How To Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing (QUICK & EASY)

so how can you quickly create a blog for affiliate marketing well pay close attention because i'm   about to show you step by step exactly how to 
do that let's get into it all right so what   you're looking at right here is a blog post 
i created using the exact platform that i'm   about to show you how to set up your blog on so 
if you take a look right here right we got our   menu set up uh we got the title we also have the 
date for the blog post and that'll automatically   populate and then right here we have our picture 
which is very relevant to what we're talking about   since in in that blog post we're talking about 
the youtube algorithm and then as we go down   boom we got our h1 we got our text under that we 
got our h2 uh and this is pretty much the outline   as you're doing a blog post anywhere you're 
doing a blog post and then as we go down we   got our h2 again boom we got our text and then you 
can even see i embedded a video in there as well   and then down here if somebody wants to come and 
make a comment all they have to do is just come   in here and say hey this hey this is dope or hey 
this sucks so whatever it is that they want to say   right and then right here if you want to tweet 
it out or the person that's reading this wants   to tweet it out you can actually go ahead and 
hit tweet and boom it's gonna take them right   over to twitter if they're logged into their 
account and they can actually share this with   other people or of course they can just take the 
link to this actual blog post and then share it   that way alright so what i'm about to do now 
is i'm actually about to show you how you can   set up your blog just like this all right so the 
platform we're gonna be using is called   and if you see value in this system and being 
able to see how beneficial this could be for you   then definitely go ahead and use that first link 
down below in the description that'll give you   free access and then if you want to upgrade 
as you continue to get used to the system   you could definitely go ahead and do that now 
let's get into the step-by-step process so here   we go so first thing we want to do is we want to 
come up here to this tab that says blogs we want   to click on that and then we're going to click on 
this blue button that says create a blog and then   right here this is where i name my blog like what 
do i want my blog's name to be mine's going to be   rakeem addison right it's going to be the rakeem 
addison blog and then right here blog domain right   so you can either use the domain that 
gives you or you could use your own domain which   is highly recommended all right and if you don't 
have one you can go to like godaddy name cheap or   any one of the domain providers and then roll 
with that all right so now what i'm gonna do   is i'm gonna go ahead and make it my domain all 
right so now it's rakeem backslash   and then i'm gonna just make this my blog link 
right so i'm gonna say blog three and then we're   just gonna go ahead and choose a template 
i'm gonna roll with this template right here   uh and they will be bringing in more templates but 
at the time that i'm recording these are the only   two that they have all right so i'm gonna go ahead 
and hit create all right so it's going and it's   creating my blog boom i got a blog created that 
quickly all right all right so now what i want   to do is i want to go ahead and click on the blog 
i just created the rakeem addison blog and then   now you got either posts pages or categories right 
so all the categories is it's like you're grouping   like the type of content that you're talking about 
right so if you're going to be talking about video   marketing online tools blogging uh instagram like 
it's sectioning everything off that's essentially   what that is all right so what we want to go 
to before we go to any of that stuff is we want   to go to the blog layout so now this is where 
we get to edit our footers i mean our footers   and our headers all right and then also how our 
blog posts will be structured so the first thing   i like to do because i don't like to use other 
people's logos and i'm sure you don't either so   what i want to do is i'll go in here and i'll just 
pretty much switch out this picture right here   and put in you know a logo that i just 
real quickly create it right it's just   my name all right and then i hit insert now what 
i want to do because that's a little bit big   is i want to adjust the size on that logo 
right so we can see already we look like   we're putting together a blog post and i ain't did 
no coding i haven't did any of that stuff right   so now the next thing i want to do is i don't i 
don't see any point of like putting my name twice   so what i'll do down here is i'll just remove 
this section but i won't remove the actual like   row alright so boom so now we got our name which 
is our logo and then we got these menus so this   is the next thing we want to adjust right so 
right now it says home articles contact and   about but let's say for instance i don't want it 
to say articles i wanted to say blog boom i just   changed it that quickly right now another thing 
we can do is we can adjust like the spacing on   it right so the spacing between them let's say i 
want those to be closer then i can do that now if   i want those to be spread out i can actually 
adjust it just like that right so you could   play around with this to your liking and then you 
know whatever you want within this space for like   your blog content you can do but me personally i'm 
not going to mess with anything in there and then   another thing you could do is down here right so i 
could change this and just have it just be like my   company name and not right so company 
name and then i would probably put like we help   uh we help uh with social media right let's just 
put something like that for now all right so we   help with social media and then what you can do 
is you can actually link your actual social medias   right here right so if you can go ahead and click 
