How to make an AFFILIATE PRICE COMPARISON website with WordPress, Content Egg and RE:HUB. Tutorial!

in this video I’m gonna show you how you can create your very own affiliate marketing price comparison site the slightly in rebuilding looks like this as you can see it looks really professional I’ve built it all around trainers or sneakers as you say in America but you can build it around whichever products you like the great thing about the theme and the plug-in that we’re going to using with WordPress today is that it’s very easy to add your affiliate links so one of us to come to your site and they compare prices on a product when they click on the Buy Now button and go through to the retailer to make their purchase you’ll earn a commission don’t worry if you’ve never built a website before I’m gonna take you for it step by step you can really look over my shoulder I’m gonna hold your hand walk you through everything that you need to do from setting up your hosting and installing WordPress through to signing up with merchants and getting your affiliate links so you can do it I’m sure you can I’m gonna help you let’s go [Music] hello it’s alex here from WP eagle thanks for watching and hope you’re all well so for those you that are regulars on my channel you’ll know that I’ve been talking about this video for quite some time I finally got it finished and got it uploaded I hope you enjoy it for those of you that are new to the channel hello it’s good to see you if you don’t really subscribe click the button below and then you’ll know when I upload new videos which tends to be once a week so I’m gonna hold your hand today and take you through creating this website it is quite a long video so you’re going to need a bit of time I’ve put all the chapters and timings in the description below so if you need to kind of jump forward or jump backwards to certain parts in this tutorial you’ll find them all in the description now before we get started I just want to take you through a few of the costs involved now I’ve tried to keep these costs to a minimum but you are gonna have to invest a little bit of money as all good projects kind of need it they always need a little investment and let me just take you through what those costs are right now first thing you’re gonna need is your website hosting which is basically how you put your website online Kleier a little bit of a server and you can put your website there and they’ll keep it online for you I’ve got a great deal on hosting today and I’ve been able to get you a great price the hosting I’ve gone with is with Hostgator who I use a lot for all of my websites and on an annual package with them so that’s a full 12 months of web hosting the cost is going to be just 65 dollars if you can’t afford that then there are some monthly options as well but I would always recommend that you go for an annual one because it’s better value and a website can take a little bit of time just to get set up and get working the next thing you need is the premium theme and basically we install that into WordPress it gives us the look and feel of the site and gives us all of the kind of price comparison features that we need the cost for the theme is just $59 by the way I’ve got them written down here that’s why I’m looking down so yeah just $59 and you get the access to the premium theme you get access to support from the developers and you get free updates and then the final thing we’re going to need is our plug-in and the plug-in allows us to quickly import our products and sets up for our affiliate links and updates the price for us as well automatically and the cost for this great plug-in is just $48.00 so I put all the prices up there for you the total comes to of top of my head one hundred and seventy two dollars which might sound a lot but it really is a small investment for a site of this quality and with this functionality so hopefully you’ve got a little bit of money to invest today and you can get this project started so in this video we’re going to just be setting up the website and also setting up Google Analytics so that we can track our traffic going forward I will be uploading videos on how to get some more traffic and how to do SEO and social media and all that kind of stuff so I’d say be sure to make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss out on those videos I have got some videos that I’ve done in the past around the subjects as well so if you can’t wait you will find videos on traffic and SEO and making money and all that kind of stuff on the channel so be sure to check them out now I am here for you so if you get stuck at any point or you have a question or something like that then do leave it in the comments below and I’ll do my best to reply to you and help you out but I think that’s everything covered I think you know everything you need to know in terms of what you need to get started so let’s jump on the computer and let’s get this website set up so the first thing we need to do is set up our web hosting web hosting is basically where your website lives on the Internet so it’s very important you can’t have a website without hosting the hosting company that I’m recommending today is Hostgator I recommend them for a number of reasons the first is that they are very reasonably priced some of the cheapest hosting available online but just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean that they deliver any poor service in fact the service you get from them is very good I run a number of my affiliate marketing sites on Hostgator and I’ve never had a problem other reasons why I like Hostgator is because they offer some really good support they’ve got 24/7 365 support and you can get in touch with them via live chat so you have to pick up the phone and ring anyone you can just log in start chatting online and they’re generally really quick in terms of sorting out your problem another reason why I like them is they’ve got lots of built-in features so you can raise the instil WordPress for example which is what we’re going to be doing after we’ve set up our hosting and they got some other features well which are quite nice other things they guarantee is that you can have your money back after 45 days or up to 45 days I should say if you’re not completely happy with your hosting you know just get in touch and they’ll give you your money back cancel the hosting and then you can move on try something else so yeah it’s really kind of a no-risk setup here another thing they promise is a 99.9% uptime which is pretty standard actually across most hosting so basically means that your website’s going to be online for the majority of the time which is good cause I’ve seen a website that’s down can’t can’t make you any money and can’t serve any pages and all that kind of stuff so it’s good that they offer a 99.9% uptime in fact they’re award-winning which is good so yeah that’s nice okay so I’ve got a discount voucher which I’m going to share with you as we go through the checkout and order our hosting today which will give you a nice discount off your your plan so yeah I’ll be sharing that with you in a few moments before we go any further I will put a link up to Hostgator in a car on this video you may have already seen it I’ll put a link in the description too if you use any of my links all my discount codes they are affiliate so yeah thank you very much if you do use them it means that I’ll get a small Commission and yeah all I can say is thank you so if you don’t want to use them then that’s entirely up to you but yeah it’s a nice way of just kind of you know showing your appreciation to me for making these videos if you want to and of course with the code you get a nice discount so why wouldn’t you anyway let’s get started what we’re gonna do is go for web hosting you’ll see that there is WordPress hosting but we don’t actually need that web hosting is just fine and we can install WordPress on to a standard web hosting now you’re gonna want to choose probably between the hatchling plan or the baby plan depending on how many domains you thinking of setting up so how many web sites you’re gonna have going forward that you’re gonna want to install so if this is your first one and you think you’re just going to do one for now then go for the hatchling plan if you’ve got bigger ambitions and you think you’re gonna be you know quickly banging out more web sites then maybe the baby plan is for you you can obviously upgrade between plans at any time should you need to so don’t worry too much about choosing the right one now because you can’t change go forward so let’s go for the hatchling plan click sign up now and the first box that we’ve got is around our domain so the domain name is a comm or code UK dotnet you know you know what the main name is it’s whatever dot whatever so in here you can enter a domain name if you want to register a new one so basically just start typing in here whatever you’re gonna go for and what happened is once you select the end that you want house kids will go off and let you know if it’s available or not if it’s not available then you’ll have to try something else or choose a different extension a bit after the dot so you know your club club club that kind of thing if you’ve already got any domain name so say you registered a domain name over at GoDaddy or Namecheap or name store some someone like that you would then click on this tab and just type in your domain name so I’ve already got a domain name is registered over at GoDaddy and it’s called trainer saver don’t code you came and that’s all I did it’s fine and then it’s then offering me some other my names which I’m not going to take today so now we get to choose our package type in fact we already chosen it we chose the package on the first page and it’s hatchling if we need to change it we can do now we then get to choose our billing cycle now let me emphasize that the longer you go for the better price you’re gonna get in fact if you have 12 months it’s half the price over six months three months warm up and also keep in mind that a website it takes a little while for it to kind of get some momentum and get some traffic and start earning you some money you know realistically six months probably so I think make a commitment today go for at least a 12 month plan I said I’ve got a discount code which you’re gonna get some more money off this anyway and and and then you’ll get an incredible saving if you really can’t commit and money is really tight then you could go for just a one month and then it just be a rolling kind of deal and you yeah goes from there you can cancel whenever you like if you do choose the one month plan my discount code today will give you that one moment for that first month for just a penny so you know really good price I think going forward you’ll pay the the regular ten ninety five but today I’m gonna go for the twelve months because I say I think that’s the best value and you know show some commitment and I mean you’ll keep working on your website and make sure that it does succeed if you go for one month then you might not renew and just give up so if you possibly can’t afford it today go for the twelve months or even longer I mean if you can go for thirty six months then you get a fantastic saving a forty three percent the next box is your username so this what you’re gonna read logging in with I’m not gonna fill in this form right now I’ll do it in a second when I’m not recording cuz it bit boring watching me type and fill in all these fields next box is your security pin so you’re gonna need that if you want to get in touch with Hostgator if you’ve got a problem they may ask you for that security pin the next is the standard kind of billing info your email and your name and address and all that information over here is your payment information so you can pay by credit card or PayPal section for is all around additional services we don’t need any of these additional services so you can untick them we can do backups and protect ourselves from hackers using plugins and I’ve got videos actually on those things on my channel so you don’t need to pay for those particular services you can do them yourself for free the next is the coupon code now it may have already populated one in this box for you like this one free upgrade free my code should give you a better discount and the code that I’ve got is Eagle 30 so if we put that in we can see at the moment my discount is 36 and as to Amin’s if I use my code it’s gone up to 42 and yeah everything else is still as it should be so yeah if you use my code you will get a bigger discount and as I said if you go for the one month let me just show you the one month then we scroll down you’ll see that you get the first month for just a penny and then going forward it will be the standard 1095 but I’m going to switch back for two twelve months and there we go we’ve got a discount yeah and taking a match refused my code I said it is an affiliate code I will earn a small commission if you use it but hey you get a good discount so so why not once you finished click the I have read and agree to the terms usual stuff and then you can click checkout now one thing just to check before you go it hasn’t done it to me today but sometimes these kind of will tick themselves again maybe when you put the code in or get down here so just double check that you’ve got no extras on here it’s a little bit sneaky but it looks like maybe they don’t do that anymore because it hasn’t done it for me so you should be ok anyway let’s click checkout now but obviously I can’t cuz I need to fill in the form so I will fill in the form now I’ll get my hosting set up and yeah then we’ll carry on setting up our website so my order has completed it didn’t take very long I filled in that form I went for a 12-month plan on basic hatchling fill in all my payment information and all that kind of stuff and yeah the orders gone through I’ve got this screen here hopefully you’ve got something similar too I’ve also just received an email now this email is very important contains all the information I need to access my new hosting service hopefully you should have received an email with all your details to keep it safe you are gonna need the information within this email in order to get set up and get your website up and running so keep it safe but the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to repoint my domain name now this bit only applies to people that are previously registered and domain name so when you were filling in the order form there on Hostgator you selected and I already own a domain name and typed in your domain name this section is for you guys because we’re going to update our name servers so that