Best AFFILIATE PROGRAMS for YouTubers: MAKE MONEY with affiliate marketing (NO ADS)!

So you want to make money on YouTube? Some 
people think that getting monetized on   YouTube is the end all be all for making money 
on YouTube. But what if I told you there was an   even better way of making money and it didn't 
require any monetization. You in? Let's go!   Affiliate programs are an easy way for YouTuber 
to make money. So in today's video, I'm going to   be breaking down the best affiliate programs 
for YouTube. I have a video that's all about   getting monetized on YouTube. And because of 
that video, I get all sorts of questions in my   DMS. And in my comments saying, "how can I make 
money?" And while monetization is important,   when you're first starting out, it shouldn't 
be the end all be all there actually   way better ways to make money. And I talk 
about all of those in this video right here,   where I talk about the different ways 
to make money on your YouTube channel.

But in this video specifically, I'm going 
to talk about one of the easiest, best ways,   the number one thing you should be doing as soon 
as you start your channel. And that is affiliate   marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate 
marketing is where you promote someone else's   products. And as a result of someone clicking 
on your link and purchasing that product,   you get a commission. It's a very easy way for 
companies to promote their products and get the   word out because instead of them spending 
all this money on advertising and trying to   find new buyers and find new people and get 
in front of all of these different people,   instead, they can have their affiliates do that 
for them. And hopefully the affiliates have very   loyal communities, which means that anytime the 
affiliate mentions a product or talks about a   product or recommends a product, their community 
is going to trust them and purchase through them.

So for you as a YouTuber this is one of the 
easiest ways to monetize your channel without   monetization, because you most likely have an 
audience or you are growing an audience. And   depending on what your channel is about, 
there's probably products that you use   in making your channel or that you talk about 
on your channel. So as a result, it makes sense   for you to be compensated by talking and 
promoting those products. And that's why   affiliate marketing is so great because no matter 
what your channel, you can be a finance channel,   you can be a beauty channel, you can be a gaming 
channel, you can be a photography channel. There   most likely are products that you use. And you 
talk about either in making your videos or that   you mentioned on your channel. So the way that 
affiliate marketing works is that you sign up   for someone's affiliate program, and then you get 
a unique link, which you are supposed to use when   you're talking about that product.

on how complicated the affiliate program is,   this can just be one general link that goes to 
the website and they can purchase from there. Or you can do product specific links where 
you can send someone directly to that exact   product that you're talking about. These links 
have tracking cookies, which tie back to you.   So if someone does end up purchasing, then 
the affiliate knows that it came from you,   you are the refer and you get a commission. Every 
program is different in how long this tracking   cookie lasts. Some programs it's only for 24 hours 
and other programs are for as long as a year;   meaning that if someone clicked your link 
and they looked around and they didn't buy,   but they came back six months later and 
then purchase that product, if the tracking   cookie was enabled for a year, you still get 
credit for the sale and you get a commission.   Every affiliate program is set up differently.

just make sure to read the terms and conditions. Here on my channel I teach people how to 
use YouTube and video marketing to grow   their business. So I use a variety of 
affiliate programs. I of course use the   Amazon associates program. I use TubeBuddy. 
I have links to Adobe because I use and   recommend those products and the list goes 
on and on, but they are very specific to me.   So now let's jump into the best affiliate 
programs for YouTubers. Now I understand that   YouTube is an incredibly broad term. You could 
be a lifestyle YouTuber or a gaming YouTuber,   and those are totally different. So I try to 
pick affiliate programs that could apply to   nearly anyone in any niche.

However, not all 
of these may apply to you and your channel, but   the majority of them do. So let's check it out. 
Now, the very first affiliate program is Amazon   associates. Now there is a reason that this is 
the number one affiliate program that I recommend. And that is because Amazon has everything, 
everything! I've used, Amazon affiliates for   nearly 10 years at this point. And it's a 
very good, simple program. Their dashboard,   maybe isn't the best, but whatever it works 
and they have a system that works. But one   thing I will note is that they have different 
affiliate programs for different countries.

So   if I'm in the US I have to sign up the US 
affiliate program. Then if I have viewers   in Canada and I want to use links, I 
need to sign up for their affiliate program or So then the same thing for the UK and 
Germany and France and the Philippines and India,   it's kind of a bummer. You have to sign up 
for each of the individual affiliate programs,   but I have a solution for you, which will solve 
all of this. So the way that I fixed this problem   with having all of these different Amazon accounts 
for all these different countries is I use a   company called Geniuslink. And the great thing 
about Geniuslink is that it takes all of your   individual, Amazon associates accounts, one for 
us, UK, Australia, yada, yada, you get the picture   and it puts them in one account.

It creates one 
master link. And then when someone clicks that   link, depending on what country they're in, it 
will direct them to your affiliate link for that   country. And so this is great because I don't 
have to create all of these different affiliate   links for all of these different countries. 
Instead, I just have one link to rule them all. One link to rule them all. If you're interested in checking out 
Amazon Associates and signing up,   I have a link down below. If you recommend a 
lot of products on Amazon, Geniuslink is a game   saver (changer). You absolutely need to sign up 
for this service because there are so many missed   sales that you're probably missing out on because 
you're not forwarding to the right country.   So I have a link down below.

