EARN $13,089 With No SKILLS | Digistore24 TUTORIAL For Beginners (Digistore24 Affiliate MARKETING)

in this video, I'm going to show you how to earn 
$13,089 per month for free with no skills using   digistore24 we're going to do that in five easy 
steps but before we do that make sure to hit the   subscription button and the notification and to 
give it a thumbs up because I'm going to be making   a lot more videos of how to make money online and 
you don't want to miss that so let's go to work   all right let's go ahead and get going 
here of course we're talking about   like I mentioned earning thirteen thousand 
and eighty-nine dollar with no skills at all   this is for free using digistore24 this is going 
to be a tutorial for beginners and also this is   going to be a digistore affiliate a marketing 
course so to speak let's go ahead and go over   what are we going to be covering today now we're 
going to be covering like I said five major steps   number one is how to promote the best digistore24 product affiliate marketing for beginners step   number two how to promote digistore24
affiliate marketing products without   a website step number three how to use a hack to 
create a free digistore24 affiliate marketing   funnel this is a tutorial by itself that cost 
probably a few thousand dollars step number four   how to create a digistore24 affiliate marketing 
video without you recording anything step number   five how to increase your digistore24 affiliate 
marketing commissions with emails you don't have   to write and you're going to want to stay to the 
end of this video because I'm going gonna give   you the entire affiliate business marketing for 
digistore completely for free all you have to do   is just click few buttons and you could be making 
affiliate marketing on digistore as early as today   but you have to wait till the end of this video 
so I can tell you how to get it now we're gonna   talk about digistore24 tutorial for beginners 
overview because I want you to understand   what are we gonna be doing ahead of time we are 
going to go to digistore and we're going to obtain   the product after that I'm going to show you the 
best free traffic we're going to build a bridge   page we're going to build an opt-in page then 
we're going to go and build in an affiliate   marketing page you understand all this right 
here from this point to this point is going to be   automated the prospect all they have to do just 
click on one thing and everything from here to   here will be automated and I'm going to show you 
all that let's go ahead and go to step number one   step number one is how to promote the best digistore24 product affiliate marketing for beginners   so let's go ahead and do that now all you have to 
do is just go to digistore24.com and then you're   going to be faced with this right here all you 
have to do is just click on register it's very   easy process to register I'm not going to go 
through that, I'm going to show you how to pick   a winning product now I already done that all you 
have to do is click on marketplace and then I have   clicked or I picked one now one thing you want 
to keep in mind here now a lot of people don't   know because maybe they don't have a lot of 
knowledge or I've seen some videos on youtube   they don't mention this and people end up just 
uh spinning their wheels for something that is   really ridiculous because it all you have to 
do just know one thing okay now a lot of people   think okay this is better than this for example 
or let's see this right here is better than this   well not really here's why if you take a look 
here and you see the cancellation rate is 11%   right here is only 3 percent and if you take 
a look and see the conversion or earning card   visitors which is the money that you get per 
card or per somebody looking at your product   right here is 277 right here is 372.

Even though 
this is higher on the rank but this is much better   and that's exactly what we're gonna do now 
if you want a little bit more information of   how to pick the right product on digistore24 let 
me know and I'll help you to do that I'll probably   make a video on that so make sure in the comment 
to do that let's go ahead and move on okay the   reason I picked this is because a lot of things 
but there's a strategic way why I picked that so   when you doing the same thing you're gonna be very 
much successful more than likely I can't guarantee   anything right here there is a support page this 
is very important for you to have this is has a   lot of resources that can help you obviously 
the name of this product is over 30 hormone   solution that's the name of the product okay right 
now we're going to talk about the best type of   advertisement that we're going to use with this 
funnel now the best type of any advertisement   is basically is to tap into a prospect's native 
environment and digistore24 affiliate marketing   free traffic that we're going to be using is going 
to be related to the product that we are selling   and if you remember the name of the 
product a sturdy hormone solution   so that fits best with Pinterest in case you are 
wondering why Pinterest I'm going to give you   some examples here Pinterest is a search engine a 
lot of people don't understand that when it comes   to search engine, they believe like they think 
Google is a search engine it is a search engine   but Pinterest is also a visual search engine that 
is dominated by females number two the monthly   active users on Pinterest is 416 million and this 
is what we're going to tap into so you have to   think strategically exactly when you are marrying 
your own affiliate product and the advertisement   to it number three 71 percent of Pinterest users 
are female and our product is what female product   number four the monthly search 
engine on Pinterest is two billion   a month now number five is like i 
mentioned tap into a female prospects   in their own native environment and that's exactly 
what we're gonna do let us go ahead now and go   to step number two which is how to promote digistore24 affiliate marketing products without a   website okay what most affiliates do they actually 
go to Pinterest and then what happens is that they   send somebody to their website and inside their 
website there is uh the product that they want to   sell and it is time-consuming for any beginners 
for affiliate beginners to create a website create   a blog create a store and so forth so our strategy 
