Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2020 – (PT 2)

and the previous video who talked about
going to our Facebook accounts to rebrand ourselves and start joining
business groups so how quickly want to show you guys my Facebook account so
that you guys can see exactly how my profile picture is and exactly what I
said of my intro so that you can also replicate the same thing or you can come
up with something better and I bribed yourself and make yourself
presentable so let's take a look and go straight and take a moment right now and
go into my Facebook account so you can see my account so this is my Facebook
account on the cover page here I just simply protect myself I stated that gets
in business political it's ourselves basically that this is what I do you can
see my profile picture is very simple very designed whoever that comes to my
profile my Facebook account what is not shouting I wouldn't see anything funny
basically I just gotta say is a distinct man here today with a simple picture
profile then you should also look at my intro you see I stated that I'm a
digital magazine consultant and strategist so you can also say something
better than this you can rebrand yourself or you can simply say that you
build optimized mobile website for business owners just keep it so simple
and shut so after it bragging are soft now so a really nice thing for us to do
remember I said we'll have to start joining business business groups and
what kind of groups are we going to be training remember back in in our
software in our website software at the pizzle perfect site software beulah we
were able to say different website templates so every business group will
be joining right now will be business groups that already has pre-built
website templates in buta I'll take for instance the last templates who checked
out was that of the barber shop so now I can comfortably go to Facebook and join
barber shop owners why am i joining barber shop owners I am joining barber
shop owners because buta already has pre-built website templates
for barbershop orders so only giant groups that already has pre-built
website template because it makes your job a lot more easier so let's take a
look on how we can start joining groups just a moment so I'll quickly go to the
such area here on Facebook and all I'm gonna do our typing ba-ba-ba-ba shop
owners okay I'm gonna click on this barber shop
owners and wait for it to load oh this is beautiful so right now you
can see he came up with different results of different groups of barber
shop owners the first one says salon and Baba business owners and look at this
group it has over 9,000 members obviously I'll be joining this group and
the reason being that this it has a lot of members so try to join groups that
has a lot of members in it because with that you can actually be reaching out to
more prospects so the more group you join the better this has over 9,000
members so Leslie I'm going to join this group and you will only be joining just
one group you'll keep joining more groups scroll that I'm also gonna scroll
down and see if I'm gonna see more barbershop business owners group to join
so and more means I'm still looking for more groups this one says addicted to baby I already
know what is why the Edition is here but anyway it has over 14,000 member so for
such a title to attract 14,000 members definitely our join such a group because
I'll also be posting a very unique service and these groups now actually
attracts the attention and they want to reach out to me so I'll keep on
scrolling down look for more groups and join if hopefully we'll see more groups
to join they okay this this is another example you say this has
New York indeed so another clue is you can actually join a group with the name
of a city or a state or a country like I can come over here to the search engine
and say barber shop owners in New York now I'm going by the name of a state
despite DF is also a state and city its own estate so if I should search barber
shop in New York I'm actually such a man in an office of a steak let's say the
result you can also join groups based on that then this has over 18 thousand
likes New York barbers I can also type in barber shop owners in Canada does
going by the name of the country I can also type in barber shops owners in
Baltimore that's the name of a city Baltimore is in Maryland United States
so you can actually search either by the name of the group barber shop in the
name of the business right a barber shop owners then you can also expand your
reach by putting in the name of the city or the name of a state or the number of
the country by so doing you're trying to join as much groups as possible and
start reaching out to many prospects as possible so having joined let's assume
you've joined a lot of business groups that already has pre-built website
templates on bureau so after joining this group so what next I also want to
give you a heads up you won't be approved of all the groups you signed up
to join some admissions will not approve of your membership but don't be
discouraged about that because definitely you'll be approved in other
groups a lot much more groups so once you don't get approved in a particular
group please don't get discouraged move on keep such an eye for more groups I
keep dragging more groups so having joined a group and we have
enough proof to become members of that group so what this are we going to be
doing because now we've rebranded our Facebook page of giant groups who've
been approved so after that what next okay
now that I'm in a presented group so our goal intro my face
book account on those groups right now approved of and I will stop posted
exactly what you see right here on my straight I'll stop posting in this group
and I'll say hey everyone I'm looking for five people to build a complete
mobile friendly website for free for your business you might be wondering
what the catch is and to answer that simply I just need
some testimonials to start building my client portfolio if you like a fully
built website plus monthly management for hundred percent free then just
comment website down below and I will send you a message with all the details
