Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2021

hello everyone the suspensory from statute the preneur and this video is going to be about high-pitched ticket affiliate planneds okay we’re done with those little two three four five dollar Commission’s let’s do hundreds of dollars in fees with a single auction coming right up alright thanks for watching all the lint rogue gazes as ever three things before we start the video one there is a link to a webinar down below this is a webinar where I establish you my affiliate sell business where I’ve been able to make a full time income win – pretty cool little gondolas and do a whole lot of really cool things ok so if you want to learn exactly how I did that such structures of my business there’s a associate down below to a free rehearsal where I’ll indicate you my business and show you exactly the strategies that I’m squandering to promote these high ticket and recurring affiliate curricula successfully second thing mention and let me know what high ticket affiliate planneds you’re using candidly I don’t know every move program in the world there’s tons of them and there could be some that I don’t know about let me know go ahead and time read a comment right below of the programs that you currently are using and like and third agree this is whole channel talked tons about fluid market I’m 11 fling commerce I talk about a lot of time click Subscribe you’ll be able to learn lots of cool things about a fling commerce as I learned them so let’s move on 13 high-pitched ticket affiliate curricula that you can start promoting today I’ve vetted all these ok either I promote them or I know someone that promotes them ok so these aren’t like this little like random program that no one knows about I personally know person that promotes every one of these four I promote them myself so they’re not like crappy curricula firstly one somebody I talk about this all the time beings are probably sick of it but the first one is always click funnels sounds moves has the best affiliate program of any corporation I know of right now they have planneds up to 1997 that are commissionable and it’s a 40% Commission so that means you can make up to what’s the math on that like eight nine hundred dollars in a single auction but then everything kick little sounds funnel sales after that can also bring you money so sounds precipitates is always probably my number one thing to auction – oh I don’t forget to mention guys linkages are down below – all of these programs if you want to go sign up check them out a little more lots of good relates sound funnels next up we have heightened entrepreneurs ok these people actually learn high-pitched ticket affiliate sell so if you’re various kinds of like not the panel of experts at affiliate commerce but you want from a high ticket volunteers these chaps would be not only to promote their offer but too to make their render okay a duo guys I certainly know them well they’re really really cool guys and they’re very very successful in the high ticket affiliate commerce industry and so you could promote their track I’m not positive on percentages per and trash like that I’m actually is cooperating with them right now but I know they establish a high proportion and I know it’s a high ticket affiliate planned and there’s a relation down below to it as well third up I was way pain has online CEOs Instagram course okay this is josue make-ups in the screen now he races the Instagram details of like half the influencers you experience on the internet okay highly very successful in Instagram does very well and his trend is really moderately priced for how successful he is but he has a 30% affiliate program I envisage the course is a thousand dollars right now which means you did three hundred dollars and you promote it he’s worked a great deal on his webinar he’s got a really high-pitched converting webinar I get marketings every month from this and I barely push it at all it’s like one email somewhere I don’t even know where to exist in some automation that emails out and I construct Commission’s every month up this course really high-quality course and Jose no sway surely knows his material more than almost anyone else on Instagram this is a big one that a ton of friends promote I don’t personally promote astounding selling machine okay you may have heard of the amazing sewing machine it’s it’s an Amazon coaches you how to subdue it on Amazon these people are I probably the number one high ticket affiliate programs out there right now they’ve they were on jvzoo I belief and they’ve been out there forever exactly humiliating it with affiliates they offer 50% and the program is five thousand dollars ok so if you need someone to buy this it’s twenty-five hundred dollars in board which is like how much most people originate in a month okay so if in a single month could you find one person to buy this this this program I think most of us probably could if he’s been an part month focusing solely on this ok so a lot of potential with a program like astonishing selling machine where you can get up to twenty five hundred dollars in a single fee the next one is genius webinars okay this this learns you how to do webinars but T’s do a lot more than really webinars like it educates you pretty much online sales in general right there’s a lot like little teeny things that go into selling online and selling in these presents that can like doubled your sales right that’s what this schools I’m sorry I’m looking at my notes to make sure I understand the Commission structure so it’s a fifteen hundred dollar track and they hand it fill it’s forty percent just really flat really easy to understand but it’s a very well-known course and very high quality course and very easy to promote because of that see it’s really easy to sign up to be an affiliate with that as well next and you can see I’m just stay all these invoices up so that I know the order I want to go and this is my outline right here looking at it um this one I’ve never promoted but I know beings that