is totally different our strategy is basically   very simple is a hack so this is going to bring 
us to step number three which is how to use   a hack to create a free digistore24 affiliate 
marketing funnel of course this is going to be   a tutorial for digistore24 beginners so let's go 
and get started now the hack is going to happen   or we're going to do it over ConvertKit which 
is something I actually use and the first thing   we need to do is actually to pick a landing page 
which they let you pick a landing page and they   also let you modify it as much as you want so the 
best way to do that i'm going to go ahead and give   you this right here in case you want to create 
I'm talking about this page right here in case   you want to create your own but i'm going to go 
ahead and create one and the best way to do it is   to find something that is kind of like; clean like 
this one and you can choose it and this is exactly   what we did now you can click on this when you 
click on this right here what's going to happen is   something very simple it is simply going to give 
you an option which is right here to replace this   image right here so you click on it and you 
actually have a free when you click on unsplash   right here this is going to give you a a lot of 
them so i already picked this one this right here   so this is the landing page and what 
i did is i modified it a little bit   and now it looks like this over 30 hormone secret 
all that good stuff i did a lot of work on it   now after you finish with that for example we 
are still building your own affiliate landing   page you click on next step the next step is the 
same thing you click on this image up here and   you go on replace that image i just want to 
let you know also that if you have your own   image you can upload it as well or you can hit 
unsplash right here and then you can pick your own or you can click on Instagram and go to Instagram 
and use one so we're gonna go ahead and do the   same thing here so what we are doing right 
now we are creating what's called the bridge   and we're also creating the landing page at the 
same time there is a very good reason for that   a lot of people missed that point so what I did 
is I did that as well so if you go to number two   it's the same image continuity between everything 
and then when they put their email address   okay what are you going to put what I'm gonna 
do is I'm going to show you exactly what are   you going to put so you can get credit for the 
affiliate product that you are selling okay as i   promise you we're going to go back and we're going 
to actually grab your affiliate link before i   do that I just let you know I just want to let you 
know that we talked about how much you're going to   be making a month or how much is the possibility 
for you to make a month again this is a disclaimer   I cannot promise you that you're going to make any 
money the idea is that if you take $43.63 times 10   which is very very easy to do that means 10 sales 
per day on Pinterest which is achievable and then   I'm going to give you a quick boost to that 
that's probably going to 10x time that effort   that you have I'm going to do that later on but if 
you do that and you calculate it this is going to   come out to $13,089 dollars you 
gotta be consistent with it and what you need   to do right now we are going to grab our affiliate 
you grab it from here and then you copy it   and then you go back to the landing page that we 
have created in just a few minutes and if you take   a lookup here where it says setting you click 
on it and then up here what you want to do is   you want to click on redirect to an external page and 
then you click and then you put your own affiliate   link you just paste it you just paste it right 
here in this area and then you click save   and after it's done this is going to be hosted on 
ConvertKit hosting not recommended most of the to   what they do is I'm going to go ahead and give 
you another trick you can just click on setting   and then you can click get your own domain name 
and then you can collect your domain name and   you can have multiple ones if you want to use this 
and then you put your page right here now this is   much better because it accomplishes a lot of 
trust when you do that because if you don't do   that it's going to be very difficult for the other 
people when they look at the URL they're going to   see something kind of strange so this is the best 
way I'm going to go ahead and put in the link down   in the description the one that I use and most 
affiliates use as a matter of fact one of the top   affiliate marketers, you probably know him his name 
is Pat Flynn he does use it so this is an optional   you don't have to I'm not trying to sell you 
anything but I'm just trying to show you the way i   want to go ahead and show you where we add at this 
point here's what we were talking about before   we talked about digistore24 we already found the 
product we talked about it we also build the   bridge page opt-in page and the affiliate sales 
page you're probably wondering how that happened   I want to show you exactly what already happened 
but the only thing that we that I'm concerned   about or you should be concerned about is right 
here what do we need to do on a free platform we   talked about Pinterest so what we're going to do 
is create a pin we're going to create a value pin   a value pin is simply something that is going 
to make that person a little bit more enticed to   click on it I already created the pin and 
I want to go ahead and give that to you   as well the best platform for this is a 
free platform it's called Canva.com   I'm going to give this to you in a way and then 
all you have to do is upload it to Pinterest   and when somebody clicks on it they're not going 
to go to a website or a blog they're going to go   into the landing page which is promising 
them something much more powerful   than an actual blog or a website because it's 
gonna show on a video everybody likes a video that   video is gonna explain a little bit more about the 
product then it's going to entice them to go-ahead   and purchase and this is the best way about it so 
uh keep that in mind when you are thinking about   that step number four how to create a digistore24 affiliate marketing video without you recording   anything so what we need to do is we need to go 
here and take a look at our product up here if you   already noticed or maybe you haven't noticed that 