they’re pointing at Hostgator if you just registered a domain name with hostgator you can skip this bit and what I’ll do is I’ll put a little time on the screen now and it’s if you skip forward the video to that time you’ll be ready to carry on so this section as I say it’s just people that had a previously registered domain maybe you got a domain name over at GoDaddy or named stir or Namecheap something like that and I’m just going to show you how to update the name servers so let’s do that right now my domain is over at GoDaddy and the two piece information we need for our domain registrar is these two name servers so I’ll just keep this here in this tab we’re going to open a new tab head over to GoDaddy now if you’re with someone else who’s not go Daddy don’t worry the principle is is pretty much the same you’re gonna want to log in to your control panel and you’re gonna want to look for your name server settings or domain name service settings or DNS settings then within there you should be able to update your name servers so we’ve go daddy I’m just gonna go into my domains I’m already logged in it’s gonna ask me for a password again that’s fine so here’s my domains I’ve got quite a few actually so let me just do a search for trainer trying to save it okay and trainer saver com the site is gonna be UK focus sites so I’m going to set training to save it’ll code UK as my main domain name so that’s the one I’m gonna update the name service on any other domain names I’m gonna redirect them through so trace over comm it’s gonna be redirected to trying to say what kind of okay and again you do those redirects on your domain control panel so you know within GoDaddy or whoever you’re registered with I’ve got it all set up yep basically pick the primary domain name that you’re gonna be using and if you only got one it’ll be that one so I click on these three little dots and I’m gonna go to manage DNS and then scroll down and we’ve got this name service section here click Change and select custom and then I can enter my name servers which are in that email that I got from Hostgator so the first one is this one copy paste make sure there’s no spaces or anything like there isn’t and then the second one is this one then save so that’s all done that could take a few moments so could just be a couple of minutes could be a few hours could even be a whole day generally doesn’t take that long and you’ll know that you’re running and it’s all working fine when you head over to your domain name so if I open on Tamaran just go to trainer save dr.Co uk okay it says the website is temporarily available so that’s not working just yet so it’s going to take a few moments what I’m looking for is the Hostgator page to come up then I know that it’s working and the DNS is updated so I’m just gonna give it a few moments I’ll do an edit now in the video and as soon as the drain has repointed itself will carry on and we’ll install WordPress okay that’s look a few moments but I’ve just refreshed again and now I’m seeing this Hostgator page so that means that the DNS and all that stuff is working correctly and the domain is pointing at my new Hostgator hosting if you’ve just registered a new domain name with Hostgator when you set up your hosting then you might need to wait a few hours for the registration everything to go through before you see this page so if you’re not seeing it don’t panic just give it a bit more time and it will appear soon once you do see it then you are ready to get started as I am now so now we’re ready to move on to the next step which is to install WordPress so to do that I’m going to go back to my email that I got from Hostgator and I’m gonna go to the control panel so that’s this link here give that a click now it’s going to ask me for a username and password and get that from the email so the username is that on that which is actually the one I set up obviously when I am great at the account and then here’s the password copy that and then paste that’s just logging in now browsers asking me if I want to save the password can do that and I don’t want constant contact so close that banner and here we are this is our Hostgator control panel now don’t worry it does look a little bit complicated it may be a little bit overwhelming but it’s fine we’re just gonna be setting up WordPress in here if in the future you want to set up an email address that kind of thing you’ll find that all in here – it’s pretty straightforward just look around look for the the right button and you should be fine of course if you get stuck then Hostgator are available to help you out ok so let’s install WordPress and we’re gonna click on this w over here build a new wordpress site let’s give that a click okay and then we’re ready to install WordPress so it’s asking us to select a domain for installation I mean he got the one trainer saver leaves the directory blank I think click Next now it’s time to give the website a name don’t worry we can change all this stuff later trainer saver here we’re going to set up an admin username so this is the username that you can log into WordPress with don’t confuse it with any of your hostgator passwords and that kind of stuff this is just a login to WordPress so let’s go for WP eagle first name WP last name eagle then let’s enter an email address needs to be a valid address because the site will email you stuff to this address you wanna make sure automatically create a new database is ticked then you need to click the Terms of Service Agreement and then click install it’s going to take a few moments okay that’s complete so here are our wordpress details you’re going to need to remember this username and password make a note of it whatever I’m just going to copy the password to my clipboard and then I’m gonna click the log in and here we go so this is where we log into WordPress generally it’s your domain name you know comm whatever / WP – admin it looks a bit like this let me just show you so WP – admin so you’ve got trying to save it’ll cut it UK slash WP – admin so anytime you need to access your WordPress back-end that’s where you go just like that let’s put in the username which is life is created and then the password is are going my clipboard and they tick remember me that I have to login all the time and then click login I can save the password if we need to listen to my browser so here we are we looked into WordPress the first thing is gonna ask is what kind of site we’re setting up just click I don’t need help because we know what we’re doing we’re doing ourselves ok so here we are we’re in WordPress we can go and take a look at the front to the website by going to visit site might need to do a refresh and here it is it’s just a standard WordPress install and we’re gonna helps you change all this to turn it into an affiliate marketing price comparison site now the first thing you might want to do is change that password to something that you can remember so to do that I’m gonna go up to top here so when you logged into WordPress you get this bar across the top so even when you’re looking at the front of the website you can still do stuff logged out users won’t see this but also as we’re loading we do and if I go to the top I can go to edit my profile it’s in here that I can set and you password so I’m just going to scroll down get a new password you can generate another complicated one or you can type in one that you might remember like that thinks that’s weak but fair enough I’m going to click confirm use of weak password click update profile and there we go my passwords updated to something that I can remember now before we get started I think we need to tidy up a little bit because there’s all these messages that have kind of appeared and they’re just gonna get in the way so the first one is or actually the first one is up here which is to do some updates so let’s do that now I’m gonna click please update and we’ve got some plugins that it wants to update and we’ve got WordPress so let’s do the plugins first I’m going to just tick the box there click update plugins that’s all done as you can see WordPress takes care of all your updates for you it’s fairly straightforward you generally just have to click a button and it does all the downloading and installing on your behalf let’s return back to the wordpress updates page and just click here to update WordPress so we’re now ready to go and get the premium theme which gives us the look and feel of the site and is designed for price comparison sites so there’s a lot of work for us and we also need to go and get the plug-in a premium plug-in which will allow us to pull in all our affiliate products from all our different merchants and all that kind of stuff so that’s what we gonna be doing next so the first thing is to go and get the theme okay so I’m over at invite o market which is where we’re going to be buying our premium theme and our premium plugin the thing we’re gonna be using is this one here it’s called re hub and it’s designed specifically for affiliates and for creating things like price comparison sites which is what we gonna be here today and you can do some other stuff with it too it’s got loads of features it comes with loads of demo content which is what we’re gonna be using so we can you know create a site so it looks exactly like the demos just show you what they look like then all we need to do is just change the content and the colors and add our logo and make it our own so that’s why I love this theme and yeah it’s easy to use full of features and just exactly what we need it to it is a premium theme and the cost of the theme is $59 I’ll put a link up on the screen now and I’ll put a link in the description of this video too the link is an affiliate link so if you use it thank you very much I will earn a small commission I do only recommend products that I use myself so yeah the Philip Commission is just a nice little bonus now we’re also going to be buying the plug-in from invite a market we’re gonna be buying that from Cote Canyon which is part of the inviting market so if you’re creating an account today and gonna be depositing some funds I recommend you deposit enough to cover both the cost of this theme and the plug-in – and the total will come to about a hundred and seven when in fact exactly 107 so make sure you deposit at least 107 dollars so that you can cover the cost of the plug-in as well which we’ll be getting on to in a few moments not only do you get the theme for your money you also get future updates so when new versions are released with new features and that guy stuff you get access to them and you also get six months support from the theme developer so if you get stuck with something and you need some help you can just drop them a line and they’ll sort you out now I’ve already purchased a theme so I am able to download it so to do that I can just click on overview and then download let’s save it somewhere where I can hopefully find it on my ever so messy computer there we go then once I’ve downloaded it I’ll get a zip file it’s called the theme forest blah blah blah or zip and what you need to do is extract that so I know it’s about double-clicking on it but then within there you’ll find a folder rhihub WP theme and then within there there is a zip file which is what we can be uploading to our website so let’s do that now so back to the dashboard of the website and then go to appearance and themes then add new and then upload theme then we click Choose file and find the file on our computer oh it’s such a mess there we go so rhihub dot zip which I say is inside a folder that you extract that’s just going to upload take a few moments so that’s installed we can now click activate and that will turn the theme on there we go okay so the first thing you’re going to want to do is register now I’ve already registered this I did it earlier when I was doing some tests and it some reason it’s remembering it and I can’t make you forget it so what you need to do is enter your invader username and the license key and you can get the license key if you go to the page on themeforest the rehab page go to support and then if you scroll down right down to the bottom it’s there under purchase codes just copy that string of letters and numbers paste it in here click Submit and then you’ll be registered and you’ll be able to do it about through next which is install the demo content so let’s do that now I’m not going to worry about these plugins for now it’s saying that we need to install some plugins that kind of stuff what we’re gonna do is do the demo so to do that let’s go to demo stacks now with this team that the funny thing is with the demo stuff is it kind of basically wipes everything on your site it creates a copy of the demo site so that means we’re gonna have to kind of set up users again and and that kind of stuff but don’t worry it’ll be fine you also need to make a note of this login information because it’s a you’re gonna have to recreate users and the only way to log into your site is with this log in so it’s rehab demo I’m just going to make a copy of this password into my clipboard we need to install the WP clone plug-in to get this working so to do that let’s go to plugins add new do a search WP clone plug-in there it is click install now and then activate okay so that’s all activated so we don’t need to go back and get the relevant link so let’s go back to rehab and then demo stacks now remember you are gonna need to remember at these two bits of information the login is rehab demo and the password is rehab pass nine nine nine seven seven seven so let’s just copy that to my clipboard so I got it to hand in case it’s gone for whatever reason so yeah that’s in the clipboard ready to go and if we scroll down got all the different demo stacks here what I’m going to go for is the rehab main you want have a quick look at it you can click on the preview but it’s the demo stack I’m gonna be using so you know if you want to following with this video then I suggest you use the same stack as well but of course there’s no harm in choosing another one maybe going forward if you’re setting up your second or third site you wanna check out a few of these other ones but I think just the main one is perfect for what we want to do today so let’s get the link there’s a link okay so that’s a copy that’s my football – and toast that password that’s not my clipboard anymore so I’m gonna have to save this somewhere else so let’s let’s just copy it to a note actually that’d be the best thing I’ve got my older takes it down here I’m just gonna paste it in there so I got it to hand okay so scroll back down let’s get the link copy that to clipboard perfect and then we’ll go to WP clone first all from URL