Earn 138$ in 1 Week – Affiliate Marketing Case Study For Beginners

last month i made around 644 dollars and this week 
around 138 dollars in this video i want to share   with you exactly step by step what i did to make 
these numbers i will share with you everything   the products i promoted where i promoted how i got 
traffic everything so you can clone this strategy   and start making money online today but before 
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almost almost every day stay tuned hi everyone i'm hassan from educate and today i' 
m so happy to publish this new video that i think   may help a lot of you change their lives and start 
making money online i know those numbers are not   too big please no one jump in the comments and 
tell me these numbers are so small or something   you have to know something very important in my 
channel here i have two main rules number one   is honesty that i believe it's the number one key 
of success in life and in business and number two   here on my channel you will never find theories i 
share with you exactly what i do the case studies   that i tested and when it works i will share with 
you the results so if i earn one dollar i will   tell you i earned one dollar if i lost hundred 
dollars i will tell you i lost hundred dollars if   i earned like this six hundred dollars i will tell 
you i earned six hundred dollars so i think this   is what makes my youtube channel somehow unique 
i share with you only stuff i test in my business   online so let's stop talking and go directly 
to our work so what i did to make these numbers   simply it's about affiliate marketing you know i 
promised you to publish more and more case studies   about affiliate marketing to give you a lot of 
strategies and different scenarios that help   you start your online business with affiliate 
marketing what is affiliate marketing in just   20 seconds just for newbies here simply affiliate 
marketing is promoting a product or a service for   someone and when someone buys the service through 
your link you will earn a commission that simple   so in this video i promoted a product and i made 
last month 19 sales and the commission was 644   dollars that's simple this is the easiest way 
and the fastest way to make money online which   is affiliate marketing you don't have to worry 
about the products about support about anything   you just get the link promote it when someone buys 
something you will earn money it is so simple as   a strategy so let's see what is my product how i 
promoted it everything in this case study so as i   told you affiliate marketing is about getting 
a product and promoting it what is my product   let's see here i am in Cj affiliate network 
Cj is one of the best and the top affiliate   networks worldwide it's like clickbank like 
Warriorplus like Jvzoo all these networks   are the top networks top affiliate networks 
worldwide Cj is also one of the top networks so   simply you need to sign up to Cj i will not 
go now and sign up and waste your time just   go create an account and whatever now here's an 
important question everyone asks about the payment   how i get paid when i earn money what's nice 
about Cj if you go here to the account settings   you will see in the settings section you 
can add a bank account maybe someone tells   me now i don't have a bank account what can 
i do simply you can add a Payoneer account   do you know Pyaoneer? Payoneer is a company 
allows you to create a virtual bank account   online in any country so please don't tell me i 
live in a country where PayPal is not accepted   you don't need PayPal you can create Payoneer 
which is available everywhere in the world and   use it inside Cj so go now to Payoneer.com 
create an account and you can link it to Cj   i want to make things somehow fast so i don't want 
to cover this but i think it's somehow simple a   simple google search can do the job anyway so 
this Cj and if you go now to advertisers here to   pick an advertiser to pick a product and get the 
links you will see now i am promoting a service   let's see what is the service so here we are if 
you go there in the categories section you will   see a lot of services you can promote whatever 
you want accessories art photo music automotive   beauty books business we have a lot of products 
now in my case in this case study i am promoting   a web hosting service if you go here to online 
services and go down to web hosting services   and then click on search you will filter now all 
web hosting services in my case i am promoting   Contabo web hosting services if we go here to 
Contabo.com you will see it's a german web hosting   service it gives you an awesome deal if you go to 
vps servers here is an example you can see you can   start with four euros per month with an awesome 
four gigabytes and two cores vps server it's one   of the best vps cheap and powerful services so i'm 
promoting this service by the way you can check   the link in the description if you want to check 
and test this service anyway so this is Contabo   where we are this is Contabo web services now 
i will go here to the links section to get   the links as i told you you have to promote the 
affiliate links of this product so click on get   links here to get your affiliate link in my case 
it's my affiliate link and here we are this is the   links for Contabo web services the affiliate links 
you can pick one of them what's nice in Cj it will   give you a list of assets like the link type 
banner flash link smart link text link promotion   type coupons whatever so as an example if you have 
a website and you need to create a banner for this   offer you can simply copy this code this 
banner and it will give you the full image   with the affiliate link now in our case 
i want only the affiliate link to promote   in a special place i will talk about it in 
a little bit so as an example i want to pick   this page here about the vps servers i want to 
promo i want to promote vps servers so click on   this button get code and then simply go here and 
copy the link only you can see here the link in   the href tag here is my link i will copy it very 
nice i will open notepad and here is my affiliate   link you can see so this is the link that i 
will promote okay this is the link that you   will promote the product with and when someone 
buys through this link you will earn a commission   so you finished part one now we have 
the link we have the affiliate link   great i will change the size here let's 
maximize just to make things clear very nice   now what i do usually is i go and shorten this 
link i use my own link service to shorten and   track this link so what i do is i copy this one i 
go to my link service here and i go here and what   i do is simply paste and let's say here Contabo 
add link whatever you want and click on shorten   why i do this? simply to track the link so i can 
know from which countries in which times from from   where like that i can add to my trying pixels 
and much more anyway it's not obligatory to use   this service but i prefer using to track my links 
so i will copy this now i will have my affiliate   short link this is the link that i will 
promote in my campaigns i will promote   this affiliate link very nice so now we 
have the link we will move to the hard part   which is the main part which is promoting 
the product how we can promote this affiliate   link how we can get traffic to this affiliate link 
this is the main big question before i move on and   tell you what exactly i did to promote this link 
