The Perfect Product Review & Promotion Templates for Affiliate Marketing

hello I’m Shane from thrive themes and we’ve released a new create of templates in thrive platform sheets which is specifically attained for affiliates or more specifically you can use reviews and product recommendations to monetize your mailing list or monetize traffic as an affiliate and as usual you can get these templates right away if you’re a thrive platform pages customer or if you’re not you can just watch this as a tutorial to kind of construe the elements that make a really effective review page and other affiliate pages so let’s front right in we are looking at the first sheet in the mount which is simply called the review landing page so here’s a quick look through the entire sheet and as you can see it’s mostly improved as a long review type article so let’s have a look at some of these components here as ever we start at the top with a big headline you can basically never go wrong with having a big headline that affords the book an jiffy outline about what this is going to be about and then we have some elements that you typically find on a blog affix including some social sharing buttons and then we have a large image this is going to be your first visual highlight that again kind of visualizes what this sheet is about and then we have a review summary and this is quite important because you should never forget whenever you’re writing a piece of content of course you endow a lot of time into writing a detailed review in this case but don’t forget that a lot of people will not invest the time to actually read that they won’t have the equanimity to actually read the whole thing and we have constructed several elements into this review page that realizes sure you can appeal to both people who read the whole thing and also people who simply skim through and are looking for a speedy react so this is the first element like that we have this review summary box where you can add a few basic stations some basic information about the product you’re reviewing and you too have your product rating right here and you have a button to purchase right here as well so certainly impatient readers might just look at those might hear okay it’s got a good rating click on the acquire button straight off and that’s it after that we have some and here in the template we simply create an example of a layout working subheadings and likeness and different alignments and the verse highlightings and this is just to give you some brainchild for how you can put together a review for how you can create the layout for this text to make it visually interesting to make it easy to read and above all to avoid hitting your readers over the ability with a wall of verse so this is just an example layout and of course this being in thrive material developer meant that you can mix and competitor everything you can drag and descend everything you can change everything to your heart’s desire this is just an example layout again to give you an idea of how you can make a visually interesting layout you’ll see that we compute images so that mostly you never want to have a whole screen where it’s just text right you want to have one image or one various kinds of visual constituent per screen as the visitor Scrolls through so this is where you write your review write your opinion of the product your experience with the concoction and so on and then we have another kind of summary box at the bottom we have this conclusion box here is where you write your final words your resolution about the product we have a large rating once again here this is you know a more spotlit rating that we have here and we have a pros and cons list so you can list some positive points and some negative points now I repute an important note about this is that keep in mind that even if your main purpose with this landing page is to promote that make to get beings to purchase that concoction through your tie-in it remains a good suggestion to mention some negative points because it represents the part thing a lot more plausible so if all you do is just write this super hype the essay that that dyes the commodity in the most positive light possible then “were losing” some credibility what’s really good is if you have a lot of strong positive points and a couple of negative points that aren’t really a big deal but it shows that you actually took a look at the product and you likewise notice some things that aren’t perfect about it and then after this at the most bottom of the page we finish strong with the publicity casket so here we have a box that clearly foregrounds okay is a good produce we have a product image to reinforce that and we have a large button that invites parties to click on it and this would be again your affiliate link towards that commodity so overall we have a page here that is on the one side it looks like a regular review article it searches more like an section than a promotional sheet or a landing sheet but at the same time it has all these conversion elements it is built and geared towards conversions it has a distraction-free design it has these clever factors that help you get more sounds and help you make this an effective promotion in this same set of sheets you will too find the second type of review page which is the review comparison page and so here the idea is that you’re not just reviewing one make you’re reviewing multiple commodities so the layout of the design of this page is quite similar it also looks like a blog upright or like an clause and then we have after an introductory clause we have a section or a layout that echoes so we have a product box at the top which summarizes the produce and represent it with the produce persona and then we have a list of positive points followed by a register of negative points be accompanied by a wizard rating and the link so in every action and we just repeat that same decoration right “were having” the make we have the good stuff the bad trash a rating and the link and you can repeat that for as many or as few products as you’re discussing in this roundup right and the idea here is so why why a make discus roundup this is a way to provide real value with your review because in in any kind of product category where there are many options that is one of the big questions parties have and specially its one of the big questions beings have when they’re ready to buy right there they’re right on the verge of making a purchase but they croak ok there’s all these different options that are quite similar to each other which one is the best one for me which one should I go for so that’s a real burning question that people have on their spirits and by providing a analogy remember you help answer that question so that’s something that people are really looking for and it’s a great way to provide value to beings at the same time you have to be careful not to simply overwhelm beings with you know with alternatives now because the