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hello beautiful people it's emmanuel here again 
welcome back to my channel and in today's video   i want to show you how you can make hundreds and 
even thousands of dollars online with affiliate   marketing i'll be showing you a couple of websites 
you can use because i'm going to be giving you   all the tools you need all you just have to do 
right now is to pay attention and i'll be calling   the number of websites you might need a pen or 
somewhere you can just note those websites down   so that you don't forget also i will try to 
link those websites down in the description of   this video right and if this is your first time of 
visiting this channel my name is emmanuel and what   i do on this channel basically is to create videos 
that will help you make money online and if that   interests you make sure you stick to this channel 
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any episode any money making video on this channel   right so with that said as you know affiliate 
marketing is simply recommending helpful products   to people who need them and that's one cool way 
for you to make money online right so some time   ago i made a video listing seven easy ways you 
can use to make money online and if you watch   that video you know one of the ways i mentioned 
in that video is affiliate marketing i mentioned   others but affiliate marketing is one of them and 
if you don't watch that video you can watch the   video here i'll also link it in the description 
below so affiliate marketing is one cool way   you can use to make money online even if you are 
a beginner and you are not that experienced when   it comes to doing business online right and it's 
very simple you find product right and recommend   it to people who will need those products and 
when they buy those products you get a commission   and in the strategy that i'll be showing this 
video we are going to be recommending online   marketing tools to online marketers right so you 
know online marketing is the thing of the age   most businesses most individuals sell online 
and a lot of people will be needing these   tools they'll be showing you right here right 
so recommending online marketing tools to people   and when they buy when they're subscribed to those 
tools through your link you'll get a commission   that's how easy easy it is right and in this video 
we'll be recommending email marketing software's   um landing page builders and web page builders 
right and i've actually planned six websites to   show you one two three four five six yes i've 
planned six websites to show you that you can   recommend to people i'll show you where to find 
those people and i'll show you how to recommend   these websites to them so that they'll buy they'll 
buy to you and then you get the commission right   so each of these six websites that have arranged 
for you naturally email marketing software's and   also have landing page building tools 
and they also have um web page builders   in them right so each of them right here so the 
six of them are email marketing tools they also   have landing page builders and they also have 
web page builders right and the good thing is   all six of them have attached almost a 30 days 
free period where people can get to try this   website out for 30 days then those who want 
to subscribe to the paid plan can go ahead   to do that and what that will do is it will 
help you get more conversions because people   are more likely to test the free period and 
then with time some of them will eventually   subscribe to their paid plans right so the first 
website is system dot io as you can see system dot   io yet the link will be in the description also 
the easiest and fastest way to grow your online   business right and as you can see with this you 
can um use sales funnel have your email marketing   um host online courses it has a website 
builder affiliate program management and   marketing automations right so these are some 
of the things online marketers can use this   system dot io for right for course creators they 
can make money teaching people what you know   so they can host your online trainings receive 
payments from your student and sell courses   using sales funnels and emails on this 
same freelancers can create   powerful websites to sell their services showcase 
their work and get more leads using system.ios   using consultants can run evergreen 
webinars with small business owners   can bring their business life and all of 
that right so all this category of people   will be needing this website right so if you 
recommend this web with your affiliate   link to any of this category of people and they 
subscribe to a paid plan you get a commission   right so um will be this is the first website we 
are going to be using right and if you come to   this website what you want to do is to scroll 
down to the very bottom and come to become an   affiliate right so if you click on become 
an affiliate it will take you to the page   where you can join as an affiliate right 
so all you have to do is enter your email here and   get started for free and as you can see you earn 
forty percent lifetime commission on the sales   of that means if somebody subscribe to system.iot3u you get 40 commissions for   every of your renewal right so every month you 
make passive income from that conversion right   so that's it for if you click here you 
see the features of this website if you click here   you see their pricing you can visit their blog 
and then you can see testimonials right here   okay so the the second tool is convertkit right so is also an email marketing tool and   it can also help you build landing pages and web 
pages right so online marketers can use to grow   their audience and foster their community and 
end a living make money right so as you can see   is also one of the best email marketing tools 
out there right a lot of people use it and um   it's so so cool it has a lot of features that 
most ema online marketers will need and um   this is second website we are going to be using 
right so all you have to do is to come to this   website right here and scroll 
down and come to affiliate program right when   you click on affiliate program um let this page 
just load up yes on this page you just click   join the convertkit affiliate program right so 
help creators end a living online and make some   cash while you're at it do you love sharing the 
things you love do you constantly connect your   friends to janice are you a natural promoter as a 
convertkit i feel it you could be doing all these   all those things for your audience while 
also earning a recurring commission of 30   right for every creator you send to convertkit 
and it's very simple you sign up for free and   share convertkit with your audience and when they 
subscribe to your paid plan you get a commission   right so you sign up to convertkit affiliate and 
that's the second website the third website is now build.