paste that in tick I agree and then we’re gonna click restore from URL so this is just gonna wipe everything that we’ve done so far is gonna put WordPress on it’s gonna set it up exactly as a demo stack and then we’re gonna log in with that username password then we’re gonna have to recreate our username again but it will save us a lot of work in the long run because it will you know bring all the pages and everything in all the templates so all we need to do is tweak a few things so let’s get it going I’m gonna click restore from Europe let me press ok it says it might take a few minutes that’s fine ok it’s all done so it says we can view the site by clicking here knows to click let’s see what it’s done that’s all working fine we’re gonna need to log in now and just resave our permalinks it says here we may need to do it so let’s do that so to login we need to click here then we need to log in with that demo account so let’s do that so it was rehab but demo we bug rehab like that and I’m gonna paste the password in from my clipboard or my TextEdit even this one rehab past nine nine nine seven seven seven and here we are so we need to resave these permalinks what I’m going to set it to is using the custom structure I’m just going to take out everything that’s in that box just highlight it or press Delete and we’re gonna go for category and then we’re gonna go for post name just like that so you just click category then post name then click Save perfect the next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna create a username that I can remember rather than using this demo one and also for security reasons or so we don’t be using that because everyone knows what that password is add new and go for wpe go put my email in to apologize if there’s baby noise in the background do my best to keep it as minimum but can’t always avoid it otherwise I no better record anything so let’s enter a password that I can remember firm you should weak password it’s not that weak you know dollar send an email click add a new user so there’s a few other users on here as we can see what I’ll do is I’m gonna get rid of those in a second but first I’m gonna log out and then I’m gonna log in as the new wpe username so to repeat eagle the password I just set up don’t remember me gonna have to log in each time I can update the password in my browser here we go we’re in we’re nearly back to where we were but hey we’ve got a nice demo site set up now that we can start changing so I’m just gonna select all these other guys because I don’t know who they are and it’s a little bit of a security risk to leave them on just like that bulk actions delete and then apply I’m just gonna ask what should be done with the content you want to attribute it all to yourself there we go me WP eagle confirm you don’t office Lee delete that content otherwise we deleted and you know kind of defeats ability of installing the demo content so that’s good I think the site should we’ll be working now let’s go and just have a look which we gonna click about have a look at some stuff here we go so yeah we’ve got load of homes that we can never look at I ain’t gonna go for this one the deal search page which is one of my favorites that needs to be white doesn’t it but we’ll change all that stuff in a second I like this nice and then terms of the posts I think I’m gonna go for something oh I got these not gonna work yet because we don’t install content eagerly which is the next job funnily enough yeah I’m gonna go for something like this is quite nice isn’t it but we’ll figure that out in a second so as I say the next job is to install content egg which is our plugin that’s going to pull in all the products from all different merchants and what kind of stuff so the next step is going to be downloading that plugin installing it and then hooking it up to some of those merchants and I’m gonna be hooking up to eBay Amazon and viglink for now but before we do that there’s one last thing we just need to do and that is just rename our site after installing that demo content it’s just changed it to be rehab demo site which is not what we want our site to be called I’m guessing that’s not what you want it to be killed so this is quickly changed that by going into the dashboard and then we go into settings down here and then general and we can just enter it in the top here so trainer saver or see you put in whatever your site is gonna be called tagline save money on amazing trainers oh and we also need to update this email address and you can adjust these out settings if you so wish I’m fine with them as they are so let’s save so that’s all saved you will get an email confute to your email address and with a link that you need to just click just to kind of authorize the email change that’s fairly straightforward to check your email it might take a couple of moments to come through but anyway that’s all done we’re making some good progress the next step as I was just saying is to install content egg which is gonna pull in all our affiliate products so we’re gonna go and buy content egg we’re gonna download it we’re gonna install it we’re gonna configure it so that it’s connected to a number of different merchants like Amazon and eBay and things like that then we’re able to start putting in some products customizing the site and making it look our own then would kind of make it a real go progressing we’re nearly there so as I said the next thing is to install that content in plugin so I’m gonna do a quick edit and let’s do it so the first thing we need to do before we install our content egg plugin is to remove the content egg that’s already installed by the demo content now this is the free version of plugin and we’re going to using the premium version because it gives you a loads more features and does what we actually want so to remove the one thats install we need to going to installed plugins and and deactivate content egg and then delete it and there we go it’s gone so now we’re ready to purchase the premium version and so to do that we need to head over to code Canyon so let’s do that so I’m over at code Canyon you’ll find all links in the description and here is content egg this is a premium plugin and it basically allows us to connect to the merchants that were signed up with as an affiliate so maybe Amazon eBay Aliexpress viglink impact radius Commission Junction this plug-in supports about 30 different merchants so it’s probably going to cover a few of the ones that you’re looking to promote some of them obviously offer a lot of different retailers they’re more of an affiliate network so impact radius and commission junction once you sign up with those guys you have access to lots of different merchants this plugin does all of the heavy lifting for ours it makes it very easy to import products onto the site it updates all the prices for us which is obviously very useful if you’re running a price comparison site and yeah it’s just really cool it’s really powerful it’s easy to use and it’s well supported you’re gonna need to buy a license today the cost for that is $48 as I mentioned earlier so hopefully you’ve charged up your inviter account with enough credit to be able to make this purchase if not you’re gonna have to add more credit I didn’t mention it earlier so once you’ve purchased the plug-in and you are going to need this plug-in in order to complete this tutorial you can then download it so I’m gonna download onto my computer if I can’t just find the right folder where is it there we go so save it to my computer so I’ve saved that to my computer and if I take a look at the file you get a zip file which starts code Canyon and some numbers and stuff you open that up extract it you’ll find a folder in there called content egg then within there you’ll find a zip file and that’s the zip file that we’re gonna be uploading to our website so let’s do that now I’m gonna go back to dashboard and I’m gonna go to plugins and add new I’m gonna go to upload plug-in choose file find the right folder come on there we go so I’ve gone into that content folder which was within these it file that I just downloaded from Canyon then within there there is the content exit file which is the one we’re gonna be uploading so select that and then click install now there we go then we click activate okay so content is installed and it’s active now before I go too much further there’s this little message that we’ve got coming across the top about some grandchild plug-in that needs to be activated do that get that message out the way before we go too much further so it’s clicked it and click activate good that’s done no more annoying messages so let’s get back into context you can find all your content access set so you can find that’s done no more annoying messages so let’s go back into content egg you find all your content egg settings down here under content egg funnily enough and here we go and here’s all our merchants that we can connect to as you can see there’s quite a few different ones it’s going to depend on the sort of products that you’re promoting that’s going to determine which ones you’re gonna go for I’ve seen you to go over to the relevant sites and sign up as an affiliate in order to get them working so you want to be an Amazon affiliate you need to go over to Amazon and sign up over there and that will give you all the information that you need but I’ll go into that in a bit more detail as we set these up now one thing you’ll notice is a couple of them are green already so that’s just the demo content a demo site switch those on for us and you don’t want to make sure that you turn off anything that you’re not using and if you are using it you’re going to want to make sure that you go in let me just click properly you’re gonna want to make sure that you go in and update the access keys and secret keys and all that kind of stuff because these are the demo keys and demo affiliate IDs and if you want to get your Commission’s you can I want to make sure that you put your details in what I’m going to do just to make it nice and clean before we start just going to get rid of all this stuff and I’m just gonna turn it off I’ll turn it back on again in a minute probably but just so they’re all on the same page I’m going to turn off all of the demo stuff so it’s nice and fresh and this other one is offer we’re not gonna be using that today I don’t know what it is actually sounds interesting for a place to get a discount voucher or something but for now I’m just going to turn it off so yeah there we go we’re now ready to start setting up so let’s go if we’re gonna set up Amazon I’m gonna set up a Bay and I’m gonna set up viglink so let’s get these set up they’re all pretty much the same in terms of how they work they generally want an API key which you can get once you sign up with the merchant as an affiliate so let’s start with Amazon because I’m sure a lot of you are gonna want to use Amazon so we’ve got a few options here so we can enable the module we can decide whether it adds these products automatically at the end of a post or at the beginning of a post or short codes only I’m gonna go for short codes only cuz I want total control over my pages and posts and we leave the priority at 10 here’s the template so yeah there’s a number different to rate I’ll leave it as a product card for now you can play around with these it depends on the theme and stuff but product card should be fine I’m gonna use it title Amazon that makes it pretty obvious what it is and leave featured images don’t set because I say I want to really have control over the post that I’m gonna be setting up with the products I’m going to leave the update by keyword as it is and the price update so that’s in seconds I don’t know how long is that in real term let me just have a quick down 86,400 seconds what’s that in hours I was 24 hours I never knew that there’s 86,400 seconds in a day jefes it’s gonna update prices every 24 hours which is perfect so it’s going to update by page view so that means that when someone looks at a page on your site it’s going to run the update you can change it to cron which we should work fine as well or by page view and by schedule that sounds good let’s go for that so it’s update with some looks at the pages update when you know after 24 hours on a schedule so in these next boxes we’re gonna be adding our access key our secret access key and our default tracking ID if there’s anything in these boxes on your site maybe the demo content may have added some keys I’m just delete those out of there because you’re gonna be wanting to use your own one and obviously your own tracking ID so that you get paid Commission so yeah if there’s anything in these boxes just remove it and then we can go about adding our own stuff so as I mentioned these are the keys that we need in order to connect to the Amazon API download products update prices automatically all that kind of stuff in order to get these keys you need to be signed up as an Amazon affiliate or an Amazon associate as they call it to do that head over to the Amazon you want to promote service you head over to if it’s the UK site you go to Amazon book credit UK which is what I’m going to be promoting because my site is UK focused you can of course sign up for more than one if you like that’s fine but I’d like to focus just on one country per site but it’s up to you once you get to your Amazon site scroll down to the bottom and in the footer you’ll find a link to the Associates Program you can then click that big button there it says join now for free login with your Amazon account fill in some forms and then you’ll be all done and they don’t actually approve you until you start sending traffic but you still get access to the keys and all that stuff as soon as you filled in all the relevant forms I’ve already done that I’m already signed up as an Amazon associate for the UK so I’m gonna click login and then I’m gonna login and then once you’re logged in you get your dashboard gives you no idea of your earnings down there and and all that kind of stuff but what we want is our API keys and to find them you go to tools and then product advertising API ingor to manage credentials need to login again and here we are so I’m going to create a user for this site do it wave this button here get started with I am users give that a click already off so you got a some setup because I’ve got some sites already running and you add user I’m going to call it trainer saver I’m gonna take programmatic programmatic it’s a good word isn’t it programmatic access you need that one and then I’m gonna go to permissions then I’m going to click attach existing policies directly and I’m just going to take administrator access