Umstrittenes Network Marketing – Der Lifestyle des Jungmillionärs Richard Büttner

Big carts, pretty women, fat yachts. What a life. Through my one project I do about 800 thousand a year. Well, I've definitely made a little more than a million. From the supermarket checkout to a millionaire. The boy here shows us how. In addition, we're going to have a Hollywood movie out next year. Richard Büttner is in his mid-twenties. And a star in its industry. An industry that is quite controversial. We are on the move in the world of easy money. And the big promises. I've always known that I have many, many things that can help humanity. We came across Richard on the internet. On Instagram he gives the Richy Rich: Private jet, luxury travel, champagne bottles. His more than 400,000 followers seem to like it.

But at first we don't understand how he gets it all. Yes, we just wrote to Richard on Instagram and asked if he would like to shoot with us and he has accepted. Let's see what kind of life is actually behind these glossy shots. We visit him in Thailand. Richard does not have a permanent residence. He jets around the world all year round. He is currently on Phuket for a few days. Definitely "king of the hill" here. Working where other make vacation. That's Richard's motto. Hi! There you are! Hi! How are you? Howdy David! Yes I'm glad! This is Philipp. How are you doing? Every thing OK? All right? I'm sweating a little. It's definitely nice here. It's so beautiful where you are, dude! Welcome to Thailand. Violently. He and 20 others rented the holiday complex. The guys here are part of his team. Richard invited her. Is the bathroom here? Bathroom, walk-in closet. Small jacuzzi, bathtub, whatever outside. The 17,000 euro hotel rental is on his cap. For Richard these are peanuts. With my one project I do around 800,000 a year.

Then, through investments, things also go very, very, very well. This year I made just under 200,000 euros from the rise in Bitcoin price alone. Yourself? Yes. That is not a little. Millionaire are you easy going? Well, I've definitely made a little more than a million. Yes. And that at 24? Yes. Richard makes his living with currency speculation. How exactly, more on that later. In any case, he has enough time for a nice tourist program in addition to his job. Although I quickly notice: Such trips are part of his self-marketing. When swimming with elephants, he is accompanied by two cameramen. Everything is then shared on Instagram. Richard's Message: Look, you can have a life like that too. But he doesn't see himself as a seller. But as someone who inspires people. I've always known that I have many, many things that can help humanity. Just my views. The core message is definitely becoming the best version of yourself. So, some people might come here and prefer to ride the elephant. Instead of coming here and taking care of the elephants, feeding them and bathing them and just really building friendships with animals, so, yes.

He definitely enjoys the elephants. He is completely inspired by the pachyderms. Richard is quite a businessman. But when I see him playing here with the elephants, ey, I notice how young he is. He is 24. And so completely playful with these elephants. And that's when I really notice, even though they all earn hundreds of thousands of euros, that they are actually just almost all children. Half an Insta celebrity life. It has advantages. Richard is repeatedly invited by hotels and restaurants, for example. And the women here also expect something from its range. The models once took part in “Thailand's next top model”. In Phuket they are making a documentary soap.

Richard and two of his cronies are allowed to take part as extras. In the end, it looks like this on YouTube: Richard prevailed. He won't be dumped. But pulled to the toilet. I just noticed before like this: If you have good vibes, you just attract other people with good vibes. We just flew here and thought like this: "Hey, it would be cool if we got to know people here on site." I wouldn't have thought that it would end like this. But it's pretty cool. Richard says of himself that he is a spiritual person. All the bling, bling on Instagram and Co. – none of that would mean much to him. Yes, that's how I mean social media in general. People just pretend they want to do something good because they think it's good in front of the camera.

But in real life they only care about themselves to make as much money as possible, not paying their employees properly. He thinks and acts differently, says Richard. Some of his Instagram posts almost sound a bit critical of capitalism. For example, he writes: "Welcome to our world today, where money means more than family and God." Explain how does that fit together? Your, yes yes, relatively good life that you lead, with this saying that these things are apparently much more important than other things? So how does that fit together? Yes, in the end, wearing beautiful things is not objectionable in my opinion.

To be in beautiful hotels. What most people do not understand and therefore never achieve the success they are deep down, the point is that they think that somewhere Spirituality and people doing good and making money and yourself doing good is two things that are completely far apart. But what they don't know is that the Dalai Lama also wears Prada slippers. Aha. I did not know that. I don't know where Richard got the info from. But the wisdom of the Dalai Lama paired with the business acumen of Steve Jobs. Somewhere in between, I have the feeling that Richard sees himself. However, shooting with him is sometimes quite difficult. It is now the third day in a row that he has moved us. Is a little difficult with him. And I'm not sure if it's because he somehow doesn't trust us or he doesn't uh, doesn't want to let us get close to him, or whether he's just fooled.

