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Affiliate marketing is quite an inexpensive
and easy way to start building your online business because you don’t have to create
products to sell. Making even a big fortune with almost zero
investment is possible. Unfortunately, so many people fail in this
business because they don't know the right methods and don't have the necessary skills. Hi everyone, I'm Peter with OnlinebizBooster. By using affiliate marketing some people achieved
total freedom, and as a result, they're traveling around the world. In this guide, I'll tell you everything you
need to know to be able to get started and make a huge profit. You'll learn how to benefit from it for years
and make a stable passive income.

Let's dive into it. It basically means that you promote other
people's products and get a commission when somebody makes a purchase. In other words, you sell products through
the internet for a commission. It's one of the most popular business models
nowadays that can be incredibly lucrative and has lots of advantages. All you need to do is to send traffic to someone
else’s product through your affiliate link. Of course, constantly tweaking and improving
the system you're using is highly recommended. There are a wide variety of methods and techniques
that can be applied to make the system more effective. Furthermore, you can learn from the advice
and mistakes of others and in some cases even use templates.

Later, you might even outsource the whole
marketing process! A 2 tier affiliate system allows you to make
commission not only on your own sales but the sales from your customers, too. This way, you will be motivated to train your
customers on how to get started and how to get new clients. You will earn money both from your clients
and from their clients as well. Second tier affiliates are also called sub-affiliates. One of the most famous companies who offers
a 2 tier system is WPengine. If you want to try out this business model,
it's essential to know how it is different from other possibilities. Now let's see the benefits of running an affiliate
marketing business: no need to create any products,
no need to provide customer service, low entry fee,
it can bring you a passive and recurring income, no need for any qualifications,
minimal risk, high commission As you may already know, creating products takes
a lot of time and effort.

By engaging in this business, you don’t
need to create any products as it allows you to make money
using someone else's products. You don't even have to deal with customers
at all or provide any customer service and you are not responsible for the products since
these are taken care of by the company who created the affiliate offers. If you’re just getting started, it's a good
way to get into the online business world without having to invest a lot of time and
money. Apart from web hosting, email marketing and
some other stuff, it doesn't require financial investments. Additionally, no qualification is needed whatsoever
to be an affiliate marketer however, a strong online marketing knowledge
is a huge advantage. If you fail to sell the product you started
promoting, you lose nothing. You simply move forward and keep trying with
different products until you find the one you'll profit from the most. ​This method however could be time-consuming
so I suggest you pick a product that's already selling well and
that’s getting positive reviews. Find people who are already making a good
profit from a product and choose the same one.

This way you basically validate the demand
before deciding to sell. The best thing is, promoting subscription-based
services allows you to make a passive and recurring
income every month. There is no limit to how much you can earn
with affiliate programs, it all depends on how good the product is that you are promoting
and how much time and effort you invest in it. Now let's go through the disadvantages:
not a 100% profit, ​no control over the product,
​dependence on the company, competition is fierce One downside is that you won't keep 100% of the profits you generate. The commission you get for digital products
is usually quite high. For example, in some cases, you get between
50% and 80% which is much more than the profit of the product creator. Another downside is that you have no control
over the offer. Prices of the products can change anytime
and you have no access to the checkout process either.

If the quality of the product changes, you
can't do anything about it. If the company goes bankrupt, you lose your
business. That's why I suggest the following: If you're serious about affiliate marketing,
you don't want to depend on only one company. Therefore, you should aim for multiple sources
of income. It means once you built up a solid affiliate
business at a company, join other ones and after some time, create your own products.

Let's say you choose to sell a popular product. There is a considerable chance that many other
affiliate marketers are promoting it at the same time. Due to the intense competition, you need to
find a way to differentiate yourself so that people buy through you
rather than others. As I said earlier, this kind of business can
easily be started with very little upfront investment, yet most people
fail after some time.

Guess why. The major reason is that they don't invest
time to master all the skills required to be successful
in this line of business. Just like any other online businesses, a goal-oriented
mindset is essential to success. Building the foundation of web design and
digital marketing skills are also necessary because you want to promote your business
on a website through the internet, right? For newcomers, all this information might
be a bit overwhelming but that's exactly why I created this comprehensive guide that includes many useful lectures. Please note that every required skill can
be acquired step by step. Most people jump from one technique to the
next without mastering anything. Due to lack of focus, their efforts fail and
after realizing it's not working they just give up. Another useful tip to remember
that many marketers do is the "over promise and under deliver" approach.