and scroll down and next review it’s all good create user and here are our access keys so I’m just gonna copy that go back to the site put that in as the access key ID and then I’m going to show you the secret access copy that’s my clipboard again I’m just using control-c or command-c on a Mac you can obviously right-click as well if you need to copy and paste just select copy and I’m going to paste that in just like that now the final box is our default tracking ID so you can get these you can create different racking IDs for different sites so it kind of allows you to manage it quite easily in the Amazon affiliate program you want you might want to have different tracking IDs and say for different sites allows you to see you know what’s making your money and what’s not so we need to go back to the Amazon affiliate dashboard so I’m just gonna go back to Amazon come outta there once you are signed up you get this stripe across the top which allows you to generate links and it also gives you a quick access into the Amazon affiliate dashboard hurry back in the amazon associate dashboard go up to the top where your email address is your manage your tracking IDs and you can create a new one there by clicking add tracking ID I’ve already got one set up for this site I’m just going to copy that and then go back and paste it in say I have one for each of the different sites that I’m running so it makes very easy to work out which ones are generating revenue which ones aren’t if you’re doing any one just click add tracking ID and just give it a name I’ll give it the name of whatever your site is it makes it easy to remember then so that’s how did let’s go back to the site and it’s asking for my default locale locale it is UK you need to set that number of results is gonna return it’s ten when I do a search within the plugin results for updates number results ultimately updates and also logging free is fine I’ll leave the link type as product page but you can’t set it to Add to Cart which means people when they click the link it will have it you know automatically added to their amazon cart I’m just gonna say link e free to the product page you can play around with that if you like here you can decide which category is going to search with this generally is for just the US so if you just had a site around clothing you might just want to make sure that it searches the power category I’m just gonna leave that as all you know leave sorting order blank browse node blank you can have search in title that’s quite handy if you’re looking for a specific product so I think I’m gonna take that for now you can have only Amazon select products that are selling by Amazon only so other sellers are excluded from the search I’ll leave that on tick for now but may come back to that you pull in customer reviews if you like and yet there’s a few other options here but most of them you can leave them as they are here at the bottom you can add your other tracking IDs so if you are you know going to promote multiple countries you can put all of the different IDs in here they will be different depending on the country so you’ll need to login to the US Associates Program for example get the tracking ID copying in here UK D whatever you get the idea but I’m just gonna be using the one which is this one trying to savor 21 we’re done let’s save changes okay so that’s Amazon all set up we can double check that it’s working if we go to posts maybe and create a new post and then if we scroll down here is our content egg box which we’ll be using a lot more as we go for bites want to check that it’s working so if I do a search for some early deaths just give it a moment to go to Amazon here we go and it started to pull down production Mandy deaths that are on Amazon and you can go just add them as you want just tick them so that’s working nice to say I’ll show you how we’re going to use that when we go forward but let’s go back I’m just gonna set up a couple more networks the next one I’m gonna do is a Bey so you need to sign up as an eBay affiliate you can do this if you just you know go to Google eBay affiliate I think it’s called de bow partner Network this one here and just click sign up now fill in the forms again you’ll need to make sure that you’re signing up for you know the relevant country I’m doing eBay up code UK you might be doing eBay comm I’m already signed up so I’m going to log in I can sign him with any make and I yep so I’m signed in to the eBay Partner Network if you’d up to tools you’ll find API so on this page what we need to do you need to review the API license you need to complete the affiliate tier signup process just give that a click I’m already signed up you need to go to register and fill in all this stuff we just sign in here we go we’re in now I already got my keys set up and I can’t staff under way I’m actually deleting them so I can’t show you how I did that but basically you just click create a key set which will appear under here under production and then it should generate these things for you and we just copy this top one to my clipboard go ahead back to the site paste in the application ID the next box is the EPN campaign ID this is quite important when these bullets in otherwise you don’t get paid any commission on any sales so yeah we definitely fill this in so to get our EP and campaign ID we’ll go back to the eBay Partner Network screen go to campaigns go to create campaign let’s call it trainers save UK and that’s fine let’s click create don’t in the description here it is and give that a click and have a look and here is the ID let’s copy that number bhakti ping campaign ID paste that in can have a custom ID channel if you want I’m gonna leave that that’s for eBay India which I’m not using using Skimlinks you can add an ID there if you want to use viglink you can put your ID in there and go to set your locale which is UK for me you know just the results that kind of stuff you can set a category if you like very similar to the Amazon settings search in description etc etcetera there’s quite a few different settings you can decide what sort of listing you want so I just want fixed price I don’t want any auctions really I’m gonna go for the fixed price and but if you want to get for auctions you can set bids and minimum bids and make some bids and like my stuff here there’s loads of options but for now I’m just gonna leave it as that I think that’ll be fine there we go that’s all done so the final one I’m going to setup today is viglink so fig link is really cool in terms of they’ve got a lot of merchants on board I’ll show you what their site looks like is that viglink com you just click sign up to sign up I’m gonna log in here we go I’ve got no revenue just yet it’s early days but yeah they’ve got tons of merchants if I click here on merchants you’ll be able to see what I want about they’ve got email on here so you could do that but they got place like footlocker as loads really really is loads so you know you can look through set categories so for example for my one I would go for they’ve got a parallel no got clothing maybe fashion professionally accessories I do a search and it will show me all of the fashion type places I need in the UK so yeah it’ll loads I love this because loads of different merchants that you can promote so that’s really good because I’m going to need a few in order to get a number different prices to compare on the site so yeah there’s loads on here but anyway let’s get the details that we need back to the site so enable the module send it to shortcodes only the same as the previous to set a template that’s not really relevant right now set a title big link early featured images don’t set I’m ticked or leave on ticked redirect all that stuff is fine what I really need is the API and the secret key so to find them let’s go back to weak link obviously you need to be signed up I’m going to manage account and here is the API key and just copy that paste that in and we need the secret key too so let’s go back I can just click reveal then we can just copy that go back and paste that in there we go and then just scroll down leave all the rest as it is Oh in fact now I’m going to change the country to UK is it UK or is it GB I don’t know what else I so alpha-2 country code is let’s do a Google I think it is UK is it ooh blimey look at all these wonderful codes yeah it is UK we’re alright so they set out to UK maybe capitals I set my category to fashion make it a bit easier and in fact you can’t filter by specific merchants if you like and but I’ll leave that blank for now so there we go let’s click Save Changes okay so that’s our affiliate network setup I’m just gonna go with those free for now I think they’ll deliver enough products that I need for doing some more I’ll add some more but for now we’ve viglink you get access to another merchants and obviously with Amazon products and eBay – I think that’s going to be fine but we’ll see how it goes so next thing we’re going to do is activate our content egg plugin this gives us access to updates and excesses support you can see there’s a little box over on the right-hand side there with a go-to button so we need to just give that a click then we need a couple of bits of information we need to add our email address the email address that you used when you purchased it and you signed up for invito and then you need to purchase code which you can find on the content egg page over on code Canyon if you just go into the support area and then scroll down and you’ll find it they just copy and paste it like that Save Changes then that’s all done activated then you get access to updates and all that kind of stuff it’s just tidy up those tabs and it’s going to take a look at the site so we’re now ready to do some work on the actual look and feel of the site and we’ve got all our merchants hooked up election and stuff so we’re ready to add some products to okay so before you go too much further you’re gonna want to get some things together I’m talking about a logo any images that you want to use so on my computer I’ve got my trainer save a folder here and I’ve got some logos and things that we were using like the added s warned all those logos there I’ve also got my logo which is this one here and I’ve got a nice photo some trainers there we go look this one lots of nice trainers so you want to get stuck together if you possibly can so these photos I already had them I’m lucky enough that I work with a client that actually sells trainers so I’ve taken photos of training before so that’s perfect with regards to the logo I went over to graphic river let me just show you what that is part of Envato again and I just found myself a trainer template you see if I can find the one I found just to search my trainer logo i’ma go to search for sneaker logo it’s americanism yeah I can’t find it now on here you can ya get templates and then you just edit them yourself in Photoshop or fireworks or whatever you use well no it’s not coding I’m looking it graphically right if you don’t wait it’s called shoes it was that one and I just changed the color and added my own text if you’d only be doing that there and head over to somewhere like five or upwork or any of those kind of sites where you can hire someone and hopefully you were to pay too much for a logo I think that if you you can’t be bothered with that or you don’t spend any money you can just have a text logo what we’ve already got so you just can enter some text if that’s what you want to do but I like a graphical logo so got my stuff together and now I’m gonna edit two sites the first thing would we’ll add that logo up here shall we so to do that we need to go into the dashboard therefore scroll down we’ve got these theme options here oh just up in here two of rhihub and changing stuff and colors and thing we’re spending a bit of time in here while we make the site so the third on that is logo and favicon so I would logo yeah cuz the max width width is 450 that’s fine I remember quite how big behind logo is but we’ll find out in a second we find it there we go trainer save a logo well pressure would tell me how big it is that’s three seven five but one tweak that’s fine insert into post the next one is for our retina logo so this is for people with retina screens that looking like a Mac or iPad that kind of thing okay that so this needs to be enriched it’s twice as big as you stand an image so the last one was 375 this one is going to be let’s do some maps so 50 there we go that’s twice this twice as big here we can enter a logo width so if we think that you know three seven five is going to be a little bit wide we can bring it down so maybe I want it at 275 with you can until your retina logo height not up to it find out anything I need to we’ll see I’ve got a Retina screen on this computer so I’ve got to see what it looks like okay that’s saved thank oh yeah there’s our logo look eNOS I think that’s about the right size dad I entered that at 275 so you can play around with your work ethic looking as you like so next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to adjust this homepage the demo content we’ve installed has bought across a few different home pages you can see we just go through no different I like the deal search page I’m gonna use this one of them I’m going to customize it with my trainers images and stuff but I like it I might lose these bars I don’t know maybe not I don’t know you know great bit of space there for the logos and then it’s just loading other products and we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do with all these bits I might take them off or not see how we get on let’s so the first really to do is set it as the home page bored again go to settings and then reading and then we need to select the right one well it was cool it was it homepage free anyways homepage free well I should have remembered that let’s take a punt yeah I don’t think it was was it this was quite nice go slider so you got your off which one was hit I hope h4n page four she watched any of my videos before you know that sometimes I’ll make a few little mistakes room I do tend to leave them in the video I’m just you can see the experience so that you never never goes personally setting up a web site there’s always gonna be but when I’m gone in the wrong place again naps I’m talking too much it’s a peer its settings and then reading to set your home page its home page for the one that we’re gonna music that should be enough okay let’s take a look there we go so let’s change this page let’s change this image at the top and get this text looking a bit clearance it’s black on a dark background so now you read it so up here to edit page nice going to rename the page