Affiliate Marketing Website UPDATE! Year 2 Profits Revealed

hey miles here this video is the year two update for my affiliate marketing case study website build two years ago i started a brand new website in a niche that i'm not an expert in to see if it was possible to grow a website up to three thousand dollars per month revenue from scratch now you're gonna learn about the crazy ride that's been over the course of two years all of the things that have happened and i've got all kinds of data how much money it's making how much money it's made in total the traffic and kind of what i'm working on now because i'm at a different phase in the business at this point in time you're going to get a lot of value from this video so let's jump into the presentation now i'm going to go ahead and move right onto the first slide which is the affiliate marketer's credo so we've got to start with the core ethos that i need to just keep reminding you of and that is that you will get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want and that's what we affiliate marketers do right we create content that ranks on the search engines so when a user of google goes and searches for what's the best chef's knife for left-handed cook they find wonderful content right so my income is relevant to how many people i'm helping and the quality of the content i'm publishing that actually helps them answer their questions and solve their problems so i do have a lot of previous updates for this if you go to youtube just right here search miles beckler affiliate marketing case study do you see the the one that i put in a box down below that's a playlist and it's got all of the videos relevant to this including the year one update i'm not going to cover everything i covered in the previous ones this is going to be new content and if you're like miles i just want to know how to do affiliate marketing i like i want the tactical step-by-step that's not what this is but i have that for you just search miles beckler affiliate marketing and it's this video it's about an hour 13 and it is a deep dive on the exact steps that you need to take to replicate this process and build out your own successful website online so let's jump right into the income how much money is this website making so in the last month okay so so the actual last calendar month which is may 1st through may 31st uh this site made 3705.83 you can see right here the screenshot from amazon i was 3 200 from amazon but i have a couple of other places that it's earning income from uh to the tune of about 500 more that's where that's why the total income number is a little bit higher and note i am not running advertising so i could turn on izolic or mediavine or even google ads to generate additional revenue um i just don't want to slow down my site and maybe i'll do it in the future maybe i won't so there's there's still money to be made they're still juiced to be squeezed now the total number of visitors right how many visitors to my website in that time period that same month did it take to generate that income it's 20 489 and you can see this graph is trending a little bit up and that's going to be important to know in a little bit because you're going to see how the the graph trended way down for a period of time and this is the full income okay so two years this website has made a total of eighty one thousand five hundred and fifty four dollars in two years so that's a little over forty thousand dollars per year is the average and as you can see do you see the first six or seven months it made nothing right like literally it took about 10 months for it to make its first thousand dollars so in that average it's obviously clumped together and you're also probably noticing there's a giant cliff that it fell off at one point in time and we will talk about what that cliff is where that came from and why that income dropped from over ten thousand dollars per month down to uh literally as low as about a thousand dollars per month at the lowest a few months later you'll understand what that is and how i'm getting it to bounce back up because you notice the graph is going back up at this point in time so let's kind of dig deeper into this now there's always going to be a correlation between the amount of content you're publishing and the revenue okay so the red line on this chart is the number of posts that i've published total now the red line the um the numbers for the red line are on the right side of the graph so where i got that first arrow where it says 80 points and nine months in that's where i made my first 100 now it's probably important for me to remind you that i've built multiple successful websites before this is not my first rodeo i made my first money online in 2003 and i've been full time at this since 2010.