They do have a free 
trial that you can check out. Now, the next type   of affiliate programs that you can sign up for are 
for these marketplaces. So Amazon definitely is   a marketplace, but it is just in its own tier. 
That's why I kept it separately, but there are   other marketplaces out there that have a variety 
of products. For example, eBay and Etsy. eBay,   and Etsy each have their own affiliate programs. 
And if you are recommending a lot of products that   are on these companies, then you'll definitely 
want to sign up for their affiliate programs. For example, if you have a channel all about 
Pokemon cards and you are always referring to   E-bay, so people can buy their cards, you would 
definitely want to capitalize on that. And instead   of just using a generic eBay link, you want to 
use your affiliate. eBay link that way. If they   end up purchasing something on the site, let's 
say they spend a thousand dollars on a super   rare holographic card. And as a commission, you 
would get paid a percentage of that.

So if Etsy   and eBay are big for your niche and for your 
channel, definitely sign up for their programs,   links down below. Now, next up is the Shopify 
affiliate program. And you're probably like,   "Shopify, really?" The reason 
I recommend Shopify is because   everybody who has an e-commerce 
store uses Shopify, not everybody,   but basically everybody, their platform is so 
easy. It's so simple. It's very affordable. So all sorts of people are creating their 
shops on Shopify. So all you have to do   is sign up as a Shopify affiliate. Then 
any traffic that you direct to a Shopify   site. You will get a commission for that. This is 
a great way for you to support products that are   more small businesses, because a lot of small 
businesses use Shopify shops versus Amazon,   which is just this big multinational conglomerate 
at this point.

So if you love shopping small,   and you recommend a lot of those products, that 
Shopify affiliates is the way to go. So the last   type of affiliate program that I recommend 
are the affiliate networks. And these are   really great because what they do instead 
of you having to sign up for all of these   individual affiliate networks, I have to sign 
up for target. I have to sign up for Amazon. I have to sign up for Etsy. I have to sign up 
for eBay. The list can go on and on. That is   a lot to manage, and you may not have the time 
for that.

So you can sign up for a network which   basically houses all of the affiliate programs 
under one roof. There are quite a few of these,   but the most common are RewardStyle, ShopStyle 
and ShareASale because of the breadth   of stores and products that are included in these 
networks. I highly recommend signing up for them   because it's just going to make your life so 
much easier that you just have one affiliate   portal you have to go to, and you only get paid 
out one time versus signing up individually to   potentially hundreds of different affiliates. 
The great thing is you could be referring sales   from a variety of different companies, and those 
all still count as your one payment threshold.

So I know the next question you're asking, trust 
me, it's all about the money. How do you get paid?   Every affiliate program is different in when they 
pay out, but typically most programs will pay out   on a monthly basis. And depending on the program, 
there may be a threshold that you need to hit   before they pay you out. Some programs you have 
to hit $100 in commissions before they will pay   you out. I'll include links to all of these down 
below, but I want to talk a little bit more about   rewardStyle specifically, because if you are a 
fashion blogger or more of a lifestyle blogger,   this is definitely one that you want to sign 
up for, but it's invitation only, meaning that   you have to have an existing member refer you. And 
however, are you going to find an existing member?   I am a member of RewardStyle, and I 
do think it is a fantastic network. I just loved their system. I love their app. It's 
pretty simple.

It's pretty painless. So if you   actually want a referral, I actually can't just 
give you a link to sign up. I have to manually   submit that, but I'll include a form in the 
description where you can submit your information.   And once every few weeks I will go through those 
and I will kick off the referral process. Now,   one note about these affiliate networks. They do 
include Amazon in these affiliate networks, which   is great. However, Amazon recently changed the 
way that they do their reporting for affiliates   through these networks. So you no longer can see 
which products are the ones that people click.   If they're using your links from RewardStyle, 
ShopStyle, and ShareASale. So all that you'll see   in the dashboard is that someone bought something 
from Amazon and you got this payout and this   isn't to me, because I want to know specifically 
which products I'm recommending are doing well. So for me, even though I am a part 
of these networks, I still have a   separate Amazon associates account. And 
whenever I have an Amazon product, I use   that account instead of this main account, 
because I want to know specifically which   products I'm recommending are actually selling.

you don't really care to have that visibility and   having an extra affiliate program is too much of a 
hassle then great. Don't worry about it. Just sign   up for the one account to rule them all. Using 
affiliate programs for your YouTube channel is an   easy way to make money. You just include 
the links in your description, and that way,   anytime anyone's watching your videos, they 
can just click the link and purchase. And then   a commission is coming your way. So I hope 
you have a better understanding about the   best affiliate program…bleh bleh bleh. 
Programs, not programmers. So I hope you   now have a better understanding about the 
best affiliate programs for YouTubers. And of course, links to all of the different 
programs are down below. And of course,   some of them may be affiliate links, and 
I may get a commission for referring you.   So thank you very much! But if you want to expand 
your money-making opportunities on YouTube,   beyond monetization and beyond affiliates, check 
out this video right here, because I talk about   even more ways that you can make money with 

However, however, eBay and Etsy eats   eat $25. Is it $25? But the great thing is since 
you know, not taking this call right now for Ohio.   I use TubeBuddy, which is a 
TubeBuddy, which is a TubeBuddy tool?.

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