Affiliate-Marketing und Recht – Was musst du beachten!

Hello everyone, there are
two of us live again today: Sabrina is here and I am Katrin Hill, Facebook marketing expert. Today I want to squeeze the Sabrina for the right when it comes to sharing affiliate links. I'll explain exactly what that is in a moment. First of all, I would like Sabrina to
introduce herself briefly and tell you when did
affiliate marketing even start and then maybe I will explain again to those who
do not yet know what that means exactly. Sabrina, tell me, what are you doing exactly, who are you. I'd love to. My name is Sabrina Keese-Haufs. I have been dealing with the whole subject of IT law and especially online marketing law for years. I like to be on Facebook a lot myself, so it made sense to say, I also like to do Facebook rights in quotation marks. Exactly, that's my area and yesterday I already said a bit about Jeff Bezoes and divorce books, where some people thought what that has to do with affiliate marketing.

Quite simple, maybe it's just a legend, but they say that Jeff Bezoes was at a cocktail party in 1996 and a lady spoke to her and said: Watch out, I have a portal for divorces because you could somehow get
divorces back then process online and you also have books about divorces if you
now put aside with me then probably sold more to the
chain agent video on the changed claim it was back then because of total
war arose exactly there linked the story of
loses marketing on the subject they say always passive income I
have to work harder for it I can give you two examples where
I lose marketing efforts and work so that technically
I sell something strange that means something and no longer heard and
get a commission and technically solved that so that I can a certain
code where you can get a certain url that somehow has my body in it
and you se hen everything is different, for example portals where we can do
that kisdorf 24 points the story
offers if i don't have my products full i can say okay sabrina you
could sell my links in my course and get a
commission for it yes that means me I use it,
for example, when I present my technology, which
I have always fresh for live videos, listed on my website my tools
, what I use and then I lost left tons,
I always say that when I do it very well I know and can absolutely
recommend it to others, but I have already done things there, for example
, when I sell other third-party courses, I also
sometimes just briefly mentioned the third-party courses or I even did the
entire lounge you can perhaps still remember I have
the song balance made for a whole week i sent people to a stranger for a
short while shows the loss again and again ert left and is
then a cookie is set via this link, i.e.