Is also an awesome online 
marketing tool and it has email marketing system   you can use it to view landing pages sales 
pages and all of that right so once you come   to this website come over here 
at the top click on affiliate and then sign up   as an affiliate of right so when you 
sign up as an affiliate get your affiliate link   and then i'll be moving to the third website 
why this load up okay this didn't load um   okay let me come back here let me scroll down 
maybe i will find the affiliate program at the   bottom of the website okay so let me see if 
all right so let's let me click through this all right the more solid affiliate program for 
serious online entrepreneurs will pay thousands   of dollars in recurring commissions every 
month for entrepreneurs like you right so   what is buildable we are the most complete digital 
marketing platform on the planet we bring together   one platform all the tools that business 
owners professionals freelancers affiliates   content producers influencers agency owners and 
marketers need to leverage their business right   is a very powerful online marketing 
tool so you come over to affiliates   and become an affiliate and then you get that the 
next website which will be the fourth website now   is right get response is also 
an email marketing tool and it also has a lot   of awesome features in it which include live 
page builders and web page builders right   so as you can see email marketing website builder 
marketing automation and conversion funnels   right so if you scroll down to the bottom and then 
come over under product you see affiliate programs   click on affiliate programs and what you want 
to do is you want to sign up as a get response   affiliate for free when you refer clients to 
get response you get paid right it's that simple   right affiliates want to create a new source of 
revenue freelancers and all of that all right   so that's the fourth to the fifth website i'll 
be i'll be showing you right in this video is right aweber is also an awesome email 
marketing tool right and disclaimer this video   was not sponsored by any of this website that i'm 
mentioning i'm just mentioning all of them because   they can help you make money online so this video 
is actually sponsored by you so make sure you give   this video a like if the did you like i really 
appreciate that right so once you are here on let's go to the bottom let's find 
the affiliate program um okay let me see um program should okay let me click on program and 
see if the affiliate marketing program is there   all right spread the word get paid 
end money by referring other people to   aweber right so it's very simple if you scroll 
down here sign up start referring and get paid   and as you can see you end 30 recurring payment 
each month people renew their subscription   to aweber right so just click get start 
getting paid and sign up as an aweber affiliate   for free right and then the sixth and the 
final website i'm going to be showing you   is constant contact it's also an email 
marketing tool website builder and landing   right and under the affiliate program if you 
come to constant contact dot slash global slash   partners slash affiliate you will find audience 
drive leads and sales and generate revenue right   so it's very simple so this six website um and so the first 
thing you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate   for each of these tools right and five dollars 
for each referral that's signed up for a trial   and 105 dollars when they pay for a new account 
so constant contact is quite unique because they   don't have to pay for the paid plans on constant 
contact for you to end so you are getting paid per   lead once you get somebody to sign up with cons 
to constant contact even without subscribing to   the paid plan you get five dollars right so 
so awesome right so now that we know um the   website will be using the next thing you want to 
do now if you want to confirm if there's a demand   for these tools we are about to 
start recommending you can come to google keyword planner you know every smart business 
owner every smart entrepreneur   want to be sure that the business they want to go 
into before they start investing time and effort   that there's a demand that there's a market for 
that business right so let's use google to check   if people actually looking for email marketing 
providers you're actually looking for landing   page builders and then we'll know if you have 
any chance at all of making money with these   tools right so that's why i just want to show you 
right here on google keyword planner all right so   right here what i'll do is to click on 
tools and then come to keyword planner all right so right here 
i'll just type in best email marketing tools right so let me see if people are asking 
for this i'll change this from nigeria and then   target the whole world right 
and then let's get results as you can see best email marketing tools get an 
average monthly search of between 1 000 to 10 000   right free email marketing so these are questions 
people are asking let me expand this so that i get   to see the questions properly free email marketing 
tools people are searching for this keyword   an average monthly search of thousand to ten 
thousand best email marketing as you can see   people are actually searching for this right best 
email marketing for shopify free autoresponder   right but the top best email marketing platform 
right best email marketing service free email   marketing best email marketing software best email 
marketing and all of that so that shows you that   people actually looking for these softwares people 
actually looking for these tools um the same way   if you come back and search for best landing page 
builders let me see best landing page builders let's see if people are 
