Affiliate Marketing Tutorial für Anfänger auf Deutsch – Online Geld verdienen (2022)

hello and welcome to a new video
my name is moritz and in this field marketing tutorial i will show you what direct marketing actually
is how it works and how you can start with affiliate marketing
don't worry i won't sell you a course here either I find this kind of thing really annoying
myself I just hope that with this video I can help you to understand how much
eade marketing actually works I will talk a bit about my own experiences
with affiliate marketing and I hope that you can learn something new from it if
that's the case Then of course I would be happy if you could give the video a thumbs up
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you a lot of fun watching there are three important participants in affiliate marketing,
the merchants or dealers these are companies that develop products and products
ver want to buy then there are still philips that can be normal people like you and
me and affiliates sell the products for the companies over the internet and if
a loser has successfully sold a product then he gets a commission for it and
these commissions are lying usually between 10 and 20 percent of the sales price and then there
are also the so-called philly aid networks and the affiliate networks that take care of the
entire technical and financial processing and ensure that the product sales are also
attributed to the right people and define networks that can You then
also later worry about the payment of the commission and at the center of this constellation is a
so-called affiliate link of the branch inc which ensures that the cooperation works at all
and via the affiliate link all product sales are tracked and it
can be assigned which one affiliate is responsible for which product sales and
accordingly the commission is calculated and paid i.e.

Affiliate marketing
is just a sales channel for companies to sell more products and it is a
possibility for people who have a website for example to generate an additional
income the whole thing begins when a company registers with a philipp network
and offers the products, the affiliate network then automatically creates these special philly
aid links for each product and then we now have the opportunity to use this link, for example,
on your own website and if one person then visits the website and clicks on the
link and buys the product then gets he received a commission for it i
have affiliate links on my website for various software products that
i use myself for my daily work many people s seem to be interested in it and
that's why something like this is of course a good way to achieve a small additional 1 without
having to do a lot of work. That's of course a nice thing, but what
I personally think is even better is that as an affiliate you don't have direct customer contact
Didn't they own the product? You sell the product for other companies and if
a customer is dissatisfied with the product then you don't have to deal with any