the cookies are not deleted at the certain widths then it measures
every time, even if a week later then buys love course if at some point it was
my life then I still get my
commission depends on how long this watch is stored,
usually 90 or 180 days at amazon, for example if I have
an amazon affiliate link then it doesn't matter which product I buy that
day for 24 hours product i buy the person who i got the link from
gets the commission example that i can use this technology
to earn a little money i say a little bit about
amazon for example there is not much left
then but it is in the american curves and
dominants very common that 50 percent of the sale is given away
but there you can still make real money en the very different things you
get for sale you then drive you with the sale, that is what
the seller then has to determine himself but and here we go
that is of course nice and good if
we do that when we dust off most of the money in the end and
we have already discussed with marina if we do that is a
mandatory labeling requirement because marina may have to have the same power to
tell and almost no one says about but tell us what you
actually have to do if we are so lost we just use it as Some people see advertising, but also
do advertising, even in June a little bit of bacon the banker would not offer any money
because many also say yes, there are still
products sent or if it is still under construction, we all
know hermann hötker then one also says it does you don't even make the signature
the ballet on the other side is also definitely
correct and good of it but tro But also advertising, which many have in mind advertising
only when I get money but that is not or for a car backup
and marketing also includes that is also the point or that is used
to different things about christian canestrini ed
markey to do whether that is mainly explained through a contract of the health insurers or
also when I say we want to want we do not
create a problem together simply like a kind and what you have to consider in the bgh, however, said
by both parties product close i don't want to have any terms
people said i was but we do n't have a
clue because then do the two top i'm excited said succinctly i
don't get a commission that explains the format and you are
no longer so of course always important sometimes you think as if you are walking with the
customer newspaper but you are allowed to do so Of course, you don't even get the ideal one
anyway, probably by not giving a judgment to
gemma or suing someone en would probably not be enough
old people's home say advertising so would have the roof through your bank where they
say warm work with a partner together so amazon comes
after a week also extranet they want then that also
comes before the word advertising support Not for fun either, but because of
course they also work with the legal department and over seems
over complicated and where that if we do n’t have to do it in Germany, we
don’t have to say that’s lost, but we have to say that it’s
advertising that would be more correct exactly you can of course also
be forwarded at 2, but i don't get a commission i do
advertising for anderson products or for this season products important something also of
course the labeling on the second station also done you
can look there and go over it on the school page written because
some make that at some point you didn't even have a star the
history already know
nearby, of course, ideally at the link or drive over the link or has always freed my
whole has quite and clearly you can
simply go up, compact in principle, via donations, on the other hand, choose normal
and then call it advertising then you are Definitely on the safe
side because that would be a warning, just like one and a half
stories with us, and just because someone else would say yes,
unfortunately, a lot of people will not do it again so that my
research headquarters will then choose themselves The pictures could have been discovered immediately after the
purchase and of course it sounds like 200 that you don't even know
what keeps me interested who of the viewers only makes it simple
write my comments yes that you already lose links may have to
or no if you don't does and she still says about me I would like
to know now if it comes down to you have on the w ebseite explained so
should be clearly visible the same endermann several links, for
example, marked in the upper area leg that is now on facebook
if we have a link there, so to speak I like to do that was because of a lost
link then make it chic again example with linking so how I don't find it
ideal because please take the link and a short sentence I don't have to
cover the link now everyone must have clicked me with how many people have clicked on me
but it is, for example, the
plug-in pretty wings statistics how many people have faked time the putin
link that got me kathrin help completely
amazon price and then forwards on my about not far from amazon and
have bet directly on kobe yes forward to now
i have to make clear with every facebook post i knew that it is here advertising
is clearly so that should do it
but I think you wouldn't
mind it, I always think it will r and will not be from what the still again and again what is
behind it not bad because of course consumers or suspect again yes
no longer pay me already from the tactics on the technology bake
and play that is also sold well still to people who still fall below
and I am also thinking about processing with now everyone in
portans forbid that in the conditions better from but dolls there
are of course in addition to the end of high-resolution but also other
portals of course where you either say a word and then I close
one contract for a third if you will and therefore also the
relationship must not be used the men ultimately make their own tools
apparently cannot even notice or have no idea what kind of
kindergarten house if the raised rate and maybe still and
switch that always always please Read through a few numbers
under conditions even with these conditions there is exactly one
place the word resident should otherwise be on your side
because I can also find something that you can find this course first to find
the emmerbach not only makes the question you have to say it's nice if it's
well hidden then it should in any case then already once done exactly there
we do a download not in the download what he has to pay attention to and
could also include with you from sabrina that i was allowed to do directly after
the video here in the comment or can i do
sabrina again what is Now, if I don't do it that way, I'll be honest with
you, I didn't always do that when a few people
said good advertising in the facebook post, now I'll start again and
don't make it so obvious I say, for example, I have the
post affiliate links and have the note that it is advertising maybe a
comment underneath to not be very obvious now it was
probably again can say a lle love and we also know that
most of them will be fit again and they will become more and more clear go yes the
mega star was yes the further development also go of course a little
will of course is not only if you are now doing advertising or advertising
as The only thing that is clear is that I can also
best know what can determine Kate can of course and in the
warning received from a competitor yes from competitors or
consumers all if she says that is not so I go there is the
advertising as I said plays or I don't have to do any
advertising at all, I just struggle to say that I
mentioned that again in passing, that even if I now also
talk about product prices and about what they show then that about the
soundtrack may also be a little less critical in principle but also
with videos video topic also more and more now also advertising or
permanent advertising what you understand when the at dm em and there you can get 1000 euros
sometimes I'm not surprised and then it is clear how of course on the
screen and watching also works correctly because you
don't have the link now or that describes the ones
who do it on thursday in bonn as never before is also probably
