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alright guys trying out the new some g move third-generation video so it’s kind of crooked I’m really sorry species it’s just kind of funny on my tripod it looks like so whatever long as you get your information that’s not likely matters anyways thank you guys very much for being now my appoint is David Boozer and you are familiar with actually I have consulting with some very large firms for search engine marketing I worked with hundreds of small business owners and literally thousands of beings over the last going on for years here pretty soon in the corridor fourth time and I’ll tell you what I run into a lot of people who do the affiliate market manufacture you know that’s their scaffold that’s where they want to be regrettably a lot of these people a lot of you guys simply various kinds of follow those those big names out there to keep buying their junk one after the other ed Dale and it’s crazy mad gives and following him through Jonathan buzz crapping and eben gentiles clutter and everybody else’s material that impede going this vicious cycle behind material as taco amiable me other daylight yeah and you expended about three or four majestic over the last few years on all this different stuff it never made a single dime online now guess what two weeks of is in accordance with here and learning how to build a brand manager business online the right way starting to get traffic already now I’m going to do is work on converting that traffic I want it’s that simple people and you know what i want to tell you this right now the biggest secret that most of these guys out here don’t educate you is this it’s nice to have a acre sheet in a sales page yeah whatever you know here’s your sales sheet okay here’s your auctions sheet property sheet will employ Liters you know let’s threw LSD landing page sells case to rexella how’s that that’s funny but here’s the transaction guys we all know that these types of pages we first off you need to understand that the content is king content is the currency of the internet anymore it’s the way it is with penguin algorithm the Panda algorithm everything although the other algorithms out there doesn’t matter for going out for years now I’ve always practiced some same fundamentals of creating good information good content every time you guys go out and got something you buy something right so a good slouse content but the thing is is at that concoction of that service within the affiliate marketing realm of making money online never seems to be really that you know teaching you how to do this because the thing is is that today domain names exact match domain names do not mean as much as they used to those high PR joins do not mean as much as they used to they don’t know a lot of things have change so this is the year genuinely has a hard time of coming graded online if at all and most probably it is not so where does this get fat guys it gets noticed because we create quality content that’s all it is quality content and I’ll tell you what all week all content equals a good amount on me I’m not kidding i’m not going to joke with you I’m not going to sit there and lie your face like those guys until you’ve got enough poop because it’s freaking extraordinary no I’m going to tell you this right now there’s some work involved you’ve gotta sit down you gotta be created got to think out of the box you know here’s something that I’ve been teach people for a while time to give you an idea first off I tell people these are some of the things that I tell them to set up and start doing first I “re saying you” get a really good blog site now I’m not saying go out by freaking much faces clutter thousand blogs to a hundred thousand dollars whatever I’m saying it exactly a serious blog that is focused on a particular leash or niche however you want to say okay let’s do that all right let’s just start doing that we’re going to learn how to add content we’re talking about you are familiar with 500 plus names on a piece of content a berth okay a blog post you’re no doubt all right next thing you know we’re going to be coming in we’re going to be adding some multimedia video likeness things that really weigh okay so we’re going to actually be embedding and lay in bunked on here we’re going to fabricate this stuff into that blog berth so let’s go up and really applied the word post okay because this is basically what I’m talking about we’re likewise going to go in there and we’re going to learn how to link for real not just some high PR connects you shell away with your little software that you bottle a warrior forum whatever i’m talking about building some good social signals i’m not talking about selling you are familiar with putting this crap in your grandma’s face on facebook or anything like that what i’m talking about is getting out there create a good devotee page for it get some good google+ going on share information don’t share platform pages don’t share by my proud now share dislike how to take advantage of this you know whatever it is in your particular niche how to are benefiting from that and certainly give them good knowledge so that they can click on and depart construe all this trash that you got there this is our stuff comes graded in the search engine chaps why because here it is this in this creates what relevance to this search engine what is this did this is the brand-new link design social signals also what we like to call contextual piloting which means relation inside of your website to other pages posts or whatever to more information that’s just one of the purposes of it that comes in the whole training program that I have but the thing is people is it for affiliate purveyors this is this is your focus this is where you have to be you have to start creating content it is a must you have to do this and another thing is is guess what what do we have a particular nation that you’re talking about like fly fishing or whatever it is chaps are other ways to sit there and make coin on understand other than selling produces off of freaking quick to seller and I was on our Commission Junction why not create a video series instead of doing Dean Collins man sheds which rate beings more coin every single month and that’s one thing parties love to do please give me another building can compensate that doesn’t we ridiculous why don’t you go make a video interpret parties some coin and tariff it and you’re like well where am I going to rent that video there well guess what you’re going to rent it on the Amazon is it download you know where the people are going to find that that’s right Kendall their laptop their tablet their pc their smartphone anything that they can access amazon on chaps they can sit there and hire these videos for buck 99 a pop to 99 Papa tell you what drums mad given by far not to mention I’ll tell you this right now Matt cast and ok what all about that good “theyre saying” those things are actually highly competitive but right here you’re going to find out if you go on your rouse fodder you’re going to Amazon start looking videos on how to do fly fishing out of your internet commerce how to do this you’re going to start result that you have a huge huge wide-open space to only get in there and really really you know only merely hold that good label an improved awareness and guys guess what you can sit there and appoint more you originate that awfully brand trucks through those liberty videos parties are going to visit your web sites I’m going to start going up on some of those products that you got some of those services “ve been told” what chaps is affiliate purveyor that’s actually content that’s material to you put your how to create the content you know most people get stuck inside of Jonathan flaws John and Mike Dillard stuff and then edit pagans and the old-time ed Dale stuff it has to go around around around around the circle’s empower network I don’t even know that it crossed about you guys keep going around on particular cliques and circles it’s like stop going in haloes you know some of the biggest income earners online and i know i’m a huge income earner I’m not kidding it’s not meant to be you know all that I’m just a papa from the Pacific Northwest you adoration fishing and I’ll tell you what the hell is all focused in on something that we were good at something that we experienced those who focus in on a good each did they experience some sort of hobby or anything those are the biggest income earners online guys it’s just a actuality so start focusing focus on something that you experience start focusing on creating content around what you enjoy teach beings what you enjoy inform people about what you enjoy and how they can enjoy that is how money is determined online not for creating some mad cast around something you don’t know about okay anyways thank you guys very much no matter what god bless

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