Make Money Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest / Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

in this video, I'm going to show you 
how to create $500 a day completely   passive income streams by affiliate 
marketing for free using Pinterest   I'm going to show you how to do that in only five 
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to miss them let's go to work okay here's what   I'm gonna be showing you in today's video first 
the best type of affiliate products to promote   on Pinterest two how to use a hack to 
create free affiliate marketing funnels   number three how to make money affiliate marketing 
without a website number four how to create   money-making affiliate video without you recording 
anything at all and number five how to increase   your affiliate commissions with emails you don't 
have to write and you're gonna want to stay to   the end of this video because I'm gonna give you 
an entire Pinterest affiliate marketing business   for free all you have to do is click one button 
and you could be making money affiliate marketing   on Pinterest for free as early as today but 
you have to wait to the end of this video to   know exactly how to use it let's go ahead and 
move on this is how to make money affiliate   marketing for free final step overview now I'm 
gonna go ahead and show you the steps the first   thing that is going to happen is go to Pinterest 
and then after that, we're going to create   a Pinterest pin after that we're going to create a 
bridge page then we're going to create an opt-in page   then we're going to go to the affiliate sales 
funnel that has a video in it all this is going to   happen automatically the reason we have a bridge 
page and opt-in page is because we want to get as   far as possible from Pinterest Pinterest does not 
like affiliate links so we want a space in between   before we continue I want to give you a reason 
why we should or why you should be using Pinterest   now a lot of people don't know 
that but Pinterest is a search engine   is a visual search engine and is the third-largest 
in the world number two monthly active users   is 416 million number three 71 of Pinterest users 
are females now number four monthly searches on   pinterest is 2 billion and number 5 so we're 
doing all this to tap into a prospect who prefer   visual searches not everybody does so you 
have to understand that some people do   and some people don't step number one which is to 
pick the best affiliate product to promote what i   did is I chose Clickbank there are lots of reasons 
why I chose a Clickbank but however I also chose   the product now the product that I have chosen 
I chose it for two reasons one of them is that   it's the second best-selling product under health 
and fitness and number two this product is under   utilized on Pinterest there's not a whole lot 
of people advertising this product on Pinterest   now make sure that you understand this very well 
the reason I picked this also is because it has   an affiliate page what is an affiliate page is 
basically a resource page this product is called   diabetes freedom diabetes freedom affiliate center 
this is like the center or the resource page as   we call it there are a lot of things here that you 
can utilize one of them is the pre-made videos and   they're pre-written emails and many other things 
including keywords as you already know I'm already   promoting this product this product pays $51 per 
sale so it's very easy to do 10 using Pinterest   and there's another trick that I'm going to share 
with you, later on, to double that number now that   we picked the product that we want to promote 
it's time to go to step number two which is to   create the pin that people going to use when they 
search on Pinterest so let's go ahead and do that   now the best one for you and it's free it's 
called Canva Canva is really great because   it does have a lot of things so what I'm 
going to do I'm going to show you where to go   click on social media right here and then you 
are presented with all this so you want to go   further down and then you can pick 
Pinterest so when you click on this   everything here will fit into pinterest and you 
can create a pin very quickly i created a pin and   i want to just tell you a little bit more about it 
is this is obviously for diabetes so when people   look at this is what I call a value pin 
what is a value pin is that you don't just have a   click or you know you click on it and then you'll 
end up in a blog or a website this is telling them   okay there's a diabetes freedom a video course 
so to watch it click on this now I'm gonna go   ahead and give that to you and you can use it 
or you can modify it or you can use your own   but it's very important to follow this 
instructions where did I get all the stuff   I got them exactly from the resource page in 
the affiliate network which is click bank in   the beginning of this video I told you we're 
going to be doing affiliate marketing without   a website if you go on Pinterest and you search 
for example, you will find out that most of these   Pins they direct to a website and then you go in 
and there's a website there's a long stuff that   you have to create and you have to create a blog 
as well so you can also do affiliate marketing   without a blog because this is time-consuming 
