Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2020 (For Beginners Step By Step)

welcome to this affiliate marketing tutorial for 2020. in this video i’m going to show you how you can acquire seven dollars for a free sign on consuming 100 free traffic i’ve personally impelled 721 dollars using the procedure that i’m going to show you here so in this video here is what you’re going to learn you’re going to learn what i think is probably the simplest affiliate model you can get paid these seven dollars for a completely free sign up beings don’t have to pay anything in order for you to get paid so it’s very very simple to actually impel that amount per sign up because you don’t have to convince anyone to buy anything at all and most importantly i’m going to show you how you can do this for free you don’t have to have a website you don’t have to buy any implements you don’t have to buy any platform sheets i’m going to show you how you can build a 100 free arrive sheet and how you can send 100 free traffic to this offer as well and if you are new to my canal my identify is greg kononenko on this direct i publish regular tutorials related to blogging traffic and affiliate commerce so click agree time below this video enable all notifications so you can always get notified whenever i upload a brand-new video let’s get into it step one is for you to sign up to the affiliate offer the affiliate present that i’m going to work on today is if you’re not familiar with skillshare skillshare is an online see marketplace and they will pay you when you cite someone to their free trouble so skillshare offer categorizes in a variety of different niches so you can see that they offer online classes related to animation creative writing cinema and video all of these different things photography music design web development etc and tens of thousands of parties every single day come to to learn different abilities for example a photographer or maybe a person who wants to take photography as a hobby they might jump on skillshare and they might look at photography region and then they will see here are all the different photography classes for example product photography photography storytelling and you can see a lot of these categorizes are actually really really popular so there are thousands of students making each of these categories there’s a class here with which has had 81 000 students who’ve make it so this is a very popular website now the cool thing is that they actually offer an affiliate curriculum so if you jump on and then you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see that there is a link now saying affiliates and if you click on this it says become a skillshare affiliate now what this conveys is that you can earn a commission when you direct somebody to take a class and you are eligible to see seven dollars for every new customer that you refer to skillshare and in order to do that what you need to do is just take an affiliate link that skillshare will provide to you and then recommend one of their years to someone online and as long as they click on your relation and then they land on so for example you might share a link to this photography masterclass this one with 90 000 students okay fundamentals of dslr photography if they jump on skillshare onto this class and then they sign on for a free trouble so see it says new members get your first seven days of skillshare fee free of charge so as long as they sign on by your association you will get paid seven dollars even though they are they do not revived their pre-membership okay so they are only basically sign up for this free trial they don’t renew you still get paid seven dollars so if we go back to the affiliates page here it uh clarifies it under the frequently asked questions how does skillshare’s affiliate program slog and here you can see skillshare affiliates can deserve seven dollars in commissioning for each new customer that ratifies up for a free body or free contest so as long as you as they sign on for a free contest you must pay seven dollars so go ahead and scroll up to this page click this button now which says affiliate free of charge and sign on for the membership you will need to fill out all this information now with your full call email your firm report promotional intelligence where you will promote it under your personal information there is a bit that says promotional datum partner sort so you will need to choose how you’re going to be promoting and your property sort now if you currently do not have a website then just leave this step until you do step number two in this process because in step number two we’re going to effectively create your website after that after you’ve created your website you can come back here and then you can sign up because by then you’re actually going to have a website so that you can click these button websites and lay in your url okay so if you currently have a website exactly threw it in and apply now but if you currently do not have a website then wait and we will come back to this step in step number two we’re going to be creating a free website we’re going to build the free website with so just go over to and clink this button here in the middle that says start your website this will allow us to create a free arrival sheet a free what’s called hosted website on the platform so after we click this button start your website i’m going to walk you through the sign-up process the most important thing here is do not buy anything they will try to upsell you and they do it in a way that kind of looks like you have to buy something but let me show you exactly how to sort of get around this so where it says your email address i’m going to sign up for an account with one of my other emails other regions so greg that’s and then you will need to choose a username so for