But it's really difficult for us because we're sitting here in Thailand and want to shoot with him, and it just doesn't work out that well. But then it still works. He's sending something. Richard shows us what exactly he is doing now to earn his money. IMarketsLive – short IML is the name of the company for which he works as a freelance salesperson. On the internet platform people should learn how to make money speculating on currencies. Access to IML costs EUR 200 for the first month. A little less in the following. There are tools, explanatory videos and supposedly hot tips from traders for this. The promise: Everyone should be able to learn how to make modeling clay on the stock exchange. We already have people who earn very, very well directly from trading in the first month. We have already helped single mothers give up their jobs and be able to take care of their family full time. Lots of different examples. But some people take longer to understand the whole thing, of course. But are there also people who fall on the face of it? The bottom line is that if you use it properly, it won't.

Later in the film we meet people who see it a little differently. That's a pretty blatant promise. Because stock exchanges are actually quite complex. With Richard it definitely sounds like this is all a breeze. No idea if that's right. Richard got rich through so-called multi-level marketing. Also called network marketing. Whenever he gets someone to sign up for a fee with IML, Richard gets a share of the revenue that this customer brings to the platform.

If you have three customers, you will ultimately bring the company a turnover of 400 to 450 euros. And earn 140 to 180 euros a month passively. If you have an organization of 12 customers, you passively earn $ 600 to $ 650. $ 150 every week. Incidentally, with Richard it's around 15,000 euros. The week. After all, he doesn't just earn money from directly referred customers. There is also revenue sharing when people he has brought to IML refer others. So when his boys get new customers here, Richard earns too. And even if these new customers eventually recruit someone, Even then, Richard's team will share in the sales. Now you have to decide whether you want to take some of it or not. I said at the time: Oh, yes! Because: Just imagine, 1,000 euros are on your table every day. Would you touch them or would you say: No, no, this is not for me. The potential customers are usually written to on Facebook or Instagram.

This is followed by the so-called calls: You've probably been around for the past few days, the past few weeks the last few months or the last few years asked: How can I change something in my life? You said you want to be free, you want a little more money, yes? You probably can't fly here, can you? Exactly, I couldn't do that either three years ago. Three years ago I didn't know where I wanted to be in five years. Three years ago I didn't even know how to pay my [ __ ] rent.

The story from dishwasher to millionaire. It is tried quite often here. Çüş! Everything seems to be very simple. And to really motivate your sales crew, there is also the so-called masterminden. Richard's topic here: personality development. Make a little music. And a little exercise. Stand up everyone! No fun. I also wanted to do the typical motivation [ __ ]. No, I'm definitely extremely happy that you are all here. I am definitely grateful for what we have built over the last 18, 19 months. Yes, but if we can really offer people added value, then we can we really create a change. That's why I asked you to let go, to make room for new things, that you bring your most important object that you have in life. Diego will be walking around right now and bag your most important item. And so, among other things, an expensive iPhone ends up in the bag … … and a valuable chain. Diego is going to the beach now. And then the surprise: The sack is now to be buried in the sand.

Do you need a little more chill time? In any case, it doesn't go down so well at first, the motivational trick with letting go. I just had a feeling that a lot of you are at a point where you are cling too much to what they have right now. And as a result, you are not open and ready for new things. So at some point I can't really follow Richard anymore after almost 1.5 hours of mastermind. But his bros, they think it's great. Even though the iPhone is gone. Now you think I threw your phone in that box. Yes exactly. Many would swallow now. How are you doing with that right now? In fact, I'm extremely fine. Don't know why, but I really don't feel like it, yes, if I would see this cell phone again. So, I'm so happy that it happened. Because now I can do a kind of reset. To start all over again, I think that's awesome.

Tell me what is Richard to you? Is he a mentor? What would you call him? I would say he's an extremely, extremely inspiring person to me. He definitely brings me to a much, much higher frequency every time, yes, and I have thanks to him already learned a lot of crazy things. I often learn things from him that I don't really understand. And, it's really difficult to describe what kind of person he is to me. But definitely a person who has a very, very big influence on me and my whole life brings with it. Oh, by the way, the bag wasn't really buried. The boys all got their stuff back. In order to win new customers, Richard and his colleagues regularly invite you to events. Like here in Zurich. The audience is pretty young. Most of the people here are in their twenties. Richard's business partner Miguel explains how IMarkets Live works. And he reports on how he was made aware of the business by an acquaintance. Then he said: what are your doubts? Why do you doubt it all? Why do you think it doesn't work So I said: yes, it sounds way too nice.

