How I Make 3000$ With Affiliate Marketing (All My Strategies)

today i want to show you how i do
affiliate marketing how i make money online affiliate marketing i
will show you my earnings my dashboards how i promote affiliate products what i
feed products i promote everything some details tips plugins
tools i use everything i do to promote and work with
affiliate marketing in this short video stay tuned
everyone i'm hassan from h-educate and today i'm so happy to publish
this new video without wasting any second
let's start directly number one let's see
my earnings from affiliate marketing of course
i'm not showing you this to brag and say hey i make money from
affiliate marketing of course no i'm showing you this mainly for two reasons
number one is to tell you that this works this is
a proof to motivate you to tell you go and start working number two because a
lot of people i don't know why but they love to see
earnings and numbers and so on so here is my
first dashboard on commission junction
if you see last month i made 2 500 dollars
and this month i made around 900 till today and you can see i have in
my balance around 4 700 dollars let's go to the second
network impact radius you can see i
have upcoming earnings 467
dollars these are my main networks that i promote a free products with
i have a lot of other networks if you go here to notion
to my affiliate marketing page you see i have
all these affiliate products and services
that i promote around 85 services you can see i manage all this i
list the service name the category what type of service the network i am using
the status if i applied i approved or not
where i am promoting the priority is it a high priority to promote or low or
medium and the difficulty to join this network
so all these services am enrolled in and i promote and i will
show you how in a little bit of course i have some services that i
earn like couple of dollars like this service i have 44
dollars like tubebuddy i have 15 dollars in the balance like
bluehost i have 130 dollars i have a lot of service i am
promoting as you can see some makes me couple of
dollars hundreds of dollars and some thousands of dollars it depends anyway
so this part one this is my earnings and my dashboards
let's go now the second step and tell you exactly
how i work how i promote affiliate products
and everything i use and i do in affiliate
marketing let's wear my eyeglasses and start
together just to sum up things what is affiliate marketing mainly it's about
picking a product and then promoting this
product and earning a commission so the first step in affiliate marketing
is picking a product and usually you have to pick a product related to
the niche that you are interested in that you want
to promote and so on now if you are following me you know my
website is mainly about digital marketing and online business
so what i did is i simply went and started searching
for products for affiliate products related
to my niche to my business and i created this list i showed you now
all these services and i start putting them
on to apply status so i need to apply to those services
what i did as an example we have network called cj commission junction
i went here to cj and went to advertisers
and i started searching for product advertisers
related to my niche so here we can search by category
so i selected online services like email marketing like web hosting
web tools domains all these are related to my niche
and search and i filtered those products you can see all these and then
i start applying one by one the products that i
am willing to promote so here you can see
in my my advertisers section let's remove this
to filter my advertisers and click on search you can see now i promote enter
server web hosting grammarly i promote google
products i promote hostinger affiliate program
ovh cloud contabu i have a lot of products here in
cj you can see all these are approved and i can
promote then i went to impact network if you go here again to brand the same
operation to brands to my brands you will see here
i am enrolled in like 20 programs inside impact
network all these products that are somehow also related to my
business and then i start searching for other products like as an example a blue
host if we go here and search for bluehost
and send them blue you can see those products
those are in-house affiliate products what i mean is
they have their own affiliate dashboard like bluehost you can see here they have
their own affiliate system i'm enrolled in if you
go here to send in blue to the dashboard affiliate dashboard you
can see also i have 100 euros commissions also in sendinblue
it has also its own affiliate dashboard so i
joined all these networks and filtered them by network
by status by category so i can organize all my work
i know what are the servers i'm promoting and everything
in detail so this is the first step i joined
all the affiliate programs that i want or i am planning to promote and they are
related to my business so now i have the affiliate
programs like 85 programs i joined then the next step is
to promote them what i did also is i set priority
priority for promotion like for contabu it's high priority for
name cheap it's high for ovh it's medium some are low like
those related to books and so on like this mojo marketplace it's slow so
i prioritize my marketing plan according to this
priority so some services i push a lot of content
about i push a lot of ads about put some more effort and more time and
more money maybe to promote and some no i start maybe i
add only banner ads as you will see now in this video so in this way i can
organize all my affiliate marketing work inside notion here in this table and i
