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I have a chance of making money and I want you to have that too! These top 10 best-selling products 
on digistore24 have this in common: all top products are in the top three 
niches – health wealth and relationships.

All products are in trending 
sub niches and topics right now. Best selling product on 
digistore24 to promote in 2021 number 10 whose secret obsession this 
is a digital product in the relationship   niche this is the number one highest selling 
product in the dating love and relationship   category and is a product targeted to 
women to improve their relationships As an affiliate you will 
get a 90% commission rate. Your average commission sale 
will be $46 and this product currently has a cart conversion rate 
of 12 and a cancellation rate of 15.1%. The search terms "his secret obsession" has been 
trending over the last few years as you see here. And the topic of relationships 
is a consistently trending topic. And this top selling product on digi store 24 
is capitalizing on those consistent trends. Best selling product on digistore 24 #9 Smart Blood Sugar This particular 
product is offering an 80% commission. The average sale price is going to be $57 with 
an average commission price for you of $29. This product is #1 in its 
category of fitness and health, has a cart conversion of 12 
and a cancellation rate of 12. The search term for "blood sugar" 
shows a consistent trend over time and popularity and search volume so this product and this niche is also 
another good one to get into because you know there is demand 
for solutions to manage blood sugar.

Best selling product on digistore 24 #8 Biotox Gold 2.0 This product 
offers an 80% commission with the average sale price of $219 and an 
average commission price of $150. This product is #5 and it supplements 
category and #5 in physical products so it is a very high selling 
product on this platform. The cart conversion rate is 12 
with a cancellation rate of 5.3% with the cart conversion rate 
higher than the cancellation rate. This is a really good product to look at 
promoting because people are buying it and people are not canceling and this 
top selling product also offers a really good detailed affiliate support 
page with all of the additional information to help you promote this product in the right way. Best selling digistore 24 product #7 HB5 which is a hormonal balanced weight 
loss supplement targeted to women. This product offers a 60% commission 
on an average sale price of $120 which means your average affiliate 
commission will be a $110.

This product is #4 in the supplements category. The card conversion is at 6% and 
the cancellation rate is at 8. This particular product does seem 
to have a lower conversion rate compared to some of the other top 
sellers that we've already reviewed. The HB5 supplement capitalizes on 
a growing trend, as you see here, for learning more and achieving hormonal balance. Be sure to keep watching because 
I'm going to show you an easy way to see these top selling products on digistore 
for yourself without having to be logged in. Best selling product on digistore 24 #6 Steel Bite Pro This is a physical 
product in the supplement category in the primary health niche. The sub 
niche is going to be the gums and teeth health target audience, is people 
who want to fix gum disease and periodontist disease which causes your 
gums to bleed and you can even lose your teeth.

This is a supplement that prevents these 
diseases, prevents your gum from bleeding and even helps to prevent 
you from losing your teeth. This product has a 65% commission rate 
on an average order price of $185. So your average affiliate commission 
sale is $105 with a cart conversion of 8% and a cancellation rate of 4.2. Once again the cart conversion is 
higher than the cancellation rate which is a really good sign for you. 
This means that people are buying and they're not canceling. The gums 
and teeth sub niche shows interest and popularity over time along with 
periodontal disease and gum disease. Best-selling digistore 24 product #5 Sonus Complete Sonos Complete is a 
physical product in the supplement category as well also in the primary health niche 
with being in the hearing health sub niche.

This particular product targets people who want 
to cure tendonitis, constant ringing in their ear. This really drives people crazy and 
can cause them to think about suicide and get depressed so it's a serious issue.   This particular product offers you 
a 65% commission rate on average sale of $197 which means an average 
an affiliate commission sale is $104. This product is the second best 
selling in the supplements category and being in the top 5 overall on digistore 24. The cart conversion rate is at 15 
with the cancellation rate at 12. The tendonitis topic has shown 
consistent interest over time and higher interest in the last year or so. Best-selling product on digistore 24 #4 Drop Shipping University Platinum This   is a digital product to learn 
how to build an online store inside of the business investment 
category. Drop shipping is basically a form of retail business where the 
seller accepts customer orders but does not keep the goods sold in stock. So instead it transfers the orders 
and their shipment details to either a manufacturer, a wholesaler, another 
retailer, or fulfillment house would then ship the goods 
directly to the customer.