Why should you still go to work? Why doesn't everyone do this? That's impossible. Then he said to me, I'll never forget that in my life, he said to me: Hey Miguel, if you want to know how a Coca Cola tastes, what do you have to do? You try! And then I couldn't say anything more. Then I took the money. I started. I tried the whole thing. I started trading. Made my first profits, made my first minus. More and more behind it.

And at some point I made more money, from morning to noon, when my mom was working all day. Only with the smartphone. With Miguel, too, it all sounds totally simple and straightforward again. The performance of the star guest of the evening follows: Lots of people drove up today because of him. And just wanted to watch him talk what he said. Because he's definitely a role model and an idol for a very, very, very, very, very many people out there. And, believe me, for the people new here, you probably think I'm edifying a god right now. Yes I do. Just wait for him to finish speaking, okay? And check out his lifestyle video, it's definitely brutal. And then it's up to Richard to promote IML.

A lot of people just don't understand this industry and what we do that it creates very, very much good. Good things like the IMarketsLive compensation plan. Again, Richard throws around with pretty fat numbers. The top earners in the company are currently making six-digit figures a week. These are numbers that I looked at when I got to know online marketing five years ago, couldn't even imagine. Then there is a question and answer session. A young man wants to know where Richard learned all this. I've started reading hundreds of books, seldom read an end. But the most important information is always early in a book. Because when you're writing a book, of course you want the reader to stay tuned.

And that you give a lot of information at the beginning. Because a lot of people don't read books to the end. I just know that. And that's why I just make sure that I read as many books as possible. And then Richard reports on his plans for the next year. So I will now take on the charity part for IML, which we will launch at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. And my goal is to raise 50 to 100 million. For charitable projects. Then, in addition, we will work together with two of my business partners put out a Hollywood movie next year. I want real estate on every single continent to keep my family safe. My current family and my future family. Definitely build schools.

Richard has made up his mind. He definitely convinced the crowd with his lecture. I wish you a wonderful evening. Come on, right? Take care of yourselves! Thank you! Take care. Your Yeezy Bro go off. The lights yes! The messages of wealth and easy money. Get caught. Even with this 17-year-old warehouse clerk. How likely do you think it is that you will lead a life like this one day? Yes? However, not everyone sees it that way. Wolf Brandes is a financial market expert and has worked for the consumer advice center A closer look at IMarketsLive: Mr.

Brandes, please tell me what your complaints have been at the consumer advice center on IMarketsLive? Illegal snowball or pyramid schemes are fraudulent scams with overpriced ones or nonexistent products. They will only last if there are constant new customers and, as a result, new money. If that no longer works at some point, these systems collapse. So far, however, there has been nothing more than the suspicion of some customers that IMarketsLive could be such an illegal pyramid scheme. Now at IMarketsLive you should learn how to trade, for example how to make money earned with currency speculation. From their perspective: how risky is it all? These allegations are not new to Richard. He is stressedly relaxed. How do people come to write on the internet: This is a pyramid scheme? Think how many people there are working in a job who are unhappy. For example, seeing people from me or my organization and then thinking like this: Yes, it's all illegal.

That can't work. The imagination is just not there. But just because other people cannot imagine that it is possible and that it is legal, it doesn't mean that it is then also illegal. They simply have too little information. They have no knowledge. To judge too quickly. Are these the people I want in my company? Are these the people I want around me? Who have no idea what they're talking about because it's obviously wrong. But then have the time to write some [ __ ] on the Internet. So honestly: I have respect and love for everyone, but I can't take it really seriously. IML isn't the first network marketing firm Richard has done sales for. It all started with him five years ago. In his home town of Saxony-Anhalt. In his 140,000 euro car, Richard shows us the village he comes from.

Exactly, here is the first property I brought back then. With my grandpa. We bought it here and then refurbished and renovated the entire property and then rented it out. From the east German province into the wide world. It doesn't look like that at Richard's school days. In the eleventh grade he drops out of high school. In Magdeburg he begins training as an insurance salesman. But at some point he doesn't feel like that either. If you then squeeze yourself into a suit that doesn't really fit you at 18 for 50 euros. Then has a note with the addresses of former Signal Iduna customers, where you drive across Saxony-Anhalt and simply ring or knock at people, and then introduce yourself as an 18-year-old. And over time I realized that this is not what my mission is. I wasn't born to tell you the importance of car insurance. During his apprenticeship, he got into network marketing.

