How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch Step By Step!

how to start affiliate marketing in this
step-by-step tutorial I will explain to you how you can start affiliate
marketing it's completely newbie friendly and using these techniques I've
been getting results like what you can see here on the screen where I've made
hundred and forty seven thousand dollars in commissions on just one of the
networks eighty eight thousand on the other and many many more I'll show you
more examples throughout this tutorial so let's kick off my name is Greg
Kononenko you might also know me as the Caffeinated Blogger on this YouTube
channel I published regular tutorials about traffic generation making money
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video as soon as I upload it let's get into the detail why should you guys be
doing affiliate marketing I personally love affiliate marketing I'm a full time
affiliate marketer and there are many amazing things about affiliate marketing
first of all you don't need a product that's the biggest thing if you need to
create a product to sell it online it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort
and often for a newer person it's actually impossible to create a high
converting sales page product delivery mechanism customer support it's just a
massive headache to sell your own product so with affiliate marketing what
you can do is you can sell somebody else's product for a commission for
example if I have a course that is already a proven converting high
converting course that sells for $100 you can promote my course and I will pay
you let's say a 50% Commission okay and instantly all you need to do is just
send traffic so as long as you send the traffic to my sales page that's all you
need to do that's your job as an affiliate it becomes super super easy to
actually make money online and you can make 50% Commission's 80% commissions
even as hires at times 100% Commission's on a lot of products that you can
promote we're going to talk about a lot more of it in this tutorial the cool
thing about being an affiliate marketer is that you can make money while you're
on holidays as long as you set everything up the way that I'm going to
show you in this video you can take a vacay
you can go away for a month or two and you're still gonna continue making money
for example I was away for five weeks throughout Christmas and New Year and I
still kept making the money that's that awesome thing about it you can also work
from any location so for example if you're in the US and you want to move to
you know you care Europe you can actually very easily do that because
your business is location independent and you know like I was say you can
actually just go and take a couple of months off and you will still get paid
as long as you set everything up correctly so don't go anywhere
keep watching make sure you don't go anywhere I'm going to show you
everything step by step for example you can see right here that I was making
sales while I was still on holidays and all of this actually happened
automatically even though I wasn't not actively working on my business so
that's the power of being an affiliate marketer now imagine having your own
product for two hundred ninety seven dollars how hard would it be to make a
sales page that converts and so on with a feel–it marketing all you need to do
is just send the traffic and everything else will take care of itself so what's
your job as an affiliate marketer basically your job as an affiliate
marketer becomes to just drive traffic to affiliate links that's all you really
need to focus on because the person who owns the product will need to take care
of all the conversions customer service and so on you just drive the traffic to
affiliate links it's as simple as that let me show you some of the examples of
a peanut marketing so that you can actually visualize what I'm talking
about so here is one example this is an
article on one of them are blogs on my dad's hustle comm blog it's an article
where I gave my opinion why I like SiteGround hosting which is the hosting
company that I personally use and have used for a couple of years and people
find this article through a variety of different ways I'm going to talk about
how to get the traffic a bit later on in this video but the way that it works is
whenever they land on this page they read my blog post okay they find it
themselves I don't have to do anything it all happens in the background
passively for me they find my blog post varied and then if they click on any of
these links this is called an affiliate link right
so if they click on this affiliate link they get taken to side ground sales page
and if they sign up then as you can see there is this little thing here called
AF code and there are other ways to track it but basically if they sign up
for one of these plans I get paid a very nice commission $50 or $75 so that's
just one example okay and I'm going to show you some of the earnings that I've
made with this method as well so doing things this way as you can see I'm
making very regular sales of the site ground hosting I make anywhere between
50 to $75 commissions so it works really really well for example this is one of
the videos that I made a few months ago you can see that it's had 91 thousand
views okay and I'm recommending a product here called tailwind and for
tailwind I'm just making a lot of commissions as you can see I'm making 5
to 10 to 15 sales every single day some are $0.50 some are 225
