From $0 To $10,000 🤑with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (Step by Step)

What's going on everyone? I'm Marissa and
in today's video we're gonna go over a blueprint on how you can go from zero to
ten thousand dollars per month with affiliate marketing for beginners and
this really is a step-by-step so don't take any of this lightly. This is my best
advice of how you could be earning these types of checks like I did and I am like
this and this and this and this and this and receiving text messages like this
and it's really incredible once you get this affiliate marketing business going
because it becomes super passive income. We're rolling with it and so make sure
you stay to the end of this video because the end is kind of the most
important part to your success with affiliate marketing and it's step that most people get wrong, trust me you don't want
to get this wrong, so stay tuned for this video. The first step in this zero to 10k
blueprint that you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to believe in the
product. So what does this mean? So you don't want to go to clickbank or Amazon
and just select any old product just to promote it because there's a good
commission, you actually want to try out the product and understand the product
for yourself.

I mean I actually made this mistake a couple of times, promoting a
product as I that I wasn't too familiar with and I didn't make that much money
and the commission's I did make, I mean it was okay, but people were complaining
about the product and I felt super bad. I'm like "Oh my gosh I'm never gonna do
that again." And so you got to remember that affiliate marketing is great, it's
an amazing business model, you can make a lot of money with it, but you got to
protect your brand most importantly because if you're promoting a product
that doesn't help people, that doesn't solve a problem, that doesn't serve
people, that isn't really good and top quality in their specific niche in the
marketplace, don't do it.

You don't want to go down that route, trust me. And so I
tell people affiliate marketing is kind of like the gateway business. I mean,
everyone talks about marijuana being the gateway drug to like all these other
drugs, this is that's what I call affiliate marketing to online marketing
because once you get really good at affiliate
marketing you're gonna want to develop your own products and that's why you
only want to promote the best products that you're familiar with because,
although I have my own digital products now and my own services, affiliate
marketing is still a huge chunk of my income because I set it up right and I
did it the right way, which I'm talking about in this blueprint. So the next step
in this blueprint from 0 to 10k is to focus, and please do not take this
lightly and roll your eyes, trust me you need to focus on one product and taking
and scaling that one product because this is how you're gonna make the most
amount of commissions, grow your brand, this is actually how you're even going
to grow and build your email list.

The point is when you focus on one thing in
one product one service it will grow and you will make the most amount of
commissions and sales because you're able to, the most, understand the product
and how it converts and what you need to do to tweak it because
you'll gather more and more data and you'll understand what you need to do to
continue to sell it and to scale that affiliate marketing commission. People
fall into this trap of the shiny object syndrome because one they get
frustrated that the product doesn't sell or doesn't work for them
and so they're like "Oh this product sucks so I'm gonna jump to the next one,"
or they get the shiny object syndrome because they start promoting one product
product and then they see another product launch like "Oh my god I
need to promote that new product," when they haven't even given the first
product a try, and so I want to highlight and emphasize that you need to focus on
one at a time.

So what that looks like maybe is promoting one product for six
to nine months, getting it profitable, if you're confident that it will continue
to scale on its own then maybe you can add another product to what you're doing
but definitely give it some time and stay focused. The third thing you need to
focus on with affiliate marketing for beginners and hitting that 10k mark is
the commission structure. So there's a lot of different terms when it
comes to this, but when we talk about affiliate
marketing commissions there's low ticket, there's high ticket,
there's recurring commissions, and I specifically focus on promoting products
that are either high ticket, which means you earn a commission of a thousand
dollars or more, or that is recurring commission. So if you promote a business
tool or a website tool or some type of online tool, it is a really good thing
because when those are monthly memberships that people have to pay
every single month, so guess what, what does that mean for you? You get that
commission check every single month in your bank account, and so the other thing
is you want to do your research on the commission structure and what that looks
like, anywhere from 30% to 70% is a really, really sweet spot, anything more
is just incredible, I would definitely do some research into how the product
performs and what their numbers are like, what is the conversion rate of the
product, so maybe the product sells people with a webinar, for example, what
is that conversion rate of the webinar? If it is above 2%, that is amazing
because industry standard is between 1 and 2% you can also look at the
affiliate page of an offer and see if there's any other big names or
well-known names in the industry that are promoting that affiliate product and,
if so, if there's good testimonials from other affiliates.

If there's good data
then that is a great sign that you should continue or that you can
promote that product so certainly keep the commission structure and the
conversion numbers in mind when thinking about promoting an affiliate offer.
Alright, so the fourth step in all of this is to find the product. So I'm going
to go over a couple of places where you can find an affiliate product, it's
really that easy and even my best advice is if there's a product or service tool,
whatever it is that goes with your brand and that is that has to do with the
niche of your online business, I would definitely start promoting that first. If
you type in virtually any company in the world, they have a referral program or an
affiliate program, but I highly believe there is a digital
product or digital course that anyone could promote and in that mastermind
I've seen the most incredible online courses about so many different things.
There's a guy teaching other up-and-coming veterinarians how to have
an amazing vet career, there's a woman who teaches about anxiety, and another
woman who teaches actors how to be great actors, another woman who has a Pinterest
course, another woman who has a course on manifestation, and another guy who sells
a course on how to flip houses.

