There are 246,000 beings searching on the internetevery month for how to make money online and there are 175 million solutions on this subject. So why isn’t everyone a billionaire? Well, the thing is making money online soundssuper sexy and glamorous and amazing and easy and it’s possible and passive income is amagical, supernatural thing when you can get it to work. But it does make manipulate still. So, if you’re sitting here envisage, oh crap, she’s not telling me how to make money overnight. I don’t want to listen to this. Bye-bye then. But if you actually want to know how to generatereal passive income and make it work for you and have this magical fund flowing in whenyou’re not actually working, you want to stay carolled for the rest of this video because Iunderstand that a lot of you watching are starting from scratch and I understand thatyou’re just trying to figure out how to make a dollar online right now and formerly you figurethis out, it’s really the first step to building that force of the creation of more wealth andmore freedom in your life and for me, one of my favorite repeats ever is money is theability to fully know-how life by Henry David Thoreau and it couldn’t be more true.So for me, opulence is plainly about coin. But coin is actually time a vehicle for youto be able to enjoy your life and experience your life to the fullest. So we want to help you get to that place andthat’s why I do what I do and that’s why I prepare videos like this. So if you’re agitated about this, if you’reexcited to dive into the passive income approach regardless of if you’re starting from zero, you have no following , good-for-nothing, thumped that like button and make sure you subscribe and hitthe bell to get notified every single time we affix new videos and let’s dive in. The first key to understanding passive incomeand how it runs and actually what it is is basically passive income is generating wealthand give income while you’re not actually running and that’s where the supernatural reallycomes in and that resonates again, like I said, amazing. But it does take run and the real key toactually making this work for you is understanding what’s going to give you that passive resultand so the best tool at your fingertips is what you’re actually on right now.So YouTube and Google, Google is the biggestsearch engine in the world, number one search engine in the world and it owns YouTube, whichis the second largest search engine in the world and you want to think about it in thesense that people are always looking for something on YouTube and on Google and so it doesn’tmatter what you’re selling or what you’re talking about. You have an audience at your fingertips. So you just have to figure out what it isthat you want to focus on. So figuring out what kind of topics you wantto touch on, what kind of content you want to create is the first step truly becausefor example, with my channel, when I started talking about YouTube, I genuinely didn’t haveany notions around moving planneds, which we’re going to talk about in a second, or makingonline routes, which is a part of passive income. But I wanted to figure out how to start makingmoney. So I truly started in this. I actually started on the Amazon affiliateprogram and that is a great first step and first option and I have videos that are stillgenerating passive income for me every single day because of that.I’m going to touch on that process in a second. But the reason that videos are still bringingin passive income for me from years ago is because they’re evergreen content and evergreencontent is the key to passive income. So a video on the best cameras for YouTubethat I formed four years ago is still relevant because a lot of those cameras I talked about, I still use and so that video is getting found in search results every single day on YouTubeand the links in the description are all Amazon affiliate links.So every time someone goes to buy those camerasor something else on Amazon, I’m getting a percentage or an affiliate trimmed of that sale. So let’s say that you really are passionateabout cooking. You can start establishing content, whether it’son a blog, because if it’s on a blog, you’re going to get picked up in a Google searchresult and if it’s on YouTube you get are caught up in the YouTube search results and sometimesalso in Google, which is amazing and so that search traffic and the people that are findingyour blog or your YouTube video, that’s highly relevant to what they’re looking for. They are qualified purchasers right out of thegate. So let’s say that you make a video on howto fix the best banana bread and the video on the how to oblige the best banana bread, in that you talk about the ingredients that you use and the material that you’re using. Is it called rig? I don’t roast. I don’t know. But “youre talking about” the washes or something andthen you employed a link to the pan and the ingredients in the description below.If beings go and purchase those or anythingelse through that attach, you’re going to get a trimmed of the sale and it starts to build momentumand starts to really rack up when you get a bunch of scour freight and you have thatcontent position in the results. So that’s really understanding the key isyou have to create content that’s going to live on forever because when your contentlives on forever and when that material can rank in inquiry higher-rankings and get a ton of trafficto it consistently over the years, every single day parties will detect it.Every single era beings will be buying throughthose relates that you’re mentioning below the video or below the blog and you will get alittle trimmed of that. So that’s kind of step one is creating evergreencontent. You don’t want to create content that’s goingto die tomorrow and that no one will care about tomorrow because that’s not going toallow you to generate that passive income for years to come. It doesn’t exactly have to be physical produces. You can also be affiliates for implements or apps. You can be an affiliate for a lot of differentthings. So for my canal it’s hyper-relevant forme to talk about tools that I use, IE TubeBuddy and TubeBuddy you can see here that they’repaying me close to $ 1,000 a few months because I forever am referring this tool and I’man affiliate for them because I believes in the