to be homepage trainer and here is our page builder it’s like a visual way so yeah we can edit any of these elements kind of drag and drop them around it’s pretty straightforward if you use words like that you can use it so let’s add a background image to the top station this top row so I’ll click on the pencil to edit the row then within the row settings we’ve got a few different options where we can either play around with styling and all that kind of stuff in design options you’ll find the background image let’s remove the one that was already in there and then click the plus to add our own I’ve got one of my computer just here so let’s upload that big white image it’s 1600 by 500 that should do it good Save Changes it’s just update and have a look at what that looks like there we go so let’s change this text I think it needs to be white in order for you know so that you can see it so let’s go back in so here’s the first bit of takes the customer Eddie just take the pencil once we go forget the best or trainers that we want to make this text white so if we scroll down text color choose white which is the code FFF FFM and Save Changes let’s do these other ones too so what’s this one say money we gathered the best rubber bar how about something like we help save you money or risk of Tamas like we help save you time and money like comparing prices and availability of trainers on cross the intact something like that I think after you fine they set that to white as well and finally there’s another one here I think something similar like start it’s about searching now a little eg something like that and then let’s set it white and then let’s update the page let’s take a look that is good although the fonts got a bit weird one that the same as that fun let’s just go and check that then and why that’s changed so the top one is its h1 solve that use default thing News theme default font family yes that’s fine okay let’s see what the other ones have got I’m we need to just take this use the default font and see if that makes any difference yes eight you know that some of it that looks better okay so we need to think of some more text for that I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do with these slider bars things might just get rid of them and just put some text across here in a row I’ll then add my logos and then when we get to here we need to decide which kind of post design we want we’ve got a rough idea what I like and then we’ll add some products I think that’d be a good thing to do and obviously finish off this bit of text here so you just edit this bit and I think I want to ditch these bars and just put a bit of text across the whole page so again this so let’s scroll down and find that section it’s just here so your let’s ditch the bars I mean op so you want to keep them you keep them but I don’t really now really use them any one I’ve got some stats I might use them no no no how many trainers I’ve got on here and stuff but for now I’m gonna ditch you so I’m gonna come over here and we’ve got this bit here which kind of allows us to set the number of columns that we have and the kind of the layout that we want I’m just gonna go for the first one which is just the one con then I’m gonna ditch the custom heading there and the progress bar okay so let’s adjust this heading contrary say that cannot be again since 1999 I’ll be going since and a few hours ago so let’s change this to saving you money on the artist train lives one deserves an exclamation mark doesn’t it that’s good I want to Center align it so let’s change up to Center I think the rest will be fine when I look in a second now let’s change this text block yeah I could probably just repurpose this text for now I might rewrite it entirely why get round to it but let’s just change this to trainer so we have for a capital S and a word press or stop trying to savor provides you I’m always doing that with this Mac popping up anything provides you with why don’t ever go be doing coupons maybe we have coupons not printable coupons put up sales of views and rebates that are now tied up with other rebate is I’m doing that I’m gonna get all of that we have an easy way to find the best price next trainers leading brands like characters I might link this through once you also got these also mm that’ll do the rest of that below is fine I think for now I think again I’m gonna Center it goes into it oh yeah I’m doing within here so I likes it all click align Center Save Changes so let’s update and take a look don’t know why that things popped up nevermind its view the page looks fine so let’s do these logos as you saw ready I’ve already got an image to hand that we can use for that so you’re gonna want to go out across the web find all the logos and then put them into a nice wide image it’s normally fine to use other companies logos as long as you don’t edit them too much as long as they’re a good representation of the company and of the logo you’ll be fine it’s just a single image let’s edit so you didn’t external link but I’m gonna use it from the media library and add it from my computer it’s that one is it logos but yeah basically just found all those drop them all into a nice wide image this is 1098 pigs with wine and fifty high set that I think it has I don’t see it there but let’s hope for the best update let’s have a look ah it hasn’t worked no I mean what’s happenin here let’s go back anything sure that was a white addition so you can just see that there’s always been perfectly and if you’re going these little problems that week’s little issues he’s perfectly normal you see that is to my image isn’t it definitely annoying one set image did I not wait long enough again maybe that was it ah it’s this image size thing I need to put anything in there I’ll leave that blank it’s missing the simplex levels might have to actually add a size but let’s see he’s there now but it’s not good enough I do need to add a size so just go back I think go for full probably the best size nice and big so back down to the image get it that’s a good thing yeah can he let something but some of it there we go look at that ice looking looking lovely so nine pages starting to come together now let’s just go past these products for a second let so look at this section this section may be a good thing to change now then we’ll get onto the the products in a second I think for now I’m just gonna remove these two boxes and update the text on this part of the homepage I’m so let’s do that let’s edit the page scroll down so first thing is the the heading I think needs to be wiped on it so it’s changed the house lights working doesn’t really make much sense in English the best price on drainers best priced trainers and those make you white that it’s this bit here that I don’t want which is the it’s got a picture a treasure chest thing and so let’s just remove it for now I may add something later bit yeah but it’s not because I’m not feeling it right now I’m just going to move this entire row by clicking on the cross up that I want those empty space and we need that even let’s do that okay let’s just change these boxes using outdated element so if that’s a bad thing or not let’s just have a look at the text I’ll change that to choose a brand search find your fav or trainers by brand or by keyword do the next one I’m switching to the text editor because this is white text on a white background it quite difficult to see so it’s easy to save your switch to text editor compare deals quickly compare the prices leading internet retailers or price and availability with that okay third one detective sir enjoy the best price click through to good retailer make your purchase here we go that’s fine so down here we’ve got all the different kind of categories and brands I’m going to come back to that a bit later once I’ve added a few brands and categories I’m going to come back to it so I think what we need to do now well look there’s an update for content egg I didn’t see that coming so I just quit the update content egg and then what we’ll do is we’ll use content egg to start bringing in some products it’ll make it a little easier when it comes to laying stuff out and that kind of thing and doing the menu across the top of the site oh that’s a data you probably need to do this just happens to be a weird coincidence that it needs an update while I’m actually working on it right we all don’t I think me up it’s kind of like our site one last time so that’s a good I don’t know we need to change the image it’s got a picture a GoPro or when there’s this Latin I missed that let’s do that quickly and change the GoPro so back down to that’s this textbook um I don’t know if I need to add those days I don’t know what else to write really [Music] no I should probably add more text it’s always good for SEO to have lots of text on the home page so let’s add a bit more we’ll go ahead we cleaners we right – come on inspiration I need some inspiration just a bread yes leading brands including its a spell as well that well I think it’s good to get you know the brand names on as quickly as we possibly can and just get them over the site as much as possible yeah for SEO purposes is good googles and gets teeth into all these keywords reboot reboot we book laughs we got Diadora so I think of train of brand just on my head who else we’ve got oh that’s okay okay another brand I think it is on it yeah those a trainer brand is a bit of a random one oh I thought Oh Mikey now okay so yeah we just need to change that GoPro image so that’ll be thinking that will be the row settings let’s just click on the pencil design options okay it’s not in there it must be here then which is the column settings design options no maybe I’m looking wrong where is this row up here there we go there’s a lot of different elements as you can see there’s the box’s row here and there’s the boxes then there’s the column so it’s fine in the right place with the background image and it’s the row settings at the very top of this section so there’s our GoPro I’m just going to remove that I’m going to pull that other picture of some trainers let me upload that see if that fits that might not be wide enough 960 by 630 no see Save Changes and update let’s take a look there we go I the image is now showing so yeah that’s looking good it has kind of stretched the image a little bit but it looks good to me it’s fine sorry about the sound in the last few moments I just realized that whatever reason my laptop is recording off the internal mic that’s why it might have sounded a little bit tinny and you could hear me tapping away at the keyboard I’m back on the good mic now so I do apologize for that a little bit but anyway let’s crack on the next thing I want to do is add some products I think it’s a good thing to do now and then we can come back down here and do these categories and we can do the menu as well after we’ve got some products and we know what we’ve got so here are some examples in terms of the layouts the content egg and the rhihub offer I like this first one which is content egg poster and multiple offers now in order to get this post layout working we just need to make a couple of changes to the theme settings and we need to add a couple of prices so it’s got you know some some offers and deals to show so let’s do that now I’m going to go back into the dashboard and go to theme options and then scroll down go to affiliate and then I’m gonna add the affiliate networks that we’ve set up so I’ve got Amazon I’m just typing them in eBay and viglink the free that we set up at the beginning you remember your Save Changes and go back to the site as how look at this post I think we still need to add yeah we need to add some prices so in a repurpose repurpose I’m gonna repurpose this posts so it’s all around a trainer and the first trainer that I’m gonna go for is an ally – gizelle it’s a good trainer so let’s just give it a name it’s an a D – gizelle Navy and then when I say yeah just get the post working is to add some prices so I’m going to start with Amazon let’s do a search for find it asks gazelle Navy and which one is it I think it’s the [Music] well there’s a there’s quite a fuse in there I think it’s the multi sport outdoor that’s the one we’ll go for there does have a size associated with it which is a little bit strange but I think that’s fine let’s see how it works out so I’m gonna go for this one the multi sport blue that’s that we can maybe see if we can find it on ebay too and they’d ask gazelle AV so you’ll find the right one blimey mmm blimey there’s quite a lot less add another word for it multi sport one way of doing it actually is to get the product code might be an easier way of doing things but app this looks like the one there’s different sizes of course but let’s go for the cheapest one a lot of the size things going to be a problem with eBay actually when it comes to trainers but I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it and they’s viglink and not sure the search always works with viglink sometimes you’re better off going directly to the retailer and just copying the URL so yeah it’s not bought anything outfit link so I need to go over to a retailer that’s on the viglink Network till my head footlocker our I believe that it’s kind of foot look ok at UK the UK site just search for any less gazelle maybe there were women’s it’s not quite what I want okay so hey haven’t got the product that I’m after they’ve just got women’s okay let’s try someone else JD Sports is another one I think that’s on the viglink Network I did ask us out maybe okay let’s just go find it ask his help Junior’s oh that one looks like the one doesn’t it let’s take a look yeah that looks like it so I’m just copy this URL go back to the post paste it into the viglink box to a search it’s gonna take a moment there we go so let’s just click that to edit okay so now let’s go back and have a look at the post-its update we are gonna need to add some words and pictures and kind of thing which we’ll do in a moment and sort our categories once we’ve got one up and running it’s then quite easy to just to duplicate it and and create some others so here’s our different prices is our layout is looking nice isn’t it and yeah we can come down here we can add some things in a minute if I click on these links there using the Vig link links the eBay links and the Amazon links so that’s fine so let’s finish off this post by adding some nice images now where you get your images from is up to you some retailers or most retailers are cool with you using their images Amazon can be a little bit funny so just be careful about using Amazon’s images but I think I’m going to use this JD JD Sports one they’ve got some nice pictures which