some are 1798 and so on so it's just passive content like this blog post you
know I put it out and it's just making me money and I made this video and it's
making me money all automatically and passively that's the power of affiliate
marketing so basically your job as an affiliate marketer is to create this
content that gets the views and your content will get discovered as long as
you do everything correctly like you guys are watching this video now for
example right you've somehow found this video and that's in the exact same way
other people find my blog posts and as they viewing it consuming this content
they end up clicking links and as long as you have a lot of this content out
there you can make a lot of money it's completely passive so here is your game
plan if you want to start affiliate marketing this is how you do it you need
to firstly create content and you can do a written content or video going to show
you step-by-step how to do both that content will then get traffic or views
whichever way you want to call it by others alright so other people will
discover your content and they will start reading it or watching it and then
people will actually click affiliate links in your content and those
affiliate links can go to the affiliate programs or
products from a huge variety of different networks gonna talk about that
in just a second as well it can work in any niche by the way as well there is a
huge variety of niches that you can choose from and you make the money
as long as someone clicks that link and it's a highly converting product then
you will make money that is your game plan it's as simple as that you don't
need to worry about anything else just create good content make sure that
content gets the viewers and you're gonna make money so let's talk about
model number one I do the first model as well as the second
model I'm gonna show you both in this video so model number one is having a
blog so who is the blog good for so a blog is actually good for those who like
to write even if you don't like writing you can still do the blogging method you
can actually outsource your writing so that's completely fine what you will
need to do is write blog posts or like I said you can actually buy others to do
them here is the step-by-step explanation of how the blog model works
firstly you will need to choose a good blog niche so anything with hot selling
products on Clickbank or Amazon is actually good there are hundreds of
really really good niches out there some examples are anything that's got to do
with fitness wealth health diseases well-being hobbies and so on is a great
niche I'm going to demonstrate to you how to validate that uni is actually a
good niche and let's look on Clickbank and Amazon I'm logged into my Clickbank
account now and inside Clickbank once you're logged
in you can click on this menu item called marketplace that will take you to
all of the products that are there and you can browse by category so here's an
example I clicked on the cooking food and wine category and you can see the
different programs now the important things here to look at gravity
okay so gravity means that at least 110 affiliates have made money by promoting
this product in the last eight weeks in reality it's actually more than 110
there is a bit of a formula that goes behind the calculation of this but you
know a good way to think about it just a simplified way is at least 110 people
have made money by promoting this offer it means it converts for a huge variety
of Affiliate another one here is 90 okay another one here is 87
so a keto diet clearly is a hot niche because a lot of people are buying
resources in this ok paleohacks I can say Paleo diet you probably knew that
already is a very hot niche as well how about this there are some examples from
the spirituality and New Age there are some amazing offers in that as well so
you can see there is this new manifestation magic mega heat 141
gravity you can make a blog around this around manifestation magic numerologist
152 gravity so you can have a numerology blog you don't have to go into kind of
like niches that are beaten to death by others you can actually create niches
around things that are probably a slightly less known this one 98 okay
another 15 minute manifestations so this manifestation by the looks of it is an
extremely hot niche that you could possibly go into that's how you do your
niche validation on Clickbank now let's talk about Amazon I'm here on the website and once again we just want to validate for example that a
niche that you're thinking about has got huge potential so the way to do this
would be to go into departments and then you can browse by the different
departments and choose what kind of products you can promote by the way
Amazon have got an affiliate program you can get paid anywhere from like four to
eight I think at times 10% on various products that you promote so you can
actually insert links to all of these different things on your blog and you're
going to get paid Commission whenever someone buys alright and you can see I
mean I already knew that baby is a hot niche okay but you can see there are
there are 3000 reviews 5,000 reviews to this product
3000 reviews for these 2900 reviews for these so all of these different products
that I mentioned here they are hot selling products so it means that if you
mention them on your blog there is a huge chance that somebody will actually
buy it now if you go into one of these categories and you see that most of the
products have virtually no reviews and virtually no sales then clearly your