Another advantage is that you have no or very little start-up costs.
Of course it is helpful if you have a website that costs maybe 50 euros per year
for all the hosting and that is really very low initial costs when you
compare it with other businesses and for this reason I always recommend to all people who either
want to learn online marketing or who want to try online a bit to make money
create your own website then try to get traffic for this website and later
monetize this website with the help of philipp marketing it is extremely time consuming
and not easy and if you try but still have no success no income
then you will still learn how to create a website how to get traffic for a
website how the whole online marketing works and that alone can
open a lot of doors for new job opportunities for a promotion or a higher salary and
if you start with the to get off to a good start with philipp marketing then there are still a few
important rules that you should definitely follow it is very important
to remain authentic as a lot of eade marketers if you just try to sell as many products as possible
then at some point nobody will take you seriously anymore because the people that too of course h see through that
is of course also because there is really a lot of trouble in affiliate marketing and believe
me you don't want to be that person because nobody likes people like that good morals are
extremely important in affiliate marketing your goal should always be the highest possible quality content
to create one that also helps other people and then there are guaranteed to be different
ways you can combine this with different branch products, but if you
just try to sell as many products as possible that you don't understand at all, you don't even
know what's there then you are guaranteed not to have long-term success with it so
much for theory first you should now know how field marketing is structured and how
it works next I will show you how to find products how to get a link for the
product and how much you can do with it can earn or how high the pr ovision are
the first losing program i want to show you is that amazon affiliate program
is currently also one of the largest for the eight networks that exist on the market so it is
simply a very good starting point if you plan to start with philipp marketing i
I am currently on the start page here you can register directly and create an account
you will also find the link to it again below in the video description and if you have
registered and created an account then you have the possibility of really every product
that you can also apply as an affiliate on amazon when registering you have to enter a
website or a social media account, for example your instagram account or a youtube
channel if you have something like that or anything else that means theoretically it is also possible
for amazon to be an affiliate to use the program without having your own website normally k
everyone can register for the amazon affiliate program without any problems and as soon as
you have sold the first product, amazon will check your application again, they will check that you are
not violating amazon's guidelines and very important you must do the first within 180 days
sell the product otherwise your account will be deleted and in the long term you must also
have at least one product purchase within 180 days because otherwise you would have to do the whole registration all over
again the commission has a few differences with some products it is
a bit higher with other products is a bit lower here it always depends on
what exactly the product is and what product category it is in the highest
commission you can currently get is 12 percent but that
can change at any time about 12 years ago amazon had the Remuneration pretty much reduced I know
au I don't even remember how much it was back then, but I think it was about five to ten percent
higher than it is today and you just had to be aware that you really are dependent
on amazon and that amazon can decide from one day to the next that the
commission is only five or ten percent and no longer the twelve percent as it is today,
for example below you will also find another overview of the commission you will
find here the section how do I earn money with this program and if you click on learn
more then a table opens again with the commission and there you will find how much
commission you can get for certain product categories we can also take a
closer look at the table on the left side you will find, for example, an overview of the different
product categories there are and to the right you will find the sales and these sales
then determine how much commission you get for all the products sold, for example
, amazon fashion has a commission of 10 percent for all sales below 15,000 euros and
for all sales over 15,000 euros there is even a commission of 12 percent for the
remuneration Distinguished between directly qualified sales and indirectly qualified
sales a directly qualified sale that is a product he buys also in the
same product category it if for example you hate a foundling for a vacuum cleaner
and a person clicks on the link and then buys the same vacuum cleaner then that is That's a Direct
Qualifying Sale or if the person buys another vacuum cleaner then that's also
a Direct Qualifying Sale and if a person clicks on the link and buys a product
from another category then you'll still get a commission for
that but that's it only at 1.5 percent The sale must also always take place within 24 hours, which
means that if a person clicks on the link and buys any product on Amazon within 24 hours
, you will definitely receive a commission for it and if the person clicks on the
link and only If you buy any product after 25 hours , you will no
longer receive a commission for it and on the far right of the table you will also find the commission for an
Amazon influenza page.

This is a very good alternative for people who may not have their own
website but only on different social media channels and for an
amazon influenza page you have to register again via a different way you will find the link to it
again below in the video description and if you have registered for
it then you have the possibility to create your own to create an amazon page and on this page
you can then go to various products add you can of course edit the products at any time
you can add new products you can remove products but in terms of commission
it's actually exactly the same these are first the most important basics you now know
how to register for the amazon affiliate program and you know roughly how much commission
you can get the whole registration process i will skip in this video but it is
really not that difficult you really cant do anything wrong and it only takes
a few minutes i already have an account so i want to show you how next you
find your way around the user interface and how you manage to create your first
philly ettling i am on the start page of my amazon will ea account in the middle you can see
an overview of the earnings for the last 30 days all the clicks are here too
displayed again and at the bottom you will find an overview of the income i have earned a total of
18 euros in the last 30 days with the amazon affiliate links and
the links were clicked a little over 500 times in total on the right side you will also find
a summary of the current month you see how many products were sold how
much income you made with it how many clicks were achieved and how high the intermediate
rate is it is not high income that I achieve with it I use the affiliate links
but also only in my video description for the microphone that I use or
the camera that I use in case anyone is interested but it is not an additional
effort for me either, so it is one thing that you can definitely take with you then
you will also find a few in the upper area in the menu more functions most of them
you don't actually need that you have here for b example the possibility to create partner links
but there is a much easier way we can do that i
will show you again in a moment then there are different widgets that you probably do
n't need either there are different offers and promotions and that The only thing you need at
the moment is stripe, which is a tool with which you can create many links directly on amazon