especially if you are an affiliate marketing   beginner you probably don't want to spend a whole 
lot of time trying to figure things out as far as   creating a website and creating a blog and writing 
a lot of things so we have a better strategy now   our strategy is to use a hack this is a very good 
way of doing it and it's a hack that is   absolutely free and a lot of people don't know 
about a lot of affiliates don't know about or   underutilized so to speak so we're gonna do 
it with a platform called ConvertKit I'm gonna   leave all the information in the description 
area so you can utilize it as well so what you   do is what we're going to do is we're going to 
go ahead because they do have free stuff and   I'm going to talk about it in just a little 
bit so we're going to create everything we can   we're going to create the whole funnel including 
the landing page bridge page and we're going to go   and connect it to our email autoresponder that 
is free also we're going to go ahead and just uh   deliver that video that we talked about and I'm 
gonna show you all that in just a little bit   so the first thing that we want to do is click 
on or pick a good landing page or a bridge page   so let's go ahead and just do just that now the 
best way to do it is to pick something that is   kind of clean not clutter it does not have a whole 
lot of colors in it so this is the best one that   I like for example and I'm gonna show you what 
to do as you know by now I'm not logged in   into anything even though i use ConvertKit for 
affiliate marketing and when you go into the page   that I want to you're gonna end up in the same 
place right here and they don't ask you for any   information okay so this is going to be our bridge 
page and I told you what bridge page is a bridge   page is to bridge the gap between Pinterest for 
example and your affiliate link the further you   are the better you are because again pinterest 
does not like affiliate links and sometimes   they just block everything and they punish you 
for it so all you have to do is click on this if   you don't like this you click on it and when you 
click on it go to replace and you click on replace   and you have several options one of them is 
that you can have or download your own picture   or better yet why don't we have a stock picture 
okay I already picked the picture right here so   what happens is that it doesn't matter what kind 
of a picture you pick is gonna fit flawlessly   and I changed this right here and I made this 
button better so when you click on this one right   here it's going to take you to the next step which 
is right here and I have already done that as well   so it's already done all the all they have to do 
is just put their email address now what happens   when they put their email address it takes them to 
the video and I'm gonna show you exactly what I'm   talking about that's gonna take us to step number 
four which is how to make money making affiliate   video without you recording anything so to do that 
you click on setting right here this is where you   put your own affiliate link and let me show you 
what happens when you put your own affiliate link   so when they click this right here this is what 
they're going to see okay they're going to start   seeing this video and then when you click on this 
the video will start to play now inside that video   obviously, this is your link and this is where 
you put your links under the setting right here   you are directing the people to go to the video 
when you click this all right step number four   which is writing an email sequence now don't worry 
about that because i'm going to go ahead and show   you how to do that without writing a single 
email and we're going to go ahead and do that   very simple the email sequence is very important 
because it will automatically follow up   with your prospect reminding them of your offer 
and making it more possible to explode your sales   by having this done automatically for you let's 
just take a break for a second for anyone who   thinks that this is getting a bit complicated 
i do have another freebie or free bonus for you   as you remember in the beginning of the video 
I mentioned that if you wait till the end   of this video, I'm gonna give you a bonus 
so what I decided to do is the following   if you wait till the end I'm gonna go ahead 
and give you the entire funnel for you to   use free that includes landing page bridge page 
opt-in page affiliate sales page with a video   and pre-written email sequence I have done 
all that for you all you have to do is just   click one button and you can just import it into 
your ConvertKit again your ConvertKit is a free   to use without you doing it in case you want 
to do it this way this is available for you   but you have to wait until the end of this 
training so I can tell you exactly how to get it   okay let's go back here now I want you to 
remember something when you are in certain   or putting those emails inside here you have to 
do a few things one of them is that you have to   make sure that you have links that have your 
affiliate marketing uh whatever your affiliate   network that you are using in case you are not 
using ClickBank that's fine because this is good   for any type of affiliate network you just 
put in you click on this then you can put in   your own link your affiliate link don't forget to 
do that and then you build it for at least seven   then you can decide exactly when to send them 