the username for this example you can kind of go with pretty much anything that you want but for this example i’m going to be using the photography grades okay but you can focus on pretty much anything on instance on music on entanglement progress etc so i’m going to use a username that’s got to do with some something artistic so let’s say imaginative photography gratuities okay let’s see if that’s available artistic photography tips-off and we’re going to use a password as well let’s click create account so click here now they will ask you type the domain you crave here so let’s see what happens if you type in artistic photography gratuities like this now let’s review what we can see here after we scroll down you can see that you can have a free domain that is kind of like a subdomain of so here it says so this can be your your website in the future it’s not okay it’s so it’s kind of a sub domain on the domain and you can see that this is free but a lot of people who i’ve recommended this to they get disorient because it looks like they have to buy something because there are all these costs here there are all of these expenditures over here so do not buy anything choose this free option that’s hosted on and sounds hand-picked now the next step once again will be it will look like you have to buy something it will say this plan five dollars ten dollars 33.59 you don’t need that don’t buy that click here where it says not sure hitherto start with a free area and now your locate will be prepared shortly so only give it a few moments and it are generating itself excellent now our site has been created you can see the corroboration letter here here is a little checklist for your locate setups it says site composed now you need to name your site just go through and demonstrate some basic information to your website so for example where it says mention your site over here we can click this button and we can give it a appoint so our site entitle uh can be just something very simple something like this innovative photography tips-off helping photographers make better photos then we need to click save decideds that will save your the the refer of your new website now we can actually kind of preview this website in the top left if you click on this coming soon icon you will see what your website looks like so your locate is already caused it “says hes” formed photography gratuities facilitating photographers make better photos there are a menu at the top there are already some sample affixes so your place is already out there what we want to do now is just customize it a little and to customize it you can do it through the design and then you can go into themes and you can choose a different theme for your blog you can look through them and you can use any of these themes so you can simply click these three flecks and go live demo and that will give a preview of your website they will have different typefaces different feel the one that i really like to use is this one called balasana so if you click here you can just go activate and that will change the theme of your website if you picture a warning like this how would you like to use balasana you can click on activate balasana don’t worry about these informs we don’t have any content hitherto okay so once again we can now preview our site you will actually see that it gazes differently now so here in the top privilege clink inspect site that will give you this warning here your site hasn’t been launched here before launching support your email address so just go to your email and substantiate your email address after you have validated your email address you will have an option to launch the website so go ahead and open it so that it’s actually live on the internet so that anyone can access it by going to this link and after you click the launch option you will once again they will try to sell you another service so you can see here it says designer etc once owned a subject you actually need to go all the way to the bottom where it says this is your current free site address and you need to click skip purchase because you don’t want to buy whatever it is you precisely want to use this free domain then on the next page once again click continue with your free site because you can you want to continue using your free website and now that’s it it will have a confirmation that you have launched to your area if we open an incognito window and we now type in this domain now you’ll actually see that even without being logged in your website is live on the internet and you can share this link with anybody that will get onto your website so now we need to put in our affiliate joins onto this free website so that we can start driving traffic and we can start reaching those affiliate marketings now you should come back to the edit website screen and where it says site you can manage your material through the left hand side where it says pages poles media comments etc so we want to go into posts and here are three sample uprights that have already been published on your website so that it doesn’t look completely empty you want to add a brand-new upright squandering this option over here and this is going to be where we create our money upright onto which we’re going to lieu our affiliate attaches if i want to focus on promoting the photography courses of to get those free signups and the seven dollar boards free of charge signups i want to create um a sheet that talks about the best photography tracks and too mentions that it’s free for people to actually take that direction for seven days so you can use this click and sort of drag and descend a object and sound kind journalist to create that post pass it a name and then actually write out the affix so you can see here i’ve called it five best photography directions for rookies and then where it