we already created that but I just want to let   you know that when you copy this and you put it in 
ConvertKit the way I showed you how to do it it's   gonna go ahead and do that for you automatically 
in other words, the video is already created by   them that's why I already told you that if you 
are going to be doing anything make sure that   the provider or the product creator does have 
an affiliate support page more than likely they   already have a video and many other resources and 
assets that you can use here remember right now   we already grabbed the affiliate link that you 
have now what are we going to do is we going to go   ahead and go to settings just like we did before 
and it's nothing different actually all we're   doing is we are uh you click on here redirect and 
then you put in your affiliate link and then you   click save now I'm going to show you everything 
here in just a little bit and you're going to be   amazed of how quickly we did it and we created a 
funnel with everything is connected and you'll be   amazed of how many things we've already done that 
you probably you're not really aware of at this   point so let's go ahead and move on after you put 
in your affiliate link right here like i mentioned   to you, ConvertKit is going to ask you to create an 
account which is a login account now you probably   think oh there's some kind of trick it's really 
not it's really everything that I'm showing you   is really free you are getting unlimited landing 
pages and forms unlimited traffic customizable   domain email broadcast and you can manage up 
to 1,000 subscribers 1,000 subscribers for free   and then you can have tags and you can also have 
sell digital product and a free build and launch   course you can launch your own course free so this 
is not a joke this is a real thing the reason I am   doing this is because nobody when I first got 
started nobody was actually helping me at all   I'm not trying to sell you a course for a thousand 
two thousand dollars this is free it's up to you   if you want to use it or not so this is free all i 
ask you is to subscribe drop a like just push that   notification button so you can get more of this 
and if you haven't done that this is the best   opportunity for you to do that because I'm going 
to be making a lot more how to make money online   videos or how to make money period and you don't 
want to miss that okay right now let's go-ahead   put an overview now we're talking about digistore24 tutorial for beginners automated funnel flow   now I have done almost everything and then 
I'm you're going to be surprised of what we   have done we already created this right here 
we created this and we've done that through   Pinterest step number five how to increase your 
digistore24 affiliate marketing commissions   with emails, you don't have to write and a lot 
of affiliates that I have coached throughout   the years they were really having a hard time 
with that, they're having a hard time of how to   create email lists because it's very important 
the two things are very important for you is   how to write emails and at the same time is 
to have a really good email autoresponder so   in here you get in both since Convertkit already 
asked us to create an account now they give us an   access of course all this is free is to create 
a sequence now remember that Convertkit already   created an account for us of course it is free 
now you can create your own email sequence and   I'm gonna show you how to do it all you have to do 
is go under a under the automation and then there   is a tab for you to click on and then you can put 
in your sequence, it's not that hard now what are   we going to do we're going to have to put in some 
kind of a name uh let's go ahead and just put in   this one right here let's take this here and then 
we can create a sequence when we're talking about   sequence we are talking about a email sequence 
where are we going to get the emails from we're   going to get them from right here remember this is 
the resource page this is the most important   page for any affiliate marketer to actually 
take advantage of and then what are we gonna do   is we're gonna go to the point where there is uh 
creative emails so what are we going to do is go   to the first one and then what are we going to 
do is copy and paste that's all we're going to   do because they're already written them for you 
and then this is email 1 email 2 and so forth   you just copy that and then you create it you copy 
it and then you paste it right here when you click   here you can put that you want to send it the 
first day which is pretty good and then you can   put click here and then you can add another email 
and then you can click here say send this on the   second day and then you can put the email that you 
have gotten from the resource page on the product   page all you have to do is remember to put your 
affiliate link so you can get credit for that then   you can click as many as you want I have actually 
done them myself but I'm showing you how to do it   yourself just want to let you know that emails 
are so important because it will automatically   follow up with your traffic to remind them about 
your digistore24 affiliate product and that will   tremendously increase your commissions for long or 
short period of time so if you like the affiliate   product that I chose on digistore24 affiliate 
network you can get it here's what I'm doing   for you for free pre-build affiliate automated 
funnel completely for free emails they are already   inside the convert kit and a pin number four free 
Convertkit account with a thousand subscribers   five free Canva pin template and six since I'm 
doing all this for free all I ask for you to do   is like this video subscribe to my channel 
and turn on the notifications so what I'm   gonna do i'm gonna leave in the description area 
under a name i'm gonna go ahead and call it the   my affiliate digistore24 funnel so when you 
click on it you will arrive to this page   right here so all you have to do is just click 
on use this automation when you click on this   use this automation you'll be able to get it for 
free so if you want to learn everything about   affiliate marketing click this up here if you 
want to learn everything about Clickbank affiliate   marketing and how to start very quickly click 
right here and as usual I'll see you at the top

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