Top Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy – No Website Required!

If you want to know how big-hearted affiliate marketers work online. If you want to know the secret behind six figures affiliate purveyors stand adjusted and related to the follow-up with me. This video is so interesting[ Music] Hi everyone I’m Hassan from H-educate and today i’m so excited to publish this video divulging the secret of large-hearted affiliate purveyors. In this video, I will show you the approach used by big affiliate marketers who generate at least five and six figures is not merely on a monthly basis, but even daily but what’s nice in this strategy is that anyone can start with. You don’t need to be a big purveyor , no. You can start, I can start, everyone can start running tiny campaigns then we can scale up to reach five and six chassis and too what’s nice this strategy does not require a website so anyone can start with implementing exactly what i would explain in this video.So let’s start together but before please don’t forget if you like to watch more videos like this about affiliate commerce, online business, digital market and much much more please subscribe now to my channel and turn on notifications and don’t forget to like the video to get every new update almost every day. Okay friends so you are familiar with I don’t like wasting era so let’s start directly and explain the two-step strategy simply step number one is to find a successful affiliate marketing campaign so the idea is to go online and observe and find someone else who is running a successful campaign this step one when you find it simply you reproduction it that simple. In this practice you can guarantee like approximately 95 percentage successful affiliate commerce safarus. How we can find a successful campaign? and how to repeat it? Let’s see together.So now I am in my PC. The intuition is simply finding someone who is running a native AD expedition, is running a paying ad blitz on native ad systems. As two examples, in in my other videos, I depicted you examples of “mgid” if you remember the case study how I promoted it an affiliate make and how I prepared like 25 $ I recollect profit in 24 hours. So, if you didn’t watch this case study you can check in the description below so anyway we have a native ads platform which is a platform to run paid ads, paid native ads that simple, “were having” like “mgid” we have “Outbrain” we have “revcontent” we have a lot of systems. So, what you are going to do here is find people who are using these networks and racing a successful campaign, affiliate market campaign.How do we do that? number one is manually, of course forget about it it’s so complicated and you’ll consume your time with it. The second option is to use an ad spy tool in my suit I am exploiting one of the top ad snoop tools out there you can see you can spy on mobile ads, on desktop ads, native ads, propagandize ads, e-commerce, and so on. Now, in this video in this strategy, we will be discussing native ads so simply I will log into my report, going to see native, click here and this is my account. This is the main interface of adplexity Here, where we can spy on other people’s ads and see what’s working. Okay, let’s give you a direct precedent to understand the idea. So, you see here a lot of ads okay what i’m going to do now is go here down and adopt the affiliate system okay as an example we need to filter people who are promoting “ClickBank” presents so if you are working on ClickBank click on ClickBank now that simple.Now “adplexity” will filter ads running on ClickBank or promoting ClickBank offers what you are going to do then is get here to filter and adopt “running longest” or “received more traffic”. Let’s say “received more traffic” and you will see now it will filter by the top traffic ads, you see this firstly one has 28 000 smashes global stats 43 000 smacks and what’s nice, you can see the network that this person is using, he is using “revcontent” he’s using this advertising network to promote his produce. Go to this one you can see also “revcontent” and he has 45 000 punches globally and so on and by the way you can notice that this one here is replication here and replicated here and duplicated now so a lot of people are running the same ad because it’s successful so other marketers are applying this strategy.You see this strategy is one of the best to start working online as a big, a successful affiliate marketer. So, if you go down else you can see here it’s running now on’ revcontent” also. They deepened only the epitome and so on so what you are going to do here is simply selecting a working ad from “adplexity” a successful ad campaign and then duplicating it, How? Let’s see together but before friends i have a small advice for you. Please listen very well it’s a small advice i want to share it with you because i think it’s very important for their own lives, for yourself.When you work online, and especially in affiliate marketing. Since we are promoting products for other beings, for someone else. A bunch of periods you may face someone who is lying to beings. You may face makes about nudity and porn, you may face misleading products and people are trying to maybe spam people or swindle them and so on. So a little advice from me to “youve been” from my stomach peculiarly when you work in affiliate marketing and in general online exactly remember that you are a human