So starting this in 2019 i've been full-time online for nine years at that point in time and it still took me full time going full speed ahead with this nine months to make my first 100 the key here for you is to remember that those first four months six months eight months nine months and more can be very difficult because you feel like you're putting in all this energy do you notice that red line it was going up at maximum speed and it took me putting 80 posts up before i generated enough traffic and enough clicks with the right kind of traffic to actually generate enough sales to make a hundred dollars and then the second arrow up there about four months ago that's the last post that i published i am not having more content written i'm not writing content i am doing things to improve the site at this point in time but i really feel like i've got all of the core posts that need to be up up so the costs of energy time money to keep the site going at this point are tiny and you can see the rewards are climbing back up so let's dig even deeper into this okay so this is the traffic and this is kind of like the annotated timeline of the entire kind of life cycle of this website so in total 782 346 visits in two years is what i've put up you can see on the far left of the timeline the first post was published it doesn't look like anything's happened um it took six months and 45 posts for me to make my first dollar online i made a dollar fifty that month and then you can see the third little arrow is where amazon cut the commissions so this is the first kind of crazy part of this roller coaster that i've been on that is this affiliate site build amazon cut my commissions in half right when the traffic was at a local high but we carried on anyways and then you can see 120 posts were published and that's about midway through and from that 120 post through the last post that was only about 30 posts published and then we have the december algorithm update now that's the big arrow in the middle kind of up on the right side and you can see that it the traffic literally just fell off a cliff and this is something that ultimately every online entrepreneur knows there's always platform risk the vendors that you're promoting amazon in this case can cut your commissions they can even close your account right and then the platforms that you're publishing to which in this case was google through seo they can change their algorithm and our websites can completely disappear from their algorithm right and then you see the little box i've got at the bottom right where it says recovery if you notice it's starting to go up at this point in time over the last couple of months we've been increasing in traffic we will zoom in on that in a moment but i want to kind of go big picture with you and help remind you that um if you've thought that making money online is easy um if you're following some gurus who are trying to make it sound simple and easy like you could make money in 30 days or 60 days as a full-time internet marketer with about 19 years experience making money online it still took me a very nine months to start making noteworthy income 10 months to make my first thousand dollars with this brand new website and then it's been a bit of a rocky ride and this is what we entrepreneurs do we take risk on everything in life has risk and reward okay everything we do there's a risk reward for it if you jump on an airplane there's risk driving to the airport okay there's risk in the airplane itself there's risk at whatever destination you go to but the reward of being there taking that vacation or doing whatever you're doing the reward is worth the risk so yes there's risk from amazon there's risk from affiliate vendors there's platform risk and this isn't just google right if you're running facebook ads into a funnel facebook could turn off your ad account and there's always going to be risk and that's okay as an entrepreneur you just need to understand that their risks are there and you need to move forward as best you can to try to stay in compliance with the platforms you're publishing on always focusing in houses working and being ready to adapt and evolve as we go which i'm going to share with you what i'm doing to adapt and evolve now that we are on the path so on this one we're looking in the recovery okay we're zooming in on that little box on the right and you can see month over month so this is may data compared to the month before that which is april data with one extra day because they don't have the same number of dates in the month you can see my traffic is up 45.9 right so i am actively going into the old content and improving it i'm not publishing new content and today it's taking me about two or three hours per week to just consistently go in make little improvements on a few posts consistently go in make little improvements on a few posts and this is the result of kind of that type of effort so let's talk about the total amount of energy and money invested in the asset now if you have watched this before you if you've seen my previous updates you know that i wanted to build this completely hands-off with outsourcing everything now you might not be in a position to do that and i understand it right i'm blessed in my life to have the cash flow and the abundance to invest in other people to build this for me but you need to remember that the money and the investment it's simply a replacement for time okay so if you don't have a bunch of money to invest that's fine you just put in your time and your energy writing and you can start this kind of a business for less than a hundred dollars which is exactly what my wife and i did on our first website in 2009 we co-founded a website we spent 95 dollars and 40 cents on hosting to get our domain and hosting up and we wrote and did all of the work ourselves and that site has now generated millions of dollars online so i am yes leveraging other people's energy by paying them money but you can go forth doing the work yourself now the total amount of money i've invested was sixty six thousand seven hundred and eighty one dollars now in the year one update which that playlist i mentioned above all the links are in the description below um in the year one update i was comparing this to a real estate investment so i was wanting to invest some monies and i was thinking about doing another rental another real estate investment but i decided to invest in a website to compare the two so the total money invested at this point in time was 66 781 dollars and in total it's about 3 400 hours over the course of two years which is about 30 hours per