I will show you that right next to it. You can also find the reports here
to look at for a longer period of time but
otherwise there are really no other functions here that you really need
so we can next look at how you can create a foundling and in this area it
is explained how this so-called side stripe works you don't have to install anything for it either
just go to with the gle I register the access data that you also use for
the amazon partner net and then the cites drive is automatically displayed and you
can use it to create your favorites. If I open amazon, for example, then
stripe is currently displayed at the top and I can now search for any specific product search e.g.
headphones and then i can select a product and when you have done that you can
click on text at the top left and then the affiliate link for this product will be displayed automatically
you also have the option of clicking on the image then an html will appear here code created and
you can then use this html code on your website and then
the image will also be displayed on your website and in this image in front of ultimately the philly ettling and if
a person clicks on it and buys a product then you get one commission for it and then
you also have the option of creating both at the same time text and the image then
you will also find a preview of what it looks like and if you would like to
embed it on your website or somewhere else then simply copy the html code and
paste it wherever you want the link would like to use is yes and that's actually all you
need to know if you plan to promote amazon products as an affiliate as you have seen it is
really very easy to set up the whole thing and that's why amazon is really a great loser
program especially for beginners next I want to show you a few more programs
that are very popular in germany and through which you can also find a few other
products one of the largest branch networks is akin the whole application process
is a bit more complicated compared to amazon here you really have to prove it that
you have a website and that you also get traffic to this website mt if you want to
do paid advertising for a specific company then you have to apply to the company first.
The company then looks at your profile in your profile.
Of course you have to provide information about your website how much traffic you get and so on And
the company then decides whether you also have a suitable amount of money for the product that they
offer or not and then the intro can be that for some companies
you can't even advertise the products as an affiliate and in Arabia there are completely different products
than on amazon you will find on the left side, for example, different sectors you can
set a few filters, for example, there are also many financial products, you can
select loans, for example, and then you will find here various providers who offer loans
and then of course it can be these too Apply credits as an affiliate There are various
versic there are also credit cards and if you create content for such products then
you can of course also advertise these products as an affiliate there is also the
telco area as an area which i can remove for now and in the telco area there is for
example also internet providers there are mobile contracts here there are different software
download titles webhosting and so on really completely different areas that
are not covered by the amazon affiliate program then there is also the travel
area here there are airlines hotels overnight stays cruises rental
cars travel agency trains and so on then I would like to show you the gis tor 24 here you can also register really
quickly and easily in the top right corner you will find the marketplace and if you
click on it you will find an overview of all of them products that can be found on kisdorf
24 and d what is special about the gis tor 24 are the products you will find here mostly
digital products if you scroll down a bit you will also find events
and seminars that you can advertise as an affiliate you will find a few services here
and also a few shipping products But of the digital products, there really are the most.
You have the largest selection here and the gis tor 24 has also become known that you can advertise
too much money for the most part online courses via the store and accordingly also
achieve high commissions with it.

In some cases, there are here are a few extraordinary products,
for example from the area of dating relationship from the a ea of personality development politics and busines
law and law, eric dance and music p ts are really products that you won't f
nd everywhere and if you want to advertise a product then just click on it I can
for example the animals and Select pets and here we will now see over 100
results, i.e. over 100 products from this category, which I can advertise as an affiliate
and you can also see that you can really earn a fairly high commission
with a sale of this product you can earn over 30 euros the product is of
course very popular that you can see from the popularity and that is of course one thing where
you should always be a bit careful is because many people are already advertising the product then
it is of course also much more difficult for you to sell this product and earn income from it
that's why you also have the option to use the search function, for example,
you can sort all the results by release date here you will find
the latest products and of course the chance is a bit higher that few people
have advertised this product so far here we have it now the product becomes a pfe rde magnet and if you
would like to promote it and help people to become a horse magnet
then simply click on promote now and then the philly aid link or the
promo link will be displayed here and you can use this link Then also embed it on your website and if
a person clicks on it and then buys the product then you get 65 euros commission for
it There are of course other Phillippe programs For example 100 partner programs dot de or and actually 80 to 90 percent of all have it
Do you run an affiliate program? That's why I would simply recommend that you simply google the name of the company
and write the branch or partner program behind it and then you're guaranteed to find a
result like that and if you've found a company or a product then the work can start
let's get started you have to find people who refer to your philly aid lin ks click and they also
buy something because otherwise you will of course not get any commission there are different ways
you can get traffic but first it is important that you understand the difference between paid
traffic and organic traffic paid traffic that is for example google apps
facebook ads instagram ads and so on so traffic you have to buy first you
pay publicly usually it's between one and two euros but it can also vary a lot
depending on how high the quality of the click is paid traffic that's definitely the case case
the easy way but 99 percent of all people who try that are guaranteed to
make losses that's simply because ppc advertising has become quite expensive in recent years
you also have to get people to click on your ad to stay on your website
and then click on the affiliate link again and then in the end also buy the product
so that you can generate any income with it of course it is possible and it
is a calculation if you manage, for example , that your income is higher than your
expenses then you can of course scale the whole thing up very quickly with paid advertising and
if you are now thinking about using the branch sounds easy directly in the ad
don't even try google and facebook they don't like it at all your advertising account it's
guaranteed to be blocked immediately and it's just an extremely annoying process so it's best to start with it
That's not the only reason I prefer organic traffic in affiliate marketing.
It's of course more trustworthy.