please serious clients only thanks now you can see this is exactly why
you'll be posting all the group's you join you pause this is tell them now
whoever else is interested should commit by writing website down below so wait
for their responses because a lot of people would take you up for this offer
you you're offering to build and manage the website a business website for them
for free and the catch word here is free because you didn't put any monetary
attachment to it you actually set a is going to be free so a lot of these
business owners love them don't have website and a lot of them will be
interested in this free offer because it's now be an opportunity for them to
have a business website created for them for free so a lot of there was talk
commenting website website website just like you requested so I remember I said
that the catch word here is free that's the magical word and that is our lead
magnet and that word has always worked for me and it's still working and I'm
sure it's also gonna work for you so once the sacramentum free free free the
next thing you're gonna do would be to go ahead and send them a private message
and that let them know that you'll be producing a website template for their
business and once they view it and like it then you guys can proceed from there
so just this is self explanatory once the comments on website you just go
ahead and send them a private message letting them know that you're gonna
produce a website template and when you say you're gonna produce a website table
what does that mean it simply means you're going back to your Bureau or
pixel perfect Siberia account we already have
pre-built website template you're going to take one of those templates for
whatever business group you join where you're getting this responses from you
copy the URL of that business website template are same to them now let me
demonstrate exactly what I just said no with problem is that we will be sending
producing a website template for your business and if the like it or was the
like it then we can proceed from there so this is what we're gonna do so now
that we've promised that we're gonna be coming up with a website template for
them to preview so what we'll do we'll go back straight back into pixel sights
perfect builder and then go straight to the website template so let's assume
this guy will check them with right now we the group we join we join the babba
ownership group and that is where we're getting responses from so and the
templates obviously you will be signed in to there will be a template of the
barber shop business owner so I'll come straight to this place where you have
the barber shop then you'll click on the view you click on the view once you
click on the view it's going to take us to the next page where you have the
pre-built website template so this is the pre-built website template we'll be
sending to the guy that one of the one of the tools that we already promised
will be send me web site templates and what you're gonna do here you just come
here copy the URL of this page this pre-built web site page you copy the URL
of this page there you go back to Facebook and send it to them so that it
can preview it and go through it and obviously whoever that goes through this
I mean whatever whoever which of the business by bar owners that goes through
this web site template I start going through this oh definitely be marveled
with what they're gonna see because the first impression that confident is that
you actually took the time and you actually build this for them for them to
see so already you are beginning to deliver in value remember you promised
you're gonna send a meet you you produce a website template right now
you've actually delivered a URL website template
for them to go through and see so once they go through this
most times a lot of them will responded they like it that the only difference is
that they want to come up with their own content which is perfectly fine which is
the essence of what we really want them to do to come up with their own cons and
content like the text content I'll go for the home page the about page the
services the location and other stuff so once I say if they like it and their
codes it's remember who told that area or the if they like it then we will
proceed so now they're saying it they like it
and obviously we'll proceed it so the next thing we'll be doing is this once
they are okay with the website templates Bank tell them that there'll be a
hosting fee of twenty nine ninety nine dollar per month for their website
once you're done building the complete website with all their business
information and services in eight and you also help them to manage the site as
well so why are you telling them that desert winds night $99 per month
remember you told them you're building a free website for them
exactly exactly what you'll be doing you're not charging them for the website
you're building for them you're not charging them for level they're not
charging them for your time you're actually building it for free now the
only thing they need to do is to pay for the hosting fee because once you build a
website obviously you need to host it and you're you're not a service provider
for hosting so you're gonna let them know that there's a $29 hormone hosting
fee for that website and in most cases in most cases a lot of people most of my
clients the clients I have today all of them none of them declined a few there
were a few exception but majority I try and subtitle alpha because they knew
that they were getting value from me for doing a complete website of such
magnitude without them paying for it so the only thing they just need to do is
just to pay for the hosting which is not a big deal today
so once we accept this offer then you're gonna proceed what will be
the next thing for you to do remember please do not just skip this particular
page don't skip this process do not go and start building a website when you
have no to date with base once you send them the
pre-built website templates and they'll like it then that is why you will not
come up with this that there'll be a hosted fee if they don't approve of it