and how i got these clicks in Cj and how i got   these sales please go to my youtube channel here 
to the videos section and go now down you will   see these two videos the number this is number one 
how to get traffic to your affiliate links these   are my own methods that i used to get traffic and 
this is the second video how to get free traffic   i shared seven fast and free sources of traffic 
to get traffic to any link you want so this video   and this video here two awesome videos that would 
help you get free traffic to your affiliate link   just to make things clear for you if you go back 
here to Cj i will go to my account to my main   screen you can see here last month i made around 
644 dollars and this week i made 138 dollars to   be honest with you this number this last month 
i did it using free traffic i used the sources   mentioned in those videos to get free traffic to 
my link and got these sales but this week this   number i wanted to make things somehow different 
so i tested paid advertising i wanted to get   direct traffic to my links so i tested paid 
advertising now you know i am promoting   a web service it's a service so what do you 
think the best way to get traffic or to make   people buy thise service let's do a shortcut 
the best way is tutorials you can create   youtube videos or you can create ebooks or free 
courses or a blog-post now someone will tell me   i don't know how to create youtube videos i don't 
know how to create ebooks i don't know how to   create free courses and so on because of that i 
will go with the easiest way which is creating a   tutorial a blog-post what i did in this case study 
i went to my blog here and you can see i published   this article how to install wordpress on Contabo 
vps server i will open this blog post so simply i   wrote this tutorial it's an article showing anyone 
how to install wordpress how to create a website   on Contabo so let's see this article let's go down 
why and what is Contabo and you can see here if   you hover over this open it it's a short link look 
at the link it's a short link if you open you will   go to my affiliate link in Contabo so this is 
my affiliate link you can see it so this is the   article i explained in detail step by step 
how to create a wordpress website on Contabo   so when you want to promote services like 
web-hosting like digital-marketing services   email-marketing services all this stuff all 
this stuff all these type of services the best   way to promote is using tutorials is to teach 
people something on how to use these services   then while they are watching you and they wanna 
apply it they will go and buy the service this is   the best way i think to promote services like 
this and especially web hosting like Contabo   so i created this article okay but how i can get 
traffic you can see i get only for 486 views on   this article and i made this number which i think 
is very good it's very good 500 views i think   with 600 dollars is very good because a lot of you 
contact me says hassan i have like 50 clicks on my   affiliate with no sales please a friend just 
some patience when you wanna promote affiliate   make sure to get at least 500 to 1000 impressions 
then you can see your conversion rate and analyze   your results if you have like 50 or 100 clicks you 
can't measure your campaign with only 100 clicks   so you can see i get around 500 views in 
this article from this 500 i got around   600 dollars revenue very good but as i told you 
we have a part which is a paid traffic method   so what i did i published the article and then i 
started getting traffic to this article using my   free methods using this video and this video 
go and watch it to know my free sources of   traffic that anyone can apply and start getting 
traffic from the first day one one example is   Quora i use Quora to answer questions and you can 
see here my stats if you go here 26 000 views the   last 30 days like only today or yesterday i have 
2 600 views i have here 300 views and so o..

And   so on so in this video i wanna talk about the 138 
dollars and about the paid traffic method i did i   ran for this case study so you create a blog and 
you add your affiliate links you can get traffic   for free with my free methods but what i did 
for this case study is i ran a paid ad campaign   where i ran this campaign in which ad service 
you know we have facebook ads we have google   ads we have youtube ads we have native 
ads we have push ads all these ad networks   i almost talk about all of them here on my 
channel in my affiliate-marketing case studies   and affiliate-marketing tutorials you can go and 
check if you want anyway so let's think together   this type of tutorials this type of articles where 
is the best place to promote is it on native ads   native ads usually fits categories like health 
and fitness like something i think viral or   something like that i don't think people 
will promote Contabo vps server on native ad   i don't think it's somehow a good option so the 
alternative is Google or Facebook or whatever but   i wanted to go with a cheaper option the cheaper 
option was simply Quora ads so i went to Quora and   created this campaign Contabo article and i paid 
40 dollars i spent 40 dollars to get traffic to my   blog i got 74 views and i got 138 dollars so this 
138 is not my total profit it is my total revenue   if you if you want to get my profit you have 
to subtract the 40 dollars so it's around 80 90   my full profit this week from this campaign 
i think it's not bad a fast source of traffic   to my article with 100 dollars or 90 dollars 
profit it's somehow good now you may ask me   how i created this campaign i will open it and 
show you everything i will open this campaign   let's open this article blog and click on edit 
and let's see the article it's simply a text ad   you can see this is the title the description 
and i added my blog link here and that's it   that's simple but what's important in Quora here 
why i chose Quora if you go here back to the   campaign this is the asset and you go here to the 
primary targeting you will see i am targeting by   topics so anyone asking questions about wordpress 
hosting about web hosting about Contabo vps   all these topics this ad will appear for 
those people who are interested in this   topic so i think it's the best way to target 
specific specific specific people with Quora   ads who are trying to find answers about these 
services and these topics so i ran this campaign   i spent 40 dollars i got 138 dollars revenue 
so it's around 90 dollars profit from this   campaign i think the idea is somehow simple 
to sum up you get the affiliate link from Cj   i shorten it and track it with link.me you can try 
it if you want for free but it's not obligatory   it's up to you i use it to track everything 
so this is my affiliate link i got this link   i created a blog-post on my blog showing how to 
use Contabo to install wordpress a full tutorial   because i think it's the best way to promote web 
hosting using tutorials i mentioned the links here   in this article and then i promoted it for free 
for the first month using my free methods using   those videos you can check and then i tried 
paid advertising with Quora i spent 40 dollars   with this ad i got 138 dollars revenue so that's 
everything i hope you enjoyed this video please   if you have any question anything you want 
to share go to the comments section below or   h-educate.com/forums i will be with you almost 
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