I’m sure they won’t mind me borrowing so if I just right click I can go save image as let’s find my trainer saver folder I’m gonna create a new folder called product images I’ll call this gazelle navy one next one gazelle maybe two thanks one you can also see out as many or as few as you like I recommend these at at least one so these sites do take a little bit of time to set up switched when it comes to adding products but ideally you pick products that I’ve got a fairly long shelf life so you don’t have to do it too often but you know there’s always a bit of work involved in these projects I know it was always as easy as or straightforward to people think that you know you can happen that affiliates like you know in two minutes and there’s no work involved but I’m afraid there is a little bit of work involved but anyway there we go we’ve got got our images of course you can borrow this and I thought that’s fine you might want to rewrite it and find some content for somewhere write your own content ideally but for now I’m just going to copy that let’s go back to our posts let’s edit the post let’s go for it bit by bit now and get it looking looking in the business so and the first thing is let’s change this first bit of text to that bit of text I’ll quit my clipboard the other thing I noticed is the the title isn’t quite right I’m going to change it to added SQL Navy I’m just gonna copy it paste it in I’m gonna actually expand this title because I’m gonna make the color a bit more prominent the trainer I believe is a multi-sport or something JD doesn’t seem to go into much detail but on Amazon maybe we just click down area where’s the Amazon link if you want to check out any of these products actually on the retailer’s site you can click there so that’s the Amazon let’s have a look at eBay one two yeah the thing with eBay is it’s kind of limited by price I’m not gonna worry too much about that it’s very limited by size I’m not gonna worry too much about that for now I think you know what people to come over to ebay they can then hopefully find the right size I think with Amazon is that there is a selector so people can choose their own sizes which is a good thing so you won’t have this problem if you choose a promote that you know doesn’t have sizes there’s an issue when it comes to clever enough I had this problem with my boot boutique site which is another affiliate site which you may know of if you’ve seen any of my videos that had lots of women’s boots and they had a size thing as well but hey I mean now I’m doing trainers let’s carry on so yeah added s call him a multi sport outdoor so I’m going to I’m going to go for that as well multi sport outdoor trainer I said men’s as well as we okay let’s add those images so set featured image them you can upload from a computer there’s number one okay let’s remove all these gallery images can’t even add a video as well if you like I’m going to take that out for now just add them all in bulk I’m just holding down Shift key on my computer there to select all of them it takes a few moments to upload there we go let’s just update and have a quick look at what we’ve got so far now of course I probably will add a few more prices from different retailers I just need to get a Vig link and have a look at which retailers they support there we go that’s looking good there’s asked different images that we borrowed from the JD Sports which has to say I’m sure it’d be fine now in terms of the bit down here we’ve got this menu I’m going to ditch that I want that and then what I’m going to go for is I’m just going to add a bit of maybe a bit more text probably borrow that from Amazon and then I’m going to remove all of this other stuff and we’re going to keep the table I like that with the logo so looks good if some reason it hasn’t pulled in the ebay logo but not too worried I’m gonna get rid of all this other stuff I’m gonna leave the price history and alert I think that’s good then we can maybe just add had a review thing if we want why not so so let’s do that now let’s clean it up the other thing we need to do is change these bullet points at the top as well so back in edit post so first thing let’s ditch this shortcode there I’m gonna remove all of this stuff the one I want to keep as I said is the the list shortcode I think it was cool so I bound to this shortcode and I’m gonna remove that bit of text as well and let’s update so what it looks like oh no it wasn’t the list shortcode was it let’s just edit again so this gives me good opportunity to show you how you can restore if you’ve made a mistake like that you’ve got these revisions over here if we go to browse we can go back to a previous version which was the one a few moments ago so you can just move this slider it shows you your changes let’s restore this one let’s pay more attention in which short codes you want to use so we just have another look I’m gonna put it into another tab let me close these others for now so the one I want is this table common list with logo merchant of course it is so again let’s get rid of this just get rid of those and those in those there we go common list that’s what I want and all of this apart from the price history and price alert which i think is a cool feature so update I could just refresh over here and I would in the other tab there we go let’s carry on and make small changes to this lovely product I’m working between two tabs now just makes it a little bit easier sort of to switch between so we’ll come back to these metadata filter options in a bit but the first thing to do is is to update this section here with the review bits and bulbs in it and of course you don’t need to have a review post if you if you don’t want to you can change the post type here and teach to review stuff if you want so now I’m going to keep it as a review post allows people to you know leave a review that kind of stuff so let’s change the review heading comfortable all-rounder the summary text so this is what’s going to appear at the bottom let me just show you we’ve scrolled down it’s this bit here so let’s carry on um so let’s put some summary text in a great I don’t know let’s go for a classic trainer from Ali dass comfortable fit weather great look to match so rather of course you could always go and copy some reviews from Amazon or just some and the web and put together some review stuff pros comfort style price colors now I leave it free is fine the cons are not so good in wet weather something like that so here’s a review criteria so I’m going to change let me get the style spell I’m gonna change it to match these so comfort is 10 what’s the next one idea it makes no sense style is let’s go for 8 and then the next one is price is 8 and then I’m gonna remove the last one okay let’s update and see what that looks like and it’s refresh our tab of the post on it there we go that’s looking good the users can obviously leave a rating like that and and now we go so this is coming together nicely I’m gonna add a little bit more content to do this because there’s not really much going on so back into the post what I want to do is add a YouTube video and to do that I’m going to go over to YouTube and see if we can find something to do with that gazelle I need to be more specific this one is perfect let’s just copy and just copy the URL maybe I need an embed code we’ll find out in a second let’s just paste that in like that click update refresh okay it’s coming together now so finally [Music] let’s just tidy up the this bit down it’s quite a big gap there isn’t there sort that out and this needs to be changed to something as well let’s change this to recommended retailers we’ve actually I don’t know I’m gonna remove that space for now we’ll come back to that later it’s not such a big deal that’s how look so here we go it’s looking looking really good now I might add a little bit more text I’ve actually got a bit of text I’m gonna add that and and then we’re pretty much done the other thing we need to do is just check the categories so to do that like Atticus down here I’m gonna just done today I’m gonna add a new category and my category is gonna be around the brands so that ones added s and then I’m going to add those categories across the top as part the menu so that’s in the right category there’s no tags but you could add some tags if you want like gazelle mmm Navy suede I think it helps people find stuff you got some badges here you can add so you maybe not editor choice or bestseller it’s good you can have a branded area which and interesting so I guess if we had an added s logo which I do let’s try that let’s just add it to the media library by clicking add media and then upload files I’m sure I had one in my or I did it that’s logo just adding that to me library i’m gonna copy this URL I’m not gonna insert it into posters close that and paste that in and see what happens so that’s update and if you post oh okay okay not sure if I like that or not it’s it’s added the bestseller flash which is cool yeah I’m not sure I’m gonna go with that it’s a bit big if it was smaller it would work so yeah so close all these other tabs yeah but for now they’re going to take that out so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to find some more merchants that I can use let me just go to viglink and see what we can find I think just you know another two or three would be good just to fill it out a bit more let’s login merchants let’s go for UK and fashion who wears a lot on air isn’t there a sauce that might work so a sauce not women’s nevermind do a search hopefully gazelle Navy oh there’s two different ones they look the same this is where that product code comes in BB five four seven eight they look right we can check it on Amazon that’s let’s go back and just go to Amazon should have a code oh yeah baby five four seven seven that’s five four seven eight oh okay they are different see what this one is eight that’s different as well they look near enough to me yeah they look at that there’s not many sizes on that one let’s go for the other one no about the same I only go for it I’m gonna take a risk that the code is one number out but anything that makes too much difference so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this limb and it’s just clear all that stuff just cause some search or anything off to question mark you probably don’t need copy the link go back to the post go to viglink it’s a search pasted it in see what it does there we go let’s click that to add let’s get back to viglink and see if I can see anything else that might be suitable fresh pair wants fresh pair that sounds like a shoe shop doesn’t it no no no it’s underwear that’s not right let’s go back carry on there must be some more trainer shops Nordstrom possibly and she chews I’m not familiar with a lot of these retailers but they’re offering some good Commission a lot of sneakers and stuff that doesn’t sound like a UK shop but let’s have a look mmm-hmm what’s that this place sizes is UK so it looks like they’ve got UK pounds so yeah I’m guessing it’s it’s UK so this we can find our own oDesk gazelles there we go all 59 pounds they’re cheap on aren’t they let’s take that link back to the post go to big link go to search even there it is it’s pulled the the price down in dollars a bit strange but I’m not sure we can do much about that so maybe that’s not gonna work we’ll see what it looks like and I said I was going to add a little bit more text I’ve got it in my notepad hang on a second here it is it’s just copy here we go let’s click update and have a look view posts yeah that’s not working this sneaky stuff has come down as 11 all the rest is good so yeah maybe that Snickers stuff what there it’s 59 pounds that’s the ladies one as well okay so I’m not gonna use that but let’s go back and just take sneaker stuff out remove so I think that’s about it I’m obviously I can look for more merchants when I get a moment because there’s a lot on air isn’t there there is a lot but yeah this is going to take a little bit of time let’s have a look at our post for one last time I’m really pleased with the way it’s coming together it’s looking good we’ve got four different prices at the moment it puts the best price there which is good so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start adding some more products I want to add you know a good handful so we get an idea of the site layout and that kind of thing I’m gonna Adam four different brands are going to add an you know two Nike shoes and Reebok and and that kind of thing what I’m also going to do and I’ll do that right now don’t worry you don’t have to watch me add all those products are going to do that offline I’ll do an edit I wouldn’t put you through that this video is long enough as it is the what I want to do before I start adding my own post is I want to delete some of this demo content stuff because I know the template that I want now it’s that one and so I don’t have much use for the the other day my post so I’m going into posts and all posts you see they’re all here what I’m going to do is I’m going to tick them all and I’m going to unpick my editor – gizelle I’m going to come down and go to bulk actions move to trash and click apply let’s have a look at our site there we go we just got our one little post but yeah it’s getting there so I’m gonna do an edit now I’m gonna add a whole load more trainers I’m gonna put a few more merchants as well like in a moment and then when we come back we will work on this section of the homepage I’ll show you how you can add a compare tool so people can kind of add multiple products and compare the prices in an easy sort of way will work on this menu and this menu across top then we’re basically getting there I think you know we’ll finish off by adding some google analytics and that kind of stuff so well done if you’ve got this far you’re doing really well and but yeah I’m gonna add those products I’ll see you in a minute okay so I’ve added quite a few trainers and took a little while I spent an hour or so on it so that you can quickly duplicate posts and edit them it just makes it a lot quicker is when you are looking at a post that you’re editing you can make a quick copy of it by just clicking copy to a new draft over here then it creates a new post things that because I was just one of them you just go through change the name change the image change the categories videos etc makes it a bit quicker so basically edit to to each of the main brands that I’ve got so to to a leaders to tonight cetera et cetera one thing I discovered whilst adding the trainers is that viglink is really cool so when you’re you know adding a product and you know you’ve added Amazon you add at eBay I’ve then just been