It's more sustainable. The traffic is also free, but of
course you have to be patient. You really have to invest a lot of time and that's also
the reason why most people fail because of it and if you from organic traffic speaks
then it really only means that you optimize content for the search engine or for the algorithm
so that the content is also displayed when a person searches for it i myself started
a small philipp marketing project about two years ago i just wanted to
take a look how it all works i took a month to do it i
created a website for a very special product and then i really
published a blog post every day for a month and optimized each blog post for different keywords that
was an incredible amount of work but the website two years later still gets more
than 50 visitors a month the website is about 20 to 30 euros from well of course that's not
much but it shows that it works but you really have to put in a lot of time
if you plan to do several hundred or earn a thousand euros a month that The whole
thing is of course easier if you create content for which you are also interested, which you
understand and which give you pleasure.

At the same time, of course, you should also try
to create content with a purchase intention, if that is possible, because of course you will also
earn a little commission and if you have a website then you can publish the content on
different platforms and you can then always send the traffic back to
your website, i.e. the website is a bit of the basic framework in affiliate
marketing and that’s why I want you as a next briefly show you how to create a new
website if you want to create a new wordpress website you first need a
hosting provider and the hosting provider i will use in this video means all inclusive
point comes this hosting provider is currently one of the cheapest providers in Germany There
are different packages for web hosting, for example the private package I will also
use this for this tutorial.

It costs five euros per month. An additional euro is added because
you also need an SSL certificate. Then there is also private plus if you For example
wanting to use up to five domains means wanting to have five different websites
and then there are also 14 domains for the same tariff and for 20 the cheapest tariff is the
private tariff so you can use a total of 3 domains that’s all inclusive and the
first three months it's also free I'll click on the order and
then you have the option in the next section to enter a domain name directly and
to check whether it's available then you have to enter your personal data then
you'll get an unlock Code sent I would recommend you to do it simply by SMS n
you can also do it by post but that takes two to three working days and in the end you have to
add your payment information you have the option of using a monthly statement
you can of course pay for the whole thing in advance for the next three years
and then you will also get a discount depending on which period you want to stay then
you can check all your data again and complete the order afterwards you
will be sent the activation code directly which you have to enter briefly and then you can
activate a tariff or account directly You can then log in via the customer login in the top right corner.
You will receive the access data by e-mail.

There is a
members area with all inclusive. You can edit all your contractual things there
and then there is also the gas area, which is the technical management in this
area we will shortly wordpres s and then there is also webmail and the ftp area
in which we don't need the customer number for the masseria

then go to the gas area i.e. to access the technical administration i
will register briefly and then i will show you how you set everything up in this area you can
view and download your invoices you can also
create the ssl certificate in this area the ssl certificates just makes sure that you have a secure connection if you click on the lock
next to the left next to the domain name, for example, then you will see that this
connection is secure and you get something like that with the ssl certificate and if you don't have that
then one will be insecure connection is displayed and it can happen that a person
cannot access your website But first we go to the technical administration you will find this on
the left side and in this area we can install wordpress next for
me the cast area has not yet been activated it will take a few minutes so
you may have to be patient there If it looks the same for you, in the
meantime the area has been activated for me.