He sells energy drinks. His mother Annett is not very enthusiastic about it at first. Yes, and then he came up with a healthy energy drink from America. And for me it was just a handle cleaner. Vacuum cleaner seller. Tupperware. So, like I said, I wasn't really excited. I also preferred to think, yes, something more solid. Math professor. Math professor. Yes, I also found the insurance and finance clerk training, of course that sounds good. But what are you doing there You give people things they don't need. Incidentally, the energy drink is no longer available. Authorities in several countries had accused the company behind the drink of To have built an illegal pyramid scheme.

Richard finally joined IMarketsLive in 2017 through other network marketing companies. There, he says, he's now Europe's number one sales partner. He is promoting IML all over the world. And knocks out his wisdom: His mother is also often present at the events. He learned a lot from her, says Richard. The trained sign painter has been self-employed since the fall of the Wall. Richard is raised by her alone. He doesn't know his father. And here I abused you as a model. The first deals were closed back then. Annett is proud of what has become of her son. I also experience at events how people approach me and are so, yes, so proud that Richard is there. I have Pippi in my eyes when he's on stage. I also love to connect with people there. Because a lot of people ask me how I saw it that way. Because, of course, many at home … Well, network marketing is not like that … Not like that … How do I say that? Doesn't have such a good reputation either.

I don't understand why, yes. Here he says he knows why. Daniel Hirschböck is involved in currency speculation with his own products in the business. Like Richard, he was a sales partner at IML for a good six months. But then he gets scruples. Although he earned well at the time, Daniel finally put an end to IML. Daniel says that IML's trading tips were mostly a go in the toilet. The software offered is much cheaper elsewhere. And the core product of IML, the learning videos, you can even get them for free on broker platforms. At that time Daniel had 500 people among himself at IML. Only a handful really deserved something. For many it was a negative business. In Berlin I meet Richard for a final conversation. As befits his standing, he is accommodated in one of the most expensive hotels in town. He's here because he wants to start a new business with a friend. In addition to IML, Richard is now also making crystals. And here too, as always, he believes in big business. So, now for the next 14 months we will be making seven-digit sales.

And then in the long term it will definitely be eight digits, possibly even nine digits. But that goes from 100 to 900 million, that's quite a number. But everything below is definitely realistic. But I didn't actually come here to look at jewelry. But to talk about the things that Daniel Hirschböck and the financial expert tell me Wolf Brandes told about IML. We spoke to a consumer advocate. And he said it's not that easy to make money with cryptocurrencies and with speculation on currencies. And he said: Keep your hands off it. What do you say? Well, I'm basically a huge fan of consumer protection. And yes, you really have to deal with it. I would not recommend anyone to put all their savings into a trading account somewhere stuck or put in a cryptocurrency, not diversifying, not the markets to watch and treat the whole thing like the lottery.

That does not work. But it is a fact that you can make money on the financial market. And I see the results of my organization myself. And we just put absolute focus on training and that people are really profitable build your business. Now there is a person you probably know too. He was once at IML. He talks very openly about saying it doesn't work. Daniel Hirschböck. I don't know if he'll tell you about the name. And he says the products are not good at IML. Ok, Daniel Hirschböck actually promotes his own products, plus promotes broker products.

It is important who you listen to. Because when people have a self-interest in theirs “Complaints”, I don't know if he should be given such a platform. Okay, but we didn't just talk to him, we also talked to a consumer advocate. He has no personal interest. And he says: Keep your hands off IML! Yes, consumer advocates always say you should stay away from anything that is not normal. But honestly, I find it rather dangerous to work for someone else for 50 years. I've seen it in my own family. Yes. Yes, and that is life-threatening. And then this Daniel also says that he stopped working at IML after six months, because he couldn't reconcile it with his conscience to recommend these products to people.

How soundly can you sleep with what you do with IML? I sleep very well, my family sleeps very well. And my 5,500 partners and customers sleep very well every evening. We followed Richard around the world for six months. We tried to get close to him. We didn't succeed. It almost seems as if he is shielding himself in his world of Insta-Likes, luxury hotels and mindset appearances. Richard is a young man who wants to be noticed. Want to achieve something. Like many of his age. But is IML really the right thing for that? We have our doubts there. Yes, thank you very much for watching Philipps and my film about Richrd Büttner. I think we accompanied him for almost half a year. Definitely been a trip. Yes, you will comment on what you think of life anyway and the lifestyle of Richard Büttner.

And if you still want to find out more about network marketing, then You are welcome to watch the film from the colleagues at Ctrl-F. And then, as always, we'll come with a Q&A in a few days..

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