week so if you're putting in your time and your energy know that i've applied about 32 hours a week of life energy and again i've had the skills from building successful white light from building successful websites before so if it's your first one it might take a little longer but eventually you'll figure it out now in total like the grand total from all of the income that's come in and all of the money that's been invested i have profited over 14 000 now right now as of right now my current monthly expenses are about 185 dollars so just under under 200 for all of my expenses less a few hours per week of my time to go in and tinker with things which i'll explain here and the three tools is the ai tool that i'll talk about later the keyword research tool that i obviously talk about a lot on this and obviously web hosting because my site needs to stay up my minimum expected profits moving forward is 3 500 per month which is 42 000 a year so essentially over the course of two years from what is equivalent of about 3 400 hours of effort or from 66 000 in investment i've been able to build an asset that is now spitting out 3 500 per month now this destroys the potential of real estate okay so comparing like real estate investing to websites for me it is absolutely abundantly clear that for a 66 000 cash investment to get a full cash on cash return on investment within two years and a 3 500 per month cash flow positive cash flow without all the expenses of or risks of a roof or a water heater it is a far superior investment for me luckily i've got some skills that's obviously invest in what you know that's what i'm doing here and the other option is for me to sell this website right i could generate a gigantic payday so what would the website be worth well i went through a very common and very well-known website evaluator and i ran the numbers i followed it step by step put them into the t with 100 accurate and honest numbers the website is worth about 194 460 000 so if i wanted a big payday i could go essentially cash this thing out and i could go get a cash flow injection but i don't want the cash injection because that means i would have to pay taxes on this and i don't really want to increase my tax liability i actually like having that cash flow because this cash flow is paying for my dream car which i just posted on instagram so if you haven't seen i bought a six-figure dream car it's incredible uh miles beckler um but so it's it's literally it's paying for my mortgage and it's paying for my dream car that was a six-figure dream car i'm just gonna let it sit i'm just gonna let it ride i'm gonna let this asset pay for those two liabilities and i'm just going to carry on enjoying my life this is the potential you can literally build skills while you're learning you could build an asset from your time and energy and that asset can ultimately be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars and it can generate the kind of cash flow that you need now i want to talk about this cash flow for a second so if you were to put a million dollars into an index fund like a vanguard index fund okay so if you had a million dollars invested they have something called the four percent safe withdrawal rate and that means you can safely withdraw four percent per year every year and that's what you can live on okay so that's forty thousand dollars per year so in two years time with a bunch of energy and or money i was able to build what is an equivalent asset to having a million dollars saved up which means i'm kind of able to live a millionaire lifestyle meaning my house is paid for my dream car is paid for and i got cash left over to cover life and fuel and all the other fun things i want right there and i built it from the ground up and that's the power here and i want you to remember that the next two years of your life they're gonna carry on whether you build assets or not i've just chosen to show up every single day i show up seven days a week for my audience whether i'm in the email whether i'm in my forums whether i'm on social whether i'm making videos and publishing videos or commenting in the youtube comments i'm here seven days a week every day now i've been putting out videos for five years the crazy thing about time is that time just carries on so ask yourself are you doing the work are you putting in the time because if you're not you're not going to build an asset over the next two years the next two years are going to go by anyways you might as well be doing what it takes to build the asset now let's jump back in i want to finish up this presentation and show you the last things um we already covered the energy invested let me go ahead and get control over here real quick so how am i improving the site right i'm in that recovery phase at this point in time and i truly expect this website to be making four or five grand per month every month so my estimate of 42 grand a year from this is what i consider a very very conservative and low estimate so i'm improving titles and descriptions on high impression low click through posts now i'm getting this data from the google webmasters tool and you can just look at all your content and all your posts you can see what's getting the most number of impressions and then right next to in the column it shows how many clicks you're getting and the ones that have low clicks for high impressions that means your title and your description aren't compelling and the ai tool jarvis that i'll mention here i'll show you what it is in a second that's what you can use to improve your titles to make them more compelling number two is i'm really improving the introductions now sometimes this is one paragraph and sometimes this is about three or four paragraphs but really making them more compelling and again the ai tool jarvis is perfect for this because if the reader lands on your page and they click and they start reading and it's terrible content it doesn't make a big promise it doesn't make them feel like they're truly going to get the answer that they want doesn't make them feel like they can trust you in the first two or three lines they're gonna click back and they're gonna go to another person on google that's showing up in the search results around you so really improving the click which is the title that shows up in google and the first words that they read when they get on that page the first couple of paragraphs really needs to hook them in and that ai tool jarvis that i'll mention in a minute that's really helping the other thing i'm doing is i'm going through i'm deleting and 31 redirecting poor quality content so since i