Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing – $31,000 Made This Year With Free Traffic (Anyone Can Do This)

check this out in digi store 24 as an affiliate marketer i made over 30,000 just this year alone and i did it mainly with all free traffic and on this video today i want to show you how to use digistore24 to Make Money Affiliate Marketing It's Going To Be A Step-By-Step Tutorial And I Want To Show You Exactly How To Do The Same The best part of this digital 24 tutorial is that you do not have to
own your own product that you do not need money to do this and it does not involve having your own website or anything like that if for those of you who do not know what digistore24 is, it is an affiliate market that gives you up to 8,000
different products that you can promote and they pay you up to 70 percent commissions what that means is that you can promote other people's products will handle everything for you from sales with the refunds they will give you all the products in a niche you all you need is a traffic I go to you an show how you can get it and it does not matter what niche you are interested in as you can see there are 44 different nations you can do it but on this video today I want to show you some ways you can be paid plus a huge bonus strategy at the end of the video i want to show you how you can make even more money using affiliate marketing and use digi store 24 from here you guys have to do scroll up and you have to click on register now as soon as you click on
register you want to scroll down and you want to create a username let's say you name yourself something I'm just going to type smart money tactics what's going to happen is it's going to create a partner ID for yourself, it is the affiliate ID you are going to use to promote these digital 24 products and if you browse here, you can see it is available in so many different countries, therefore digital 24 is a lot more attractive to many people than other people think sites like clickbank and stuff like that right now in front of us continue with this video guys if you guys enjoy it finally, do not forget to break the like button for appreciation and if you want more digistore 24 content go now below and just comment more digistore 24 affiliate marketing videos and i will make sure that I do it for you absolutely once you come here guys and once you sign up for an account then it's time come to digistore24 and go to their market, this is where you can find it all different products you can promote I go show you a product that you can promote today, you can choose any
product you want and from there i want to show you where you are going get this free traffic then i want to show you how to get all these guys create it is super simple, it's 100 passive means you do the work once and you can get paid time and time again plus stay tuned for the bonus strategy at the end of this video, so if you come here, guys, we know ' some nations that always do good, we know it fitness and health do well, we know that dating and relationships do well we know that business and investment do well etc.

If you are one of import
these guys it does not matter that you can not choose one of them for the purposes of this video, let's just go straight now to fitness and health if you're on fitness and health guys if you come here, you're going to find all these different products you can promote now, there are some things you want to look at as you can see here, you can see what you are going to earn if you promote it products like you can see this product here you pay 85 commission which is about 35 dollars every time you sell With this product you can scroll down and look at some of the analysis to see how well you are doing can see that their cancellation rate is around 12.9 percent guys with the cancellation rate sometimes these rates can be skewed depending on who it promotes products like if someone jumps
digital24 grab this link and start in it promotes for traffic that is not ideally targeted at this product really throws these numbers away but in general you want to try to find the
lowest cancellation rate and you want to try to find something from about 30 to 60 dollars and if you want something higher try can do it absolutely if you come here you can see we can see it keto after 50 is very low cancellation rate but the earnings are 3.50 so we may want something higher so what we are going to do is we are going here roll up guys and we are going to use this product here is the ultimate keto eating plan good so what do you want to do you want to click on this ad button here and it is the the affiliate link is good so we are going to copy it this is the link to we are going to use it to promote this product well once you have done it, you want to grab it now the other thing you can do with a lot of these products, guys you have the affiliate support page you can have a look on which you can also click the work open page if you come across it will show you exactly what it is The product is about you can see it video alternatively guys you can very easily come here and click on the connected support page also will bring you more than 10, give you all the material what you need for this video and this digital 24 tutorial you do not need any of it, the free traffic that we are going to get guys today when I come here to a similar site gets over 5.5 million visitors every month and the good stuff The thing with this site is also that a Most traffic comes from t1 countries and the site we are going to look at today guys is this one here called steemit.com now I am going to show you where you are going to have the content published on it and it will literally take you five minutes to do it, it does not take long at all, and I will show you how you can post then you link in it different articles that steemit is a network, it is a social media site where you can come here and just post and share different things okay the good thing about steemit is if you do the article it's very good that people also just make money from posting these different articles and you can see people doing it From around the world some of them do it well even in different languages, but the UK and many other countries are some of the biggest users of this site the other thing guys if you come here and you go to payouts if you click on payouts, it 's you bring to a page that looks like this and you can see that a lot of these articles earn really good money, which means that if you write when you write a very good article in any niche, you can also start making money not just from the affiliate marketing not and the promotion of a digital 24 product but also just from these different articles and what do you want to do with this website guys, you can come here where it says where you have it search the tab here just as you can see here on the first page if you come and type something like in
lose weight because the keto product that we are going to promote about this tutorial is of course trying to help people lose weight if you type and lose weight and if you scroll down you will also find a whole bunch of different articles you can also import keto as well as the other thing you are going to find when you browse, I will just show you are going to find people who promote products directly from clickbank.com and digital24 because you can see here cabo fix review is a clickbank product and digistore24 product and someone wrote a review about it as you can see and they link back to this site and people do it because they make a lot of money this site here is another one here okinawa flat belly tonic guys if you browse, you can see here that they link back after that wrote a very quick review after which I am going to show you how to do it without here is another one to write something here you also check if you scroll down, it's also a product you're on clickbank is going to find and many of these products are in digistore24 too, so you write it a lot easily, then send it and you can start to see this and once you start getting views for these people you will click on it to start making affiliate marketing sell now what you need to do from here guys you need to create an account for yourself so if you are on this page all you have to do is scroll up to the top above and click log in once you have done so over to a page that looks like this sign absolutely free, click on it it will take you to a page that looks like you should enter your own username as soon as you enter your own username you need to get here phone number in your email address