problem is that there are too many options and beings don’t know what to do so the risk you run with round up review is that you merely supplemented even more information that are confusion so before I knew there were five different options that didn’t know what to pick now I know that there are five different options I know all kinds of details about each option and I still don’t know what to picking so going back to our template we repeat this for each product you discussed you have the same basic layout and then we have again a make carton at the bottom a promotional casket and this is very important at the end of this review so you you want to go into as much detail as you require for all the products you want to provide all this information but at the end of the review you should make a very clear recommendation okay if you want this sheet to actually help your books and you want it to likewise convert and you know be useful for you as as a path to make money then you must make a very clear recommendation at the end the ideally you simply have one product box where you say listen this is the best one come this one and its consideration of the item above time serves to reinforce that moment right it’s it’s going to be the product that got the highest rating the most positive points the fewest negative quality negative points and the whole review basically reinforces this is why this make is the best and you should get it and other alternative is that there are clear lists so it might be you know if you are a beginner get this make if you’re more advanced get that product but you have to draw unusually very clear threads to really answer the question of people’s mind which is which produce is the best for me so that’s a very important thing you have to keep in mind and something very important you have to do to really make this page effective and useful next up we’ve got the review aids sheet and this is a very simple page where you list some recommended aids or your favorite aids or something like so the lane this works is here we have this resource page as you can see it’s very very simple we have a title we have an introductory paragraph and then we have this layout here where we have a product image on the Left we’ve got the product name and then a quick clause to describe what this make is and why it’s in your recommended available resources and we just repeat that liberty we just have several items like that and as ever you are eligible to merely duplicate the entire thing right if you want to have more than four parts now I can simply reproduce this last-place one and then you know change this number to five replace the portrait modify the textbook and so on and you can have as countless or as few of these parts in the inventory as you demand simply by duplicating or removing some of these elements so as you can see it’s a very simple page and so so very easy to put together but it’s something that beings actually genuinely appreciate so if you are an expert in a certain field one of the things parties are always interested in knowing is what are your favorite tools what do you use and I’ll actually link to or make an example of this available because I do a lot of video work one of the questions I get a lot is what video implements do you use how do you shoot your videos and so I developed a page quite similar to this with exactly my recommended video shooting resources and this is you know a quite a popular offer a lot of parties opt-in to get this and it’s simple to developed in partnership and whatever your area of expertise is whatever your market is this is something you can very easily put together you can use this template simply put together your favorite tools this can also be you know it doesn’t have to be physical things certainly right it can be your favorite software your favorite websites your favorite resources whatever it is and you developed in partnership a page like this and you can actually use this as an opt-in incentive privilege you can use this as a free giveaway in return for coming new extends at the same time on this sheet of course you can use affiliate connects if possible to link to these makes that you recommend and so it’s not only a direction to build your inventory but you can also monetize that a little bit with the affiliate joins on the page so a very simple way to create a optin incentive and a great way for affiliate marketing as well the final sheet in the situate is the review video recommendation page and it’s based on an affiliate advertising policy that I’ve used in the past with a lot of success as well so if there is a single product that you want to promote as an affiliate this is a very effective way of doing it instead of exactly sending out an email with a link to that product you send out an email with a link to your own landing page and the ground page looks like this so first of all again we have a large headline at the top that you know calls one of the benefits of the product perhaps or the reason why people should really watch this video and then here’s your video and in this video you simply the simplest thing to do is just to appear on camera and briefly talk about why you use this produce and why you recommend it a great thing to do is also to present the case study so where you say you know here’s how I use this commodity in my life and here’s the result that I came from it so really have a video where you talk about why you’re making this recommendation and then below that we have a list of benefits in this case we chose five welfares but again this is for people who might not watch the whole video this is parties get impatient start scrolling through the sheet you roll the main benefits why you find this useful and again to make this the most effective tie it into into results that you’ve gotten I bind it into some real real world result if possible and we also use these icons to make it visually more plea and then we have again the publicity container so here’s where we say okay we reiterate this concoction is awesome here’s why I’m recommending it click here to get it so instead of sending parties immediately to an offering page you send them to your sheet firstly they’re familiar with you so you talk to them for a while you give them concludes to pay attention to this and then you send them to the sales page and that is a unusually very effective means to simply get more attention get more clinks and get higher shifts so this page is started for simply a more effective affiliate recommendation that only carries much more of a swipe so those are the new arrival pages we’ve liberated all under the review page positioned and you can get them right now in thrive platform sheets if you have any questions about these promotional programmes we’ve talked about here or have any other feedback about the pages please leave a comment below thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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