Drop shipping is a business model that allows 
entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products to their buyers without ever 
actually having to stock the items themselves. However, I can tell you from experience 
this particular business model is kind of expensive to get into. So affiliate marketing is definitely 
a better way to get started but yet this product is going to target 
someone who is interested in learning how to do drop shipping online. 
It offers a 10% commission with an average sale price of being $1328 and an 
average commission price of being $168. It is the top selling product in its 
category of business and investment   with a cart conversion rate of 4% and a cancellation rate of 10.6. Now, 
unfortunately this is a warning sign when the cart conversion rate is 
lower than the cancellation rate because this means that not many people are buying because it is kind of a high ticket cost 
item but a lot of people are canceling.

And if you can find products that have higher 
cart conversion rates and lower cancellation rates Drop shipping is not a new trend 
or business model, however, you can see as of here on this chart, it has been 
growing in popularity over the past few years. Top selling digistore 24 product #3 Money Manifestation System with the Genie Script This is a digital product in the 
self development niche category and it targets people who believe in or 
want to believe in manifestation powers.

The #manifest has over a 
billion views on TikTok alone. This particular product offers 
an 80% commission with three. An average sale price of being $52 and an 
average affiliate commission price of being $47. It is the top selling product in 
its category of personal development   with a cart conversion rate of 11 and a cancellation rate of 11 
as well. So they're about equal. You have about the same amount of 
people buying as you do canceling. Best-selling product on digistore24 #2 Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Parr This is a digital product in the internet 
marketing and e-business category in the make money online niche. 
This training shows you how to make money from YouTube. This particular 
product offers you a 50% commission on an average sale price of $468 and an 
average affiliate commission being $200. This product is currently #1 in its 
internet marketing and e-business category with a cart conversion of 2% 
and a cancellation rate of 12.9.

Once again that's kind of high 
you have a low conversion rate which means people are not really buying 
and you have a high cancellation rate which means more people are canceling but learning how to make money on YouTube is 
a really hot trend right now. I have personally bought several 
training courses to learn how to   do YouTube affiliate marketing successfully including a product called Tube Takeoff 2.0. This is a very similar course to 
Matt Parr's Tube Mastery Monetization and very soon I'm going to create 
the review for Tube Takeoff 2.0. So you can check that out if 
you're interested in learning how to do YouTube affiliate marketing.

And don't forgetIi also have really great 
free training on YouTube affiliate marketing to get you started and keep watching because I'm about to show you 
how you can go look at this list anytime without being logged in or 
even having a digistore 24 account. Top selling digistore24 
product to promote in 2021 #1 Metacore Metacore is a physical 
product in the supplement category and the health and weight loss 
niche. It has a great landing page and you instantly get sucked into 
Todd Pittman's personal story about being overweight and having a heart 
attack. This product offers you an 85% commission on the sale with an 
average sale price of being $182 and an average affiliate 
commission sale price being $129. This product has a really high 
cart conversion rate at 26 percent and a cancellation rate at 12. This 
particular product is good to promote to people who want to lose weight and body fat so they feel better about themselves 
and be happier in their life.

Now that you know the best part is to 
promote on digistore 24 as an affiliate. Here's your tip to go see 
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and it's really super easy because you don't need to be 
logged in to see this list. Simply go to and the digistore24 products 
are automatically filtered to the best selling products 
on digistore at that time. When you want to find one you want to promote then 
yes you do need to have an account and sign in and if you need steps on how to do that be sure 
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