get over to Google and do a search for the you know the product so I’ll just do something like this and then you know once I found it I would then just run the link straight through viglink and I think you know that’s a good way of doing it whether that’s the wrong color I’d be this one just going suppose going down to viglink and research just pasting in the URL and adding it this way now the way it works all the way my understanding of wiggling works is if the merchant is registered with them and you know part of their program you’ll earn a commission if they’re not then you won’t but hey it doesn’t matter you’re able to still add you know a good range of prices generally Amazon she comes out the cheapest he says not in this particular case but it often is a to pursue your you’d likely to get quite a bit of average of commission JD’s ports are registered with viglink as are a number of other retailers so you know a sauce is another one that’s coming up yeah but even if the retailer’s not on there it’s not a big deal I don’t think just you know using Google is an easy way to find products makes it really quick again that’s the wrong color but I think you get the drift so I would recommend using viglink if if you’re not doing so already it seems to cover loads of merchants loads of products and you’ll find it a lot easier in terms of getting enough information to actually offer some good price comparison data now the one thing I want to do now is just kind of restructure the categories just a little bit because I want to have the categories long here so added s you know Nike that kind of thing but also want to have an all kind of category where it shows all the trainers so the way I’m going to do that is I’m going to go into the dashboard I’m going to go into posts and categories and the other reason I’m doing this is because I want to have a blog category for all the blog sort of stuff first thing I’m going to delete these demo categories which came in when we imported the demo data okay that’s it just go to delete okay that’s done now I’m gonna add the whole trainers and I asked you to name for it and click add new category then I’m going to go into quick edit on these there I’m going to edit each one of these and set the parent to all trainers like that I’m back two categories and then savers do Dora I think you get the idea see I’m basic gonna do that to all of them so rather than you see it fortune we do this let’s just do a quick edit okay so they’re all done I’m going to add a new category fulla blog those head so just going to great that call it look we’ll come back to that later so now we’re ready to kind of sort out our top menu so to do that I’m gonna go into appearance and menus gonna go to main menu and then select and yeah but I want to take off all of this so easiest way to do that is to just create a new menu in fact that’s that’s called too much stuff to delete let’s create a new one you could change that around if you wanted to train a saver main menu I think that’s a good name for it but then what I need to do is add some categories so let’s go to categories let’s add all these fact I’m gonna go to view all and I’m gonna select all of these and maybe even the block to four for fun okay let’s save the menu what we need to do now actually is set it as the primary menu and to do that we scroll down particular primary menu let’s take a look at the site so here’s our different brands click on all trainers we should get all of the trainers just like that good and they don’t forget to each brand we just see them from each brand the sites really coming together now next thing I want to do is add the filter to the sidebar here and so that allowed people when they’re looking at the old trainers to you know filter by different things will predict the trending widget as well we can adjust this and do some other ways pops so it’s really getting there now the product selling products is a little bit of a slog but ya know well worth it once they’re added they’ll update automatically in terms of pricing so not too much to worry about there and then we also need to look at this bit at the home page and maybe just had two brands or I don’t know might get you completely let’s see how we get on but yeah let’s sort out the filters when we’re looking at these categories so if you remember when we imported products and added the trainers or you added your products and we set up the MD TF filters things like material brand all the stuff that was in here so we’re now going to use them to to filter products so that visitors when they come to the site they can filter by brand or by conditioned by material that kind of thing do just want to check condition because a nice it was appearing weird so we’ve got a new and used okay that one’s a drop-down and I want it to be a drop-down I want it to be a checkbox that one is a checkbox – perfect so double check you everything is set to a checkbox it should be unless you’re using that one which seemed to be a slight different so there already so now we yet we need to set up our sidebar so to do that we go into appearance and widget areas so the sidebar is the down the side let me just show you a new tab the moment is got trending and I think if you click through to a post up there’s no sidebar anyway so yeah it’s just on this particular bit on the categories you got the trending and the menu thing is some tutorial so we’re going to change this we’re going to add the filter so we need to add a new sidebar that’s just going to appear on these categories so I’m just close this tab we’re going to appearance and widget areas and then add new I’m going to call it product filter sidebar and then down here we can choose where it’s going to display on the site if you don’t see all these options click the little advanced cog makes them appear disappear so if we go into taxonomy terms here’s our category so I’m just going to tick the ones once so that one that one that one that one pretty much all of them in fact see if I add a new category all need to come in here and take it but I don’t it to show on the blog category but that’s not showing in here because there’s no posts in it just yet I see anyone I don’t have to show on just yet so that’s fine the other place that I needed to show is on the results page so you know some doesn’t filter I still want the filter to show and that is in template hierarchy and it’s the default your latest post screen really enough make sure it’s sidebar to replace his set to sidebar area which is the main sidebar in the theme so that should have created as a nice new sidebar if we go into widgets we can now start adding some widgets so here it is I’ll put up filler or did I make a typo lots of fear we can go back in and change that you should have told me they’ll be quick at it I had that missing T me and my typing hey okay so yeah back into widgets ah there it is so what I want to add is the filter if we scroll down it’s this one here called mdtf we click on it we can choose we want to add it I want to add it to the probably talked about which is one that’s ticked click add widget let me start configuring it I’m going to change the title to product filter and I select the category to general which is just the one category I’ve got with MTTF so you could set up multiple categories if you wanted different filters for different things on your site and yeah I think the rest we can leave as it is let’s click Save let’s go and have a look at the site so look at all trainers there is our product filter and just tick what you like and there you go there’s the filter so yeah that’s all done so the next thing I’m going to do is enable a really cool feature that allows your visitors to compare products so they can select a couple of them they can kind of compare prices that kind of thing it’s a really cool feature on the theme so let me just close these tabs it’s looking a bit messy so set it up we’re gonna go back into the dashboard and then the first thing we need to do is set up a page that’s going to be the kind of results page for the comparison so the page where the table with all the products they can appear is shown so to do that we go into pages of that new I’m going to call it compare trainers and the meaning it for the top table construct a new template down here let’s just click publish and then we’re going to create a table and what it does is it shows the products that the visitor has added to their compare basket thing and I want to call it then it also shows them some other products below that so it’s good way for them to kind of find well which ones they like I don’t know it’s sort sump I am buy price you’ll see it will become clear in a second so down here we’ve got these top table settings we need to choose ketika I’m just gonna go for the all trainers category so everything’s included I’m gonna scroll down and this is all fine and then we need to add a couple of columns to our table the first one is going to be the product name I’m gonna use one of these shortcodes down here when I go for this one which will display the product name the title of the post along with the link to the post which is pretty cool then I’m gonna click this button to add more column some good English there the next one is going to be product description and then I’m gonna go for this one which is just the excerpt so a bit of text and the rest is fine I’m going to disable the table filters I think and I think we need that and let’s go up and click update so now we just need to turn on the comparison feature we do that within theme options scroll down go to dynamic comparison select our page we just created which was compared trainers and then I’m gonna turn that on to enable the compare button in the posts Save Changes so now let’s go and have a look at the site and if we go into a product I see this lovely red deer Dora there should be a little button and there is it’s the ad to compare button so let’s click that and then let’s go find something else to compare it with maybe another Diadora that’s got type I’m sorry some NZ’s trainer and let’s compare this one ad to compare you notice we’ve got this little thing over here now so we can see what we’re comparing then if we click compare it should take us through to our page with our table just like that so it shows the top two or however many they’ve selected at the top and then there’s a few more just to get them interested and yeah there we go perfect so let’s have a look at our homepage so I think what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to add a few blog posts and then with this space down here I’m gonna add some recent posts so it shows some of the post on the blog I think that would be pretty cool so let’s do that now to create a blog post you simply go to new post give it a title I’m gonna do one about the ANA desk gazelle and then you can just start adding your content here the added s gazelle is an excellent shoe you get the idea I’ve actually got some content that I’m just gonna copy and paste in and format and all that kind of stuff you can’t switch to the visual editor when you’re editing content so it’s just like word click that button there to get some more stuff so yeah I’ll do a quick edit let me just add this post in fact I’ll add a few posts I’ll add a couple tore free so that we can kind of see what the books gonna look like you want to put it into the blog category you can of course create subcategories below that so I could create an added s well I should have selected the parent category my mistake let’s do that again I can delete it in a second and it should come under blog like that so yeah I’ll do a quick edit and um when I come back Oliver I did some blog posts so here we go I’ve added some blog post so I did free to be specific you can see them here they sing about trainers now when it comes to blogging and content it’s gonna be a very important part of your website you’re gonna need some good content to be able to share on social media and to attract links to your site and to just place the add some value to your visitors so yeah you’re gonna be wanting to think about the sort of content that you produce this is just some stuff I’ve not really quickly just purely for this demonstration if I was doing it for real I would want to make it quite a bit longer there’s not really enough words you know you want probably around a thousand words if I’m being honest per article maybe do some videos as well you know to really make your site stand out from the crowd but I’ve only these just to give you an idea in terms of how they look and how to do it one thing I didn’t mention just a moment ago is that you will need to add a featured image to each post and you can do that just by when you’re editing the post coming down here and there it is you said it under the featured image bit and then that appears around the site so it’s a good thing to do the other thing I need to do is just tidy up that category and the earliest one that I created which was a bit wrong there it is just can delete that so you can manager your categories under posts and categories for me and I’ve created these other categories free here that subcategories to the blog so there’s a couple other little tweaks we just need to do now we’ve added those blog posts the first is this section here because the blog posts are actually showing here I don’t want them to I just want products to appear here so we can adjust this section by going into edit page and then if we scroll down and find that section which is this bit the deals grid block click on the pencil I just want this to pull in posts from the all trainers category so I need just start typing it in here all trainers there we go it’s found it just give that a click and the other thing that I don’t want on this element is the filter thing so I’m just gonna go to filter panel and turn that off save that and then update let’s have a look we are going to be adding a recent posts to the homepage in a moment and put it down here so yeah that’s gone now and also they’re still in here the other thing I want to adjust is was a couple of things the first is this trending bit which is cool because it shows different products but I don’t want it to show blog posts and the only way I think I can do this is by adding a tag to certain trainers maybe all of them so I’m going to do that by going back into the dashboard going to posts no in fact I’m going to go into that’s fine I’m going to filter it by bull trainers I’m just going to tag these with the word trainer so we know they were trainer might be useful go for as well so I’ve selected all of these posts then I’ll just go forward I’m gonna make sure that I add the tag to all of the products and the tag and