do Villiers planes it’s extremely high to get private spurts okay so if you have a list of very well-to-do patients or you have an audience of very well-to-do people you could potentially make really really high commissions offer Villiers airplanes okay I recollect I think it’s $1,000 per booking okay so a marry bookings a month boom you’re done you’re making your full-time income off a toilet commerce clink again this is what I actually precisely signed up for and I’m just starting to promote click again is in the resource handling okay so if you have once again patients that got a lot of assets or you have you know an public or a website that coaches about resource handling you are eligible to make up to I think it’s eight thousand dollars want to look at my notes now real quick make sure I got this right up to thirty thousand dollars sorry they’ve had affiliates make up to thirty thousand dollars because there’s a you make a hundred dollars per make I believe something around$ 1 per produce and then you get a percentage and and apparently some people with a lot of money sign up for these arranges and you know if they’ve got a million dollars or whatever you can make an extremely large amount of money for referring them to sounds again I believe they focus on hard-handed assets like golden and material like that so if you can teach parties how to buy gold or how to invest and diversify then you could include this in your in your belief and do crazy-high Affiliate tick it off committees Hostgator it’s kind of like one of the smaller ones but still what I would consider high ticket it’s $200 per sale the cool thing about Hostgator is I think that the sign up only has to spend 20 horses up front to sign a Pro Skater and get their hosting set up and you get $200 flat reward for everyone that signs up okay so Hostgator is assuming they’re gonna manufacture more money down the road off of them but they give you $200 flat privilege upfront which is awesome it’s a very small investment from the people you’re referring and you’re able to make a good chunk of that freedom up front even if they haven’t invested over $200 with Hostgator so it’s kind of a entertaining cool one and guess what everyone needs website so it’s a enjoyable one to promote as well legendary purveyors is another one I just actually started working with to test about promoting its it’s a ton a ton of online training online marketing training exactly a big sum of beach and and they have a very lucrative program it’s very simple to understand I really like the simple don’t understand ones that aren’t like grades and commissions and you know like you buy that you might that and you actually pay to get into it and all these kind of weird little bigs more like an MLM it’s definitely not an MLM it’s a one you know one simple design of you get I believe it’s um I’m gonna look my mentions again here I believe it is 40 percent my greenbacks I believe they give you forty percent and the government has high tickets all the way up to eight thousand dollars that you are eligible to impel so they have a sales funnel right that it sells all kinds of things and I speculate the highest side on the sales funnel is like close to fifteen thousand dollars there’s like incredible amount of Commission you can stir potentially for something a legendary purveyor okay plus five hundred this is also in the financial management or the stock market trading perhap was not stock market the trading room okay so if you uh if you have an audience that wants to learn online trading and giving and things like that then you can make it’s $ 100 per trader that you sign on for these chaps and apparently they have to spend some fund and things like that I’m not sure that all the stipulations but 800 bucks can’t be frowned at right five or six of those sign ups a month and you’re done I really like the stock market ones and the hosting ones for two reasons are for one main reason because the the person you’re referring doesn’t have to spend you know ten twenty grand privilege up front for you to acquire your high ticket Commission they deplete an average amount and then these these companies like five hundred Phileas no you know they know their numbers and they know they can continue that person for so long and start so much money off such person or persons so they give you all that upfront and a big chunk which is super super cool a lot of cool opportunity there and the last one is another one of those smaller ones so you can see I’m kind of stray between two hundred dollars in like twenty thousand dollars you know and I like to have a wide variety of strays that we can go for it’s a little harder to sell thirty thousand dollar one than it is to sell it two hundred dollar ones so you can kind of have both going at once and then everyone something you get that amazing twenty thirty thousand dollar sale and it’s awesome and meanwhile “youve had” the steady income coming from the two two to five hundred dollar sales but this is an SEO software for bureaux very well known and Co PowerSuite it’s one of the cool ones because a lot of them are they may merely do you like a per month thing Allods if the programs you know so you were able to reach you are familiar with 20 30 bucks a month with this one is 197 liberty upfront upturn which is really cool because you can get all your coin right now and coin now is always worth more than money last-minute all right that’s it I’m I have to get affiliate platforms links to all these are down below like I talked about there’s a lot of joins down below but the first association most important where you can learn exactly how to do this if you’re somewhat new to a flip purveyor you don’t already have your own system you can see exactly how I promote all these furnishes and I’m able to do it and triumph some of these cool things and manufacture my income doing this so you certainly wanted to go you emphatically want to subscribe thank you for watching and we’ll see you on the inside[ Music]

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