How To Promote SimilarWeb Affiliate Program (Without Website) | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

friends if you want to know how to promote 
similar web affiliate program and earn 10   per sign up and 50 dollar per try then you must 
watch this video till the end hello and welcome   friends welcome back to another awesome video so 
friends today in this video i am going to tell you   that how you can easily promote similar web fleet 
program today in this video i am going to tell you   the best method the best working method that 
will help you to promote similar every program   and as you all know that a similar athlete 
offer is one of the biggest and famous in this   industry so it would be very very easy for us 
to promote with this method which i am going to   show you today in this video all right so this 
video is going to be very very detailed as in   this video i will reveal the best method which you 
can use in order to promote similar web affiliate   offer all right so let us begin with today's video 
now before before talking about the similar web   athlete program first we will try to understand 
deeply what is similar app okay now many of you   don't even know what simple web exactly is okay 
so first we will try to understand this so as you   can see over here i am on this similar website as 
you can see official manager of the digital world   all right which means that the basic i mean 
the basic work of this website is to analyze   any app or any website okay so as you can see 
you can analyze the website data like traffic is   coming from which country and how much traffic is 
coming from from which country from which category   and the monthly visits and the category rank 
almost everything you can analyze any website okay   so as you can see there are some more 
works there are some more services which   are offered by similar web okay so if you will try 
to promote only this particular feature then you   may not get leads okay try to understand try to 
understand this tool in a more deep okay so if you   scroll down as you can see where digital search 
digital marketing e-commerce investing and sales   which means that they are also giving some 
value based on digital marketing e-commerce   investing and sales so for example as you can 
see over here if i go in this particular section   which is digital marketing toolkit to 
optimize your roi which means return of   investment okay so let me cut this and as you can 
see over here there are multiple i mean multiple   valuable content like competitive analysis keyword 
research which comes in seo okay which means that   you can also target seo audience to promote this 
similar web and competitive analysis it also   comes under seo and reference research and add 
creative and ad creative research and media buy   so it all comes in marketing strategy which means 
digital marketing so if you want to promote in a   simple way then i will recommend you to go with 
the su industry okay so for an example let me just   wait a second show you one thing as you can see 
it will help you to analyze your competitors so   that you can easily beat your website competitor 
and can rank on google okay so in this way it will   help you to do keyword research and comparative 
analysis as you can see competitive analysis   and keyword research so basically these features 
are are offered by similar web and it comes under   seo okay which means that it is a multi-feature 
multi features of this particular website   is providing you multiple benefits which you can 
use and can increase your website revenue as you   can see seo and content marketers okay discover 
new keyword opportunities and grow your traffic   uh share on on high value keywords which means 
that if you will target as your audience also then   also you can promote civil level and you can also 
target affiliate marketers also and media buyers   performance marketers so basically these are 
some topics on which they share valuable content   so all you need to do is simply you have to choose 
to which audience you want to promote similar web   now i will recommend you to go with seo or 
affiliate marketers so in this video in this   particular valuable video i will show you how you 
can simply find a seo audience and can promote   this particular similar web all right now listen 
first of all you need to make a landing page but   listen don't ma don't make a similar landing 
page because today we are not going to promote   similar web directly first of all we are going 
to promote our own own product which will help   us to give some leads okay let me explain you in 
detail by opening my funnel page so for an example   just wait a second and as you can see over here 
grab your opportunity to rank on the first page   of google by beating your competitors okay now 
listen uh if i want if i want the seo audience   okay if i want to promote the seo content of 
similar web so i need to find some seo audio   i need to i need to look for some seo audios and 
seo leads all right so as you can see over here   it is my ebook as as you know it is my own ebook 
which i have written okay now in this book i have   shared that how you can easily rank on google 
by optimizing your content i mean i mean in this   video i have shared the techniques and all the 
guides are on page seo okay so it is a seo ebook   and who will buy this i mean who will uh but yes 
or who will who are interested in this book only   the seo audience okay so in this case what i will 
do is simply i will first promote this ebook okay   i will promote this ebook for free you can get 
this ebook for free okay not you two audience that   i will promote they can get this ebook for free 
okay now to in order to avail this ebook i mean   in order to get this ebook they will first give 
the emails okay they will give the emails to me   and in this way in this in this way i can simply 
build an email list of seo audience okay so are   you understanding this strategy first we are not 