It actually took a little longer than
thought and if it takes a little longer for you or you have any problems then
you can also write the support via e-mail at any time and they
usually get back to you within a few hours if it looks the same to you and you can select the cast area
then you simply click on the login and then the technical administration will open
in a new tab and you will find it on the left various functions in this
area you will find e.g. the domains at the very beginning ng in this area you have the opportunity to create a
new domain and here you will also find the domain you chose at the beginning i
took the domain staubsauger experte 24 punkte de i would also recommend
a very precise domain for a philly aid website choose names and then
publish different blog posts really only for this product category you can
compare products and so on there are many different ways you can do
and if you specialize in one product then it is easier to build trust in this area
faster so and if you want to install wordpress then you click
on the left side on the software installation here you will find different programs that
you can install what i would recommend you to use is wordpress this is a
content management system which is really designed for that became possible writing a lot of blog
posts and publishing a lot of content and of course that's exactly what you need
if you want to create an affiliate website because you can use all the blog posts
to ensure that you get regular free traffic for your website rende
wordpress then you simply click on next in the next step you have to
select your domain and then you can click on next if this is your first website then
you can also skip the next step then a new database will be created and in the end
you have to use your user has a username or set the log in information for your wordpress
website as a username you can simply use your own name or the name from
the website you can also generate the password automatically then you must also enter
your e-mail address at the end tick the box that you the whole hint e and then
you can start the installation directly and then you are already done with it
wordpress and it has been installed all the access data you will also receive again by e-mail
and then you will find in this interface also directly in the url or the link you
can use to log into your wordpress website you can click on it briefly then open the page
and then you have to enter your username and password in this area
that you just created this page you should also save it and if you
want to edit your wordpress website or create new blog posts then
you can log in here directly and then you can make all the changes and this is what
the user interface looks like in wordpress the website that has now been created I can also
go back very briefly in this area here there is also the button at the bottom
that z access data should be sent by e- mail you should
click on it again so that you also have the data in your e-mail inbox and next I
will show you how to set up your wordpress website for that I will go back to wordpress
Dashboard The first thing I would recommend you to do is to clean up the dashboard.
You can do this by clicking on Customize view in the top right and then you can
remove the ticks everywhere and then close it again and then you have
a clean one view and if you want to call up your website then you can do that
by simply hovering your mouse over your domain name in the top left corner below
you will find the text for the website and if you click on it it will open automatically in
your website that is of course still a big mess but how you clean it up
and I'll show you that first e i create an ssl certificate for this website
if you look to the left of the domain name, for example, then you will see that this website or
this domain is not secure and that is because we do not have an ssl certificate yet and the
ssl certificate is one thing which you can activate again in all inclusive, that's why I
'm going back to the technical administration.

Here you will find the domains on the left-hand side.
You have to click on them briefly and then you want to edit on the right-hand side next to a
domain from you will find you in this area an ssl protection and if you
click on edit here again then you can activate this ssl protection and because I have the cheapest
all inclusive tariff the ssl certificate is not included with me so i have to
unlock it first and you can do that in the do members area that's why i go back in this
area clique then on the left side on di e additional options then it may be that
you have to log in again then i click on the additional options in this area and then
you will find the ssl extension in this area the ssl extension costs 95 cents per month
but this also applies to all websites If, for example, you
use three websites with a private tariff, then you only have to pay once for the ssl extension and
you automatically have the ssl certificate for each website.