concoction and I use it myself and that’sa big thing is don’t precisely become an affiliate for anything.You got to actually try it and use it andknow that it makes so that beings will trust you. That’s another little tip-off and then anotherperfect example of this is I talk about Flick, which is a really great tool for Instagramand I mentioned it in this video on how I announce to Instagram and you can see that myaffiliate payment for the last month was $1,000. So it’s $2,000 passive income that I’m generatingevery month without doing anything outside of just putting a mention of that implement becauseI use it inside of my videos.So if you’re using something and you believein it wholeheartedly, this is a really great place to start making money online from absolutescratch and start racking up views, racking up people who are reading your content, watchingyour material and are going to trust you enough to invest in those products and again, it’sthat snowball impact. If it’s one person today, but maybe it’s 100 parties a year from now and imagine how much income you could be generating from that. Now the next thing and the next key to makingpassive income from scratch online is creating some sort of offer.So if you’re in the space where you’re sellinginformation and you’re selling education, same to what we do in my business and wefocus particularly on leveraging YouTube to build a business, we have courses and we haveonline curriculums that we enroll parties into and we are generating sales for that all day, every day, passively. So the great thing about building online coursesis that you improve them and then they just continue to work for you. But here’s the thing. They take a little red-hot of work to build andbecause it’s becoming such a popular manufacture, “thats a lot” of beings stirring directions andthe only way to stand out is to have the best possible course on that topic.So you want to constitute them the best and everyproduct and service that I reach, I’m dedicated to making it the best in the business andthat’s why I can render passive income because it’s actually good. If my concoction sucked , no one would want tobuy it. So when you determine programs and presents, that’sreally important. But before you make an online course, youcan start generating revenue merely by offering up services.So I got a friend who was really good atInstagram and she knew exactly how to grow reports really fast and she knew how to getsuper targeted followings and so she started just telling parties that she could do theirInstagram management for them. She got a couple clients and within threemonths she was at 10 K months because she had so many buyers that wanted to hire her forthese services. So yes, she’s still doing the employ. But she had patients coming in because shewas talking about how good she was at this and that she was actually offering it up asa service and allowing her to build the start of her business. So even if you don’t have a course, you canstill offer up your services regardless as an expert in a specific space and the moretargeted “youre ever”, the more beings are going to be able to say, oh, that’s the Instagramgirl or that’s the YouTube girl or that’s the girl who has the prepare demo and I’mgoing to buy all the products that she mentions.So that’s where it various kinds of starts is reallygetting known for one thing and that’s why I always talk about niching down to blow up. If you’re trying to figure out your niche, you can check out this video where I go into detail of the formula on how to do that andspeaking of formulas, if you’re going to create a product or an volunteer around your knowledge, the formula that we its utilization and we coach our consumers is pretty simple. It’s taking people from zero to hero. So the zero government is basically what’s theircurrent pain, resentment? What do beings genuinely desire? What do there is a requirement to? That’s their zero regime and then the herostate is what’s the results of the that you’re trying to give your purchasers? So for us, in our jurisdiction accelerator platform, let’s make that for example, the zero nation is that there’s no visibility.These parties are experts. But but nothing knows about them yet. They have no volunteer or they’re offer isn’tworking or selling and they’re not able to monetize. They don’t have an online course. They’re trying to figure out how to buildone and their hero outcome is an automated fruitful business that works for them andso that’s what we create and then we create a formula of steps for how to get them thereand we minus as anything out that is not 100% necessary to getting them that outcome. So that’s how you create a really popularand potent offer is make parties from zero to hero. Create that transformation and subtract anythingthat’s not totally necessary to building a really potent formula for your give. So “were having” the affiliate side of things andthen we have creating your own products and services.Now you can see our revenue in the last monthfrom our own products and services is exponentially higher than our affiliate income. But I also is clear that if you’re startingfrom scratch, you want to really tap into things that you can start going up and runningeven if you don’t have a big audience right now or even if you have no idea what you wantto create an offer or a service around. You can start making money online time bydoing something like affiliates right off the at-bat and apparently YouTube is an amazingplatform for engendering passive income. It’s pretty crazy that “were living in” a daytime andage where I can procreate videos from my house and get paid to do it. So you can take a look at the affiliate incomeor not affiliate income, YouTube AdSense income that I have been achieved in the last month and it’s crazybecause this is more than I performed when I “ve had my” first errand. So it’s pretty awesome to see and it’s a prettymagical thing. But there was still constants in place that youhave to meet.You have to get 4,000 hours of watch timeand 1,000 readers and if you want to do that faster, check out this video becauseI’ll testify you exactly how to do it. But the thing about YouTube is AdSense isgreat and it’s going to start bringing in passive income literally from the time thatyou lay in to constituting your videos. That’s