I'm sure you stumbled upon sales pages promising
that you'll make thousands of dollars in a few weeks, even if you're a total newbie. When you bought that product, the outcome
was never realized and as a customer you felt disappointed. Marketers that apply these strategies don't
care about their customers. They just want the money. As a result, they lose trust and credibility. This is not the right way to become a trusted
source and gain recurring customers. The right approach is to focus on your clients
and help them solve their problems. A common issue that I see a lot is that affiliates
want instant success and money without taking real action. They start to promote their affiliate link
on every social media platform without giving value, which
is quite an inefficient way. It's called spamming. Most people who do this kind of stuff earn
next to nothing from this kind of marketing.

What people should understand is that only
when applying a long-term mindset will you become successful and profitable by showcasing your expertise and by creating quality content
that gives value. The whole idea is based on building quality
relationships with people. Now it's time to look at how affiliate marketing
works. The first thing you need to do is to find
a product to sell and sign up as an affiliate to get a unique affiliate link to promote.

Obviously, a website and quality content are
necessary. Basically, you identify a problem first, then
solve it by including an affiliate link to where that person
can purchase the solution. The whole process relies on cookies. Cookies are small files that are saved on
the web browsers to identify website visitors at a later point or to retrieve information
about them. ​They also allow you to keep logged in sites
that require a username and password. ​In case of affiliate marketing, cookies
are used to identify the person who refers you. By adding your unique affiliate ID to a product
URL, you'll have your own affiliate link by which companies can track that the sales are
coming from you.

If somebody clicks on your affiliate link,
a cookie will be saved on his or her computer which will be retained for days or months
depending on the cookie's lifetime period. For example, if a cookie is set to 60 days,
you still get a commission when somebody buys the product 59 days after clicking on your
unique link. If that person buys the product after this
period, a commission will not be assigned to you because the cookie has already expired.

A good affiliate program will also give you
the buyer's name and email address so that you can follow up with them. This information is essential if you want
to build a real business. I highly recommend you to choose an affiliate
program which doesn't hide this information. This way, you will be able to build trust
and support your downline.

What's more, you can even work together. Some advanced affiliate programs offer promotional
tools and training to help you get started. So don't ignore this benefit, either. Commission is usually paid weekly or monthly
depending on the company you signed up for. Commission rate can be anything between 3%
and a 100% depending on what product you are promoting. You usually get much more commission for digital
products because they can be replicated without any cost. On the other hand, for physical products,
you can expect to get only between 5% and 10%. The key to being successful in an online business
is to build relationships with people.

In case of affiliate marketing, the only way
to do this is to promote quality products and be honest. ​You also need to use and like those products. If you really like a product, it'll show in
the content you create, either blog posts or videos. People can easily tell if you know what you're
talking about. On the contrary, you'll lose your reputation
and credibility if you recommend crappy products. Always give your honest opinion about the
product, both advantages and disadvantages. Thereby, by providing real value,
you automatically build trust.

When you have established trust, your conversions
will skyrocket! You want to give your audience useful information
that they can then use to make a decision. Offer them help, answer their questions and
you will be rewarded. Let them know that you are there for them. Choosing a solid product is also essential
to make sure it will convert even years after. Therefore, I highly recommend you to consider
what niche you get into. Additionally, the best thing is if it offers
recurring commission. This way, you have to win your clients only
once, and you get money every month as long as your clients keep their accounts. These are usually subscription-based services. Let's see some examples: ​software subscription,
​content subscription, ​hosting,
different memberships sites and so on… Of course, before marketing any of them, always
validate the demand and determine how stable it is.

Combining affiliate marketing with subscription-based
services is the best way to develop strong relationships with your clients. Running this kind of affiliate business model
is not necessary but it is a huge advantage. Promoting one-time fee products can also be
profitable as long as you continue to turn visitors into customers. To sum it up, by promoting solid products
in an evergreen niche, there is a big chance you'll be able to achieve passive income after
some time. From that point on, it requires minimal time
to keep your income consistent and at the same time, it offers you the freedom you always wanted. Sounds awesome, right? There are several considerations you need
to think about before choosing a product.

