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hey guys it's Ken and in this video I'm
gonna give you a list of free tools for affiliate marketing so that you can get
started right away because it's time to get off the sidelines and into the game
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came about because I occasionally get messages from people wanting to start
affiliate marketing but don't have the budget for a variety of reasons so I did
some research for you and look for some free tools that you could get your hands
on and if that ain't enough value I'm also gonna share with you my funnel
template as well as provide you with the free gift at the end of this video but
first things first if you want to become an online entrepreneur you have to think
like one and stop wasting money on buying shiny objects they don't work
never have never will simply put there are no shortcuts when
you're building an online business Tony Robbins once said it's not the lack of
resources it's your lack of resource fulness that stops you translation
you've got to learn to hustle and figure things out so I opened up my Chrome
browser and went over to Google to start looking for free tools for affiliate
marketers Google is your friend the free tools I look for are based on this
funnel which gives you a pretty good outline of how everything works and the
tools that you'll need feel free to pause the video and take a screenshot
otherwise I'll drop a link below so that you can grab your free copy of this
template this is the exact same funnel I use in my business let's dive into the
tools but I want to be very clear with you that free does come with limitations
most importantly I want you to do the additional research to determine if
these tools work for you I'm just providing you with a starting point okay
so don't be lazy lastly I don't use most of these tools so don't reach out to me
for support alright alright let's talk free traffic sources there are social
media platforms like Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram and tick tock there's
forums Korra Reddit and Yahoo Answers but
far my favorite is YouTube YouTube is an excellent way to drive traffic to your
affiliate offer heck it's what got you to my channel in the first place so it
does work some of you might not want to make a video because you don't want to
show your face but there are ways around that and I'll discuss that in this video
and besides if you really want to start an online business you have to get out
of your comfort zone now you can't just make any old video you have to do some
research in order to find out what people are looking for that way you can
make videos that answer their questions or address their pain points in other
words you want to provide value which leads me to my recommendations for free
keyword research tools let's start off with the obvious ones Google search by
merely typing in a search query into Google you can get a ton of suggestions
as you can see in this example in addition you can also use the alphabet
method to get more suggestions Google Keyword planner Google Keyword planner
is mainly used to provide keyword ideas and traffic estimates to build ad
campaigns however it's also handy in determining keywords based on terms that
describe your product or service YouTube search in case you don't know YouTube is
owned by Google and it also happens to be the world's second most popular
search engine with over three billion searches per month YouTube's search
volume is larger than Bing Yahoo AOL and combined ubersuggest a free tool
by SEO guru neil patel ubersuggest helps you to uncover your competitors targeted
keywords and also gives you a score based on the probability of you ranking
for that particular keyword pretty powerful stuff lastly we have answered
the public according to their website answer the public listens in to
autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out
every useful phrasing question people are asking around your keyword i've used
it myself and they give you some pretty good suggestions which can be useful
when deciding on a video topic for your niche now let's go over some screen
recorder options screencast-o-matic is the screen recording software that I
currently use I started off with the free plan and then upgraded because I
was using it so much with their free plan you're limited to 15 minutes of
recording time that's plenty enough if you're making YouTube videos and you can
even edit your videos using their video editing software but if you need more
recording time you can simply upgrade because their plans are inexpensive
starting at about 18 dollars a year screen of I is a google chrome plugin
that will allow you to record your screen and webcam but you're limited to
just five minutes you can trim your videos and upload them directly to
YouTube also you can export them as an mp4 mp3
or even a gif lastly we have a stinker it's completely free and you can record
your screen webcam and audio for as long as you like
a stinker has been around for 10 years and boasts over 960 thousand users who
have created over eight point six million videos you can convert your
videos to a multitude of formats and upload them to various platforms
including YouTube once you've recorded your video it's helpful to be able to
edit out your mistakes here are some free video editing software options that
I found let's start with open shot it's easy to use intuitive and has a
minimalist design which makes it the perfect choice for beginners it's
drag-and-drop functionality is great for adding video audio or image files open
shot is best for clip resizing scaling trimming snapping and rotation and it
offers credit scrolling frame stepping time mapping audio editing and real-time
preview you also have unlimited layers for
watermarks background videos and audio tracks that's a lot of features packed
into a free software if you're a Windows user then you should take a look at VSD