searching for this right so all right best landing page videos as you can 
see thousand to ten thousand average monthly   search free landing page builder um a thousand 
to ten thousand average monthly search so   as you can see there's actually a demand for 
these tools we are about to start recommending   right so now here is what to do what you want 
to do is to write articles on this software   as an affiliate right you want to start promoting 
these softwares you write articles on   on convertkit on on getresponse and 
aweber and constant contact right it could be   review articles it could be articles answering the 
questions people are asking as you can see right   here you can like you can write an attitude 
of five best landing page builders right you   can write articles on five best email marketing 
tools and then what you are going to be doing in   that article basically is reviewing this websites 
right here you write a little about um convertkit react response aweber constant contact 
builder right or you can write a full article only   on system dot io right or you can write a full 
article only on convertkit right so you write   your article and you spread your affiliate link on 
that article if you have a blog awesome you write   a very good article on these softwares and upload 
it to your blog right and if you don't have a blog   i have a video on my channel right here i'll 
show you how to create a blog for free right so   let this page just load up if you come over to my 
channel here and you scroll down a bit this video   here will show you how to create a blog for free 
right i'll also link this video in the description   so you can just create your own blog and then 
upload your article to your blog right now there   are a lot of videos on youtube that will show 
you how to write high ranking blog posts right   so you can just follow the right processes create 
a very good article or you can go over to fiverr you can hire somebody to write an 
seo optimized article for you on get response   on on convertkit on on constant 
contact or aweber or somebody to write an article   for you on all of them and then you upload 
to your blog and then when people sign up to   any of these tools with your link you get your 
current commissions on their payment right so   it's as simple it's as simple as that but if 
you don't want to go to the blogging route   all you just have to do um come 
over to now is a forum for   answer answering and asking questions right 
and what you can do here if you visit right here you'll discover 
that a lot of people are   asking questions regarding which email marketing 
software to use with landing page builder to use   which um web page builder to use right 
so if i search for best email marketing tool okay let me search for this let me see also i have 
a video on my channel let me show you that video   on how to use quora a more detailed video on how 
to use koga to generate free traffic right and the   good thing is you'll be targeting people your 
answers will be getting people who are looking   for answers right who are looking for solutions so 
koga can help you with that you eat thousands of   people for free right so what is the best email 
marketing tool right to answer these questions   you can just list these six um email marketing 
um tools and you can just list them as a six   best email marketing tools which are the best 
email marketing tools what is the best low cost   email marketing tool right so you can just write 
articles and answer all of these questions here   get as many people as possible to see your 
promotions right now to write your article   i've also designed a very um simple format you 
can follow in writing your articles now i'm not   going to be writing these articles on this video 
here in detail because i discovered that if i give   um examples like that some people go ahead to copy 
the example word for word which is not good right   so what you need to do is to sit down and write 
these articles yourself right so the thing is   you need to put in the work if you really want to 
make money right there's no idle money you cannot   not want to do something or do what is required 
and expect to get result okay so what you just   need me to do is to follow this simple format 
and write your articles out and share it on quora   another free graphic source is 
is also a phone more like a phone and the   good thing about these forums is when people 
go to google to search your your article on   quora can appear on google search your article 
on medium can appear on google search right so   the first you want to do you want to describe 
the email marketing tool or talk about email   marketing tool and this very simple you get that 
on the website if i come to website now   if i come to the homepage i'll see a lot of 
details about the tool right so that will not take   you too much then you talk about the benefits of 
the website of the tool right then you talk about   its features and pricing you talk about it posts 
or advantages you talk about the cons of these two   or its advantages and you talk about you you add 
a call to action your call to action could be as   simple as sky system dot io here your link will be 
in front right try here your link   will be in front is as simple as that right so if 
you do this and if you do it well enough you are   going to um get the commissions you are 
going to get the benefit and you are going   to enjoy making money online with affiliate 
marketing right so i hope this video helped you   and i hope you put in the work and i hope you 
see the result right so don't forget to leave a   like on this video and let me know your thoughts 
in the comments and um if you haven't subscribed   make sure you subscribe before you go and i will 
see you in the next money making video peace out

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