can know everything and track everything let's now move on to the most
important part which is how i promote those products
how i promote 85 products and how to get clicks
and make conversions for those products let's now close
those dashboards and go mainly to my main website
so if you are following me you know i have this website my main website in this website i have mainly two things that i can use
to promote my blog and the forums if you open the
blog now i will show you now how things really
work so this is my blog let's go as an example and see like
this one the premium url shortener saas business this article if you open it now
you will see i have a lot of links you can see all these are links in the
article you can see all these godaddy
contabo hostinger contabo contabo all these are links
and all of them are affiliate links so these are some guides
i write some guides step by step guides showing people how to do something
and inside these guides i promote some afraid products like web hosting
services like scripts from code canyon i have a
lot of products to promote related to my topics
and to my articles now i want to give you one small secret
or small tip that really helps a lot when you create
articles like this if you go to my dashboard here you will
see i am using a plugin called pretty links
you can see pretty links let's go here open pretty links
to show you this in practice it's a very important tip by the way
let's say this one like like canva i'm promoting canva if you
click on edit this link and go here to
pro feature you will see i can target this link by keywords
what this means now whenever whenever i have this
keyword this word in my blog canva it will be automatically transformed into
an affiliate link if you go back here you
can see as an example here those blue links this contable contable
you can see it's automatically turned into an affiliate link and this
way i can increase the percentage of clicks
because all these are links and in bold blue
so people may click and follow up and make a purchase
through this link so this is really very important
is to automate affiliate links now pretty links is not free
but to help you i will show you a free alternative if you go here to plugins
add a new and wordpress you will see we have
a plugin called i think auto affiliate link i think
yes this one all the affiliate links you can install this plugin it's free
and it will do the same for you it will turn
any keyword into an affiliate link that you set
up in your dashboard this is very important
this is very important so this is number one i promote
through articles through blog posts through tutorials this is one of the
best methods to promote affiliate links why
as an example anyone is following this article
and wants to build this system he will go step by step
following me he will buy the script then buy a domain
then buy a vps server by a hosting and all this through my affiliate links
this is very important is creating tutorials on your blog okay
so this is number one creating blog posts
automating affiliate links inside your articles
this number one on how i promote affiliate links and affiliate products
number two is a through banner ad you can see here
i have this banner ad for bluehost if you refresh
now you will notice that you will get other ad
you can see here from envato if you refresh again we are going to get
another ad how i do this how i add this ad rotation simply i am using
a plugin called advanced ads this one it allows you to create groups
and rotation and add multiple ads and will
automatically show you the ads in a group and rotate them automatically
and then you can go to stats here and see each ad how
many impressions how many clicks it got and so on the conversion rate and so on
the ctr the click-through rate sorry so this is number one which is promoting
in the blog through banner ads and through internal links
number two is the forums again i created a forum
in my website the forum helped me mainly in two things
increase my traffic a lot really a lot from the first month
i got like 30 000 views only for from my forum and
in the forum again you can see i have the banner ads i can promote anything
people here are talking to each other i am also in this forum you can ask any
question in this forum i will be almost every day to answer your question by the
way in this way i use the forum to attract people to my
website to interact and engage in my website
at the same time i can promote through banner ads
and at the same time if anyone writes the keywords
that i am promoting automatically they will be linked
using the pretty links plugin so this is number one my main website
through the blog the forum internal links
and banners number two i have my second main website which is
eight super tools if you are following me you know i have eight super tools
the free digital marketing tools platform i developed from scratch
and if you go here to any tool like youtube keyword tool
you will see also here i have banner ads this constable i'm promoting contable as
a banner ad also i have some google adsense ads or
isaiah i make money from ads and from affiliate
marketing in this website this is my second
website number three i have this tool seo
analyzer tool i explained in detail how to create such
websites step by step if you go here to any of
these links you will see also i am promoting
affiliate products with banner ads grammarly if
you go here slide you can see this canva ad
if you go here down you can see the hostinger and so on i'm promoting
also affiliate products through this website
if you like to learn how to create such websites in detail
step by step you can check the video description below or somewhere here on
the screen anyway this is the third website number