C's free video editor and while the free version
comes with reduced features it still comes with VSD C's full video editing
suite including transitional effects easy to use image filters a mask tool
and chroma key functionality for green screen video effects lastly if you have
a Mac then iMovie is probably your best bet it usually comes pre-installed so
you're ready to start editing iMovie is very simple to use and makes editing
videos a breeze among the notable features of iMovie are its support for
4k resolution dozens of studio quality title animations cool video filters
built-in music sound effects and voice over recordings now if you're following
my funnel template you'll be driving free traffic to a landing page to
collect email addresses and a bridge page to pre frame the sales page offer
so you'll need a page builder let's take a look at a couple of options that I
found first we have GRU funnels this tool you need to hop on right away if
you want to get it for free at the time this video was published the creators of
GRU funnels were waving their $99 per month fee and allowing people to sign up
for free according to their website this is in response to the recent global
health crisis not only can you build landing pages and funnels but you can
also sell products so it's great for affiliates as well as product sellers
you can make up to 3 sites under the free plan but that's all you really need
when you're starting off next up we have quick pages well I can't find any lists
of features or pricing you simply sign up and start building your landing pages
they have a variety of customizable templates and a blog that provides
helpful tips on how to use it building an email list is crucial if you want to
have a long-term affiliate marketing business here are some email marketing
software companies to check out but first this important message avoid
getting MailChimp or mailer light they will shut down your account as they
don't like affiliate marketers it's in their Terms of Service in fact make sure
you read the Terms of Service for any email marketing software you sign up for
some are more strict than others and do periodic downloads of your list
just in case one can never be too careful here are a few alternatives to
MailChimp and mailer light again read the Terms of Service regarding affiliate
marketing you have been warned first we have sender net their free plan
allows up to twenty five hundred subscribers and up to fifteen thousand
emails per month all of their features are included in their free plan you just
upgrade to a paid plan when you need to accommodate more subscribers and send
out more emails after scanning their website they're perhaps the most robust
in terms of features so check them out next up is send pulse they allow you to
have up to 500 subscribers and send out up to 15,000 emails per month you can do
email automation maybe split testing and segmentation among others I've included
a link to their features page so you can check out what you get lastly we have
mail jet with mail jet you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and can
send up to six thousand emails per month or two hundred emails per day and if you
use a CRM tool you can integrate mail jet with that platform and easily manage
your mailing lists in a single dashboard now making your videos I caching
requires some graphics I use simple graphics in my video to break things up
and keep the viewer engaged here are some free choices to take a look at
canva is free easy to use and packed with features
I love canva I use it to make graphics for my videos thumbnails and even the
endcard I use for some of my videos you should check it out
PowerPoint hey it's not free but most people have this application already
installed on their computers so you might as well use it and if you're a Mac
user your computer should have keynote pre-installed here's an additional free
tool that you should consider getting to help keep you organized funnel it
exfoliates funnel mapping software that will allow
you to design track and analyze your marketing funnels their starter plan is
free forever and allows you one workspace three canvases
gives you over 75 marketing icons and six free funnel templates you can even
share funnels between accounts and export your funnels in PNG format so if
you want a copy of the funnel I went through earlier you can click on a link
below and sign up for a free funnel lytx account when it comes to the main names
you can't get these for free at least not for the long term like some of these
other tools but if you do your research you can get a free domain for 12 months
when you sign up for a hosting plan one such host provider is Bluehost you
can get a free domain name for the first year of your agreement which includes a
free SSL certificate one-click wordpress install and 24/7 support all for the
promotional price of about 3 dollars and 95 cents a month for your first term
Hostgator also has the same offer where they're offering one free domain
registration with a newly purchased hosting plan so you get this for free
for the first year as well in these two scenarios you get the domain free for 12
months when you purchase a hosting plan and quite frankly you need to invest
something into your business ok so that was my list of free tools you can use to
start affiliate marketing no excuses right right
just remember free tools have their limitations so keep that in mind
there really is value in investing in the tools of your trade now you have the
tools you have the funnel so Ken what do I do next
that's where my free gift comes in handy I'm going to give you access to some
free training that will walk you through how to start your online business today
this is the same training I've gone through to start mine step-by-step no
gimmicks just real and actionable information so do yourself a favor take
advantage of this opportunity and just do it thanks for watching if you found
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