unlikely there but also the portals or also in companies and you
must not be cold of course the things were conditions of use
violated proceed against it so I think that will not be so dramatic
think clearly whether you think about
it is just clear something Advertising is exciting so I think you have to be
a bit careful, I have understood that correctly, there
is really no right judgment or I am now learning the guidelines,
but we have not yet clarified in court
, so we have not and so it does not at all behind vw variant
my type of advertising was the gradation i would go away d as of
course always good, of course, always a bit
more strictly weigh up whether you can live with it a warning because somebody many
, I also believe that maybe not the current state of affairs and the
time is really a completely different thing
on board that is also simply from the account to other than affiliate marketing
because you can't go back and say what I know
michael vassiliadis also another topic that we can include,
i would say that was this basic framework for the time being, I would definitely like
to ask here At the beginning then you would have questions on the subject of affiliate
marketing and what to look out for is considerable
berlin your comment even if we are no longer very happy
we then look regularly again on the button and further
deeper questions may be subject of competitions we will take
next probably also or we are already thinking about
whether even So there was a bit of
feedback here in the comment below which topic you
have been legally observing facebook shops with me or competitions what you like to pay attention to
below in the comment because that was again great feedback
I already have in the comment legs in there that means in there what
exactly describes in the download now also again with the program but
today I said you also have the left-hand side of the hidden partner
stories, everyone got it I just like that again and again
The more it is all easy to post
as vice again from a tourist point of view, once again activated marketing
because today we like to continue here and as always when you
then download but there is no problem here because small not that
he bought me but otherwise exactly I would be happy I now have a few more questions to
get in cost asks for example , where use would be legally okay and
now it’s longer rumors say he would include that as
subtitles section of the restraint yes because probably after as an example
and only then I like to do a bit of advertising for content that was mentioned in the
pot kraft and blog if you There I get a
small commission that doesn't cost you any more and enables me to receive the
platform yes, yes, there is an indictment fighting and advertising, but something else occurs to me,
I am, too, I myself offer links for people who
want to sell my products like that Guaranteed correct because not every mouse but
I also have to pay attention to something legally or is then ultimately the responsibility
for the relief itself not more than 100 links so give it as important up to two
weeks really silly but the use in full has made
deliberate definition that is so from a purely legal point of view, it will actually come about
without having to
think twice about it r makes you because if less an understandable one is
legally liable without you to copy so on the green quotation marks that is
still correct when you get things out I'm good that no product but still
makes the logo for example java then mutated
you can get a free license from you you know that you can just for a short time on
saturday just for a certain period of time as we work together may use my logo,
for example, or move the legs so the sent delic and leg should
determine the advertising on the natural and which limits where else possibly commits the
brands in june were alex if you are now of a special not necessarily
provided so by uncritical but of course no matter
seeing the pictures there again at all that does not automatically mean
that you can use the pictures available so when a series is made available
by the platform then I'll go too but that or seven years
I'll do it as something different and exactly like that and so I would
like to where may I also, for example by having extra dropbox folders for the fourth
where I can then use a database for all three
, whether he wanted it or wine marketing but with that chrysler So if I say
a customer of mine uses mainz as an example, loses a link and makes a
mistake, that means she may be warned by a competitor
and then I can be held responsible for all burgio yes there will continue to be
both brand or then only he I am prosecuted because she made the mistake
and I am especially nervous in the economy now in the case I
would expect every day and something
like that, the dependence on the communities their abortion that they say
you are tax less that is a bit like fulfilling them,
please, I use a person, I give to all the things we have
and the data that only whether one also no ch the pedestal only from whether I give him
says you can also define that will not assume any liability
purely theoretically could give legitimate protection on your pictures
that he can not even after , so if I
send him this video, for example, but not to then the
liability rests with you again or then I still have it from the few
possibilities on it I don't believe in it I no longer plan
because if I have the platform that would still be garnished with the contract with which
it would only have to be and then Is there, for example, a
suitable predecessor, how is one with the deletion and the importation
contract with the family forbidden to break open after his arrest and
effects where hardly any documents the question of whether the gardener and then
there is still but that worked out I document it really clearly
to the people that it is always the better that it is
explained and the better you can run for a few days en and me not and
nothing can be calculated what is right, I believe that the
way I do it, not that you don't allow everyone to eat now but that you
really choose me a lot and first price says that your own
will recommend properly schneider element and i only work
with teenie star, for example, because the technology is not resolved in this way

can i say on facebook in my info page
that all further links are advertisements in the
posts or something is too hidden the dishes otherwise not always so
everything we find here advertisement is exaggerated and thus also
given up again on the train that means The current Bavarians are always
short of their advertising on google the ec hten weapons that would of course
also be on a trip weblog would then really imagine if I do
n't read any more so which blog one from here
I still have no bombs I don't know if I describe back there
would have to years of thanks a bomb or not at all internet always better
than not having it at all that is always done well has stood
it would of course be better if you already noted on the page
after that in the post, for example, the ball super very nice
I think that first clarifies most of the questions as I said consolation happy to answer your
questions on the topic you have in the comments
and then I have been between stop shops are probably not bad
as you can then more and more the data can also be seen in belfast and
donate again many things that have been clarified
we start with the fact that between and then he still takes care of
working thank you sabrina many thanks for your input for
all of us n have not downloaded the link yet, the link is in
the real estate comments and I just grab the
description again, thank you very much again, very straight the entire legal
history I can't cover myself I'm not a lawyer and sabrina
is here simply our experts on the topic and that's why we want to be able to improvise here
I am very happy that you were there ,
I wish you a nice day and a lot of fun with the affiliate
link, and I know thank you
Sabrina and then until the next legal interview

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