driving traffic from. Now, depending on where you are, if you're advanced, you
might have some following or an audience over here, or you are totally new. That means that you need
to buy traffic, right? It's either sending traffic to your offer because you own it,
because you control it, or because you don't own
it and you have to buy it.

Rather than putting your affiliate link and linking directly
to the affiliate offer, here's what needs to happen. What if we could actually buy traffic? What if you could actually buy traffic, especially when you're just
starting out right now, and you've got no audience, no following? And the goal over here
on the left-hand side, the first step, step number one, (marker tapping)
is really to pre-sell. Now, what is pre-sell? It means that if the end goal
is for somebody to invest in that product, program,
software, or service, how can we pre-sell it
so that the end goal is they want this? So, think about it this way. This is when they buy the drink. In order for them to buy the drink, you got to make them thirsty first. Okay, you might have always
heard teach a man how to fish, and they say you feed him for a lifetime.

In this scenario here,
you teach a man to fish, and then you sell him the fishing rod. So, the goal of Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, and any other platform that you
can use to drive traffic on, is to pre-sell, understanding
that eventually the goal is for them to buy this thing. Now, before we talk about
what this second piece is, it's important to
understand this next piece. Good affiliate marketing, in
order to build a real business that generates a minimum of $1,000 a day, which, by the way, is easy
if you understand this. It's by understanding that
good affiliate marketing is not about persuading
somebody from a no to a yes.

Good affiliate marketing is about thinking who are the
people that's already saying yes, and how can I place my
link in front of them– this product, program, or service– that chances are, they
are gonna buy anyway? I don't want to persuade
a vegan to eat meat. That's not good affiliate
marketing, right? It's not about persuading somebody. It's about thinking these group of people, chances are, what is an easy sell that they are gonna buy anyway? Let's take a couple of examples. If, let's say, I want to
sell some sort of supplement. I got to first pre-sell it by either teaching them how to fish or making them thirsty. The way to pre-sell would be going on one of these platforms. It would be creating content
that comes from the angle of are you somebody that
constantly struggles to eat right, especially if
you have a busy schedule? I know personally that's
one of my biggest issues.

I struggle to eat right and include greens in my daily
diet because, first of all, I hate eating greens, I've
got a very busy lifestyle, and ain't nobody got time for that. So, one of the things that I personally do is I include greens in my supplements so that rather than trying
to eat a big bowl of salad, I can drink it down in
under seven seconds. If you would like to discover what are the seven
different type of superfoods that would really make all
the difference for you, all you need to do is click on
this link and find out more. So, what am I doing now? I am pre-selling them in here. Notice I'm not selling
the supplement just yet. I'm selling them this next thing. It's basically a sales process sometimes known as a sales funnel where it's just two steps. Step number one over here
is where I want to give them a free gift in order for them to give me their name and email address, which is basically the opt-in.

So, think about what is something that you can give them for free so that they gladly give
you their name and email? It's not about giving a free e-book. That's what most average marketers do. E-book will only get you average results. Why is that the case? It is because, first of all, would you agree that the thought of reading a 250-page e-book
isn't all that exciting? Right, nobody wants to learn. People want to discover,
and people want to get. So, don't give them a 250-page e-book. First of all, it's gonna take you months to create a 250-page e-book. Here's two words I want you to remember. Specific. Actionable. If you can give something that
is specific and actionable, that is when people will
gladly give you their name and email address. So, if I wanted to promote
supplements and health and weight loss, over
here, it would be something along the lines of free checklist reveals my personal grocery shopping list that I use to get six-pack abs because abs is made in the
kitchen and not at the gym.

