EP 15: What the Growth!? How to Use an Affiliate Program to Increase Leads and Drive Revenue

Welcome to another episode of What the Growth!? My 
name is Nick, I'm the Chief Executive at Visitor   Queue and in this series we teach you super 
practical tips and tricks to help your company   grow. In this episode we'll be discussing how 
you can use an affiliate program to increase the   amount of leads and revenue that your company 
generates this is a tactic the Visitor Queue   has used from the very beginning and has led to 
us generating some of our largest customers so   let's get started you're going to want to start 
by figuring out how much affiliates will earn   by referring clients to you this could range 
anywhere from five to fifty percent this entirely   depends on the price of your product as an example 
at Visitor Queue we use a 25% commission and we   have found that this is enough to incentivize 
affiliates with our customers paying us on   average $100 per month the next thing you need to 
do is consider if the commission will be perpetual   or not again this should depend on the price of 
your product for lower-priced products affiliates   would be expecting recurring commissions and for 
higher-priced products, they likely won't be.

At   Visitor Queue we use the reoccurring model to 
keep affiliates happy and to continue referring   clients to us. Okay with these main considerations 
out of the way you'll want to select an affiliate   software to use to make tracking and paying 
commissions to your affiliates easy this software   will take care of all the signup generation of 
referral links affiliate management commissions   and more so ensure you choose wisely there are 
a handful of great affiliate software out there   so have your pick at Visitor Queue we use and 
are happy with a software called Tapfiliate.   Once your affiliate software is set up you 
can start promoting your program well kinda   you'll need to put together marketing and sales 
resources to help your affiliates come up with   banner ads brochures pricing sheets videos and 
more to assist them with selling your products   okay now we can start promoting your program 
ensure you create a page on your website that   talks about your affiliate program in depth 
and invites prospective affiliates to sign up   here is a great example of our affiliate page 
that talks about all the benefits of becoming a   Visitor Queue affiliate you'll also want to share 
your affiliate program with your current customers   I recommend creating an onboarding sequence that 
invites new customers to the program 60 or so   days after they become a client you never know 
who will share your product with their friends   family or peers bonus tip ensure that you wait 30 
days or so to pay your affiliates in case any of   their commissions came from payments that ended 
up being refunded bonus tip number two ensure   that you use terms and conditions to state 
that they can't use search engine marketing   to promote your affiliate program to ensure you're 
not competing against your affiliates on Adwords,   Bing, or other search engine marketing platforms 
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