The list is endless and my recommendation to you
is to find an influencer, you don't even really have to contact them,
just do some research on their Instagram, their YouTube, their website, and more
than likely if that influencer or solopreneur, entrepreneur, whatever you
want to call it, if they have an audience, 99% of the time they have their own
offer, their own digital course and I guarantee they have an affiliate program.
And so if they're selling their offer for $800, $1,000 that is really great
news because, more than likely, they're gonna give 40 to 50% commissions to
their affiliate, so don't just promote biz opportunity affiliate
offers and business tools, not everyone has to do that because if you
promote a digital course that you believe in, not only is that really good
for your brand down the line, but also that's great because that is considered
the high ticket level, you're going to making 400 to 500
dollars per commission and that is really good for you.

And so here's a
couple of places where you can find affiliate offers, if you go to you could search through the list of products on that website, there's
tons and tons of different options for tools and other offers on there, of
course there's Clickbank as I mentioned, and I know I was like "Oh don't just go
to clickbank and grab a link," but there are some really great offers on
Clickbank and I definitely recommend checking it out and also Amazon, of
course, Walmart, Target, I know you're thinking like "What the hell? I didn't
really even realize that Walmart and Target…" And you can also consider JVZoo
if you are in the online marketing space Hot Mart, Share Sale, and CJ Affiliate. CJ
Affiliate is kind of cool because that is a platform or a website where you can
go and not only promote different offers but you could promote things like events
and masterminds which is really cool and I made this video quite a long time ago
but it is still extremely relevant, I think it's I made it eight
or nine months ago, but it's about affiliate offers within the traveling
niche where you can get paid for just sharing your knowledge about a vacation
you just took, so definitely check out that video after this video.

Alright, so
now we are on step five, and this is arguably the most important part that
will take you to 10k so pay attention, and this is called the bridge. You're
like "What is the bridge?" When you figure this out, when you start implementing it,
I'm gonna tell you right now, start to implement it right away on your
affiliate marketing offers, your conversions are going to go through the
roof. So what does this mean? This means that you have to bridge, you are the
bridge, you have to bridge nicely the offer to the person that is going to buy
it because if you're just out spamming the internet, putting your affiliate
links wherever, on my YouTube videos, stop doing that. Stop putting your links
on my videos! It happens all the time, I'm like "Oh,why do people do that?" But
this is the legitimate way to do it, this is how you build a real online affiliate
marketing business, you have to have a landing page to capture interest and to
capture the name and email of a person so that you can follow up with them
later, but the next page they go to is called the Thank You page, but we're
gonna call it the bridge page because it is going to be a video that you create.
Normally it'll be you talking in the camera, some people do animation videos,
but the highest converting bridge pages have you in it
like I am in this video talking to the camera and introducing what the offer is,
so I have my computer here and this is an example of a bridge page video
that I made as an example of a product on Clickbank, as a matter of fact, and so
the idea is I would actually change this video to a video I create where you see
my face and I would say something like "Hey guys! Congratulations for
being on this video!" Introduce what the product is, introduce how it changed your
life, the benefits of it, what they could expect, you're more than likely
going to drive them to another video sales letter or VSL or a checkout page
depending on the price of the product, but you have to introduce the offer that
you are promoting because you're going from your brand to somebody else's brand
so it has to be clear that you're handing them off to another person's

And so let me give you a prime example, the other day on this YouTube
channel I did a collaboration with a girl named Louise Henry and I was an
affiliate for one of her products, right? In that video I didn't make a bridge
page because you saw her in my youtube video, so that was kind of the bridge, but
when I continued to promote her offer throughout the rest of this year I will
create a bridge page that has a video of me explaining how, because I actually
bought that course that she has, it's on Asana, and how to get organized, it's an
amazing course, check it out by the way, but I will definitely make a bridge page
with maybe her and I in it. If you know the person and you can do a bridge video
with them in it, that is even better. You don't have to have that, but if you can
that's like icing on the cake. And so I would say what I learned, how
her organization course on Asana saved me ten hours a week, how I was able to
actually hit the big goals in my business, and so you really have a lot of
room for creativity on that bridge page because you can say your true thoughts
about the product and then at the end of the video give a call to action going to
the offer and in her case she has a webinar for the product, and so I have a
bridge page and I'm sending my people, when I say click the button
below, I'm sending the people that land on the page to her webinar and
when I make the sale, she fulfills the product and we're all happy.

Alright, so
the sixth step in this blueprint is the follow up. Now, this is a whole entire
video in itself, I'm not going to get into it in depth, but basically you want
once you capture their email when you have your landing page, the whole point
is to follow up with them. So you're gonna create an email sequence, I
personally use Kartra for my online business, sales funnel marketing, and
email marketing, but if you use click funnels you could use get responses, a
lot of different email marketing platforms that you could use, but the
point is you want to set up follow-up emails and so the reason you want to
follow up for seven days is because, more than likely, people are not going to buy
on the first sight of seeing the offer or the sales page or the webinar or
whatever and so those seven emails is the industry standard for you to follow
up with them and continually show them the offer after seven days of
introducing the product of when they land on your bridge page.

The seventh
step in the blueprint is to give it time. As I mentioned in the first couple of
steps, you need to focus if you get your bridge page and your funnel up and
running and you're promoting it and driving traffic for a month and you get
no sales, who cares? That's very, very, very normal. You may not see sales for six
months, give it nine months to a year to really get your funnel going and
to start making commissions on that affiliate offer. Alright guys, so I know
if you're getting massive value and if you're loving this video, I know for a
fact you're gonna love the video coming up next and that video is the 10 most
profitable business ideas you could start this year in 2020 so definitely
check that out it's starting right now. Today we're talking about the 10 most
profitable business ideas that you could be starting up in 2020..

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