going to generate revenue for you foryears and times and years to come and each video is going to work as a little machineto bring in some AdSense revenue for you, which is amazing. But if you’re not at that place where you’vehit the 4,000 hours of watch time or 1,000 readers, again, affiliate marketing isthe easiest and best sit to start engendering revenue and income online.Now with YouTube, if you really want to rampit up and you really want to attract revenue, even if you don’t have those constants inplace, if you do have an offer service to sell, fix your material as targeted as is practicable. So the sample of the person who was an expertat Instagram and started selling her services to manage other people’s Instagram accountsand then actually outsourced it so she wasn’t having to do the production herself, but she taughtpeople how to get it on for her. So she truly wasn’t working that much andpeople were just doing the work for her. She she made content. She was blogging. But she made content that was hyper-relevantto Instagram conduct. So then when people were predicting that, they’relike, “Okay, this is cool. I understand how to manage Instagram. But I certainly require an individual is precisely do it forme, ” and then they would go and they would hire her.So same thing on YouTube, same thing on blogging, obliging your material hyper, hyper relevant to what it is that you eventually want tosell is going to turn one viewer, one partisan, one customer … No, one spectator, one followerinto one customer, one customer on YouTube into one customer. So you want to have a high conversion ratefrom your content and the only way to do that, is to be really specific about what you’retalking about and make sure what you’re talking about directly relates to what it is thatyou’re selling.Similar to the example I granted with the affiliatemarketing, if you have a cooking channel, make sure you’re only selling makes thathave to do with cooking because that shapes it relevant and that conveys the audiences who’swatching is definitely going to want to buy. Now the next way to generate passive incomeis to sell social space and you don’t have to be a huge influencer to start generatingrevenue from your social pulpit. The very first dollar I ever earned onlineactually come back here me selling ad seat on my blog and it was $ 500 and I was so excited. So you are able do that. That was 10 years ago. But you are able do that today and you cando it for Instagram, your Instagram fibs. You can do it on your blog. You do it on YouTube and time start sellingspace and selling mentions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re goingto be building thousand of dollars.But you surely can generate revenue andagain, the most specific your gathering … Whoa, I went truly Canadian there. The more targeted audience you have, the morepeople are going to want to sponsor you or pay for space on Instagram feed, on Instagramstories, etc because they know that your gathering is hyper interested in what you’re talkingabout. We actually had a client land a $3,000 branddeal with less than 400 readers on YouTube and she actually does have a cooking channeland it’s because the business, the brand was like, “Well I know your audience is so hyper-relevantto what we are selling, ” and it was a cooking company, “that we’re happy to pay you $3,000 for it.” So that’s a prime example. You don’t have to have a ton of subscribersin order to make this work for you. So selling social opening is an easy way togenerate passive income as well.Now to kind of wrap this up slightly, don’tgo anywhere because there’s still a lot of good report right now and stumbled subscribeif you haven’t done it yet. Make sure that you understand that diversificationis key. When you’re starting to build a business oreven if you exactly is intended to be forming some fund online, diversify and this is what any biginvestor in the world will ever tell you. Some of the smartest parties with coin inthe entire world will tell you got to diversify. So when I said here today that, it means that you’re bringingin revenue from a bunch of different sources so that if one of them dies, you still havemoney coming in from other sits. So watch this video on how much YouTube paysme for the full breakdown on how I generate revenue from my YouTube channel. It’ll burst everything there is down for you and don’tbe a slave to frivolity metrics because pride metrics are not an indicator at all of howmuch revenue can you can build online. Like I said, 400 readers, $3,000 in receipt. So you can do really well online.But it doesn’t matter how many beings arefollowing you. It matters how tone the people are thatare following you and how targeted they are. That obliges you valuable. That constitutes you person that companies reallywant to sponsor and if you’re talking about too many expansive topics, then it sponsors don’tknow what they’re actually going to be paying you for. So it becomes it harder for you to get in thatsort of social space and selling social seat and more than anything, figure out what’syour first aim? Break it down into tiny aims. If wishes to stir $100 this month passively, how are you going to do that? So really start break-dance it up and start figuringout what you can talk about, what you could potentially sell.Just acquire that your first point and you canwrite it down in areas of, okay, if I sell one Instagram feed upright, then how much canI charge for that or if I start doing videos on this topic and have affiliate joins, howmuch will I realistically stimulate from that and actually write it out. The more you are familiar with and the more you can seethe graph of, okay, I need to sell three measurements in order to construct X amount of dollars, thenyou know what you need to be doing and that becomes your little business plan to startbringing in this passive income. So make sure you check out these videos onthe best online business plan for 2020 and this video on how much YouTube pays me toreally dial all of this and hit that agree button and the buzzer to get notified everysingle go we post a new video Tuesdays and Thursdays.Hit that like button if you enjoyed this andyou’ve got something out of it and I can’t wait to see you in the next escapade ..

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