then you move on to the next client don't go and start building websites
without finalizing and this because this is where your money is coming from and
when this to make money to make reoccurring money so do not skip this
particular part so once they've approved of this and they are good to go
then what next yeah so once they approve of the website there will not go ahead I
mean once they agree on the times on the 29th makes an idle a hosting fee then
we'll simply go ahead and send them this particular template there's a template
you guys you have to download I'm gonna put it right beside it the bottom below
on the website the cheese shape so you you'll get the same information I'm what
you're gonna do you're gonna send them this this you're gonna send them a link
this link and this link has to do with them providing you their business
information there about a section their name their business phone number if they
have a logo then any brand or colors but this is optional most times I don't sign
this because I don't want to mess around it's already pre-built color template so
sometimes I take this outside I'll give them much options so you also be able to
download this particular template so that those virtual it'll provide such
information because these are the informations you actually be using to
fill in or it's the website template and replace it with your own basic
information they'll be providing for you so after all these ones they've saved
this back to you then all you need to do is you go back to pizza perfect site or
website so you basically go back to the template and use the information they
provided for you and start editing all the sections and start putting back your
own content in this there will be or there also be a link
right inside the website shit shit where you can admin for a training on how to
actually build a website completely and do the whole edit and so you also take
advantage of that link I go check out the training so that you become familiar
eyes with this and be able to do this effortlessly it's not difficult is
basically it drop at a drag and drop kind of system it's very easy you click
on the edit button and type in basically the information they provided for you
the same thing applies with the images so edit the images are also very very
easy so you have to go through the the training link I provided for you to go
through even watch the video section on how to build the website from scratch
and how to edit all this stuff so once you're done with that filling out all
the informations they provided to you obviously you are done building the
website remember this website templates are already pre-built 95% complete so
the only inputs coming from you is basically 5% where you're competing the
images the informations they put the business or not provided to you but
apart from that everything here is completely done now but you don't
building the website you go ahead and send them a link your own affiliate link
or your your affiliate link from Duda or for them to make a payment so how do you
do that I'm also going to show you how you send your payment link for them to
pay for the web hosting which you guys already agreed upon because that hosting
fee is actually where you're making your money from so this is how you go about
sending them the link together make that payment so you come back to your Villa
all accounts you go to this top area here where you see a Phoenix you click
on this athlete wants to click on this athlete it will take you to the next
page it'll take you to this page once you click on your affiliate button it
brings you down to this page and once you get to this page now what I try to
look for you're looking for your own I feel your affiliate link from Buda or
once you sign up with Buda all accounts automatically you have an affiliate link
everyone that has a builder of software account has an affiliate link so click
on the effect lane it brings you down to this place just
particular page then you go straight so lead generation on furnace this
particular button here click on this lead generation funnel then it will take
you to the best page where you will now be able to assess your affiliate link so
this is where your affiliate link is you see here it says F lately so you have to
copy this particular link here if you copy this link and sign to the clients
you're not doing yourself any good because this link will send them to me
either will have a 14-day free trial and that is not what you actually begain or
discussed with the crying you talked about paying a twenty nine ninety nine
dollar plan money so what you need to do instead of copying this link your
affiliate link and send it to the client just open up a copy copy the link and
open it up in a different browser so once I copy this link now and paste it
at this browser and open it up to take me to this page what am I looking for in
this page I'm trying to get the plants you see where you have plants here so
this if you click on this plant is going to show you different subscription
plants or monthly plans and viewed at all so remember the one were looking at
for is the $29.99 which the client is supposed to pay for their hosting so I'm
going to click on this plans I want to click on these plants it brings you down
to this page then you scroll down for you to be able to see so this is really
have the monthly plan and the world discussed with the client is the 29 May
at a distance 99 so we'll talk about with manage main so this particular URL
here the view our elder has the plants is the one you'll be sending to the
clients because it already has your affiliate coded link on a so you copy
these are sent to the clients and once you send to the client obviously once
the client gets to this page they already know the subscription you guys
talked about and that will be the one no be signing up with so once I sign up
with this what happens then this is really magic this is where I will start
making the money once I sign up for distance night-night
90 90 or $99 plug automatically they become a subscriber with beautiful
beauty all the beauty also automatically they become a subscriber once they make
this payment what happens buta are is gonna send you the complete money they