I will show you what to look for that will
help you determine whether a product is worth
promoting or not. First, it's essential to choose the right
niche you want to get into. Now let's see the most profitable evergreen
niches that will offer you long-term income: ​health and fitness,
​weight loss, ​gaming,
making money online, entrepreneurship,
dating With affiliate marketing, many marketers
became rich selling specific products. What they're selling is already proven to
work and is straightforward. You also have the option to promote those
same products.

Of course, you can pick up similar or different
products. The point is to find the best selling examples. Additionally, you should ask yourself whether
you think it has a good potential for sales. In other words:
Would you buy it? ​What problem would it solve for your audience? It's always a good idea to pick something
that you care about and you're excited for. You'll be much more successful selling something
that you genuinely believe in. On the other hand, if you feel you cannot
truly associate yourself with the product you are trying to sell, then your sales pitch
will suffer. In one of my other lectures, we looked at
how important it is to determine who your target audience is. These are the people you want to sell your
product to. You want to know who they are, what they are
like, their buying behaviors and most importantly, where you can find them.

Of course, it also involves some research. That means checking the existing products
on the market, some websites in that niche, signing up for e-mail lists and reading the
statistics. Besides these, you should also look at other
sellers who are already doing well. Additionally, it's essential to do some digging
to find out what kind of reviews people left about the product. If you find lots of negative reviews, then
it's probably the wrong choice. Look for them on forums, groups and communities
as well. Another thing to consider is the commission
and the potential profit you could earn from the product. As I previously mentioned, commission is usually
significantly lower for physical products due to the manufacturing costs. That's why digital products are so appealing,
especially when you're selling services. This way you could run a paid advertising
campaign and still get profit from it. For one-time fee products, you want to consider
which ones you can sell for more and which ones offer higher commission. Additionally, it's important to think about
the volume you're likely to sell.

For example, a $29 product might sell more
easily than a $97 product but you obviously need to sell less volume from the latter one
to reach your target. In regards to subscription-based services,
it's also worth determining the average customer lifetime
and retention rate. To put it simply, you need to know how long
for a customer will remain at the company. Similarly, retention rate shows what percentage
of the customers continued their subscription in the next year. So in this case, you might want to think about
how much profit you are likely to get in the long term. Before choosing a product to promote, determining
its unique selling proposition should be a crucial step. It's important to know what makes it different
from other alternatives and why people should buy it from you.

Ask yourself these questions:
How is my product different from the alternatives out there? Why would my customer buy this product? ​Why is it better? When selling a product, try to present this
unique value in your content. In case, it doesn't have any, it might be
the wrong choice to promote it. Alternatively, you could add some uniqueness
to the product no one else is offering. For instance:
​some bonuses, support,

​ community access, I've already mentioned this benefit. Some companies are willing to give away extra
content as part of their affiliate program to help you sell their products. This added value should usually be very beneficial
but sometimes it's not. Always check beforehand if it's really high-quality
content or not.

The extra material they give you can be a
lot of different things: ​done-for-you landing pages,
​sales copy, ​design elements,
banners, posts,
email swipes, training
It's a good sign if they provide quality marketing materials. One method to find products to promote is
through affiliate networks. Affiliate networks are basically big marketplaces
and central databases which have thousands of products
to choose in every niche. They give you access to popular products and
allow you to manage your sales and income. By automating the entire process you don't
have to communicate directly with the seller. You have many options if you want to choose
an affiliate network. Let's see the most popular ones:
JVZoo, Clickbank,
Warriorplus, Shareasale,
Amazon In my opinion, JVZoo, Clickbank and Warriorplus are the best choices for beginners.

Visit these sites, spend some time and browse
some offers to find the right ones. The best thing is that these networks allow
you to see different statistics regarding each product:
​number of sales, commission,
​conversion rates, refund rates,
visitor value when it was launched, etc. This way, you can quickly determine which
one is worth promoting. You want to choose something with a high conversion
rate, high commission and a low refund rate. Furthermore, it's also a good sign if it's
been around for a while. There are also many other affiliate networks
for those who can't find what they're looking for. To be able to start promoting a product with
an affiliate network, you'll need to be approved first. When applying for it, take the time to let
the product creator know how you want to promote the product and your chances of getting approved will be much higher. It's very important, especially if you don’t
have any prior sales as an affiliate. Product creators want to make sure you don't
use spammy or unethical methods for marketing as this could damage their conversion rates.