then in addition to that in case you want to see   your a preview of your email you just 
click on this and you can see that preview   and you can see what the prospect will get when 
they receive your email after you finish with this   with this email the email sequence you probably 
like I mentioned you have to put in at least seven   which I have done after that you have to go and 
connect everything together what I mean by that   is that you have to create automation so your 
email sequence is going to look something like   this right here it's going to go into a sequence 
like for example when somebody opt-in to the page   where do they go do they receive an email what 
kind of email there's a pre-launch you wait two   days and then you send them uh something else this 
is what's called automated sequence for exactly   what you want your prospect to receive in their 
email now one optional step that I would really   encourage you to do is to have a domain name the 
reason for that it will establish a trust these   right here they're going to have a URL that is 
provided by ConvertKit so it's going to be hosted   on their platform but at the same time you want 
the trust so what I suggest is for you to get   your own domain name because you can do that with 
ConvertKit in other word people when they land on   your bridge page or opt-in page they see you 
as an authoritative or they see you as a trust   this is optional this is you don't have to do 
it if you don't want to but in case you want to   I do have a link of the one that I use in 
the description below as I mentioned earlier   that I'm going to share with you a trick that 
we always use and I have used it with all the   people that I coached which there were about 
over 2,400 which Never Depends on the power   of one in another word if you are getting a let's 
say traffic doesn't just get it from one source   don't depend on just one source and that's what 
we doing here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna   show you exactly what we do okay now here's the 
traffic the traffic is gonna come from Pinterest   and it's gonna come from another source this is 
what we always do we use 24-hour targeted traffic   in other words, people that are looking for our 
product or the product that I am promoting or   whoever is promoting you want somebody else to do 
that as well because if you only depend on just   Pinterest which is a freeway of getting traffic 
it will take a while for it to to get going so   what we do is we use those two as far as traffic 
we use Pinterest and 24-hour traffic which I will   share with you in just a little bit it goes to the 
bridge page opt-in page and then it will go to the   sales page let me move myself here and it goes to 
the sales page and when it goes to the sales page   hey everything is done so you are getting 
two things at the same time now you can   start you're gonna see a lot more uh sales 
from this area right here than this area   in the beginning later on that could change or 
could equal itself so a half from here half from   here or maybe, later on, you only want to use the 
one that are coming from Pinterest this is an   optional thing that I want to share with you 
because nobody has shared this with me before   years back like I mentioned before everybody wants 
to sell you of course I got no course here to sell   you all i got is some information whether you 
take advantage of it or not it's up to you now   if you are serious about succeeding and you want 
an extra I'm willing to help you as long as you   kind of help yourself now if you like the 
affiliate product that I chose and you are   willing to work at it and I'm gonna 
go ahead and give you the pre-built   affiliate automated funnel completely for 
free I'm gonna also give you the emails   that I have pre-written that will save you a 
lot of time versus doing it all by yourself   I'm also going to give you, like a promise I'm 
also going to give you the free ConvertKit account   with 1000 subscriber and I'm also going to give 
you the free canvas pin template so you can use   it or modify it yourself now it's all up to you 
if you want to do it or not but since I'm doing   all this for you for free all I'm asking is 
something very simple first like the video   subscribe to my channel and turn on the 
notification now here's come the fun part   if you want to with one click of a button 
import everything that I have done which is   a funnel including bridge page opt-in page sales 
page with a video plus the email sequence that are   pre-written and all connected all you have to 
do is go to the description area and look for   my affiliate funnel Pinterest business now 
when you do that what's gonna happen I'm   gonna go ahead and show you you're gonna see 
something like this now all you have to do is   click on this and you will be importing everything 
everything is on this side which is right here   that includes everything that we talked about 
and make sure to import it and again this is   free for you it doesn't cost you anything so you 
can use this automation or not use it it's only   up to you if you want to know everything about 
affiliate marketing click here if you want to know   about the top affiliate marketers in the world 
click here and as usual, I'll see you at the top

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