Rather than saying enter
your name and email to receive everything you need
to know about losing weight and getting abs, that's only
gonna get you average results. A much better way would be one page because now it feels that even if I don't
utilize it straight away, it feels that I will get immediate value just by giving you my name and email even if I don't utilize it right now. Now, this is when you get
their name and email address. They gladly give it to
you because it's specific, it's actionable, and then after that, they are now in your list. And guess what? This is now traffic that you own. This is yours. You own this, right? Even if Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, whenever they have all
these different changes in their algorithm, it
doesn't matter because now, this is when you have a lead. And if you treat them right,
they will be a lead for life. So, this is when you build
a relationship with them. You give, give, give, give, give, give. Once a while, sell something. Give, give, give, give, give. Once a while, sell something.

You see, now, this is when
you can follow up with them, (marker tapping)
and this is my bad illustration of an
email follow-up sequence of giving them value, and once in a while, promoting the product. So, rather than just linking directly, what's gonna happen now is
in your sequence of emails, you're going to be talking
about different ways to get this person to
teach them how to fish so that you can sell them the fishing rod. Why would a person buy something? A person buys something only really because there are three different angles. Number one is the vision of Heaven Island, how beautiful it is
– [Cartoon] Wow! – to get the result. So, vision of Heaven
Island would be things like would you like to get six-pack abs? Would you like to lose weight fast? Which, by the way, is the
angle most marketers use, which is also the least effective. You want to have a mixture
of vision of Heaven Island with symptoms of Hell Island.
(bubble popping) So, the second item is what are
the symptoms of Hell Island? Right now, there are two islands. They are currently on Hell Island,
(bubble popping) and they know that if they can get to Heaven Island,
(electronic bouncing) they will be better off in life.

In this case here,
(crowd cheering) they would have a healthier life. They would lose weight. So, symptoms of Hell Island
would be do you struggle to eat right, especially
with your busy lifestyle? Do you find it hard to go to the gym? Right, this is symptoms of
hell, and then after that, the only third angle is
basically objections. Why are they not crossing
if they've already seen how beautiful vision of Heaven Island is and if they are reminded
of symptoms of hell, then, and if they're
still not taking action, what's wrong with these people? Well, it is because there are sharks in between,
(ominous chord blasting) and the sharks are different
objections, things like oh, but eating right is very expensive.

Now, think about that. If that is an objection,
you need to address it in your follow-up email
sequence, which says hey, it's Peng Joon here, and one of the things that people tell me all
the time is eating right is expensive. While it's true that you
could go to McDonald's and eat a meal from the
dollar menu, the truth is, what if I told you that you
are still actually paying? You're paying with your health, and eventually you got to
decide which is less painful, investing $200 a month on supplements, or an eventual hospital bill? But either way, you will still pay.

Right, so now, what I'm really doing is I'm thinking about the
different objections they have. I'm telling a story. I engage them. I give them value. And in these emails,
I'm giving them value, and once a while, I'm
promoting my products. So, I'll give, give, give,
give, give, sell something. Give, give, give, give,
give, promote something. Now, because you own this opt-in, this person, if you treat them right, if you don't offend them, this is when you build a relationship, and now you own this traffic. So, notice what you're
really doing right now. You're taking traffic from
here that you don't own, and this could be on
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. But think about the different platforms that your audience is hanging out in.

So, for example, if it's
business to consumer, Facebook and Instagram are great places. Instagram is great for lifestyle, travel, health and fitness. Google is great for business-to-business. LinkedIn is great for professionals. So, think about where your
audience is hanging out, and create content or ads, so ads is for the short-term game. Content is for a long-term game. And ultimately, you
want to play both games so that you can convert
traffic that you don't own to traffic that you own. And when you have traffic that you own, that is when you can start promoting other different affiliate products, and that's exactly what
I did to become one of the top affiliates on many
of these different platforms to earn $1,000 a day.

Hey, there are more videos like these, where I go specifically into
pre-selling, into persuasion, into affiliate marketing and sales. Be sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this,
and more importantly, I would love to hear your biggest takeaway as far as your thoughts and if there's any other future videos that you would like to see, let me know in the comments below. I hope this video has given you value. This is Pen Joon here, and I
will see you in the next video..

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