Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without Promoting ???

in affiliate marketing usually we pick 
a product we promote it and whenever   someone buys the product we make a 
commission but what if i tell you   without promoting and without waiting for 
someone to buy you can still make a commission   how this is what we are going to 
see in this video keep watching okay friends without wasting time the idea is 
simply based on two steps step number one is   to select a special affiliate program that is 
based on two-tier model what is two-tier modes   in affiliate marketing let's see as an example we 
have this service system dot i o if you go down   here to the affiliate program become an affiliate 
and by the way all the servers i will show you   today are valid services with millions of views 
per month so you can be comfortable with joining   them and they are awesome also for beginners 
because they don't need approval so here we   are in the affiliate program page if you go down 
here you will see that you'll earn 40 commission   recurring commission for every sale you get or 
for every customer you get but if you go down   here and five percent second tier commission 
whenever you refer an affiliate marketer who   will promote so a 2d affiliate program is a 
program that allows you to promote the service   to affiliate marketers and you will get paid when 
the affiliate marketers promote the service so you   can promote only for affiliate marketers and they 
will do the job they will promote and you can make   money think about it it's awesome other service 
is a pure vpn one of the top vpn servers worldwide   and if you go down here you will see they have 
two-tier affiliate program where you can double   your affiliate earnings or simply let affiliate 
marketers promote the product for you the third   service is a2 hosting they have this second 
tier commission you can make five dollars   for each user the affiliate marketers you referred 
are promoting so you are not promoting anything   here you promote the affiliate program and you 
will see now the second step how we can do this   the best way to promote an affiliate program to 
affiliate marketers just some patients with me   couple of minutes and you'll get the idea also 
you can go to here to merchants   and then to modify search and click here on two 
tier programs and then search and now share sa   will give you all the programs that has a two-tier 
program inside it you can pick any product you   want in the niche you are working in whatever 
you want join the program and then you can stop   promoting the affiliate program itself i hope 
you got the idea it's really awesome idea if you   think about it so now we pick the products like 
in system io you can get the affiliate link here   copy it the same for purevpn or whatever service 
you are using just an example now now we have the   affiliate link here we need to make affiliate 
marketers join using our affiliate link how   what is the best way to promote this model simply 
using three methods three strategies number one   is using affiliate programs table i explained 
this in a full course how to create this tool   this affiliate programs table you can see 
here i developed this tool where people   can see different affiliate programs in this 
table to join so i can help them find affiliate   programs so you can see the service the earnings 
the website category cookie duration and so on you   can see here system io is available in this table 
so if someone clicks on this link you can see   this link is a short link that i can track it's 
my affiliate link so if the affiliate marketer   join using my link and start promoting i will 
start earning commissions based on his promotion   that's it he just need to sign up and start 
promoting and i will make commission with a   second tier model so the first method i think 
it's one of the best methods is to use this   affiliate marketing tables to promote to 
affiliate marketers please check my video   on how to create this with wordpress easily i 
have a full course about it here on my channel   then the other method the second method is to 
create affiliate programs reviews on your blog as   an example here i am reviewing the canva affiliate 
program now canva is not a second tier program   just to give you an example so you can see how i 
made 500 with this program so i share and explain   the affiliate program and you can see all these 
links green links all these are affiliate links   automatically generated in my website so anyone 
any affiliate marketing joining through this   link and start promoting i will earn a second 
to your commission the third method is using   forums affiliate marketing forums as an example in 
our forum in hdk we have the affiliate marketing   section we can talk about affiliate marketing 
programs reviews and share your affiliate links   and by the way don't forget that in our forum if 
you reach level 10 you will make 1 000 by the end   of this year so we still have only three months 
so hurry up if you want to join us in our forum   and make one thousand dollar or maybe get a free 
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also we have another affiliate   marketing forums like affiliate lift i 
think yes affiliate lift we have also   stm forums so you can find affiliate marketing 
forums and start reviewing if you want if you   don't have a blog or if you don't want to create 
account a blog for yourself but i encourage you   to do this it's very important if you want to 
promote anything affiliate or whatever you want   is to have a blog and you can create a free one 
with the blogger as i explained two weeks ago how   to create a full website for free with blogger i 
hope you enjoyed this video please if you learned   something new if you got some benefit don't forget 
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every new update see you later you.

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