niche is probably not a good one so that's how to do the niche validation of
your niche idea on Amazon so do not just start a blog in a particular niche
because you think it's a good idea make sure that you're actually validated and
make sure that there is money to be made by the way you can click one of the
links and in the description of this video to watch my whole video dedicated
to niche research if you want now just in closing fitness wealth health
diseases and well-being are all really good niches but there are dozens
probably even hundreds of other niches out there that you can find and make
money in how do you actually start a blog so the technical steps behind
finding a blog buying a domain name setting up WordPress and everything else
I can't cover it in this video because the topic is just quite big but check
the link in the description I actually have a detailed guide that will show you
how you can set up your own blog step by step so in this video I'm just going to
focus on all of the other aspects of how to start affiliate marketing next thing
you will need to do is you will need to research some blog keywords because we
want search engine traffic from Google from other search engines and the reason
why we want to do this is because it's free as long as you put out good quality
content you can get free traffic from Google and that's insanely powerful
because it doesn't cost you anything it's just passive traffic and passive
money that keeps coming to your website every single day there are literally
millions of keyword opportunities out there internet is not saturated you can
still very easily get traffic and a lot of different niches so let me show you
right now let me find some opportunities for you right now I'm here inside a
traps which is my favorite keyword research tool by the way can someone
tell me how to pronounce age Refs I don't know if I should say RFC fch
Refs anyhow let's just go with our previous
example so we're gonna go with Quito which we know from our Clickbank
research that Quito is a hot niche right so I'm just gonna put in Quito in here
and I'm gonna look for results just within the United States then I'm gonna
click having same terms because I want to retrieve all of the keywords that
I've got Quito in it now I'm gonna apply some filters keyword difficulty we want
to do a maximum of five so we want very simple keywords that we can rank for and
for volume we'll want something that has got at
least 500 searches per month in the United States now guys look at
this holy moly 669 keywords that are wide open alright that I've got pretty
much zero competition that you can write articles for and rank for almost
instantly even on a brand new domain because look at the keyword difficult
for this is nothing it's some are even 0 to get a rash you know meatballs and
everything else okay now for example this one here let's have a look at this
keto headache so there are 3,800 people that are
searching for this keyword every single month according to each refs just in the
united states of worldwide it's a lot more because a lot of people follow keto
diet okay and if we just look at this thing called SERP so that search engine
result pages you will see a lot of very useful information here and what I will
notice for me what jumps out at me is that there is a website here that has
got the a a are is it shows a rank from one being the best to something like 69
million being the worst of the strength of it in the a href database so the
lower the number sorry the higher the number the weaker the website is so
anything that's over a million is a pretty weak site that can quite easily
be out ranked okay and we've got some websites here that rank one point six
nine point nine and one point two that basically means that they have a
reasonably low backlink profile and we can if we create a good high quality
piece of content about keto headache something like an ultimate guide to get
a headache then we can very easily rank on page one for this particular term if
we open both of these websites in separate tabs okay I'm just gonna scroll
through quickly but there is nothing complicated about this it's just the
keto headache guide alright and there are maybe something like 30 40
paragraphs that are written about even less maybe 20 to 30 there is no specific
information you don't be an expert you just need to more or
less just research and write the same amount of information and put it up on
your website okay these are the one that I've opened up again there is nothing
complicated here it's just kind of like some generic information with some
references about why people get a headache when they go on a keto diet so
you guys can very very easily do the exact same thing this is just one search
that we looked at for one key phrase I entered keto but there is a lot of other
related stuff that you could be typing into this tool and getting a lot and a
lot of these keywords like I said there are millions of opportunities you know
in virtually any niche you can easily get the traffic it's just there is no
traffic problem as long as you put out the content and you do it properly then
you're gonna get the traffic now you know how to research blog keywords let's
move on to the next step so the next step is to actually create blog content
now content these days needs to be at least one and a half thousand words long
in about ten years ago you could put out an article of two to three hundred words
and sometimes it would even rank on page one