four i have books and this is a website i
created like a couple of months ago the idea behind
this website is to create book summaries so anyone
can read a book in like 10 minutes you can see all these are book
summaries and you can see here i have also banner ads
promoting a free product if you open any of these let's say this
book summary because he is sponsored this is an ad
this is an ad also all these are affiliate ads i am promoting on
this website by the way i really also encourage you to go to books another
blog and start reading a book once a day like
in 10 minutes like this one in seven minutes you can finish a book
understand what's the topic how it's how it works and everything in
like a couple of minutes you can boost your knowledge so this is
mainly my four websites my main website it
h-supertools seo analyzer and books and more these
are four websites i use to promote affiliate
products then i have my youtube channel if you go to my youtube
channel to my videos you will see like let's open any video
like this one the email marketing free course
video if you go to the description below you will see i am
promoting a lot of affiliate links and by the way all our
short links to track clicks and know exactly what's happening
all these are affiliate links i promote also from youtube
youtube is also one of the best places to promote
affiliate products especially if your channel is still
somehow small you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing
through your videos on your channel so this is also one of my main
important sources of traffic to my affiliate products
also i have a small trick here i want to show it to you
if you go to my service website the website where i provide
services to people as an example if you go here
to my website you see i providing all these services
if you click here on this service set up a php script
so let's say someone wants to order the service
if you go here the description you'll see the requirements
we need access to a vps machine and you can get
one from these companies and all these are also affiliate links
you can use also this small tip this small trick
if you are providing services as a freelancer
also to combine with affiliate marketing so you can make money from affiliate
and from your fiancing services not only this i also promote
affiliate products with two extra strategies number one if you go here
back to my website if you go here to more section
and click on these and click on web hosting as an example
i have a page for deals and special coupons
so you can see here contabu bluehost like any bluehost
if you click on my link and join through my link you'll get a 50
special discount for vaulter you can get 300
coupon digital ocean you'll get free credits hostinger you get
a special discount also i use this page to promote my affiliate products you can
see here deals i have email marketing services
or recommendations also page i have a lot of services i'm promoting like hey
convertkit send them blue get response here i have
all recommendations all these almost all these are affiliate
links i am promoting so this is one of my extra tips to
promote affiliate products also another strategy i explained before
if you go to h-super tools to affiliate programs you can see
here i created this table that helps affiliate marketers
like you select a service to promote at the same time all these are affiliate
links so anyone clicking on these links he
will be recorded that i referred him and you can see here
we have the cookie duration so as an example if someone clicks on
this aweber link and registered after 200 days
after one year i will get the commission this is the power of cookies in
affiliate marketing also i explained this strategy in detail
how to create this table and so on in a full video here on my
channel you can check in the description below i think this
everything i do to promote a free product
i hope i didn't miss anything now you may be asking hassan
you don't use email marketing or social media and so on
of course i do if you go here to convert kit to my
dashboard as an example to broadcast you see i send always emails i
get high open rates high click rates but
i don't promote affiliate products directly through email no
i use email marketing i use my social media
profiles to promote my content to promote
h-supertools to promote my blog my website
those books those tools and the in this websites in the content in
the blog i promote affiliate products so i use
email marketing and other strategies to get the traffic as i explained in
detail in my free traffic course please go to
my youtube channel now and watch my free traffic course this
one how to get traffic to your website full free course 34 minutes explaining
all my strategies to get traffic today look i reached
around 278 000 visits per
month and i reached this number really following the same strategies i
explained in this free course just follow it there
is no affiliate links in this video there is no products
to promote there is no products to buy there is no
premium courses to buy just go and learn these strategies
this is a free course totally free just learn it
and apply it to your website and you'll start getting
traffic and promoting affiliate products i hope you enjoyed this video
i tried my best to share every detail everything i do
to promote affiliate marketing products please if you have any questions
if you need anything you need any help please go now to my forum submit your questions there and i will
try my best to be every single day to answer your questions you can see here
i was active 58 minutes ago 23 hours ago i am almost active every single day on
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