promoting similar rep first if we are promoting a   seo a product okay and with the help of this we 
are building an e we are building an email list   of seo audience and after this after building 
a good amount of email list what we will do is   simply we will promote this particular similar seo 
content and as you can see it is just amazing okay   and if we will do this then we can simply earn 
fifty dollar per trial and ten dollar per lead   which means ten dollar persona which means that 
if a user follows my affiliate links and come on   this particular similar web and if we sign up for 
free then for this free sign up i am going to get   10 dollar commission and for a trial i am going 
to get 50 dollar commission and this is great and   this offer is available on shirazil affiliate 
network all right now coming back to my topic   as you can see first first we need to promote 
promote ebook okay now if you don't have your   own ebook you can simply look for some other 
ebooks like you can visit like just wait a   second you can visit this particular website 
which is id plr here you will get multiple nisha   books so i mean ebooks okay so first you have to 
create a free account on this particular website   and as you can see thousand five hundred ninety 
plus plr ebook i mean plr products are available   on this particular ones particular website all 
right so let me cut this and visit as you can   see more than six thousand ebooks are available 
so for example if i search over here seo because   i want ebooks relevant to seo search engine 
optimization so as you can see traffic boost okay   enter marketing secrets and the traffic handbook 
okay so basically these are some ebooks which will   help me as you can see as you split testing video 
upgrade so what i need to do is i need to simply   look for some free ebooks okay so i need to simply 
download this ebook okay if you want you can   create a free account or if you want you can 
simply purchase its membership to download more   okay now listen after just simply downloading any 
of the ebook okay or relevant to seo you need to   first make a landing page so for this you need to 
come on group first wait a second let me come on   guru funnels because it is a landing page builder 
and it is an awesome landing page builder that is   why i am recommending you this and as you can 
see this page is built by a landing page so in   this book what i did i did simply i i not simply 
grab your opportunity to rank on the first page   of google okay by beating your competitors easily 
and as you can see yes i want this practical guide   ebook and i have simply described the features of 
this ebook what you will get inside this book and   then i have simply mentioned this section like the 
old price was nine dollar but now it is absolutely   for free it means uh it means zero dollar okay now 
listen how we will get emails and how a user can   download this particular ebook i will explain you 
in this video only but before this you first need   to make a landing page on group files so for this 
you need to come on your google friends account so   first of all you need to create a free account on 
group furnace it is 100 free and then you have to   click on this group pages of group furnace okay 
so as you can see you have you can create up to   three pages in a free account so it is sufficient 
for you okay as you can see three you can create   zero motor because i have created all these three 
let me come back okay so three or three sites are   sufficient for you or you can simply sign up with 
a different account for creating multiple sites i   mean multiple landing pages so as you can see over 
here this landing page i have made with the help   of this group as website builder all right i mean 
landing page builder so as you can see it is very   very easy all you need to do is simply you have to 
look for some blocks as you can see call to action   blocks all right now there are multiple options 
as you can see the templates are ready made   all you need to do is simply drag and drop and 
then you can simply publish over here okay you   can still choose the sub domain as you can see it 
is a sub demand so no investment in domain hosting   all right so as you can see over here you 
first need to make your landing page and then   simply publish it you have to customize it and 
customizing is very very easy and it is up to you   how you customize or how you customize your 
landing page in a more better way okay now listen   after making a successful and high converting 
landing page your next step is to drive traffic   which means that to to drive traffic to the page 
where you can provide uh provide this ebook okay   now for this if you will click on this particular 
button it will take you to instamojo okay and as   you can see the cost is 49 rupees so first of all 
i need to make it zero so for this let me login   to my insta mojo account and as you can see over 
here first of all i have to log in here all right   so as you can see over here after logging in you 
will get this dashboard you have to make a insta   mojo account it is free and then you have to add 
your payment details if you want to sell something   okay if you don't want don't add your payment it 
is all right but i will recommend you add it okay   now listen you have to come under products and you 
have to click on all parts you have to add a new   product now if you want to know how to create a 
insta mojo account and how to add anything i mean   how to add products on your instamojo account now 
for this i have simply made one detailed video i   will share the link in the i button go and watch 
that now i i want to make this cost zero okay for   free so as you can see i will simply click on 
free and then simply save okay i have to save   it and let me refresh my page now as you can see 
the cost is zero okay so first of all all you need   to know is simply you have to create a customer 