I know because I did it myself but these days people are getting smarter search
engines are getting smarter and long-form content actually rocks and it
beats all the short-form content that's why when we looked at those articles
that we looked at before you saw that they are a little bit on the longer side
you know they were probably about one to one and a half thousand words as well so
your content needs to be one and a half thousand words long it needs to cover
the topic properly all right now you need to model the content of the other
top 10 Google results so let me show you exactly what I mean so you would type in
get a headache into Google and then you can just open up the results that are
coming up here and get an idea of what kind of stuff people write about and the
logic here is that if Google ranks these particular types of content on page one
it means that they think that the content that the write is good and
high-quality right so what you would do is just scan
through this article take note of the headings and subheadings and what
information they're right about you can even combine a few headings up
subheadings and content ideas from a few different parts so it'd take a portion
from here a portion from here and so on and then create your write outline and
then just simply type it out you'll probably need to read a couple of
articles to become familiar with Quito and why different things happen but it
does not take a genius to do this it's all very very doable you know your first
one might take you three four or five hours to create but I promise you the
more of these articles you write the easier it actually becomes the next
thing you will need to do is after you've created that content and you've
modeled it off the top ten is to insert affiliate links and various banners into
your post for example one of the pages that ranks on page one is called
ketogenic supplement reviews they're ranked on page one for kiddo headache
let's look at what they're doing they published this article is nothing
complicated about it at all surprise surprise on the right hand side
we've got an affiliate link you can see that this will take us to Amazon via an
affiliate link and if somebody reads this article they click here
some key to a vital supplement and they buy this then the person who owns this
website is going to make a commission that's how they make their money okay
and likewise they've got the affiliate link inserted in here in a few different
places as well so they're linking out to the electrolytes and these killer vitals
so you can sort of dissect your competitors pages see what they're doing
and just do the exact same thing if they're selling this supplement then
just register for an affiliate program with and promote the same
supplement it means that it works for them this reverse engineering is
actually one of the most powerful skills that as an affiliate marketer you can
learn because if you can apply that kind of logic you don't need any training
courses or coaches you can just dissect other people's campaigns and implement
them for yourself as well so what can you actually promote the one
thing that I've already mentioned to you is that Amazon have got an affiliate
program the good thing about Amazon is that they promote physical products it's
not courses or anything like that so people buy physical products they also
have a lot of products that are priced on the higher end as well as on the
lower end it makes sense to promote products that are price higher because
Amazon affiliate commissions are actually percentage-wise
are quite they're generally our sort of between
four to eight percent range alright so promoting five-dollar things from Amazon
is not so cool because you're only going to make something like 20 cents on a
sale but there are lots of choice so Amazon is definitely a great candidate
for it the other thing that you can do like I mention is spy on your
competitors what do your competitors actually
promote and then promote the same things that they are promoting because if
they're promoting it and they're inserting it on their content it means
that it's working for them right otherwise they wouldn't be doing this
so just reverse engineer the same logic now check Clickbank Clickbank has got a
lot of great products with really good commissions and really good sales pages
a lot of different niches and the last place to look for stuff is offer bawled
off of all that website looks like this and you can enter a search term for
example Quito into it and you will see a ton of different offers that you can
promote there are 177 results on the offer vault database for Quito you can
see there are lots and lots of them that even pay per lead pay per sale and so on
it's just a really really good database of affiliate offers so do make sure that
you check it out whichever niche you're in make sure you check out offer vault
lastly if for example maybe English is not your first language or you just
don't feel confident writing or perhaps you're just too busy you might still
want to do blogging but in that case what you might have to do is you might
have to outsource your content it does cost a little bit of money of course
it'll generally cost you between 20 to 40 dollars to outsource nautical or
pretty good quality of one and a half thousand words up work is the best place
that I've found to do this so just go on there put a job listing and ask for a
good article writer test out a few people that will apply and choose the
best one and then continue working with them I've actually got three writers
