Make Money Online with No Money, No Skills, No Website ( 1 Week Challenge! )

you don't have any online skills no budget 
with zero dollars you have no websites you   have nothing and you want to start your online 
business today can you still make money online   short answer a big yes in this video i 
will show you how to start from scratch   you don't need a website you don't need any 
budget you don't need any online skills you   just need to follow up with me in this 
short video where i will show you exactly   a strategy to make money online even from the 
first month or more than that even from the first   week not only that in this video i have a $50 cash 
giveaway for you as i promised in each video i   will try my best to run a giveaway to help you as 
much as i can so stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm hasan from h-educate and today 
i'm so excited that i published this new video   where i will show you exactly how you can 
make money online even with no skills with   zero dollars budget so i don't like wasting time 
let's go directly and explain our strategy but   before please don't forget to subscribe now to 
my channel turn on notifications to get every new   update almost every day so let's go directly to 
the point and see how this strategy works simply   whenever you want to make money online or even 
offline the general strategy is selling a product   so that's simple we have a product and we have 
an audience that love to buy this product so   you sell them this product it's so simple now 
you may tell me we have a main problem here   that i don't have a product to sell and i don't 
have any audience because i don't have any website   no youtube channels i didn't work online before i 
want to start today so the main two problems here   is that we don't have a product and we don't have 
an audience so we need traffic to a product and   we need a product so this is simply the scenario 
what i'm going to show you in this video is how to   get a product is how to get a selling page and how 
to get an audience and get traffic to this product   so you can sell this product wow i said product 
more than 10 times i think if you didn't get it   don't worry just wait with me only 5 minutes 
and you will see how you can make money from   the first week even if you follow this strategy 
look to be honest with you i must say these words   90% of people watching this video or any course 
or video on youtube will not apply what they learn   they are maybe afraid to apply or maybe 
they are just lazy only 10% will try this   and from this 10% only 5% will succeed why? 
because they will have that will to continue   and work for at least one month what i'm going to 
show you now really requires only maybe one hour   a day for only one month to see direct results 
i'm not telling you i will not lie to you now   and tell you you will make $10,000 or $5,000 
even though it's possible but in 90% of cases   you will earn like $100 or$ 200 or maybe 
up to $500 from the first one or two months   but this budget that you will earn like these 
$300 dollars or $200 will be used to grow online   so then you can run paid ads so please stick with 
me and try your best just give that one hour per   day to apply what i will teach you in this video 
so as i mentioned we have mainly two problems   we need a product and we need traffic 
let's start by solving the first problem   that we want a product of course you don't 
have a product if you have it's perfect   but i think as a beginner you don't have anything 
so from where you can get a product to sell simply   the best choice is to go with affiliate marketing 
here is to find affiliate products now i will go   to my screen and show you four examples and one is 
so simple to use and it's available in any country   if one of these options is not available so 
let's go together and see these four examples   number one is clickbank clickbank is maybe number 
one affiliate marketplace you can simply go to and sign up and then go here to 
shop click on the shop and you'll find a lot a   lot a lot of products to sell we can simply go 
here and see like arts entertainment languages   we have a lot of products to sell we have ebooks 
games accessories applications whatever you want   you can see here we have a lot of products 
so simply sign up to clickbank and go and   select a product to promote now in this video 
i can't go with each service and sign up and   show you in detail the procedure but just to get 
the idea now we need a product we have clickbank   as an awesome place to get a product if clickbank 
is not available in your country you can go with   an alternative also a big affiliate service 
or company is cj affiliate i work with cj also   it's perfect i promote some web hosting company 
services and so on so simply go to cj affiliate   and go and find also a product to promote now 
in this video my main point is to show you   the easiest alternative as a beginner so let's 
say you don't want to go with clickbank or cg   affiliate these big companies we can go with an 
awesome alternative which is warrior plus before   i show you this awesome website i want to show you 
my dashboard to give you some motivation so in the   affiliate section here click on dashboard and here 
we are you can see i made like 600 last 30 days   believe me without using my website without 
using my youtube channel just following   the strategy i will show you now so this is 
warrior plus let's go back to the main screen   and what you are going to do now simply is go 