paid for the hosting fee for the very first time
if the paid twenty nine ninety or $29.99 birria all is gonna send you 100% of
this money the very first time so if you're signing in ten clients a day or
tank lines in a week or ten clients in the month or twenty or thirty bi a mind
that whatever plan the assignment you're signing them up for that first initial
payment they made buta all is giving them all to you 100%
then there are subsequent monthly subscription buta all is gonna be giving
you pay your tithing percent of every time there is subscribe there monthly
subscription you're getting taxi percent by the first time they may be signed up
a media payment you're getting a full hundred percent on that sign of fee so
this is how you actually make that money I'm talking about when I say you'll be
making money when I recurring income on a monthly basis this is where it's
coming from I have over 100 clients I have plus two hundred and seven
something clients and I'm ready services for and I got all these clients through
the same process I'm sharing with you right now
and I had a lot of them I've had more than some of them for more than a year
some of them for more than six months that's all day every month they pay
their subscription because I built it free services for them via website their
business idea in the cloud nobody wants to lose their business you want
publicity or eyeballs to your business so they keep on paying for the
subscription plan and really occupy pay me my money commission for that and that
is how are they making my money so once they pay for this so what does do you do
now you go ahead and send them your website once they sign up for this
you're going to get a notification and email alerts from Europe but someone
know you go to your accounts you say that somebody
as actually signed up into your subscriber somebody has paid you'll see
a notification but there's a payment now you need to go back to pick the site
here once you get back here you need to go and transfer to our websites to them
since they've already paid you have to transfer to our website to their own
breeder or account now so and how do you do that you have to come here mind you
wants to sign up with Buddha or your account will be blind because he's not
created any website but once you create website you'll start saying different
websites you'll be building for people or for clients so you'll come down to
this page I clicked on new websites you come down to this place you'll look for
the name of the websites you build for the clients the particular website you
build for the client then you go to this top icon with this arrow button here and
click on it it will not come up with pop-up here where you're supposed to put
in their email address and mind you once they make the sign up they paying for
that money and you get a notification you'll be able to see their email
address which they use in signing up from your own account so copy that email
address they use in signing up or making the payment and come here and paste it
and now click on save once a week on the Save button
it automatically transfers just like you say it transfers the website it's full
website to build straight down to their own Buddha or account and by so doing
you've completely you've completely delivered services remember it started
by you making an offer a free website and free management and some people or
some clients on prospect to cop your offer you reached out to them again that
you'll be provided a template a website template for them to go through it and
if they like it that you guys can proceed from there of course you also
did that you actually send them your website template they looked at it the
like tip and you guys proceeded and that was where you now let them know that
there will be a hosting fee for the website of which they agreed and now
provided you with the contents for your website will show actually a detail
printed everything and send them a link for them to pay for the hosting fee that
hosting fee they paid it which is your money they paid for it and now they are
now they are no longer such prospects they are now your clients that will now
be paying on a monthly basis they are recurring payments for their hosting fee
and that is how you keep on making your recurring income so this is the more
reason why you have to join a lot of groups if you get out to pick the site
be like there's a lot of website templates join groups I already have all
those website template a lot of them you could go for the dentist chiropractor
salon owners barbershop dentist so many website templates they join so many
groups and start reaching out to people this is very very easy to do the only
investment you'll be doing this very first time is to investing your time in
joining groups or reaching out to reply and actually fulfilling what you're
already promised that you're gonna do to provide a free website template and
you're also going to build a website so once they pay you've already set in that
mechanism of income generation on a monthly basis so having done this what
next I was supposed to do well after doing all that there's nothing else for
you to do and I just want to let you know that this is exactly the strategy I
have successfully implemented which is generating monthly income for me and I
have hundreds of clients through this very simple method and apart from that –
all you just need to do let me summarize again is you just simply plug in your
informations inside the pre-built website templates and buta all and then
get them to sign up for the twenty nine make my promote hosting plan of which
you are your monthly athletes commissions from your hosting
subscription from Bureau now again just to re-emphasize click the buttons below
to download the cheat sheets and also sign up for a 14-day free trial of the
buta our software so you can get to work immediate
and implements this proven online income strategy that works and create for
yourself a recurring income generator just like I did and I'm still doing so
thank you for your time and wishing you guys the very best

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