Mehr Umsatz an Black Friday mit diesen 4 Affiliate-Marketing-Tipps | morefire

affiliate marketing is an online marketing channel that is still underestimated by many companies are you ready i am missing brands active and would like to optimize its program in the short term, the case is bad in this video the four tips before you can optimize your many programs for the important season 1 formulate your program description clearly and clearly you should formulate your program description clearly and precisely which rules the publisher has to adhere to, the more clearly the points are defined, the easier it is for the publisher to implement them this span can lead to inquiries, so you can better keep an eye on a performance , so i come to the next point if you are running campaigns with publishers in the hot phase in q4, you shouldn't watch the performance only after the glitch be worthwhile Already during the campaign to check a top publisher with formans data , even if the relationship with black friday is of course in great demand , there are still sometimes short-term opportunities for optimization through free upbringing places if you like this video put a thumb up on youtube this video recommends users who can benefit from the tips tip number 3 check a production structure at regular intervals you should look at a commission structure from time to time on the one hand which commissions your program offers in general and on the other hand whether and, if so, which publisher, if applicable different commissions you should look at these, especially in comparison with the competitors, it may be that there are too many commission stars compared to the competitors or that you are not competitive with your current commissions in both cases you should have one make adjustments especially on black friday the competition is even bigger because there are good offers everywhere and the users tend to compare the prices again when was the last time you looked at your commissions compared to the competition write it in the comments tip 4 Make up-to-date and meaningful advertising material available throughout the year, but especially in q4, it is advisable to use attention-grabbing advertising material that quickly shows the benefits of the campaign or campaign for the big events in q4, such as joy, should then be available to publishers at the top of the federal government So that they can attract the attention of your visitors even more tips on preparing for the election in the chalk and should you help them as well as tips from six other online marketing areas can be found in our free compactness linked in the video description

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