Tell them if you have an email list, a Youtube
channel, a blog and what strategies you'll intend to use. In other words, explain to them how serious
you're about marketing their products. Besides affiliate networks, many online companies
who sell products online, usually offer an affiliate program you can sign up to and start promoting their products. Visit their websites, and you will find that
a lot of them offer an affiliate program listed on the top or bottom menu.

So look for the best programs for your niche,
consider tools you use yourself and see if they have
an affiliate program you can join. You can also simply search for them in Google. Just type "product name + affiliate" or "your
niche + affiliate" into the search bar and go through the search results. By creating high-quality content, you build
authority and it makes you a trusted expert in your niche. Thereby, when you recommend a product, your
followers will be more likely to listen to you and to buy the product you suggest. Content marketing works so well with having
a landing page and in fact, often its goal will be
to direct people to your landing. First, you need a blog where you publish in-depth
posts and give value to your audience.

Simultaneously, to extend your reach, combine
it with a Youtube channel and a strong social media presence where you can further promote your business. Don't forget your content should be engaging,
provide real value and stand out from the crowd. Longer content which is at least 1500-2000
words always tends to get more engagement and shares. In my other lectures, I talked about the importance
of great design, logo creation, personal branding, and much more, so keep these in mind. With regard to affiliate marketing, there
are several different types of content you might create:
product comparisons, ​product reviews,
how you use "product x", in-depth tutorials,
"how to" posts, sharing your expertise on something,
ultimate guides, video tutorials, etc. Creating a strong online presence on different
social media platforms is a crucial step to get free traffic to your website. Even if you own the best blog in the world,
you won't get visitors to your site if you don't market it first.

As long as the content is valuable and the
titles are enticing, posting regularly on those social sites is a great way to build up a large following. You might also try forums and question and
answer sites like Reddit and Quora. By doing it correctly you can gain a massive
amount of shares and website views. At the same time, you should also enhance
your website's visibility with SEO. That's an organic method to market your business. Today the only way to rank high on the search
engines is to update your site regularly with high-quality content
and to use natural language. Spending money in order to trick search engines
does not work anymore. Focus on building a quality user experience
instead. As content marketing and SEO work together,
you should always optimize your posts to be search engine friendly. Producing topic-relevant in-depth articles
will encourage people to share your content and link to them.

And this is the natural way of inbound link
building. Keep in mind that SEO strategy is a long-term
plan which doesn't give you results from the beginning but it's completely free. You only need to give up your time if you
do it yourself. If you want immediate results, paid advertising
is the fastest way to achieve that. As an affiliate marketer, building up your
subscriber base on Youtube with useful tutorials, "how to" videos, software walkthroughs and
product comparisons is at least ​as equally effective as it is on your own website.

What's more, you don't have to create new
content for your videos. Repurposing your existing written content
into videos is a faster way than creating a new one. When doing product reviews, always be authentic
by presenting the pros and cons and expressing your honest opinion. You don't just want to say "I love it, it's
awesome." Show your viewers the benefits and how they
can get the most out of it. So how do you make these videos? You don't have to have professional equipment
to do that. You'll just need a phone or webcam. For software tutorials, you'll only need a
screen recording software. It's a good idea to use email marketing as
a supplement to content marketing. The whole idea behind it is to get the email
address of your prospects so that you can build relationships with them by sending additional valuable content and at the same time,
promoting affiliate products.