says write the show or character lash to choose a blog this is where you want to write in your main content i’m going to type this out and then i’ll pause the video type this out and then i’ll come back to this so as you can see i’ve typed out a very short and simple intro you can probably contributed a few cases more sections but just for the interest of this video i’m giving an example of what you might want to write about in your intro if you’re stuck for themes then just google for best photography courses and look at any of these blog posts and see how they have organized their intro and time write something similar in your own oaths now we want to list these uh say top five photography tracks from skillshare and if you want to add any of the modules to your berth you can use this plus button and you can see that here it says search for a block or you can use the different blocks so you can use the blocks for foreman for at least to insert an image for example or a slideshow etc this is to format your blog post to make it look a little bit more professional and more exciting so i’m going to use a designation so i’m or a direct rather so i’m going to click this plus button and then exactly use this one here called manager and this will allow me to type in slightly larger heading style text so i’m going to say number one and then let’s head over to and actually take a look at these photography tracks and we can search for photography courses for fledglings so let’s say photography for apprentices like this and this is going to bring up a directory of the different photography directions so one of the research results here looks pretty good beginner photography workshop so let’s just open this up so we can read a little bit more of the specific characteristics about it then rewrite time a simple paragraph about this master class in the uh in the blog berth that you’re creating all right so you can see that i’ve written a little description i got the inspiration now from this rewritten it a tiny bit and made this description here now what we want to do is we want to insert our affiliate link with a call to action for parties to sign up so i’m going to write a little description now saying click here to take this class free of charge with the seven day trial and we want to align this verse middle so simply choose this option now and we too probably want to show it in bold and we want to make this a clickable hyperlink now here is how to do this firstly you need to get your link your affiliate relate from the affiliate planned for skillshare skillshare will send you an email and you can click into that email and they will take you inside the program which finagles the affiliate curriculum for skillshare and you will be able to get your affiliate link from there now this is the normal tracking link nonetheless what you want to do is you want to click on this alternative here customize system and that will allow you for your affiliate link to take the visitors directly to the course that you’re trying to promote you will want to use this option now that says transport congestion from this ad to a specific landing page and set the url of the specific course into this button now and then you can click engender habit system that are able to make sure that the affiliate relate when mortal clicks it will make the person instantly to the page of the course that you promote so instead of going to the home page of that affiliate link will actually make the person to this specific workshop so this way you can create each affiliate link to take the person to a particular course that you’re talking about in that link so just take this url here that you can see at the top which is the page url of this specific course insert it into the affiliate program interface and generate the system that it gives people that will produce a code for you that glances similar to this it’s just going to be a very long line of textbook so make sure that you select all of it and then you will want to come back to your post and where it says click here to take this class we want to insert this relate here so just click this tie button and then where it says hunting or kind url you will want to paste it in you will you want to too choose this option open a brand-new invoice because you crave your visitors to remain on this page and that is it this is your affiliate link done so then simply click this button now refer and you will see that this has now varied complexion and it looks nice and this has become a clickable affiliate association so you want to do this for four more um photography courses so that you’ve got kind of like at least like a mini blog post with the recommendations of the top five photography directions and we will then in the next one of the purposes of this video i’m going to show you exactly how to get 100 free traffic to this landing page so that people can start clicking your attaches and signing up to and giving those seven dollar commissionings for you what you want to do is you want to create a blog post similar to this you can get inspiration from other people’s blog uprights that do a summing-up of the differences between tracks you can see here photography class by michigan government university so read there’s got a couple of paragraphs and then there is a link a couple of paragraphs in the link couple of paragraphs and a relate so time do all of your research here in these search results and insert a link to each of these courses into your blog announce after you are done go ahead and publish this announce so that it becomes publicly discernible online and you will be ready to start driving traffic to it so now now you can click goal post and you will be able to see it online on your website and here at the top is the url is the actual link of your blog berth this is your money page so