account and then you have to publish the ebook   which you can take from here okay you have to 
publish and you have to make it 400 free okay   you have to make it for free and now as you can 
see over here you first need to make a landing   page and then you have to copy this link and paste 
in the button or as you can see here i have pasted   this link so all you need to do is first of all 
you have to make such landing page so that you can   simply paste your link of insta mojo or of this 
pro okay so let me cut this now what happened just   well now what will happen let me show you let me 
cut this on now your simple step is just to simply   promote this particular landing page okay now for 
promoting such kind of landing page i will highly   recommend you to use quora all right so first 
of all you need to copy this link now again   don't do spamming on quora if you will do this you 
will get back so as you can see over here you can   search for seo basically it is a shorter keyword 
and it would be very very high competitive so   as you can see it is a space i think so all right 
so as you can see over here it is a space and you   can simply share a content i mean you can simply 
share a content in this particular space uh which   has which has more than around 200 000 followers 
so it is not a less amount of followers it has   a ball followers and you can simply uh promote 
your content i mean you can simply promote your   landing page to such big space so let me cut this 
and instead of this you can do this you can just   simply answer questions now promoting on quora 
is very very easy i hope you know this okay so   first of all you need to promote your your your 
particular landing page on coda now suppose uh   if i'm if i'm a visitor okay if i'm a customer 
to your landing page followed by code okay so   for an example if i open another browser 
and just simply copy the landing page link   and paste it over here so for example i i am a 
customer okay i'm a visitor to your landing page   so as you can see if i follow this link then i 
will simply go to the insta mojo page now i want   this book okay i like this landing page and i want 
this book because i'm interested in seo all right   now i will simply click on buy now and then i 
have to add some details like phone number email   address and first name last name okay so first of 
all he will enter i mean the one who won who won   this book he will enter his email and this is the 
point where we will win okay so a user in order to   avail this book he will enter his email and then 
phone number and then first him last name okay   so as you can see after entering email i simply 
click on review and pay which means that he don't   need to pay anything for example let me show just 
wait a second so as you can see over here after   adding and after adding email and phone number uh 
he will simply click on review and pay and then as   you can see make payment and it will not ask me 
to make payment because it is 100 free zero cost   and as you can see view order and download so as 
you can see orders it has completed okay so i can   simply download this particular ebook without 
paying anything and as you can see the book has   been downloaded okay now as you can see if i come 
back to my insta mojo dashboard and as you can see   i will show you one thing okay so first of all let 
me come back to my dashboard and simply click on   order spot okay you have to click over here and 
then all orders part so as you can see over here   the recent order okay as you can see we have 
got the emails as you can see this particular   email and as you can see you have also got the 
phone number and email also so in this way you   can simply you know you can simply build an email 
list of those audience who are interested in seo   industry okay so as you can see for over here 
first of all you have to download some ebooks   offer relevant to seo and then you have to promote 
on quora with the help of a landing page which   which you can easily build on group finance okay 
so as you can see after building an email list of   co of seo okay of those audios who are interested 
in seo your next step and the final step is just   to simply do email marketing okay now if you 
want to do email marketing you can use sandal   blue constant contact or mailchimp uh i will 
recommend you to use sandal blue because it is it   is easy to use and it is free also okay with the 
free account of sandal blue you can easily send   up to 300 emails per day okay and it is 
good it is enough for you so as you can   see oh yeah it is its website you can use it 
you can sign up for free and then you can send   up to 300 emails per dip in a free account if 
you want more you can simply upgrade it all right   so as you as you can see first of all you have to 
create uh you have to create an email campaign to   send bulk emails to those to those email which 
you have simply bid by promoting this landing   page by giving value okay by giving value to the 
user so in this way it is a super duper targeted   email list because we have promoted seo ebook 
and in this way we can simply promote similar   web because it is a seo tool and as you can see oh 
yeah we will promote this section which is seo and   content marketers so in this way we can simply 
generate leads as well as trials of similar web   as you can see per lead we are going to get 10 
dollar commission and per 12 we are going to get   50 dollar commission and this is the best method 
the best way to promote similar web because if   you lightly promote similar web you may get 
leads or and sometimes you may not get dates   but this method is hundred percent working and it 
is very very easy and simple which you can follow   to promote similar web athlete program and can 
make money online in affiliate marketing easily   with the help of this particular awesome 
strategy so in this video this much only i   hope you like the video if you like the video 
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