on this and then you can come over here and then   put your actual instagram link right in there and 
then anytime somebody comes over and they click   one of those links it'll take them directly over 
to your social media all right so i'm gonna just   go ahead and call it we good right here so i'm 
gonna go ahead and hit save changes so we just   set up our blog layout so now i'm about to show 
you how to set up your post layout all right so   that was the blog layout now let's go to the post 
layout now this is where we get into how your blog   posts will actually look so now what i what i'm 
gonna do and i was gonna do this anyway is i was   gonna bring up my blog post title up at the top 
now another thing i'm gonna do is i'm gonna bring   in the blog post date just like this right so i'm 
gonna put it right under the uh title and then   boom so right now we can't really see it but what 
i'm gonna do is i'm gonna bring it to the middle   i'm gonna come over here and i'm gonna hit the 
middle all right boom so now it's in the middle   along with my title so now what i want to do is 
i might want to make my title a little bit bigger   as far as like appearance when somebody comes 
on my blog post so what i'll do is i'll adjust   the font size a little bit all right that's quite 
that's quite big right so i'm gonna go with this   and we're just gonna let that roll all right 
so now we got our blog post title we got our   blog post date which pretty much autumn auto 
populates within that spot and then we got our   blog post content how we want it pretty much 
in the middle and then down here at the bottom   we can add additional things if we really 
really want to uh such as let me show you uh   facebook comments so let's say for instance i 
want facebook comments to be on every blog post   well now i'm setting that up from the jump right 
so now when i go ahead and i save that and i back   out of here now when i go to set up my blog post 
like over here where it says create a blog post   i can go ahead and set it up from scratch or i 
can just use the blog post template that they   give you by default so i'm gonna go ahead and use 
the blog post template but i'm gonna adjust it uh   like matter of fact let's just go ahead and show 
you from scratch so you know exactly what to do   so i'm gonna go ahead and delete the blog post 
template all right so it's deleted so we start   from scratch so i hit create a blog post and 
then now this is where i name my blog post now   you know to not spend too much time i went ahead 
and i did my research before um i i got on here   so i can have some of this stuff ready for you so 
now i'm gonna go over here to my pad and this is   gonna be the name of my uh the title for my blog 
post right here alright so boom that's my title   and then the short description this is going to be 
what we call a meta description in seo i won't get   too technical on you but a meta description 
is just simply what people are going to see   well sometimes because you google shows um 
different things but sometimes they'll see   this exact meta description that's going to be 
the thing that wants to make them that actually   makes them click all right all right so now let's 
go back over here let's grab the meta description   that we created for that keyword and then now 
what we're going to do is we're going to put   our short description right there and then now 
you can see they created the url path so the url   path is rakeem addison blog 3 and then how to 
get instagram real views guaranteed to make you   blase blase blase right now obviously we don't 
want that right we just want it to be the key word   let's take that off for now we'll worry about that 
later all right so now check it out so now it's   how to get instagram real views because that's 
the keyword that we want to rank for right all   right and then you can also add an image but i'm 
not going to add the image just yet i'll do that   as we continue to go throughout the rest of this 
tutorial all right so boom and then i can also add   a category but i haven't created a category yet 
so we're just going to go ahead and hit create all   right so now check it out boom it just created the 
blog post so now what i want to do is i want to   come over here and i want to hit the edit button 
now this is where i actually start to edit my blog   post so you remember we set up our blog layout and 
we set up our post layout so you can see it's set   up exactly how we want it right from the jump so 
we're saving a lot more time so now as you can see   how to get instagram real views that's my title 
boom there's my date i probably would make that   a little bit bigger so it stands out and then now 
what i want to do is i want to start adding my h1s   and my h2s right so what i do is i'll go over here 
to where it says headline text and then i'll put   this in or note before that let me actually put 
my photo because you want to make sure you have   a photo so that your blog post stands out and 
you know it brings some light to it all right   so now i'm gonna go over here and i'm gonna add 
an image right boom there we go right there and   then i'm gonna add something that look you know 
instagrammy i know that ain't really a word but   we're gonna roll with it all right so there we 
go right there boom we got our photo added and   it's already starting to look like the blog post 
that i showed you in the beginning of the video   so let me make this a little bit bigger uh the 
image size all right that should be pretty good   right there all right so now let's go down 
and now we're going to start adding our h2s   all right so boom come in here like that and i'm 
gonna go ahead and highlight that hit the uh bold   and then i'm gonna make this an h2 boom just that 
simple and then now what we do is we want to go   ahead and left justify that all right there we 
go and then now we take some regular text right   now i want this text to be sort of close so i'm 
gonna put it about right there uh that should be   good and then what i'll do for this is i'll also 