that I'm hiring an up work right now for various niche blogs that I've got and
it's working out great it did take a little bit of time for me to find a good
quality writer but now it's absolutely worth it now you've got your blog you've
got your content you've got your ideas you've got your monetization how do you
actually get the traffic to those articles well there are a couple of
things here first of all low competition keywords will probably rank themselves
if you go for keywords within the aah refs tools that are zero or one or two
or three and you create high quality content there is actually a really good
chance that you don't even need to do anything just publish it after you've
published ten or twenty or thirty articles you might find that you're
starting to get the traffic okay because Google will not send you traffic if you
just have one article on your website you don't need to publish between twenty
and thirty so that Google know that you're actually committed to your
website and are regularly publishing the content if your keywords are slightly
more competitive so maybe five or ten or higher you may need to build what is
called backlinks just in case you're not familiar with backlinks a backlink is
basically a link from another site to your website and that increases your
site Authority for example for my dad's hassle website you can see that my site
Authority or domain rank they call it NIH revs is 23 I've got three hundred
and eighty seven other webs well three hundred eighty seven links
from one hundred and fifty seven other web sites linking to my web site okay
and that increased my domain rank from zero to twenty three my rank is six
point six million so I'm kind of you know within that range that we were
talking about before right when we were looking at the keyword difficulties and
what other domains ranked I have got a really good chance of ranking for
especially like any keywords under five keyword difficulty I can just publish an
article and I will probably get ranked for them but if your website is on the
newer side you may need to build some what's called backlinks check the link
in the description below I'm gonna put a link to a video that will actually
explain to you how to build backlinks it's not complicated or difficult or
anything like that just a little bit of work but it's totally worth it model to
that I wanted to mention to you just in case you hate writing and you love
videos because there are definitely people like that out there is YouTube
it's a really really awesome platform if you can create videos if you can sort of
stomach either being on camera or just working with videos it is definitely
something that I'm very glad that I've started my youtube channel has exploded
and I've grown over twenty thousand subscribers recently you can get a lot
of traffic on YouTube YouTube is huge and it's just growing up and up and up
and it all has loyal competition because most
people are doing blogging okay but YouTube is kind of on the newer sites
you can definitely get a lot of success on YouTube if you can commit to doing
the right steps so there is the same process with YouTube you can make
youtube videos on particular keywords so I'm going to show you through step by
step exactly how all of that stuff works the first thing that we need to do is
just to create kind of like a short list of different keywords that we might want
to make videos about so normally what I do is I go and create Quito and I get a
list of keywords so the one that are much short list from he is Quito
breakfast now if you don't have subscription to eight reps you can also
use Google Keyword planner tool which is completely free just go into Google for
it good Google Keyword planner and then
type in finding keywords and type in Quito and that will give you the
keywords to work with the next step is to analyze the difficulty with in the
Vedic you software that's the one that I use so you can go through and analyze
each one of these one by one plug it in to Vedic you and it'll tell you how hard
it will be for your video to rank on for search results for that particular
search term for this example let's take this keyword here
Quito a salad dressing and let's analyze it within vid IQ I'm gonna type in
search and this is what I'm seeing so search volume is one hundred and fifty
one thousand it's its own internal score so it's reasonably decent search volume
and as you can see competition score is actually very low anything under 25 I
find in vid IQ is actually quite easy to rank for so competition score eighteen
point five a seven is actually really really good
next thing that I normally do is I take the keyword and I analyze this keyword
in YouTube itself so I'm gonna type that in
by the way look how many variants of Kedar cell the dressing out here there
is recipe Woolworths French Australia Walmart and so on but let's just look at
quito salad dressing now there is this Vedic you toolbar that you can install
it's actually completely free it'll give you all of this extra information that
you guys might be seeing and wondering where it's coming from so this is coming
from my vid IQ it tension here in in the chrome toolbar
okay so what I'm seeing is a beautiful picture if I actually wish I wasn't the
kita ish because this is just so open for the taking it's very very exciting
look at this so somebody this channel here ruled me
okay they made a bunch of videos they're actually ranking at the top I think the
top five results are theirs and the cool thing is that they don't even mention