back to affiliate here and go to offers so you   need to check what offers are available to promote 
let's go here down and you'll get a big table of   products and services with conversion rate with 
visitor value average sales refund rate so you   can pick the best product to promote as an example 
let's see here sort by maybe sales how many sales   you can see now like this one zero hour work day 
got 25,000 sales with conversion rate up to 13%   you can see average sale is around $2 so you just 
pick a product that fits you fits you maybe what   you love maybe you love about nutrition about 
gaming about digital marketing just search for   a product that fits you and you want to promote 
as an example in my case like here we have this   product thumbnail blaster it has around 7,500 
sales with value visitor up to $5 it's around $37   so 4% refund rates somehow a good product click 
on this offer and here is the offer page what   you are going to do simply is click on request 
approval here just click on request approval and   the company this the author of this application 
will approve you and also you can view the sales   page here let's open it so here is the sales page 
so as we can see we don't need a website because   the sales page is ready for you you just want to 
copy this sales page link from your account and   promote it i don't want to waste more time on 
this i just want you to understand the strategy   so just get an affiliate offer we have a lot of 
products here to promote just get the best one   you feel i will sure create a specific video about 
choosing the best products and going in details   but in this video is not the best time to do this 
now it's not a full course so just pick a product   and then get the link of the page the sales page 
and now we need to promote it okay i think the   idea is somehow so simple we got a product we 
solve the first problem we have the product and   we have the sales page the landing page so you 
don't need to worry about any website now or any   products we solve the first issue now the main 
problem the second main problem is how to get   visitors how to get audience how to get traffic 
to the sales page so you can get some conversions   we need at least to get like maybe 5,000 or 10,000 
visitors per month to our sales page so we can get   some conversions and see numbers like the ones 
i showed you in dashboard like $500 or $400 per   month now since you have no websites you don't 
have any youtube channel no audience no email list   you have nothing the easiest path to get traffic 
is simply two places forums and q & a sites   please concentrate well in this spot this is the 
main part of your work the first part will maybe   take 10 minutes of the full month you just get 
some products in 10 minutes and now the real work   starts you need to promote this you need to work 
like 30 minutes or one hour per day promoting this   service or this product the best place to start 
with as i told you is forums and q & a sites and   one of the best is simply Quora number one q & 
a site on this planet on earth and the second   website is reddit i think you know reddit look 
if we go into quora and click on the similar web   extension we can see we have up to 500 million 
views per month and we have 71 rank in the U.S   you know 50% of this number is from the U.S so 
it's a high high targeted traffic we have people   here who can buy things online easily so it's 
a very important place to start with to promote   your product and as you will see when you start 
you can get results from the first day look at   my stats here just go here to my profile to stats 
let's go to the seven days you can see here like   i have 2,600 views, 2,000 views you can see up 
to 2,000 views per day i told you i need 5,000   views per month here we have 2,000 views per day 
so it's awesome if you go to my profile click on   my profile you can see 65,000 views this month 
225 content views so quora is an awesome place   to start with if you want to promote anything 
and grow online the second website is reddit   reddit if you go here to similar web you will see 
now a really exciting number 1.5 billion visitors   rank 11 in the U.S so reddit and quora are the top 
two websites to start with if you want to promote   a service but but and but forget about spamming 
because you will destroy everything just give one   hour a day or maybe even 30 minutes a day without 
spamming and you will see results from the first   even week please focus well with me and don't 
waste your time with spamming so we have now quora   and reddit what you are going to do simply on 
quora answering questions related to the product   as an example the product here is about growing 
youtube thumbnail i don't know what anything   so you will search about youtube questions as 
an example grow youtube anything search for this   keyword and you will find a lot a lot of questions 
about this topic you can simply go and answer   these questions as i told you don't spam just give 
real value now you tell me i don't know anything   about this topic i love it but i don't know 
anything simply you can just get this question as   an example who has the fastest growing channel 
on youtube whatever you can simply copy this   question and paste in google and just search and 
read about this question and rephrase it and then   post your answer again just give some 
value and then you can mention your links   now as a best practice on quora don't 
mention your links in each answer so   each day you are going to answer like five 