was outsourcing all of this my quality control got very poor for a while i was so hands off that i wasn't noticing that there was a lot of average and sometimes rubbish content being published and this is a part of why we got hit so hard with that algorithm update we had some pretty bad content on the website so i've been improving it with the ai tool right to make it better content but sometimes i find a piece of content that well this post and this post are kind of saying the same thing so i'm deleting the one that's getting no visits and no impressions and i'm doing a 301 redirect over the one that's working if you need to learn how to do that stuff obviously you can just search right here in youtube it's really easy to set up 301 redirects inside of wordpress there's a tool called redirection or redirect that does it for you um constantly updating dead product links and recommendations it's it's very much um recurring income which is great but there's still work to be done and then i'm improving the user experience so i'm trying to get more eyeballs on more affiliate links i'm taking the top three or top five and i'm actually putting a short list right up at the top below the title giving them the ability to hold control and click click click click open up all of the options really quick thusly planting a bunch of cookies right then and there then jarvis so the seo tool that i'm talking about this is one of the tools that i am it's a part of that and eighty dollars per month that i'm still spending um the unlimited level this helps me build out outlines it helps me build out hooks titles descriptions really compelling content better sub heads anything i need to do i can really improve the quality of my content and really the conversion and persuasion potential of my content through this tool so if you haven't tried it yet it's at jarvis i'm obviously an affiliate for this so obviously i get a kickback but the only reason i'm actually recommending this is because this is what i'm using to improve my content and for a lot of you writing compelling titles writing compelling descriptions writing really truly juicy hooks that draw people in and compelling bullets that's really difficult to do persuasion is a difficult skill and this tool will level you up and level up your persuasion massively i've also shown in other videos where i review this that you can write entire long form blog posts super fast when you understand how to do this because remember it's important to keep your mind on the fact that i had to publish 156 or so blog posts to get this where it needs to be right it took 90 posts before i got my first 100 in income so if you're writing 90 posts manually and this thing can save you time you can write posts twice as fast that means you're just going to get to your destination that much faster we live in a powerful time where some of these ai tools are actually really helpful for us marketers so this is the one tool that's kind of staying on the books for me in my business keeping this moving forward and then last thing here you're gonna you gotta build skills to build assets so if you don't have the skills of building successful websites which i happen to have when i started this that's what you're actually learning on your first website build now if you go to my website which is you can see where i got number one find a niche i've got a five minute niche finder process if you've never been able to figure out your niche if you're still stuck on the question what niche do i go into go through the find a niche link right there on my top navigation it shows you walks you through my five minute niche finder process which is exactly what i used to choose the niche for this website that's now made over eighty thousand dollars for me and then number two you start your blog that's just literally go find a niche start your blog begin publishing i have on that start your blog post there's a way for you to get access to a bunch of free wordpress tutorials it's right up top there and then if you need other help if you want guidance more guidance like video tutorials showing you every step of the way click on the resources tab up on the link i've underlined that in red just click on the resources tab and from that resources tab you'll find some of my recommended affiliate marketing tools and also the recommend affiliate marketing trainings if you do want deep dive video trainings but ultimately just remember that you're moving forward and you're really building skills while you build assets and the key to life what wealthy people understand that non-wealthy people don't understand is collecting and building assets is the name of the game so now that this asset only takes me two or three hours per week to continue to improve and it's generating enough light enough money for me to live off of i'm dedicating my time to building more assets okay and as i stack on these assets my wife's website and brand my youtube channel my blog and brand i got my social ad class tool right as i build these assets out they go on month after month after month and they continue to generate cash flow for me with very tiny amounts of energy okay it's not passive but it's highly leveraged and it's recurring income it's residual income so that 3 500 a month is gonna carry on and grow with three hours per week of effort and now i'm gonna go build another one the other side of building other ones is it safeguards me against any crazy platform risk because as you saw in this presentation google slapped me amazon cut my commissions in half this is not a risk free this is not easy this is challenging building businesses and being an entrepreneur is difficult it's inherently risky so once you get one of them firing and it's carrying on to generate cash flow on its own i highly recommend starting your second one never start two at once it's three to four times more difficult to build two things at once than it is to build one thing up for a couple of years to get it really out of that kind of escape velocity and then you start the next one once this one's off and running by itself that's when you start the next one i hope this has been helpful for you if you've enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up let me know in the comments below i'm going to continue to put out videos for you so subscribe like do all of the social things i appreciate it really highly check really highly recommend you check out the resources and the links in the description and on that note i'm going to call it so i'll see on the next video till then be well

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