How I Make Over $10K a Month with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

– Hey what's up, Sean
Cannell here with Think Media bringing you the best tip and tools for building your influence
with online video. And recently, I was just on the Creative Disruption podcast with Derral Eves and Ricky Ray Butler. Talking all about how to make more money with affiliate marketing here on YouTube. And one of the big
strategies we really unpacked was how here at Think Media
sometimes we've produced as many as 29 videos in just a few days. It's batch producing. And so in the interview I break down some of my advanced tips
for affiliate marketing, the biggest mistakes people make, as well as some YouTube tips. So let's just dive right
into the interview right now.

(upbeat hip-hop music) – You have a couple YouTube channels so one's Think Media, the
other one's Video Influencers. Think Media, let's talk about that. So we are here in Vegas. – [Sean] Yep. – And there are some really
really really big expos that actually come every year. And I would notice this as afar and I'd go to these expos too and I'd see that you bring a crew in, and you'd knock out 20, 30
videos in a couple days. And I was like "Wow!" Let's talk about that for a minute too. Like what the process that
you actually go through. And I noticed that you're
releasing multiple videos a day when the show's actually going on. And then you have this huge spike in not only viewership,
but also subscribers.

– Yeah, absolutely. So for me, I moved back to Vegas in
2011 to work at a church and discovered, I mean I
didn't really know about CES, the Consumer Electronics Show that happens right in January
of every year here in Vegas. And then mid-year is NAB, National Association of Broadcasters. And there's a few other shows,
but those two are major shows where all this tech floods into the city. So I was, because I was the
director of communications at my church, I would start
visiting those events. And then I started getting ideas. And even before this
all started I thought, okay, I used to one man show it. So I mean maybe to give
those young hustlers, you know, that are trying
to build their thing.

I would go down with like a Zoom H1, just a little portable recorder. (laughter) Just kind of a mic– – [Ricky] The resolution
on that was horrible right. (laughter) – [Sean] Just like a camera mic and I would hold my own monopod or tripod. And I would sit with
the reps at the booth. And I just realized though because all of this tech was in one place, and a lot of people do this
on different YouTube channels. But it's great because
you get the newest stuff, it's all in one place so you
can batch multiple videos. And then you also, because
you've got the reps, you kinda have someone helping you. You don't have to do all the research. 'Cause when you're doing tech videos, you kinda wanna really go deep.

– [Darrel] Exactly. – But you're scaling it faster because you can just bang
through these videos. So even a solo creator I started realizing I could do eight to 16 videos. And I'd go down there and, man I feel like, you know
I'm a little bit older now. 'Cause even as I look back a few years I'm like, "How did I do that?" 'Cause I would get up super
early, shoot the videos. I would edit at night,
and I would literally try to get one or two out. And then I'd release 'em the
next morning and go back down. Today that whole process is just scaled. You know as we started being able to get help and get a team. But even in the hybrid time
I'd kind of have local people, Ron Starling lives here,
kinda intern for me. And so if you decide like one person.

And the most notable was this past CES. We ended up with 29
unique videos in the can. And we did everything from tech reviews, to also treating the show. Like we did some that
went pretty in depth. We'd get our hands on a lens,
borrow it for a few hours while we were there, go
shoot some photography and truly test it. And then kind of bring it back. And then of course connecting that to a business model of
affiliate marketing. The impact of the brand build– – [Darrel] Exactly. – Hopping on the trend, even revenue and then just awareness
to what we're doing.

It's been massive, so year over year we're compounded momentum
by covering these events. Hey, I hope you're getting
value out of this video so far and if you are, can you
smash the 'Like' button? All right, let's dive right
back into the content. – How did you incorporate
affiliate marketing? – So a lot of times the
products are not out, so in the case it's just
kind of an awareness thing. But it's pretty linear, just, "Hey, if you want to see everything that "we're talking about in this video, "there's links in the description below." And those are Amazon links.

– Oh wow, oh so you just
give those yourselves. Oh wow that's amazing. – [Sean] Yeah. – Have you ever looked at like becoming like a super affiliate? Where you go to like the
brand directly and say, "Okay look, I've brought
this much revenue, "you need to give me a
much bigger percentage." – Well I would love to do– – Amazon won't do that first off. – Oh no, not Amazon, but you know like if the product like had more
of a direct way of purchasing. – You know, it's interesting and I wonder. For instance, we've done
a deal with Canon before which was kind of a proper brand deal. But we haven't, and lately I haven't been doing as many brand deals. But on our Amazon, just Amazon alone, I think we're doing over a million dollars in top line sales of Canon
cameras right now, every year.

– That is amazing. – [Sean] Trackable. – [Darrel] Yeah. – That's amazing. – [Sean] It's insane. – So I guess it's one
of those things where if it is, you know, an
Amazon affiliate link, you just really do it
when you wanna do it. – Well and the great thing about it too is when they go and buy one thing, they can go buy something
that's completely opposite. So you can do a Canon camera,
but the might buy a fridge. Or they might buy something else, because you know it's
so easy to buy on Amazon and then you get that percentage too. – It's because they go through the link, you get a percent of that. – And actually, tech a lot
of the times is four percent. And I've got a friend who has a store that is kind of like third
in line to B & H Photo. And when he heard four
percent he was like, "Wow! When I think about my margins, "that's actually pretty aggressive." Still, and Amazon is the
machine when it comes to that.

So I think there's, you know, when I think of a brand deal, you kind of get all the money upfront. But when I think about the one other piece that makes this work is I've really gotten
great at ranking videos. So they're viewed for weeks,
months, years to come– – So they do long tail. – So it's the long tail of that traffic that keeps our affiliate
account like, producing. So you can probably
tell from the interview that I am super passionate
about affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it's one of the best ways to start making money on YouTube. As well as scale your income even to really significant numbers. And if you actually wanna learn more about the things I've learned, all the mistakes I've made, as well as some of my successes. I actually have a one hour masterclass out breaking down how to get views on YouTube through ranking videos,
and how to monetize in different ways including
affiliate marketing. So if you wanna watch that, just go to or I'll put a link to it
in the description below.

And just click that link
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making money on YouTube? What's your favorite way to do it? You know, some channels
AdSense and YouTube ads is a big deal for them. Maybe it's brand deals for you. Maybe you haven't
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Peace. (upbeat hip-hop music).

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