to ten questions and you will mention your   links in only one or two questions so not to 
get banned or not to be classified as spammer   okay so answer five questions so for each five 
answers put one link in your answers other great   tip to go with quora is to go with spaces spaces 
is like groups in quora where people are talking   about a specific point let's go here to youtube 
marketing as an example so here you can also post   an article a small article or whatever so instead 
of having your own blog or having your own website   you can post your small blog posts here inside 
quora for free and get a lot of traffic believe   me you will get a lot of traffic i'm telling 
you this after more than one year experiencing   quora and how it works i explained this in detail 
quora best practices and how to use quora and a   full detailed video here on my channel please go 
and watch it it's very important to understand   how quora works so tip number one search 
for questions tip number two go with spaces   a small tip also let's go back to grow youtube 
any keyword you can go here to the last to the   last week or past day so you will be the first 
one to answer a question did you get the point   so just search for new questions and answer them 
so people will see your answers first so this is   about quora it really works i'm telling you 
this it really works i get thousands of views   every day from quora to my website to my 
offers to my products to my youtube page   i get thousands of views so please go now and 
check quora it's awesome it's not my website i'm   not promoting anything i'm just trying to help you 
i'm just sharing with you what really works online   this is what 90% of successful people do online 
when they start to get some more traffic the   second website is reddit now to be honest with you 
i don't use reddit that too much maybe like once   per two weeks and so on but it's really an awesome 
website to get traffic from here you can find   something called reddits like if you want go 
to youtube here and search for some communities   that you can post also something it helps people 
and share your links on reddit also don't go and   spam just try your best to help people answer 
their questions share your valuable information   and then you can share some links to get some 
sales so as i told you i don't use reddit that   too much you can see my karma is around 3000 
it's somehow good but i can do much much more   with it if you if i want but i really i don't 
have that much time to go that also be beside my   main online business anyway so we have quora 
and reddit as the first place where you can get   traffic for free and fast from the first day to 
your offers or your products or whatever you want   so i think in this way i solved the two problems 
you don't need a website you can get the sell page   directly from warrior plus and you can promote 
then on quora and on reddit by sharing valuable   info answering people's questions and sharing 
the links now as a good practice a small tip   if you want just don't share the affiliate link 
directly you can create maybe a small blog post   also for free using a website called blogger 
this is optional but i think it's somehow   a good tip to go with go to it's a 
company by google where you can create a blog   totally for free even without a domain whatever 
you want just log in with your gmail account i   create a small page where you can share more 
details about the offer and the offer link   and paste inside quora and reddit i know i 
mentioned a lot of details and information   but the main strategy i think is somehow clear 
going in detail in each topic requires um maybe   two hours course i will try my best to publish 
more videos and more videos about this topic   and how to grow in detail but you know that i 
have a lot of videos and topics on my schedule   i will try my best to add this also one last tip 
before i end this video and go to the giveaway i   want to tell you if you don't want to go with 
companies like cj affiliate or warrior plus or   clickbank you can go with direct affiliate 
products like as an example getresponse an   email marketing company you can see here we have 
two programs and get response and both are great   whenever someone sign ups to get response using 
your link to a paid plan you will get $100   one-time payment or you can get recurring 
commission every month 33% for each sale   this is perfect so also you can go with these 
affiliate programs and go to quora and answer   questions about email marketing or even you 
can go to an email marketing space go here   and search for an email marketing space an example 
or a marketing space and do a comparison between   like getresponse and mailchimp and then you can 
mention the getresponse offers inside your post   in quora or on reddit so this is how things work 
get a product promote it with quora and reddit and   i promise you if you do this correctly you will 
see results from the first week i promise that   from the first week you can get your first couple 
of sales and you can make at least like one or   two hundred dollars from the first month if you 
do this if you do what i told you in this video   so that's it let's go now to our giveaway 
for this video we have a $50 cash giveaway   if you want to enroll just comment below "i am in 
the giveaway" and like the video and see you soon   in the community section where i will announce 
the upcoming winners thank you and see you later

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