Turn $0 Into $3000 In One Month With This Affiliate Marketing Method (NO INVESTMENT NEEDED)

how to turn 0 into 3k per month without any audience on social networks like facebook tick tock and instagram without owning your website with the help of affiliate marketing and without any investment of your money in this video i will show you a new source of traffic the website has millions of visitors per month and not only you will get the free traffic source but you will also be paid for bringing traffic completely free this is going to be a great tutorial for affiliate marketing i will explain everything to you step by step so without further ado let's get started [Music] hello friends welcome to the new video on the passive income academy channel my name is boris welcome to my channel where you can expect four weekly videos on passive income methods and making money online strategies we'll talk about different topics like affiliate marketing dropshipping rob servicing cpa marketing nfts crypto forex and investing in index funds and shares of companies if this is the content you are interested in like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel let me ask you a question do you want to become successful and rich well if your answer is yes then you are on the right channel today we are talking about a new affiliate marketing method since affiliate marketing is one of the topics that interest you the most on our channel before we start with the first step i would just like to show you that our source of traffic that we will use today has over 5 million visitors every single month and almost 15 of the traffic comes from the united states like i said not only you will have the option to use this traffic completely free but you will be paid as you bring people to your affiliate offers the affiliate offer we will present today is based on reoccurring monthly payments with which you can make a serious passive income from this system for those who don't know what reoccurring products services and software are these affiliate marketing offers will allow you to be paid again every month when the person who bought through your affiliate link renewed the membership so the potential for scaling is much greater than promoting a product from amazon that once you sell you get a three percent commission and you have to wait for a new customer to buy your product the idea is that you can put this system on autopilot at the beginning you will invest a little more money but later you will be able to close the laptop and destroy some other activities thanks to the passive income system that will work automatically so the first step for today is to come to the social pilot website social pilot is a social media marketing tool that helps companies develop their social media accounts it also helps them with account management in the form of replying to messages comments and so on for example an older man has a restaurant and he knows nothing about social media but he has heard that social media and only active presence can positively affect the growth of his business by bringing in new customers but he doesn't know how to do it such people can turn to tools like social pilot which will help them develop their social media accounts if we look and compare competitive prices we see that this tool is by far the most competitive when it comes to price they even have a free trial here after which they will pay 50 a month to use the software of course they have different pricing plans and we can see that the most expensive option is around 130 i have shown you this in order to see how much your affiliate commission can be but also to see what benefits they get for a particular package to know how to treat customers when you sell them this software this is how social pilot works but don't worry you won't have to buy this software to promote it because there are cases in affiliate marketing when you are required to buy certain software first to be accepted for their affiliate marketing program so that was the first step the second step involves signing up for their affiliate marketing program when you scroll to the bottom of the page click the affiliates button and under the company section select the affiliate program when a new page opens you will see that you will earn 30 reoccurring commission for each social pilot subscription this is exactly the earnings system we explained to you at the beginning of the video this means that if a client pays 100 a month to use the software you will earn 30 dollars each month from the from that client as long as he continues to renew his membership that may not seem like a big number but imagine you have 100 people in your database that's already 3k per month when you do hard work in the beginning you will feel the benefits of that work for the next months even years as for the payment the minimum payout is 50 dollars which means that you will have to collect a minimum of 50 affiliate commission to send you the money and best of all they send the money directly to your paypal account anyone can join it's completely free and when you click the get started button you will fill out the application form you will enter your first name last name email and password you will read their affiliate terms accept them and click sign up what's great is that you will be accepted right away and get your affiliate link when you log in we now move to the third step it's right sonic ai platform when you sign up using my link in description you will get 10 credits to use for free it's ai software that can do various things for you but what we'll focus on today is the article generator they have in their function when you sign up completely free they will ask you how you heard about this software so you can link my youtube channel if you want and the tool you want to focus on is ai article writer 2.0 when you choose this tool you want to enter topic for this article this post will be related to the growth and development of instagram profiles for example and how to get more followers or in general for the growth of social media accounts we will write something like three tips for growing on social media you can change the language but we will leave english and click on the generate ideas button we will get a few suggestions and when we choose a certain title we will move on to the intro as you can see the ai software will automatically do the job for you and below we can see that each action costs one credit and that is why i mentioned the 10 credits you will get using the link that i will leave you in the comments once we choose the intro we will move on to the outline choose an outline and of course you can change one if you want and it's recommended to change it for example we will replace one outline and write use professional tools finally we go to write an article button aibot will print the whole article for us now i will show you how you can enter your affiliate link in this post so you can make money to do this we will scroll to the outlines and replace the text related to the use of professional tools and enter some custom text related to social pilot if you have trouble composing a text go back to the social pilot platform and copy some of their essential sentences and texts and change them a little bit don't forget to include your affiliate link in this article you can download this item and insert your affiliate link in google docs later step number four is to get to the website we showed you at the beginning of the video it's a steemit platform that has over 5 million monthly visits here you will create your account and enter your blog posts that you have created previously on the ai platform as i said at the beginning of the video not only will you be able to insert your blog post here but the most popular blog post on the website will be rewarded with extra money of course you will have to publish more articles which you can write yourself without the use of ai software but don't expect to earn something based on just one publication you need to invest more time in the beginning to see the results later in addition to this platform you can use a bonus platform called slide share and get even more free traffic as you can see this person shared this blog post two years ago and has almost 7.5 million views unfortunately this platform will not pay you like steemit for views but again it's a good source of free traffic if you look at the slide share on similar web we see that there are over 75 million visits every single month all you have to do is click on the sign up button and then upload and you can upload the pdf file of the blog post you previously prepared the reason you want to do affiliate marketing is because you don't need your product service or software to invest too much money to just start a business but you have other people's products services and software that you can promote very easily and that's why affiliate marketing is a favorite business model among beginners if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing get a pre-made website template 25 of my best products to promote when it comes to affiliate marketing and monetize your website with google adsense let me know down in the comments and i will create a full course on how to make money with affiliate marketing if you didn't like this affiliate marketing method i will leave you a playlist of other affiliate marketing methods that you can try out i'm sure you will find at least one method that will suit you given that we have covered over 10 different strategies so far that would be all for this amazing video i hope you got some useful information and just give it a try out to this method we have nothing to lose it's completely free if you want to learn more about business model like drop servicing and see how i earned over 100 000 dollars in two years you can click on the first link in the description also at your request i will soon test shopify drop shipping fiverr gigs and see how will our store look like and run some ads to see the results it will be fun we will soon start documenting investing in index funds and stocks so turn on the notification bell and follow me on instagram because i will soon be more active there with quick and easy tips for passive income methods until the next video and the new education and ways to earn money online big greetings from my youtube channel cheers [Music] you

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