Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Create Content When You Are New

so you’re just getting started and you heard that you’re supposed to be creating material but you’re candidly wondering how that Cree supposed to do that how are you supposed to create content for other parties when you’re brand new yourself hey it’s Lea ray from Tata mere Raycom and I’m gonna walk you through exactly how to start representing material when you’re brand new before you’ve created any results so you can start building an engaged public and start becoming sales now often the concern is well who is gonna listen to me I’m nobody I don’t have any success yet but here’s the truth people don’t actually care anything about you they don’t care what success you’ve personally had they only really be concerned about how you can help them that’s it so if you find information that your public would find helpful and you cause content about that information and you share it with them guess what they’re gonna applauded the fact the more you help your audience the more they’re gonna keep coming back to you constructing the know like and trust factor with a steadfast public and those are the tribes who’ll be willing to take a look at your render if it solves a problem that they’re facing so how exactly do you do this well you have to keep learning yourself undoubtedly you need to plug in with people who are further in their jaunts and you are consume their content and learn more about your manufacture implementation a combination of their trainings what they’re putting out and your experience of trying to implement what they’re teaching to create your own content so for example you could watch a video or read a blog post about how to do a Facebook live give some memoes and then do a duo Facebook lives you could take the step-by-step content that you learn lessons from the other person’s material plainly you need to settled it in your own names but you should also included something about what you encountered as you were doing it what was working best for you maybe you adhered a sticky notation on your telephone as you were doing your lie so you had bullet phases registered out so you could stay on point you were able to blanket all the topics that wishes to and you really found that that helped you share that that’s great maybe you’re in the state and fitness niche I always say niche I can’t stand niche so very sorry kinfolks if that’s how you say it maybe you consume some content teaching you how to do meal prepping then get it on for yourself for the week and then go and create your own content about it devoting the how to’s and too anything that you picked up and you learn from your experience now one cautionary warning when you’re using other people’s content online to learn from so that you can also create content well actually two threats firstly is to never reproduce person word for word and take notes on what you’re learning to fix bullet qualities and then introduced it together in your own terms the second warning is to teach this information as a captain or a teach not as a student professor am talking about his or her audience about how they are going to benefit from the lesson today you are going to learn how to do your very first face book line so that you can grow an engaged gathering and start determining auctions to Facebook without “il rely on” ads that’s how a educator would say it now compare that to how someone who has the posture of a student how they’d say I just wanted to jump on today and tell you about something I simply learned how to do Facebook life-times it sounds like a great way to build a business so I wanted to share it with you today student implements noses and knees persistently merely speaks from his or her standpoint instead of simply posing the information to your audience and speaking to how it can help them now you may think it’s a small difference and you might be right but it’s an important mark as it can create a very different response from your audience when you’re speaking like a student you are unlikely to even continue someone’s attention long enough to deliver your message and get to your call-to-action or your offer parties really merely care about themselves and if they don’t immediately see how watching your video or speaking that blog berth is gonna help them they’re just gonna move on to something else when you speak as a schoolteacher and you’re always speaking to what your audience is going to get out of your word they’re actually gonna be interested to learn and they will stick around to hear what you have to say when you importance yourself this practice you don’t get those disturbing people asking you you know where do you come off teaching them and asking you how much success that you’ve had because it’s not about you it’s about audience now what exactly should you start material about well a super easy easy road to get ideas is to go to blogs or YouTube channels of beings in your same industry and precisely a bit further down the line than you further in their passage you can actually go on YouTube go to the videos tab of their channel and you can actually sort by it more popular so “youre seeing” what people is truly responded to the most on YouTube check out some of those videos and recognize what of those videos really resonates with you the most make some documents try it out for yourself it’s something that compiles sense that you can do first and then create an outline for your video or write the show your blog post it really doesn’t have to be complicated peculiarly when any of us when we’re first getting started it seems so foreign and so difficult in reality it’s just something new to you and it’s really not all that complex the only way to feel ready and able to do it is to actually start doing it you’re never going to be ready no matter how scared or uneasy you are you have to precisely get started take the plunge and start procreating content and don’t worry we all mostly kind of stink at the beginning it’s okay and it’s totally normal and it’s really to be expected the only way to get good is to do it a lot so you just simply have to get to work and get the stinky phase out of the action sooner or later better sooner so the money comes sooner as well now one simple behavior to speed up this timeline if you create a video formerly a week it will take a lot longer to get good at creating videos then if you start daily videos or even videos three times a week so I challenge you to get to work and start initiating content and you can speed up that process by establishing more content more frequently now if you want to learn exactly how to start creating video I’m gonna applied a card right here for our step-by-step guide it ambles you through it all okay plus I’ll also situated a video at the end of this video in the upper right corner you’re gonna see it there where it actually is going to teach you how to get more traffic grow your gathering on your videos and I’ll employ it in the upper right corner video that shows up up now I really hope that you understand that we have more opportunity at our fingertips than truly anyone else in the history of soul anybody can do this we can sit at home and create a massive income you couldn’t even equal if you went to four years of medical school and then had an internships and residency yes it makes work if it didn’t there wouldn’t be any money to be made just know that you can do it you just have to be willing to put in work and understand retarded gratification that is gonna have to work upfront to have a business on the back end to make money last-minute there’s going to be a process to this work hard for a while and then the money comes in it’s not going to be immediate once those sales are coming in if you continue to be consistent if you continue to grow your scalp it can become a bigger business than you ever imagined you and your family are worthless you got this delight be consistent create content and get yourself out there again this is Leah Rae from toddle near Raycom we are rooting for you we are here to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve so make sure to subscribe so that we can help you do that if you’re new to our direct say hi so that we can welcome you to the community I’ll see you soon

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