you now need to start sending 100 free traffic to this blog post which will then after they land here and read through the descriptions they will be able to actually start click these associations and this will start taking them to skillshare where they can sign up so now let’s move on to step three which is driving 100 free traffic to your money blog affix a really cool and easy situate to promote your link to these courses is so really honcho over to and this is a platform where a lot of people are asking questions every day they’re looking for answers and you can actually help them and you are eligible to direct them to this course now if you have tried quora before and you heard bad things about it things like they shut down people’s reports etc don’t worry because in this method what we’re going to be doing is we’re not promoting an affiliate tie-up we’re actually promoting your blog berth associating out to blog affixes to support your answer is actually entirely penalize it’s compliant with chorus terms so don’t stress i’m going to show you what the hell is do so only put into search quora now you can type in numerous pursuing words such as photography tracks okay so that would be a very relevant search term and you can see all the questions that beings have asked about photography tracks for example the top one that’s a really targeted one for us parties are requesting is there any good free online photography route so let’s open that up and check it out so this question has been asked and you can see here that there have been 14 rebuts now if you click more on each of the answers you can see how many times this answer has been deemed and this particular answer the top one has been deemed 7 000 seasons so this is potentially 7 000 people who you could be sending via your link to your blog where you cover the top five best free photography courses so that these people can actually click through and sign up to those courses such person or persons here chuan sin that passed this answer didn’t introduce any ties-in nonetheless the person or persons below him marjan uh russia’s fili such person or persons now he did put a tie and he’s fine this connection has “re out there” for over a year and it’s been i’m sure stirring him money he says the facts of the case that photographers are trying to study photography so encounter these and this these are actually connects and you can do the exact same thing merely write up an answer i represent this person has put in a really nice detailed reply that’s what you have to do with quora and it’s been deemed 1.9 000 epoches but the more of these reactions you put out there and the more you insert your relate the more traffic you’re going to be getting to your blog upright so if you wanted to add yours into now you would go and select this button now which says answer and you would then need to type out your answer so here you would require you need to provide a good high quality reaction about online tracks and then you would need to include the link this will give you an interface that sounds same to this and you can start with something like yes there are a lot regions to study photography tracks i cover some of them here in my blog affix now where you’ve got here in my blog post you can take that and learn where it says hyperlink this option here and the url you want to insert your blog affix url in here so this is where we come back to our blog affix that we have written and then you take this whole url and you get back into quora and you set it and then you click add and this will hyperlink see now this is a clickable tie just like a clickable associate here in this answer and then you would need to write out a neat long supportive reply now so just see how other people have done it quora actually looks at the quality of your reply and the amount of upvotes that your reply gets and generally the more act you put in into answering this question properly on quora the higher up in the ranks your answer will be for this particular question so once you have done this look at how many other related questions there are there are related questions now on the two sides and too you can search for more similar keywords like photography trends study photography for free something like that for example i’ve typed in study photography for free and look at all of the different questions that have been asked which you can give answers to so find out some of the artistic ways to direct beings from quora onto your blog upright which is a supportive blog announce so simply to wrap it up this is how it’s going to work so parties will see your answer on quora they will find it on quora through probing on quora but also quora refutes rank in google for a lot of terms so quora gets a lot of hunting transaction from google and beings will start seeing your answers after they see it on quora they will click your association and from that tie-in they will land on your page that we created earlier in wordpress which is called five best photography trends now from that they will sign up for a free seven-day trial because in your blog berth you’ve clothed you’ve inserted the affiliate link to all of these free photography routes that people can take and for every free-spoken trial sign up you actually get a seven dollar fee if you guys want to check out my affiliate market training and mentoring program right now it’s on a 35 discount the link is in the description below i’ve put in the links to more videos for you to watch right now that will show you more the resources necessary to drive transaction to your blog posts and also if you’re not yet a subscriber then click subscribe here on the screen or exactly below to make sure you get notified of my future videos thank you so much i’ll see in the next video

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