let's just justify it and then now we got our   h2 and we got our text right under it seem a 
little bit close but i'm gonna have to adjust   it a little bit to kind of make it look well but 
we got it there right all right and then now we do   the same thing we go ahead and we add another h2 
boom so now we do the same thing go ahead and do b   for bold and then i'll go ahead and make this 
to h2 and then i'll go ahead and left justify   this as well so you can see this process is very 
very simple i'm not having to deal with any code   or any of that stuff right very very simple 
for me to set up right so let me go ahead and   add matter of fact i'll just make a copy of this 
all right so boom so there we go right there and   hopefully it didn't grab both of them hopefully 
we just grab one uh okay so let's make this a   little bit closer all right there we go just that 
simple it's looking exactly like the other post   so now at the bottom you see i already got these 
right here for like facebook comments so like when   people come here they can actually you know give 
feedback on what they thought about the post and   so on and so on so let me actually remove this 
because i don't really need this to be here   all right boom and then something else 
that i can add is i can actually add like   um like a twitter share button right so if i 
come over here and i go just like this boom oh it   didn't pop in there let me do it one more time all 
right so there we go right there so i just put my   tweet button in so they can actually hit the share 
button if they actually want if they're getting   value from what they're seeing here or reading 
or whatever or if i decide to put a video in   there right so let's say i'll go ahead and i put a 
video after this second uh after this second text   so let's say boom i dropped the video right there 
and boom we literally got a video in here notice   i'm not using any code or anything it's literally 
just drag and drop and my blog is coming together   just like the one i showed you earlier all right 
so now let's say that this is my blog and i'm done   i'm gonna go ahead and hit save changes and 
then i'm gonna back out of it because i want   to show you what it looks like um along with the 
facebook comments so if i come here and i hit view   boom here's my post rakeem addison there's all 
the links and then there's my title there's the   date there's the picture now that picture looks 
a little bit stressed out a little bit too much   so you know you might want to adjust you know 
with the size and all that stuff uh but look   boom there's our h2 with the text there's our ace 
two again with the text uh there's our video now   of course you can adjust this to bring this a 
little bit closer uh but that's cool just for a   second this video and then boom if somebody wants 
to share boom they hit the tweet button and then   they can come over here and just you know leave 
a comment for whatever it is that they want right   all right so now i'm about to show you how to 
add the metadata information which is very very   important all right so let me go ahead and click 
off this page right here and we're going to go   right back over here all right so now we're going 
to go back into the edit to edit our blog post and   i'm going to go ahead and click here and then 
now what we need to do is over here at the top   we want to go ahead and click on settings so now 
what we want to do is we want to scroll down to   where it says search engine optimization seo 
so now we're going to go right back over here   and we're going to put that same information that 
we had from over here all right so come over here   we're going to grab the keyword that we're trying 
to rank for and then in the meta description we're   going to put this information right here 
all right so boom we're going to copy this   and the key to the meta description is 
look at the framework that i'm using right   so this is a complete guide on how to get 
instagram real views it includes my keyword   and then learn how to go viral on instagram with 
this in-depth post so that could possibly show up   when people are searching i'm like man okay i 
want to do that right that's that's essentially   what this is for all right so now when we come 
back over here the next thing we need to grab   is our keywords that we want to rank for 
now i did the research prior to me actually   creating this content uh and these are actual 
keywords that i use and i found them over on uh   uh ahrefs uh the that ahrefs keyword tool so these 
are actual keywords and then now if i come right   here there's the keywords and then i'm the author 
of this uh this this blog post so i'm gonna go   ahead and put my name and you're the author for 
yours and then i'm not gonna use a social image   um but all that is is like when you're showing 
sharing it on like social platforms it'll be the   picture that actually shows up when you do it 
all right so that's how that whole thing works   all right so i'm gonna go ahead and hit save 
changes and then boom we we actually went ahead   and we created our blog post let's see how it 
looks and the most important thing like i said   is just the metadata as well right boom there's 
our blog post and almost one more thing i almost   forgot this right before you before you hold up 
real quick another thing is making sure it's not   being hidden from the search engines so right here 
it says hi from search engines and it's checked   we will want to click that to uncheck it and then 
hit save changes but for sake of this video i'm   not actually about to do that alright so that's 
how you create your own blog using if   you got value from this video definitely give me 
a thumbs up and if you haven't yet got access to and you see the value in it definitely 
go ahead and use that first link down below in   the description box which will get you free 
access and if you want to upgrade later you   could definitely do that with that being said i 
look forward to seeing you in the next video peace

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