The first step in email marketing is to build
an audience with a lead magnet. A lead magnet can be lots of different things:
​mini video courses, ebooks,
​templates, checklists,
coupons, etc. When offering valuable content, you should
always communicate why your prospects should listen to you and enter their e-mail address. You can add opt-in forms into your blog posts,
either on the sidebar or on the homepage, where your visitors can sign up. Likewise, an opt-in page can be built to generate
leads for your business. Remember, the goal is to build trust and provide
value first, not to try and sell a product. Instead, use an email sequence and once trust
is established, then move on to talking about your deal and then eventually provide the

A very creative way of doing affiliate marketing
is to give away ebooks filled with affiliate links. ​The ebook should have quality content with
a nice design and adequate formatting, which provides real value to your audience. Then you should of course incorporate your
affiliate links into the content in order to get a commission every time people buy
through them. Finally, apply different marketing strategies
to promote the ebook. Of course, an ebook can also be an entry point
for your sales funnel. This strategy involves you adding the phrase
Powered by "your product" to every product you use and making it clickable with your
affiliate link. It's so simple and completely passive because
you don't have to do any extra work to make it work. It doesn't matter what you're promoting, this
strategy can be implemented to most products after some customization. To illustrate this, let's see some examples:
You're using LeadPages as your landing page builder and you add Powered by Leadpages at
the bottom of every page.

When sending out emails with your autoresponder,
you include a similar clickable affiliate
link to your email signature. ​You decided to incorporate premium live
chat features into your website. Whenever someone visits your site, he can
see the live chat window with a clickable link "Powered by…" By creating a list of resources, you can give
your readers valuable information about the tools you recommend. Describe the products you personally use in
depth and include your affiliate links. Make sure this page is written naturally and
make it as useful as possible. The fastest way to get immediate results is
to use paid advertising. PPC advertising means "pay per click." With this type of advertising, you only pay
when someone actually clicks on your ads. When promoting products offering high commission,
you can still make a profit even if you only have a 1%
or less success rate.

The best thing is that some advertising platforms
like Facebook allow you to target your audience based on many different features, such as
gender, age, location, job description, marital status and even hobbies. This means you're only advertising to people
who are likely to want to buy your product. On the other hand, Google Adwords allows you
to target by different search terms and get the same benefits as SEO. Similarly, you'll be charged when someone
clicks on your ad. Now, let’s have a few words about link cloaking. Link cloaking is the process of hiding and
protecting your affiliate links. This way, your links will have a clear, short
structure and ease of management. Some paid advertising systems do not allow
you to promote affiliate links but with link cloaking, you can easily solve this problem.

Many affiliate link cloaking tools give you
extras to help you cloak, track and organize your links
using your own domain. One of the most popular link cloaking tools
is Pretty links. It's a plugin for WordPress. By pointing the link at something else on
your website, it increases the possibility
that people will click on it. Therefore, it can increase your conversion
rate, too. When a visitor clicks on your link, it will
perform a redirection to your affiliate page. By creating a simple webpage and redirection
manually, you can use this feature without a link cloaking software. You can redirect a page to another page in
several ways: ​javascript redirects
​server-side redirects ​HTML meta refresh redirects. Besides these, there is another popular way
to hide your affiliate links and drive traffic to your affiliate offers. By building a bridge page which is usually
an opt-in page for list building, you can hide your affiliate link and promote only
the bridge page. When visitors opt into your email list, they
will be redirected to your affiliate offer and at the same time, you will also be able
to communicate with them via email.

Does all this sound like a vast amount of
work and time? You are right, it is. However, it's the key to success and later,
to a passive income. Believe me. There is no "get rich quick" scheme. When you're a trusted source, people will
take your advice and you'll be able to sell any product you want. Remember, it will only work if you recommend
quality products you're using and excited about. Otherwise, how could you describe in great
detail what you like and what you don't like about these products and also show your enthusiasm
in the meantime. Again, you don't want to lose the respect
of your followers with a bad quality product. Affiliate marketing is definitely an excellent
way to earn a passive income but it won't happen overnight. You’re going to have to put a lot of hard
work into it. A lot of your experience and growth will come
through trial and error. Treat your affiliate marketing as a real business
and it will grow and develop over time. We've discussed a ton of different methods
you can use to start making money from affiliate products.

Now I hope you’re confident and ready to
take action. Would you like to join a community where you
get additional exclusive content for free? If the answer is yes, visit my website and
follow the steps. What kind of affiliate products are you promoting
now and what have you achieved so far? Have you had any success yet? Let me know in the comments below how you
are getting on and of course, I'll be happy to help if you needed any. If you find this video helpful, then make
sure to like, share and subscribe to my channel. That way, I could help out more people, just
like you.

Thank you for watching..

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