say it’s just going to call trainer type it in the text box click update and that’s going to add that tag to all of these posts but not the blog posts and then if we go into the widget section find that trending widget which is in the sidebar area trending and add the slug which is trainer the slug generally matches the name of whatever tag or category you’ve created if there’s it was made up of more than one word the space will be replaced with the – so that saved the other thing we’ve got here is this menu thing which I think will come back to that in a bit cuz I’m going to add some pages so we can link to them okay let’s have a look and see if the posters uh-huh no yes and I was just got trainers in a trending perfect that’s that main new thing that will we’ll have a look at in a second the final thing I want to do with regards to the blog is I don’t want these posts to be part of the compare thingy Bob that’s all see only four products so to do that we need to get the ID of the the category bear with me it’s not too complicated which is some reason you can’t just type in the name you need to know the ID of the category so we go into posts and categories and then we’re looking for the ID of the all trainers category because we can basically pacify the category that we do want it to show all categories that we want the compare buttons to show so I want to go for the old trainers if I hover over it and then look down to the bottom left of my browser I’m looking for the it says tag under school ID and that will give me the number I need for this category I can see that it’s 96 I’ll put an arrow up so you can see what I’m talking about I’m gonna remember 96 and then I’m going to go in to theme options then into the dynamic comparison section only then I go type in 96 into this bit set the ideas of post categories where to show you but and Save Changes and if we gonna have a look at something in the blog this one see the compare buttons gone so that’s the blog all done let’s add the recent post to the homepage so what I’m going to do is I’m going to remove this section for now only have recent posts across the bottom here and then we can add some widgets to this footer as well make that look a bit better but for now let’s just get rid of this and add some recent posts I’m going to go edit page so you can repurpose that after you fancy it might be suitable for your cyber I don’t think I can really use it with the trainers so we need to scroll all the way down it’s all this stuff here so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna remove the whole lot by just clicking on this cross here and this one here I say the whole lot I mean each kind of section there we go it’s all gone and then what I’m going to do is add a new element an element I want to get a Content module so let’s have a look in here and I’m here for the free column posts so it’s just oh no I don’t drag it out flick it there we go it’s bringing up the settings the category I want is blog let’s just start typing that in like that and sort of fine I don’t want to use the filter show all is fine this is to do with prices and stuff so lately next it’s a blog and no here let’s see what that looks like I’m going to update the page then if we had a few page scroll down let’s have a look there’s our blog stuff looking good thing going to add a bit more space at the bottom and then I’m going to add a title bit like this one that says Paytas from the blog let’s do that so scroll down again it’s this one so I just duplicate this empty place for a duplicate any element just click on this little button here and there we go and I can drag that below and then terms of the title I’m just gonna copy this one here cuz I think the same font and stuff I might have to change the color to black but that’s about it and I think I’ll put it above the empty space it’s a good thing let me have a look at the other one is yeah and I’m gonna add a bit more empty space it up let’s copy that one drag it down but that one above we’ll see how it looks in the second we always adjust it let’s click on the pencil to edit that custom heading I change it to latest from the blog and make sure the color is black near enough black anyway Save Changes and then update and let’s have a look that’s been good I think that’s probably too much space there there wasn’t there a little bit too much place so let’s make one final adjustment you pretty needs to be 20 or 30 something like that let’s put it down to so I’m clicking on the pencil then I can just change the number here move over 2030 his goofy little plate there we go that looks good so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m just going to add some simple pages like an about as contact as and that kind of thing maybe a privacy policy you know the usual pages that website should have and we can add them across the top there maybe maybe you had some links to the footer as well it’s kind of finished off the site and then of course we’ll add Google Analytics and probably about it excuse my brightness there will be other videos that I do go forward where we’re going to stuff like SEO and that kind of thing but for now I’m gonna leave that out this video will end with analytics but let’s have those pages and so I’m gonna go to a new page call it about us and publish that’s probably add some words I suppose we could obviously layout the pages as you want if you want to use the drag-and-drop editor you just click backend editor and you can start adding elements and text blocks and that kind of thing so you know you’d add something like that and you can just change the text welcome to trainer saver make that a heading by just doing that so it’s very similar to what we find you the best trainers or so you’d add more words but I’ll save you from watching me type for now let’s press update okay a couple more pages I’m not going to populate them with content just yet because it’s a bit boring but you doubt your own you know blurb information oh you aren’t so I’m gonna do a contact us you probably had a forum or email or something like that let’s add one more Britta see if you want to find a privacy policy you can find like a generic one online that you can just add say I’ll add some extra content later after I’ve finished recording I don’t want to put you through me watching you just put you through for watching me add content what I’m going to do is add these to a menu did I’m going to go to appearance and menus then I’m gonna adjust the top menu remove this stuff then I’m gonna add these and add to menu you can drag and drop them exactly how you like it let’s click Save the other menu on to adjust is the one that’s in the widget that’s going to widgets on in the sidebar area this one I’m going to change the widgets you learn more then I’m going to select that a secondary menu again like that it’s a look at the site so there’s our pages across top then if we go into the blog there’s the other little menu there so to finish off the design let’s do this footer area these are just widgets again so we can add all sorts of different things let’s go to trying to save it and then widgets you’ve got these footer areas here where you can add whatever you like I’m gonna remove that buddypress widget first thing I’m going to add is a see what we’ve got so I’m just gonna go for a text to start with but and I want about trainer saver and I’m just going to say you know we find you the best price on your next pair of trainers the next thing I’m going to add it’s just a little bit about being an affiliate an affiliate website and we may an egg Commission on your purchase thanks for using us so let’s save that the next one I’m going to add is a disclaimer which is kind of you kind of need it for Amazon so again I’m just going to use a text for that and it to footer to disclaim I’m just going to copy and paste it off another site that i created a while back shot paddles feel free to copy and paste it off my site it’s just this blurb here that then footer free what should we add all these widgets to choose from we could go for something like social icons which I’ll show you how to set up in a second okay so like that so I assume you’re gonna be adding social links you’re gonna set up a Facebook page and all that kind of stuff which I’m gonna do and to it yet but mostly just go to Facebook page and go to Twitter create account and you add the URLs in the theme options and where is it Oh social media options there we go so you just add some links so you know slash whatever and you get the idea the Instagram and whatever else you sign up – I will obviously set up some social media profiles going forward I might do it some videos on that as separately oh I think it wants to HTTP doesn’t copy and paste I’m lazy oh no it’s Witter like that so there’s gonna have a look at our website now oh it just takes that so it’s a train a saber but there we go that’s looking quite nice now and there’s our social media links let me just go and adjust that widget and then we’ll also just change this copyright message as well so yeah let’s change this to trainer saver well maybe we should have a space okay so that’s all done so do just that copyright message I think that’s in the theme options it’s gonna have a look scroll dirt scroll down one more look if I’m looking for footer options here we go and we can change this here – lets go 2018 WP eagle and you should probably even add a link if you feel like it so that’s a a H ref he calls and then that and then you add your website I know it’s straightforward in it it’s just copy this exactly and you’ll be fine if you want to add a link but we can even add a low over the footer give that a try I might have something suitable nope it looks rubbish I’ll take it out try to save up I’ve got my main logo let’s give it a try it might be too big or too red or something let’s have a look let’s want to see where it appears okay from there safety that is quite bigger than this have a look okay that’s okay I think we’ll go with that so the end is nigh as someone wants heads a light at the end of the tunnel the site is pretty much there let’s just finish it off by adding Google Analytics so we can track how much traffic and stuff like that we get to the site you’re going to want to go over to Google Analytics you can find it just by searching for Google Analytics it’s here – we’re gonna just sized right in but you go over to there and sign up for an account or whatever if you haven’t got one already I’m gonna create myself a new property I’ve already got an account set up so I’m just gonna create a new one it’s a website the website name is trainer saver the URL is a trainer saver okay we are in retail I guess was something like that is there a retail shop Engel let’s go shopping that’s fine tracking ID and that’s it simple as that we can now go back to the site now we’ve got our analytics account and profile set up go into the dashboard you remember the very beginning we’ve got that Google Analytics plugin that was installed or directly let’s give that a go so I’m not sure it’s still active I’m just gonna double check let’s go into plugins and install plugins and it was them that one there that means activating so let’s turn it on then it brings like this message please go figure Dougal analytic settings give that a click we just click authenticate with your Google Account you need to be logged into Google and all that stuff click Next click to get to Google code select your account click allow it gives you this long code of stuff copy into your clipboard close that window and paste it in there then we can select the profile where is it there it is trying to save up click Next and then we’re all done we’re all set those click Save Changes you can allow or disallow tracking whatever you want to do that’s the plugin people tracking what you’re up to but that’s all done so should now start tracking people when they come to the website and then you go back into Google Analytics in a day or two and you better see you know how much traffic you got where they’re coming from all that kind of thing so we are literally pretty much on the last few steps what I’m going to do is just tidy up the site a little bit because the demo content did install some plugins and things that we’re not using so in order to keep the website running at peak performance I recommend you turn off stuff and remove stuff that you’re not using so we’re not using buddypress which is like a social media thing and turn off all those and we’re not using buddypress again let’s turn that off um we’re not using WooCommerce and then we can turn that one off we don’t need the importer anymore we don’t need to clone her anymore so I’m just gonna bulk deactivate those then I’m gonna go back through and tick them all again I recommend setting up a queue Smit if you get a chance just turn it on and follow the wizard it’s good if you start getting a lot of comments spam so yeah I’m gonna tickle these again I don’t know what debug is I’ll leave that for timing take that one take that one that one and that one are then poke action again and delete til you sure okay just takes a few moments it is doing it there we go let’s just go back check the site one last time there we are we’re all done and it’s looking good I’m really pleased with it and hopefully you’ve got this point and you’ve now got your own site as well that you’ve created and you’re pleased with it too now be sure to keep an eye on the channel I’m gonna be doing some more videos around this site SEO and stuff like that adding more products other features whatever stuff I come up with so yeah be sure to check out channel but for now let’s go back to me and my face and let’s do the the end part of this video but yeah well done if you’ve got it your site to this point and and you’ve got this far in the video I know it’s a long one and it’s been a bit of a journey but yeah well done well you got to the end of the video well done I hope you’ve got a website that you’re happy with if you’ve got a website Lee you’re not happy with then let me know in the comments below and also share your website with me put put a link to your new website in the comments and I’ll take a look I’d love to see what you’ve created as I mentioned previously I’m going to be doing more videos around this website so things like promotion and social media and SEO and all that kind of stuff so be sure to subscribe by clicking on the little you’ll click the little bell to be notified when I do upload any new video it tends to be every week and here is another video from the past which I think you’re gonna enjoy it’s been chosen especially for you until next time bye for now

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