Beginner Affiliate Marketing | 2 Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay $100+ A Day No Experience

– When you're just beginning
affiliate marketing, it's important to find the
right offers to promote because if you have no previous experience or just not previous success, you will start earning more
quickly with certain offers. Offers that will truly help you succeed as quickly as possible and
reach your income goals asap. And part of this is being
able to make real money, a $100 dollars a day or more without any experience whatsoever. Hey, it's Lea Rae from and I'm gonna give you
two of the very best affiliate marketing programs that pay out a $100 dollars a day or more even without experience. And the four key components
that you need to look for in any good affiliate marketing program if you want to make full-time
income as soon as possible. Now the first component that makes both of these
programs great offers is that they are fully digital products. These means that nothing
physical has to be shipped out to a person who's purchasing.

They can access the information, the content or service digitally. Now why is this important? When it's a digital product
you can typically earn 30 to 50% of the sales
price as an affiliate. So you can get your $100 dollar a day goal with just one $200 dollar sale. Digital product can pay out a lot more because they're inexpensive
for the product owner to deliver the product to the customer. Now just think for a moment
about physical products. You have all the manufacturing costs, import fees, warehousing
costs, taxes, shipping et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And that is exactly why
you typically earn 5 to 7% of the price of the product when you refer people
to a physical product. So if you make a $200 dollar
sale on a physical product, you would only make about $10 dollars at the 5% rate. So you'd have to make ten sales a day which would require a lot
more traffic to the offer.

So to get to your income goals fastest, look for digital products. Now the second component to look for in a great affiliate marketing program is low entry point offers. Low cost trials or memberships
for people to get started. That makes it easier to get
people to pull the trigger and makes sales. But also that their main offers are really mid to upper range at least over a $100 dollars. Why is that? Because if you want to
make good money right away, you want to be able to do it with just a sale or two a day. And I'm not going to spend my time trying to sell a $10 dollar product, even if it's digital, I don't want to earn
only $5 dollars a sale. It's much better to sell
a $100 dollar product and make $50 dollars or more yet, a $1000 dollar product and make
$500 dollars from one sale.

The third component is that the program teaches you exactly how to be successful. That is a requirement if you
don't already have experience. It should have training
that teaches you exactly how to successfully market online and better still, is that the training is part of what the program
offers the customers that you were referring to it. So you can speak firsthand
at how great the program is, how great the product is. This really makes training programs a great affiliate offer for new, beginner affiliate marketers that don't already have
previous experience. So you become a product of the product and can easily speak to your audience, sharing tidbits about
your learning with them to grow your audience, to attract people and get interested people
checking out your offer. Now the fourth and final component before we get into the specific programs that are gonna get you to the
$100 dollars near and more, that fourth component
that you need to look for in a great affiliate marketing program is that they provide great
done for you marketing. As someone without any
previous experience or success, you want to be handed great marketing that's gonna work for you so you can simply work on
learning how to get people in front of the offer and their marketing takes care
of actually making the sales.

This will come in the form
of great sales funnels that use great marketing. It creates curiosity on the landing page and collect your information before giving away too much info and a great converting funnel
that actually makes sales. A done for you email series
are also very helpful. Finding a program that has
all four of these components is often easier said than done. But doing so is crucial
to creating success fast when you've just started
affiliate marketing. And after specific
programs that will get you to a $100 dollars there and more, the very first program is
called Legendary Marketer run by our good friend, David Sharp. It's an online training program that focuses on teaching people, helping people learn how to be successful with affiliate marketing, with branding, teaching folks how to create
their own digital products and offering their own
live Mastermind's events. Now does that hit all
four of the requirements for a great program? Absolutely. The products are digital and also provide great commissions. They also have a great
variety of price points on their offers. It has a great value ladder, starting with low end front-end offers and offering more and more higher value, higher priced products to happy customers.

Finding a good affiliate marketing program that has an awesome value
adder is a massive win. It allows you to only focus
on just driving traffic to the low-end offers and you can continue to
make high-end commissions as their system, as their
marketing takes care of the rest. Imagine simply offering people a $30 dollar up-front training, and then you start seeing
high-end commissions of several thousand of dollars ongoing and that just coming on their own. It really doesn't get
any better than that. And that is why we love this program. It's exactly why it's our
number one recommendation for people without experience
or previous success.

You definitely owe it to yourself to check it out and see if
it's a good fit for you. We got it, just click the link
at the top of the description to get more information on it. Now the training it provides is great. It's a great product
and the training itself can stand alone as something
that can truly help people and that people are just
constantly purchasing. The program has some of the
very best done for you marketing that we have ever seen. It is masterful. It provides great capture
pages, great sales funnels, and great follow-up email series. All that are second to none. It makes it much easier for
a brand new person to succeed than in almost any other program. Now the second program that
we highly, highly recommend and love for making a
$100 dollars a day or more is called My Lead system Pro. It's known as MLSP. This is both a marketing training program but more importantly a
program that provides tools to online marketers. So people get both great
training and the tools that they need to create a
massively successful business like customized mold drag
and drop capture pages, blog website hosting, free giveaways to build your email list, a CRM to manage your leads and now even your own membership sites so that you can offer
your own digital courses.

On top of all of that, it has a great community
that we absolutely love. It hits all of the type boxes as well. All digital? Check. Low entry point offers? Check. It has a $10 dollar tryout. Teaches you how to be successful, check. Absolutely fabulous training. It has done for you
marketing sales funnels, email follow-up series
and live webinars, check. Now we love the residuals from MLSP because yes, their main offer
starts with a $10 dollar ten-day trial but when people continue on
to the monthly subscription for a $150 dollars, you earn a $100 dollars
the very first month that they pay that and then ongoing every
single month residually, you're gonna earn between
$75 dollars and $50 dollars every single month.

And because they provide
the tools that people need to create a successful online business, people who are serious about
building an online business, they keep paying month after
month, year after year. Now truly we feel that
Legendary Marketer and MLSP is a great one, two punch. Legendary provides great training and has a beautiful value
added for high-end commissions and MLSP has the tools that marketers need to be successful. They go hand-in-hand. So make sure to click the link at the top of the description to take a closer look at Legendary Marketer. Now if you're already a part of the Legendary Marketer community and you'd like to take
a closer look at MLSP, as an awesome complement to
what you're already doing, I'll have a link to check on MLSP just a little bit further
down on the description. If you're serious about
affiliate marketing and especially if you are brand new and haven't been able
to create success yet, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

You can finally set
yourself up for success. Just click the link at
the top of the description to check it out. Now please note that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time and freedom that you are your family deserve. So if you're new to our channel, make sure to subscribe so
we can help you do that and say hi in the comments that we can welcome you to the community. Again this is Lea Rae
from and I'll see you soon..

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