you must have some ethics or ethics that prevent you from promoting or working in fields that may hurt other beings, or swindle them or whatever. Look, whenever you want to do something in lifetime just think about: number 1, if you are hurting someone, if you are doing something wrong to someone else. This is very important and the other thing, think about your own happiness the worst feeling you may ever feel in your life like you are 60 or 70 years old is regret, is to feel that you did something wrong when you were younger and so on.So, whenever you work online whenever you work in affiliate marketing. Please, exactly be a human precisely have some ethics codes and morals and go and pick a produce that really is legit it’s not spamming, it’s not suffer parties, it’s not indecency or something affect negatively on parties. okay so this is my small opinion for you This is my opinion I succeed like this, I don’t put money on top and everything else down no first thing is gaiety comfortability my health, other people’s lives and humanity, morals, ethics, all these are more important than money.So anyway, Let’s continue our work and see how things work. So now we know how we can get successful ad campaigns that are running and working with someone else. Simply select this one as two examples open it, click on this add and now “addplexity” will show you in-depth, in detail analytics for this ad you will see in which countries is running you will see device kinds, you will see a bring pages and this is very important. You can just copy the platform sheet and start your expedition you’ll see here analytics, ad tend, shaky tendency publishers you’ll experience everything about this ad. So, this is a successful ad how to replication it let’s go here as an example for and open this link “show more” and you will see the disembark page let’s click on this connection here to open it and you will see now the platform sheet that this person is using you see this is the advertisement and this is the simple land sheet and if you click on “watch now” you will learn more about this article.So, if you want to watch the video you can see it here, step by step, this is the video let’s open it so it’s referring to this video and here if you read this article you will see at last that he is promoting a produce you can see for only 69 dollars a bottle you interpret he is promoting this something related to health or ears or whatever I don’t know. So, simply he’s running an affiliate market safarus, promoting this a product you meet so what we can do simply is to copy the same campaign that simple. You get the likeness, you get the ad, you get everything and as a good practice what you have to do like if he is running now on rev content go and duplicate this campaign on “mgid” or maybe on “outbrain” or even perhaps use facebook ads or maybe google ads so this is simply a strategy is getting a successful campaign and reproducing it on other ad networks that simple.I hope you got the idea i know it’s somehow advanced tactic, boosted policy. But, I’m trying my best to make it as simple as i can so you can get some welfare and learn lessons boosted strategies of affiliate purveyors. Another important top I want to explain in this video is about tracking if you go down now you see something called a tracking tool so in affiliate marketing whenever you run a campaign it’s very important to move information campaigns. So to know how many alterations you get how much income you met how much earning and to see if it’s successful or not and so on. We have a lot of tools like “Volume” like “Thrive” like “AdsBridge” like “BeMob” if you go to my ad again here not my ad i imply this example if you sounds if you click on “show more” you’ll see that he is using now “Thrive” software or “Thrive” application or “Thrive” service to track this campaign.So, simply this is a successful campaign this is land pages, this is a product. You can go and sign up to this affiliate product and repetition his camping. I know this is an advanced topic as I have just mentioned, and it requires a step-by-step, in-depth tutorial like maybe one or two hours to explain everything and by the way, candidly, I was thinking to create a full premium direction about these strategies these advanced affiliate sell programmes but, i wanted to publish this before to see if you are interested in such topics or not. So, please if you are interested in learning more about these strategies in depth and if you like me to publish in-depth strategy or tutorial or case study applying this in detail please like the video and commentary down below that you are interested in this strategy so i can know how much beings are interested so I can know if I create a premium course or simply publish more free videos on this subject. So, if this video reaches 3000 likes I predict you to publish a full case study step by step, how to create such campaigns.So, I hope you got the idea. To sum up, in 30 seconds, the approach is: Go to add spy tools like “adplexity” merely look for a successful campaign rolling on “adplexity” or ad spy implements and then you need to duplicate this campaign on different ad structures and don’t forget that you have to track them with lotions like “Volume” or “Thrive” or whatever. and this is how you can start your six people affiliate marketing wander. see you later![ Music].

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