Affiliate Marketing with YouTube WITHOUT Creating Any Videos (NEW METHOD)

You are looking at earnings from a new methodI detected recently. As you see it made, and obligated thousand eighthundred and fifty four dollars so far. I am going to share with you the 4 steps Idid to do affiliate sell with YouTube without constituting videos. I will likewise share 2 bonus gratuities to maximizeyour affiliate earnings. So dont ricochet any steps, do these precise stepsI show in this video, so you are eligible to start deserving coin with affiliate market. I will first picture the manual way and thengo to the automated course so you can scale this method and realise more fund with affiliatemarketing. The first step is to find an affiliate productto promote and get the link. You can use any website like, clickbank, jvzooor digi store2 4 to find affiliate products.I have created videos about these websites previously, so won’t repeat it here. Links to these videos are in the description. For this video, I will just go to clink bankand select spirituality, new age category. Let’s see. This blockbuster personal occurrence, lookslike a good make. So let’s go with this. Here it shown in this initial marketing extent. Which implies when a person buys this productthrough my affiliate link I will get 43 dollars and 85 pennies dollars.If I are able to obtain 100 targeted beings to this salepage every day and out of that 3 beings when out to buy this commodity then I will get 131 dollars. So how do you get beings to this page forfree. Keep watching, this is gonna be step 2, 3 and4. Next step to try to find a good video relatedto the affiliate product. Go to YouTube and type a keyword related toyour affiliate product. For this precedent, I will search for “how tomanifest”. Now here is the first bonus tip-off to increaseyour affiliate earnings. You need to find a recent video with highviews. The lane you find that is by using this filteroption in YouTube. For example you filter arises based on videoscreated this year and if you want also style based on the view count. Click on the video that you think viewerswill get want to watch.Right click on the video and copy the videoURL. Keep watching, I will tell in a minute whatyou need to do with that video association. Next stair is about how to share your affiliatelink. Most sites don’t allow you to instantly linkto your affiliate. So you are not going to link directly to youraffiliate connect. Instead, This is what you need to do. You need to create a snip. There is a website called an free chronicle and then click on visitdashboard. Next click on create snip.Upload an imagerelated to your affiliate produce and then afford a meaningful call. Since I am promoting a spirituality concoction, I will register upload a related persona and lent a related name. This will be displayed as your label. Once you are done it will be displayed in now. Then select button as the type it will showyou a sheet like this where you need to enter details. This is very important to make this work. So offer close attention. Where it says enter a URL, adhesive the YouTubevideo link you reproduced in step 2. Next there is a place to set a sense andbutton text. Now here is the next bonus gratuity. Your goal is to get the user to sounds thisand going to see your affiliate offering. You need to use a strong call to action. Basically, its a motto thats used totell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it.For example, here I am going to write Readyto Transform Your Life? Click Here For the button url, paste your affiliate linkwhich you got from gradation 1. When you are done, the sheet will look somethinglike this. You attend the YouTube video on top, and thesnip you time made. The feeling here is that someone that watchesthis video will click on this button now, which will take them to the sales page withyour affiliate tie-up. That’s why its very important that you havea good video that parties watch through. Which generates takes us to step 4. Getting targeted traffic to the page you justcreated. If you promote this page to random parties, you will not make any money. Targeted traffic mean beings that are alreadyinterested in this subject and the commodity you have to offer. So how you find those people for free. There are many free techniques, I will show youthe exact method that worked for me. That is Facebook radicals. I will firstly register the manual method and thena way to automate the method to get more targeted traffic which apprentice makes more money.Starting with the manual method, go to thesearch bar and type a keyword related to your affiliate produce. In such cases, I will type regulation of fascination. You need to join a couple of groups. This is a group that I have already joinedso let me create a post. I will supplement some textbook and then add the linkcopied in step 3. Here I is definitely not immediately joining to any affiliateoffer, so you won’t get banned from the group. But make sure not to spam different groups. You meet the the affix now. Now only one affix like this will not generatethat much of traffic which likewise necessitates the money you will oblige will be low. You need to post on several groups and that’stime consuming. By using a implement like this, you are eligible to only selectthe groups that you want to publish your word and route it out. I will leave the link in the description below. Now you see it allows to post to multiplefacebook groups at once. If you require you can have several facebookaccounts as well.To avoid the ban they have features like uniqueid, unique links and so on. You can also repeat the same post after sometime. The pricing low-pitched in comparison with other productsout there. You can clothe this amount based on the affiliatecommissions you give. For example, I just need to sell this oneproduct to cover the cost of this basic plan. To me, the speculation is worth while versesthe time I have to spend If I proceed promote these manually on facebook.So the decision is up to you. There are other free ways to make money withaffiliate marketing on YouTube without creating videos. Watch this video next ..

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