There is also the option of
paying for the whole thing in advance, then you get another one Discount I select
the monthly payment then click next then you still have to conclude the contract
and confirm everything and then you can next activate the ssl certificate in the technical administration
I would recommend you to do the lockout again briefly and
then you can log in again, then you go back to the technis che administration and
click on the quartz lock in then you get the domain then click on edit on the right side
then you go to the ssl protection and then you have the option to
activate the ssl certificate you just have to check the box and then click again briefly on the button below
and then the ssl certificate will also be directly activated force ssl you should
also set it to yes then save the changes and that's about all you had to do in
this area can take a few minutes it will take a while until the ssl certificate is also active on
your website i can call up the website and update it again currently
the insecure connection is still displayed here and now the connection is also displayed as secure
this means that the ssl certificate is now active and if a user uses your visited the website
then no more error messages are displayed then I go back in the wordpress
dashboard you can do this by simply
going to the domain name on the top left and then clicking on dashboard then I have to log in again and then you are in the
backend area of your wordpress website on the l ft side you will find it menu you can use this area to
find your way around your account you can select different areas here
for example we have the start page at the top here is usually a small overview
of your website there are various widgets that you can add or
boxes that you can add Below you will find the posts This is
actually one of the most important areas for a slide website because under the posts you have the
option to create new blog posts you can do this by simply clicking on create and then
an empty page will be displayed and you can do that then fill with text you can products
describe you can compare products and then you can of course also
add your philippe links in this area below you will find the media there you can upload pictures and
videos and any other things that you would like to use in your blog posts or on your
website and subpages can you create subpages from your website
i can click on it briefly it looks the same as the area for the blog posts
here you can also simply click create and then you can set up a new subpage for
your website under the comments you can then long-term edit all the comments
that you get for various blog posts and under the design function you
have the option of editing the basic structure of your website the basic structure that is
always a team how can you click on it briefly and then you will find different themes
between them n you can choose the team that is currently selected here that is twenty twenty
one that is the city since wordpress was discontinued you can also delete all the other teams
first by clicking on it briefly and then clicking on delete at the bottom right so that
the whole thing here a bit looks cleaner and you can of course select a completely new
team by simply clicking on the button add a lot in the top left and
then you will find many different templates that you can choose from.

You also have
the option of filtering by certain functions, for example you select a blog
and then click on apply filter i personally am a fan of the astra
you can also enter that in the search in the top right corner with this team you really have a lot of functions
that you can use you also have a lot of freedom to customize the design as well you would like to
have it is that's why I will install this team and then activate it directly and
then I can delete the other one as well so it's a bit cleaner here and if
I call up the website again in a new tab then the page looks completely
different than before because we're now a have a completely new team and
you can also customize the whole area that you find here by going back to the wordpress dashboard
and then clicking on customize under design then you will be automatically forwarded to the fim settings
and here you will find on the left side lots of different areas
that you can edit on the right side you will find a preview mode directly so that
you can also see how the changes affect your website there is also a
pro version of astra but usually the free version is sufficient, especially
if yours is your first website and you just want to test a few things for For example,
there are the global settings here, how do you have the option of adjusting the typography, i.e.

The font
, for the entire website then you will find color settings here, you can adjust the entire
color palette, you can adjust the container , this is the design of your website,
for example, you can do that make it smaller and then the whole area is placed a bit more centrally
in the middle by a container width of at least 1100 you should
choose that so that it is also compatible with most devices you can adjust the layout in
this area, i.e. if you use a box layout If you want that's a layout that
we have already selected here you also have the option of using a full width then if
you don't have these boxes then it's really all completely white and flows into each other
I personally think the box layout is really good and then you can also again for
the Seitenla So yout adjust the layout for the subpages on your website and exactly the
same for the blog posts then you will find in this area also settings for
the buttons here you can adjust the design and adjust the color and adjust the text
and so on and then you will find the header area here you can adjust the title of your page
and also adjust the menu we currently have no menu in the menu you can then
add the whole pages from your website which will then be displayed in the top right corner
for this was necessary of course first create the whole pages then you will also
find setting options for your blog here you can choose how the preview of
a blog post should be you can adjust the design and then there are also a
few more setting options for the individual blog posts you have everything that should
be displayed there and so on that can If you take your time and look at everything again later I just
wanted to show you very briefly that this area exists and you can adapt
the whole design and layout of your website here I'll go back first
and then find you also have the various plug-ins in the wordpress dashboard
with a plug-in you can activate additional functions for your website i would
recommend you to use the plugins as sparingly as possible because some plug-ins also
have security gaps and with every plugin you hear the chance that Your website can
be hacked and sometimes there can also be interactions between different plugins and then
your website may no longer work at some point , but it always depends a
bit on which functions you would like to have and which plugins make the most sense for this
are otherwise you will find on the left page nor the user area here you
have the option of giving other people access to your website and in the settings
you can adjust a few general things about your website I can also
click on it briefly here you can, for example, change the title of your customize the website and the
subtitle and the most important area in the settings is actually the reading area
here you have the option of selecting a homepage, i.e.