and then send a code to confirm it and click on continue as soon as you do that it will take you to a page that looks like you can see I am now logged in to my own steemit account here now what we want to do is we want a publish
article a weigh loss article or a keta article it's absolutely up to you what you want to do or any niche you want in and then we want to import it an affiliate link there, what you want to see here where you have this pencil icon on which you want to click it and then what you want to do there you want to enter a title now I want to show you where you can go to get this content that you do not have to write anything there is some art, there is a few places you can go to do it the sites guys are this here called enzymearticles.com another one is called here articlecube.com and there these are also called here Copy hackers, there are some them and what you want to do is what you want to change these different types of
articles that use this tool here called quillbot.com, so let's say you come across here on this page mentioned article box and what you want to do is you want to browse to the top and what you want to do is that you want to get here where you found this search icon here and just type ie ts like a keto diet is right because it's going to find a whole bunch of
different types of articles, once you enter the keto diet what's going to happen it will find some of these articles once these articles are found just scroll down, go past the ads go to any of these ads and then you can see that you have all these different
articles to choose from and everything you need to do, click on this saying article here as an example, ok if we open this article here, it's going to take us to this page and as you can see it's called ketogenic diet and ketosis so simple you can copy this title well, click on it and then come back to you and just paste that you there can change it is up to you, you can change it for something like you who know ketogenic diet and ketosis to lose weight, ok come and type in for weight loss good, and then here You have to write well in your story simply what you now want to do you want to return to this article you want to unroll and then you can policeman, you can get it right so you can type in what a ketogenic diet is so you can send it back to your article and paste it in and then you can just come back copy it now, I'm not going to do it whole article guys but I just want to show you how you're going to change it okay write it so it's not exactly the same words you want to change is right you can see it's working on it now and it's going to rewrite it now for us, as you can see, it's now rewritten and all you have to do guys, just come here and read it make sure it makes sense, copy it full text here after you copied the full text come back to here and paste it in now, what you want to do is repeat the process here guys copy what ketosis is good come back here simply paste it in it then everything you need comes back to this article so on and then you want to repeat it whole process until you have completed this whole article come back, now paste another we paraphrase another here and then we are going to finish this article, but I want to show you how you can also make this link number one and also
insert how you are going to do the bonus strategy with this to make even more money online so that you want to copy it okay as soon as you came to copy it straight over t and paste it then in now you have some options you can do it is, let's just expand this article a bit here, so I'm going to enter now, what you can do is pretty come on just guys and type something like click here to get access now, what you can do here simply come back to this digistore24 product here okay, so the ultimate keto plan is good so you can copy it and just click copy and then come back here, click here to access the ultimate keto plan so you can probably put it in as well a capital letter okay, so I just typed it for us guys, they say click to access the ultimate keto plan, so all you have to do now is control v and paste your digistore24 affiliate link here remember that you can have it a few
more times okay, so you have the first two paragraphs here, then what can you do, come back to this article guys complete it and then get it one more time at the end of the article when if you scroll down here, you can see exactly what this article is starting to look like and if anyone comes here and clicks on it, you can see it is they are going to take product right away and the good thing is guys here, you can also post tags so you can something like typing
keto diet and this is how people are will know how they are going to find it is good so use spaces to separate labels okay, just space and then type something like weight loss lose weight etc okay and simple from there is all what you need to do instead, so I'll finalize this attitude before i actually submit it but you can see exactly what it looks like from now on the bonus strategy guys is now just a raw link it sends people to the product we collect no emails do ourselves no favors but what you want to do is that you want to create a
landing page once you have made it landing page, you can place this link within your landing page and then you can post the link to the landing page here if you want to know the one best products to use and what i use i use this site here called convertkit.com i do have a link in my description for you and i'm also going to let you know which video you should watch so you can create it from here the best part of these guys is it is absolutely free you can do it for free up to your first thousand subscribers and you can email broadcaster all the other products that you have seen that I have shown you people have made different kinds of reviews you can then send an e-mail send mailing to alm all that sign up and promote other products for them that are going to help you make even more money online this is how i was able to create this amount of money here on a digi save 24 guys and all you need to do is simply come here and repeat this process and keep uploading as much of this as you need and the best of these are not only guys it's free but you can also have an unlimited amount of landing pages with this strategy so if you want to make money with digistore24 it's one of the best ways to get started as a beginner because it is not it is not going to cost you anything it takes you a lot of time plus it does not take much work and it is passive plus if you combine it with combiner with convertkit you can start make even more money online if you want to know how to put it all together guys i strongly recommend that you watch this video here it will show you how to create the landing page
convertkit so you watch the video do not forget to do the same now do not make button e and until the next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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