keto cell addressing in the title yet they still rank so what does that tell
me that tells me that these videos are not even specifically targeted to be
about Kido cell addressing yet they still rank so if you make a video
specifically about Kido cell addressing your relevancy will be through the roof
and you will have a very high chance of ranking on page one in fact if I search
for killer cell addressing on the page just to see if anyone talks about this
in any of the titles there's only one video here from a very weak channel with
only 1492 subscribers okay they made this video they still get in views
actually no part of me it's this one here low cup keto salad dressing okay so
they have had twenty thousand views in eight months they're the only one on
page one that's actually even remotely mentioning keto cell addressing in the
actual title of the video so that tells me that this spiritual competition score
seats in the green it's only twenty this is a great keyword obviously you guys
can go ahead you know and analyze other keywords you might even be able to find
some other ones that are even much easier to rank for but now you know the
full strategy and the power of this so the next step is once you have decided
your keyword is to create the content so what I'm talking about here is to create
the video once again the best thing to do is to actually reverse engineer other
content about 10 to 15 minutes per video in moist niches seems to be a good
length for a video going back to this example here for killer salad dressing
you will see that most of these videos are super short four minutes one minute
one minute one minute one minute four minutes all right now
Google and YouTube love long content so if you make a video that is 10 to 15
minutes long that describes in detail exactly what is killer cell addressing
how to make it and everything else you will very easily outrank there's a high
chance that you will outrank these videos here because look how short they
are this is crazy I mean this Nishi is honestly wide open guys if you're not in
the key niche on YouTube you definitely should be you know for this particular
keyword is just so easy to to rank it's like literally wide open I'm getting
excited just looking at this but yeah make a you know take a look at what
they're making the video is about how they structure the videos and then make
a very similar video but I do recommend to go for a 10 to 15 minute length after
you've made your video and you've uploaded your video you will need to
insert those affiliate links into the description let me show you exactly what
I'm talking about in just a second but basically the math here is that between
one to five percent of your viewers are going to click your link that you insert
into the description that's my numbers and that seems to be the general
click-through rate from other people who are in YouTube channels that I've spoken
to you can even mention the product that you're promoting in the video so for
example let's say this particular one has had 21 thousand views in 3 weeks
which is amazing by the way I mean that's like 7000 views per week isn't
that crazy whenever someone watches this video what
a lot of people do is they scroll through and they look at the description
here and you can see that there are lots of different links so you can actually
insert your affiliate links into the description you can even mention
something in the video maybe towards the end if you would like to check out an
awesome cookbook that will give you tons of ketta recipes check the link in the
description below ok you can say something like this a lot of people will
come and they will check the link and these can be your affiliate link to that
Clickbank product that we talked about before that you can promote and make
affiliate Commission's from this kedo niche is such an amazing niche you know
I kind of wish that I had a chance to start a YouTube channel in it maybe this
is going to be a side project for me at some point in time but hopefully you get
the idea with 7,000 views a week and
percent click-through rate that means that this particular video is sending
210 clicks per week – you know these different links now if this was the
affiliate link for that kilo cookbook guess what it will probably make one or
two sales per week all right and it would just this one video might be
making something like twenty to thirty to forty bucks
in commissions every single week just on complete auto-pilot that's really the
power of YouTube now there are of course other traffic methods that you can use
as well I've actually got a ton of traffic
related videos on my channel so just check links in the description below
there are links to all of my other videos that talk about traffic
generation honestly guys traffic is not a problem when you're doing affiliate
marketing online you can get a lot of traffic there are so many different ways
now you can also get my free traffic course if you want the Lincoln just in
the description below and I will show you some of the more advanced or the
strategies that I talked about in that free traffic course as well that's it I
hope you enjoyed this tutorial subscribe to my channel just below this video make
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you going to use are you going to use the blog strategy or you're going to use
the video strategy and look forward to talking to you in the comments and I'll
see in the next video

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