A page to which a user is
forwarded when he visits your website here only a simple page is currently displayed
because I haven't created any pages yet, but you can create a new page under the pages area on the left
that you would like to use as the start page and if
you choose here then it will always be displayed Exactly the same you have to do for your blog posts
do you have to create a page first this page da Then it is the overview page for
your blog posts and if you want to go here as a post page then a person will be
forwarded to this overview page if they click on blogs in the menu, for example, and then
all the individual blog posts will also be displayed in this area .

I can I'll show you that again
very briefly. I just click briefly on page clique, then click create in the top left
and then I briefly enter the title here and write a start page clique here, then click
publish and then I go back to wordpress clique and click create again And
if I write a blog here click on publish go back and then I go back to the
settings click on read and then I can select a static page here and then the start page is
displayed here and the blog page I then save the whole thing and can then
theoretically create a menu directly by clicking on design c lique and then select the menus
then you have to give your menu a name first i call it simple menu clique then bottom
right on create menu and then you click on the left side on show all pages and
then i can here for example the start page and the select a block then click on add to the menu
and then this will be displayed on the right side and then I
can save the menu directly.

Of course you also have to select the menu in the four
settings by clicking on customize under designs and then You will find the menus in the bottom left corner,
you will get a quick look and then it was already automatically selected, so I
don't have to adjust anything here anymore, it is now also displayed in the top right corner and if you
want to create a blog post then you click just click on posts then you click on create
and then you can give your blog post a title then you can describe your products in this area
or compare products you can add a picture of a new product
and then of course you can also add your affiliate links here you can
link the affiliate link in a text by simply marking the text then you will find it
here this sign and then you can add your philly ettling here if you use the
amazon affiliate program for example then you can select a product here and
then just click on the text and copy the command link out then you go back
to the post for the animal enters the link then you can select that the link or tab
should be opened in a new window and this way you can add the filly aid links in
a blog post if you make any changes and then of course you
have to publish it as well that will be taken over and then I can also use the site
hmal update here the menu is now displayed and if i click block clique then i find
here the blog posts the post hello world this is a standard blog post that is created right at
the beginning you can of course delete it directly you can find it here in which
you simply click on the recycle bin and then i go back updated that and then
it also disappears directly and if i now click on the clique in the blog post then
the text that i just created is displayed here the philly at link which has not been copied here now
is there I probably did something wrong, that's why I go back
briefly, click on edit, select the text again, click on it for the
link again and confirm it again with enter, update the blog post and then go
back to the page, it also updates it times and now the left one is also displayed and
when I click on it here and then you see that behind the domain a very long url is
displayed this is the philly at link this url contains all the information or
all the cookies that are set and above that all the information is stored that
this philly ettling belongs to me and if a person buys something through this link,
i get a commission for it and it's all passed on to amazon via this long url yes
and that's it you now know what affiliate marketing is and how it works
i personally find that in philipp marketing It's really a great thing for anyone who
wants to learn something new or just wants to understand the internet a little better.

At the same time, you
have the opportunity to generate an additional source of income without taking any big risks.
If you liked the video and were able to learn something new then I would of
course be happy if you liked the video ei give a thumbs up subscribe to the youtube
channel if you haven't already, thanks again for watching and
hopefully see you in the next video.

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