The Fastest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Duplicate This Campaign)

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, if you want to see how i exactly run a campaign, and i got 100% ROI, if you want to see everything- the campaign, the ad the budget, the product i promoted, everything else, so you can simply copy and duplicate this campaign, and start your affiliate marketing successful business, stay tuned and watch this video. Believe me! This one is really a great video. Stay tuned! [Music] Hi everyone! I'm Hasan from h-educate. Before we start, please don't forget, if you like to watch more videos like this about affiliate marketing, digital marketing, online business, making money online and much much much more, subscribe now to my channel, like the video, and don't forget to turn on notifications to get every new update almost every day. And by the way I now have an Instagram account. I started like two days ago. So if you like to connect and follow me i will keep the link in description below. So let's start our work and see what i did exactly in this affiliate marketing case study. So to make things simple, let's start firstly, you know Affiliate Marketing is about promoting products for someone else.

And you earn per commission. You earn when someone buys the application or the product. That simple. So in this video i will show you the products i promoted, and how i promoted them using paid ads. Let's start together. So what i did simply is i went to my blog and created this article here. Sendinblue vs or versus GetResponse. By the way, i used this article in one of my videos, like one week ago, and i promoted the products for free. And i got two conversions in 48 hours. If you like to see this case study, you'll find it in the description below, or somewhere here on the screen. Anyway, so this is the article about a comparison between two products- Sendinblue and GetResponse. And both are email marketing services. So let's open the article. So this is my article, you can see, this is a wordpress website. This is my blog if you're following me you know it. So you can see here i'm promoting Sendinblue and GetResponse. And both here are affiliate links. And by the way, if you see the link below it's a short link and i'm using my own service to shorten and track my clicks on this link.

Anyway so here is the two products. If you go down you see there's a comparison. It is like showing the benefits of this product, and the benefits of this product. And doing a small comparison between them and this is the table. And you can see all the article is full of links, affiliate links to those products. Now what's nice? Is the psychology behind this article. It's a comparison between two products. So if you targeted the correct people who are searching for the best email marketing service between those services, you will get a high conversion rate. why? Because that person wants to choose one of them and whatever he chooses you will earn money. That simple. So this is the article i created, and i explained how i did this in detail in my last case study.

I don't want to waste your time now again and again with the same information. You can check that video if you didn't yet. Anyway, so this is the article, and simply now i want to promote it. Okay! That simple! What i did in this video is i went to quora but now i didn't answer any question. I wanted to test paid Quora ads. So let's open my quora ads manager here, Ads manager. There's a dashboard. Click on this traffic blog. This is the campaign. And you will see now that i paid 14 dollars, i spent 14 dollars on this campaign. I got 198 clicks and the click through conversions was 64. So i got like 64 views on my blog. You can see! In the last video it was like 30 views. Now it's around 100. So it's like 60 or 66 views from Quora.

Very nice! So i spent 14 dollars. How much i made? Let's go to Sendinblue and you will see here, let's skip the first five euros because it's from the first case study, so let's count this. One, two, three, four, and five. So it's 25 euros. It's like about 30 dollars. Now in GetResponse, honestly i didn't get any new conversions, but i got a lot of new free accounts. So anytime those three accounts got a paid subscription, i will get a commission. Because GetResponse has a recurring commission program.

I explained this in detail in my video about the top affiliate products you can start with as a beginner. So here is my results. 25 euros on Sendinblue, and like 15 free accounts on GetResponse. Okay! So simply, simple calculation 14 dollars for the campaign, and i got like 30 dollars. So it's 100 ROI or return on investment. That's simple. Now let's see how i created this campaign. I want to show you in detail how this campaign is formed. So in Quora here you can simply create a campaign by clicking on this blue link.

I click on it 'New Campaign', and simply i set here the name "Traffic Blog". I set here to 'traffic'. I want traffic to my blog. This is the goal, the objective of this campaign. And daily budget was like ten dollars only. You can start with this. And click on continue. This is exactly what i did. I'm showing you exactly the same campaign i ran. The ad set name? Anything now! Adset-1. And the location i set to India to get somehow lower cpc than United States. Okay! And here i set the contextual targeting as i said to Email Marketing. So in this way 'Email Marketing'. And i they added some other tags to get more reach. You see here! Like Mailchimp and whatever. So in this way, i am targeting people who are asking questions and answering questions on quora about email marketing services and email marketing. So it's a very precise targeting.

Anyway let's go down here and then you can set the device and browser. In my case i set it to – "all desktop browsers". So i want only people on desktops to see my ad. Then i went down here and i set the cost as suggested like 0.74 as the bid. That's simple. Okay! If you like you can add some more countries to get more reach. It's up to you.

But don't go with top countries to keep the cpc somehow low to test this before you go and scale up with bigger campaigns. That simple! Click on continue. And now you need to create the ad. I set as an example, Ad1. It's an Image Ad. Simply what i did is i set here the headline. Let me show you the exact Ad. Instead of writing it here let's go back to manage ads. I will show you exactly the campaign. Ihis is the ad. Let's open it. Edit this ad. And here we are! You can see! This is the image i got from my blog here.

This is the image blog. And this is the Title- Sendinblue versus GetResponse. And this is the Body Text- 'Decide which email marketing service is better for your business' That simple! A simple ad with a 'learn more' button going to my blog article. That's it. I ran this the same ad this is the same ad i run. This is the campaign ad. And this is my results. Let's go back to the results to show you again. I got around 200 clicks. Around 71 percent sold my ad. And i spend 14 dollars. But for my conversions i got 25 euros. As i told you, you can see, 30 euros.

So it's 25 for this campaign and 5 for the last case study. So that's it! This is how i ran a campaign on quora, a paid campaign, and i got 200% ROI. What you can do simply now is to scale up. Maybe you can run this for one month and see the results. Maybe you ask now, why i stopped this campaign? Simply because today i want to run a native ad campaign, experimenting the same article, so i stopped this to run the native ads campaign and see which works better. And of course i will share with you the results soon when i finish this campaign. I hope you got some benefit. So this is everything. Before i forget, by the way Sendinblue, what's nice about it is that it pays per account creation.

If you go here to conversions let's open here conversions. Click on this you will see that it pays you five euros on account creation and this is really perfect. So when someone's get an approved account you will get paid five euros. So that's it. The products are GetResponse and Sendinblue. Go now and sign up for the affiliate program. The advertising strategy was using quora ads. This is my blog article. You can check it. You can also get it rewrite it if you want. If you want to test the same strategy it's up to you, i don't mind this. But don't copy and paste just to avoid copyright issues. And just make things somehow real and build a real business online. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, anything you want, i will be waiting for you in the comments section below. Don't forget please like the video and subscribe now to get every new update almost every day.

See you later. [Music] .

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